Discord bans r/WallStreetBets server (for hate speech)

Discord has taken down the server affiliated with WallStreetBets, apparently for its use of hate speech. ... | 28-Jan-2021 01:20

The 'fab four' game marketing maxims to live by

Riffing off a Tweet from Failbetter's Hannah Flynn, we look at four key indie game marketing maxims, with help from The Beatles, and why you should pay attention to them. ... | 28-Jan-2021 00:16

Get a job: Insomniac Games is hiring a Content Artist

The Content Artist is responsible for assisting the Marketing/Community and Art departments with all aspects of marketing video creation and post production for projects. ... | 27-Jan-2021 23:58

IO Interactive's Hitman 3 made back its dev costs in a single week

IO Interactive's latest Hitman game has managed to earn back its development costs within a week of launch. ... | 27-Jan-2021 23:33

Don't Miss: How Monster Hunter: World's director breathed new life into the series

"The most appealing aspect hardware was its memory & processing power," says game director Yuyu Tokuda. "Without this, the rich, living ecosystem we envisioned...would not have been possible." ... | 27-Jan-2021 23:18

Tencent picks up minority stake in Dontnod for $36.3 million

Tencent now owns a minority stake in Life is Strange developer Dontnod, a purchase that sets the Chinese game giant back around â?¬30 million. ... | 27-Jan-2021 21:55

Scavengers CEO steps down, suspends creative director after abuse allegations

The CEO of Scavengers Studio has announced she is temporarily stepping down in her role, and has suspended creative director Simon Darveau after allegations of abuse emerged at the studio. ... | 27-Jan-2021 20:59

All eyes on GameStop stock: The White House is now 'monitoring the situation'

The spotlight pointed at GameStop by its ongoing stock market chaos is getting brighter by the minute. ... | 27-Jan-2021 20:22

Rovio quietly shutters game streaming service Hatch

Angry Birds-maker Rovio has seemingly shut down Hatch, a mobile-based game streaming service launched by Rovio subsidiary Hatch Entertainment in 2017. ... | 27-Jan-2021 19:47

Video: The tech behind Inkle's interactive film scripts

In this 2017 GDC talk, inkle's Joseph Humfrey discusses the process of making an interactive film script using inkle's open source narrative scripting language Ink. ... | 27-Jan-2021 19:20

EA forms new studio Full Circle to revive Skate franchise

EA has established a new studio in Canada to help revive the dormant Skate franchise. ... | 27-Jan-2021 17:40

The Last of Us Part II leads the 2021 DICE Awards nominations

The nominations for the 24th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards have been announced by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and The Last of Us Part II is leading the charge.  ... | 27-Jan-2021 17:15

BEUC calls for Joy-Con Drift investigation after receiving 25,000 complaints

The European Consumer Organization has called for the European Commission to launch a Europe-wide investigation into Joy-Con Drift.  ... | 27-Jan-2021 16:05

Blog: A design discussion on Death Stranding

For this analysis, I looked at Death Stranding and how one of the most polarizing games of the last generation holds up from a design perspective. ... | 27-Jan-2021 14:53

Xbox Game Pass driving revenue at Microsoft after crossing 18 million subscribers

The latest milestone means the Netflix-like subscription service has added 3 million users since September 2020, when it boasted 15 million subscribers. ... | 27-Jan-2021 14:45

Get a job: Join Disbelief as a Junior Programmer

Junior programmers at Disbelief are called on to develop and debug in a variety of areas from game play to core engine programming. ... | 26-Jan-2021 23:45

Don't Miss: A deep dive into the art that gives colors back to Dead Cells' cryptic worlds

"Despite featuring zombies and developing a game where the foreboding sense of danger never leaves you, we choose not to mimic the artistic direction of similar titles." ... | 26-Jan-2021 23:21

Xbox revenue up 51% in a quarter defined by Game Pass growth, Series X|S debut

Microsoft has shared its Q2 results, showcasing rising revenue for the quarter that includes both the busy holiday season and the launch of its next-generation Xbox Series X|S consoles. ... | 26-Jan-2021 23:05

CDPR working to navigate physical Cyberpunk 2077 returns as refunds roll out

Folks that bought the game physically have begun to receive the refunds direct from CD Projekt Red but have been asked to hold on to their physical copies as CDPR navigates the return process. ... | 26-Jan-2021 21:52

Google takes Tilt Brush open source as official development comes to an end

Google is ending official support and development for its VR painting tool Tilt Brush, a decision that comes roughly five years since the app first launched back in early 2016. ... | 26-Jan-2021 21:25

Video: Putting production at the heart of the team

In this 2017 GDC microtalk session, Garth DeAngelis, Charles Hoover, Oksana Kubushyna, Bryan Mashinter and Grant Shonkwiler discuss methods to improve your team's production process. ... | 26-Jan-2021 20:16

Deep Rock Galactic has topped 2 million sales

Deep Rock Galactic has sold over 2 million copies since launching in early access form on Steam, Windows PC, and Xbox One in 2018. ... | 26-Jan-2021 17:34

Obituary: Horizon Zero Dawn concept designer Mike Nash has passed away

Concept artist Mike Nash, who worked as the lead principle designer on Horizon Zero Dawn, has passed away.  ... | 26-Jan-2021 16:39

Ad Feature: Increase game revenue with app bidding on Facebook Audience Network

Game developers on mobile platforms face a challenging marketplace. So how can they be more efficient and effective when building their business? Michael Bertaut, director of Facebook Audience Network EMEA joins us to talk about creating a sustainable developer ecosystem. ... | 26-Jan-2021 16:00

Together Labs nets $35 million to fund avatar-based social platform IMVU

Together Labs, creator of avatar-based social platform IMVU, has secured $35 million in funding from investors including Structural Capital and NetEase. ... | 26-Jan-2021 15:51

Blog: Using data-driven lessons from Academia: School Simulator to understand discounts

I share data on past discounts with Academia : School Simulator in an effort to find the best discount for our version 1 launch. ... | 26-Jan-2021 15:20

Report: Scavengers Studio co-founder allegedly groped, screamed at employees

Scavengers Studio cofounders Simon Davreau and Amelie Lamarche are facing accusations of enabling a hostile work environment at the Montreal-based studio. ... | 26-Jan-2021 00:35

Don't Miss: Creating the 'hidden horror' of Observer

Observer is a cyberpunk horror game from Polish studio Bloober Team. They stress that it isn't a survival horror experience--they prefer to call it "hidden horror" or "catharsis 2.0." ... | 25-Jan-2021 23:42

Get a job: Join Pixelberry as an Engineering Manager

Pixelberry is looking for a talented Software Engineering Manager to lead development at Pixelberry for its hit mobile game Choices: Stories You Play. ... | 25-Jan-2021 23:28

GameStop stock hits new highs as Redditors and stock market short sellers wage war

The past few years have been a wild ride for GameStop, but the past week or so has been an absolute rollercoaster for the company's stock prices. ... | 25-Jan-2021 22:57

Opinion: Xbox's Gold pricing flipflop & Game Pass ramifications

What happened with Microsoft's change of heart over increased pricing on Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, and what does it mean for the future of Xbox Game Pass? We examine in detail... ... | 25-Jan-2021 20:13

Restructure at Konami consolidates production teams, shuffles exec lineup

Konami has kicked off a restructure for its production divisions in response to "the rapid market that surrounds" it, seemingly aiming to streamline its three production teams as one entity. ... | 25-Jan-2021 18:17

Habbo developer Sulake to be fully acquired by Azerion

Habbo Hotel developer Sulake is set to be fully acquired by media and tech company Azerion, according to a report from  ... | 25-Jan-2021 18:07

Pitch your talks for GDC 2021†?s Summits, VRDC, and Game Career Seminar!

Submissions are now open for GDC 2021's Summits, VRDC, and Game Career Seminar! ... | 25-Jan-2021 17:53

Blog: The development decisions and design choices behind Speed Limit

A look into the game development process of Speed Limit and (un)popular game design choices we had to make to align gameplay perfectly with our vision for the game. ... | 25-Jan-2021 16:50

The Pokemon Company is clamping down on Sword, Shield, and Home hackers

The Pokemon Company has warned Pokemon Sword, Shield, and Home hackers they could face permanent bans. ... | 25-Jan-2021 16:43

Blog: Microtransations and the race to the bottom

Or the unexpected virtue of monetizing video games through microtransactions. ... | 25-Jan-2021 15:09

Runescape developer Jagex has been acquired by The Carlyle Group

Runescape developer Jagex has been acquired by global investment company The Carlyle Group for an undisclosed fee. ... | 25-Jan-2021 15:09

Get a job: Join Jackbox Games as a Sr. Gameplay Engineer

Jackbox Games is looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer to join our team in Chicago! (Though currently, we are all working from home.) ... | 22-Jan-2021 23:55

Digital sales now make up 91 percent of Focus Home Interactive's revenue

Digital sales made up a whopping 91 percent of Focus Home Interactive's â?¬103.6 million (~$126.1 million) revenue during the first half of its 2020/21 year, up 7 percent from the preceding six month period. ... | 22-Jan-2021 23:34

Vicarious Visions is now a part of Blizzard Entertainment

Vicarious Visions, the studio behind numerous Activision remakes and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, is now a part of Blizzard Entertainment. ... | 22-Jan-2021 21:08

Tencent acquires majority stake in Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng has announced that Tencent is acquiring a majority stake in the studio. ... | 22-Jan-2021 20:17

Video: The Sounds of Year Walk and DEVICE 6

In this 2015 GDC session, Daniel Olsen breaks down the haunting melodies that make up Simogo's signature games Year Walk and Device 6. ... | 22-Jan-2021 18:13

Blog: The 'Boogle House' of cross-platform development - Part 2

Cross-platform development is based on a Boogle House foundation that is beginning to creak from age, stress, and limits reached. ... | 22-Jan-2021 16:57

Microsoft is raising the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions

Microsoft is increasing the price of Xbox Live Gold in select markets so it can "continue to invest in the Xbox community." ... | 22-Jan-2021 16:25

Codemasters' directors vote in favor of $1.2 billion EA acquisition

Codemasters' directors have all voted in favour of the proposed acquisition of the studio by EA. ... | 22-Jan-2021 15:46

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