Don't Miss: What game designers should know about game physics

Midtown Madness designer Fred Marcus breaks down what game designers need to know about game physics in this 2003 Gamasutra feature. ... | 07-Aug-2021 01:58

Get a job: Antler Interactive is hiring a Senior Game Designer

Antler Interactive is looking for an experienced game designer to work on their current project My Neighbor Alice. ... | 06-Aug-2021 23:16

Opinion: Devs, please don't encourage 'teabagging'

Right as the game industry is finally having a reckoning over toxic cultures of sexual harassment, a decade-old in-game display of dominance that mimics sexual harassment is having a comeback moment. ... | 06-Aug-2021 22:58

PopCap alumni launch new F2P studio Manta Ray in London

A number of PopCap alumni have banded together to launch a new free-to-play game studio in London. ... | 06-Aug-2021 20:30

Opinion: Ass Effect - What's really behind the Miranda Lawson freakout?

I agree: the butt should be free! But Mass Effect's strange Miranda-cam is not "freedom" in any meaningful sense, and this debate about sexuality in games illustrates how narrow the horizons of sexuality remain in gaming. ... | 06-Aug-2021 20:28

Valve says Steam Next Fest games saw more wishlists and sales during 2020

Developers participating in Steam Next Fest received a substantial bump in daily wishlists and sales, according to Valve. ... | 06-Aug-2021 16:26

Niantic forms internal task force to address concerns of Pokemon Go fans

"We are assembling an internal cross-functional team to develop proposals designed to preserve our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together." ... | 06-Aug-2021 13:56

Game sales down at Sega but freemium titles and new releases performing 'strongly'

Free-to-play titles and new releases are driving sales revenue within Sega's entertainment contents division, despite an overall decline in full-game sales. ... | 06-Aug-2021 13:00

Zynga has acquired the Chinese mobile studio behind Golf Rival for $525 million

Golf Rival amassed 6 million downloads in 2021 alone and is currently being touted as the "second-largest mobile golf game in the world." ... | 06-Aug-2021 11:15

Don't Miss: Developing the visually striking Death Trash

"There†?s depth in the Death Trash world," says creator Stephan Hövelbrinks. "It's just consumed in a different way." ... | 05-Aug-2021 23:32

Sony apparently wants triple-A games to support VR for PSVR 2

Leaks out of an internal developer conference have revealed new details about Sony's second PlayStation VR headset, including some tech specs and Sony†?s plans for the platform. ... | 05-Aug-2021 23:31

The Overwatch League might lose sponsors over Activision Blizzard lawsuit

Blizzard's Overwatch League is at risk of losing major sponsors like Coca-Cola and State Farm in the wake of a major lawsuit targeting alleged harassment and discrimination at the company. ... | 05-Aug-2021 22:52

Get a job: Sucker Punch is hiring an AI Systems Designer

Sucker Punch Productions, the company behind Ghost of Tsushima, is looking to hire an AI Systems Designer. ... | 05-Aug-2021 19:48

Focus Home Interactive acquires retro game studio Dotemu for $45.5 million

French publisher Focus Home Interactive has acquired a major stake in retro game developer Dotemu for $45.5 million. ... | 05-Aug-2021 18:31

Outriders and Nier Replicant remake can't prevent sales slide at Square Enix

Square Enix reported declining net sales and operating income in its Digital Entertainment division, which houses its video game operations. ... | 05-Aug-2021 15:29

The Nintendo Switch has sold 89 million units in just over four years

That's more than six times the amount its predecessor, the Wii U, managed during its entire lifespan.  ... | 05-Aug-2021 13:10

Embracer buys eight studios including Ghost Ship Games, 3D Realms, and Digixart

Embracer Group has acquired eight companies including Deep Rock Galactic developer Ghost Ship Games and Ion Fury creator 3D Realms for a combined $313 million. ... | 05-Aug-2021 12:41

Net sales and profits down at Nintendo because Animal Crossing set the bar too high

Switch hardware and software sales remain steady at Nintendo, but that wasn't enough to prevent net sales and profits from dipping year-on-year. ... | 05-Aug-2021 11:17

Steve Gaynor 'steps back' from Fullbright after allegations of toxic work environment emerge

Studio tweets cryptic statement about status of Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor†?s employment, says move is to †?foster a work environment that is healthy and collaborative.†? ... | 05-Aug-2021 03:03

Apex Legends averaged over 13m weekly players in most recent season

Apex Legends, FIFA Ultimate Team, and FIFA 21 drove strong revenue for Electronic Arts in its first quarter of fiscal year 2022. ... | 04-Aug-2021 23:40

Ghost of Tsushima's multiplayer mode getting standalone release

Ghost of Tsushima's co-op multiplayer mode Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is will soon be purchasable as a standalone game. ... | 04-Aug-2021 23:05

Don't Miss: The rewarding deaths of What Remains of Edith Finch

In most games, death is associated with failure, or a narrative break that forces you to reattempt a challenge. What Remains of Edith Finch turns death into a key feature of story progression. ... | 04-Aug-2021 22:43

Going forward, Unity devs will need Unity Pro to publish on consoles

Unity is now requiring that developers either have a Unity Pro license or a Preferred Platform Partner License Key, to develop new projects for closed systems like Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. ... | 04-Aug-2021 22:36

Winner in Steam Controller case says Valve should pay $6.5m in attorney fees

Ironburg Inventions, the company that successfully sued Valve for violating its patent when it developed the Steam Controller, is now seeking $6.5 million in legal fees. ... | 04-Aug-2021 20:54

Get a job: Mountaintop Studios is hiring an Engineering Manager

Mountaintop Studios is looking for an Engineering Manager who†?s passionate about building extraordinary new experiences that inspire others. ... | 04-Aug-2021 20:29

Analysis: Epic advances, Steam reviews and discovery

We lok at Epic court documents to analyze EGS advances, take another look at Steam 'reviews to sales' ratios, and lots more besides. ... | 04-Aug-2021 19:50

Colopl will pay Nintendo $30 million to settle copyright infringement lawsuit

Japanese developer Colopl has agreed to pay Nintendo 3.3 billion yen ($30 million) to settle a copyright infringement lawsuit. ... | 04-Aug-2021 17:24

Activision Blizzard to 'set the example' on inclusion, weeks after gaslighting harassment victims

Two weeks after Activision Blizzard effectively dismissed a harassment lawsuit filed against it, company CEO Bobby Kotick claims the publisher will now "set the example" on inclusion and equality. ... | 04-Aug-2021 15:56

How experimenting with scale and simulation helped Midwinter find the fun with Scavengers

Sponsored: For game designers, 'finding the fun' is a serious undertaking. The question is: how do you create a retentive, rewarding experience that gamers connect with and come back to, over and over again? ... | 04-Aug-2021 15:34

The Ascent earned record $5 million for publisher Curve over its launch weekend

The Ascent earned a record $5 million in sales revenue for publisher Curve Digital during its launch weekend. ... | 04-Aug-2021 13:59

Sony doesn't view recent dip in PS Plus subscribers and PSN users as a 'declining trend'

Sony isn't phased by a recent drop off in PlayStation Plus subscribers and PlayStation Network monthly active users (MAU). At least, not yet. ... | 04-Aug-2021 13:07

Hardware grants Sony marginal sales boost as software sales and PS Plus subscribers dip

Hardware and peripherals drove a modest net sales increase within Sony's Game & Network Services segment during the first quarter of the fiscal year. ... | 04-Aug-2021 12:03

Spanish mobile studio Unusuall nets $3.6 million from Free Fire publisher Garena

Singaporean game company Garena has invested â?¬3 million ($3.6 million) into Spanish mobile studio Unusuall. ... | 04-Aug-2021 11:02

Activision Blizzard financials could be hit by California lawsuit, company warns

Activision Blizzard warned investors that the State of California†?s lawsuit against the company could impact its financial outlook in the months to come. ... | 03-Aug-2021 23:11

Activision Blizzard faces class action for 'misleading' investors in lead up to DFEH lawsuit

The class action argues that Activision Blizzard filed multiple quarterly reports that failed to mention the significance of ongoing government investigations that were later made known via the State of California's lawsuit. ... | 03-Aug-2021 20:32

Don't Miss: Obsidian's five hard lessons of RPG design

In a 2011 GDC Europe talk, Josh Sawyer, project director for Obsidian Entertainment, discussed the 'challenges that the RPG industry has faced in adapting from its pen and paper roots.' ... | 03-Aug-2021 20:22

Activision Blizzard walkout organizers publicly reject Kotick's response

Activision Blizzard employees have shared an open letter publicly rebuking CEO Bobby Kotick's response to employee concerns, and criticizing the decision to hire WilmerHale to audit the game company. ... | 03-Aug-2021 20:00

Get a job: Rare is hiring a Senior Engine Programmer

Rare's cutting-edge Engine team is seeking a Senior Engine Programmer to work on Sea of Thieves and the recently announced Everwild. ... | 03-Aug-2021 18:41

GDC 2022 Core Concepts talk submissions are now open

It's time to submit your ideas for talks, panels, and and roundtables that will take place during GDC 2022's Core Concepts section, running Wednesday - Friday during the week of the conference. ... | 03-Aug-2021 18:25

Multiplayer tech developer Exit Games nets $50 million from esports platform Skillz

Mobile exports platform Skillz has sunk $50 million into synchronous multiplayer gaming technology developer, Exit Games, as part of a new strategic partnership. ... | 03-Aug-2021 17:23

Blizzard president and HR exec depart after staff protests, harassment lawsuit

Update: Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack is leaving the company to "pursue new opportunities." His departure was closely followed by that of Sr. People Officer Jesse Meschuk. ... | 03-Aug-2021 14:48

Second Life developer Linden Lab will ban gacha mechanics later this month

Second Life developer Linden Lab will no longer allow content creators to utilize 'gacha' mechanics to sell items. ... | 03-Aug-2021 13:44

Tencent to impose new restrictions after online gaming branded 'spiritual opium' in China

Tencent will further restrict how young children engage with its games after Chinese state media described online gaming as 'spiritual opium.' ... | 03-Aug-2021 13:17

Netmarble acquires SpinX Games for $2.19 billion to expand into social casino genre

South Korean publisher Netmarble has fully-acquired mobile casino game developer SpinX Games for $2.19 billion. ... | 03-Aug-2021 11:08

Don't Miss: The challenges of being a mom in game development

Take a look back at former Gamasutra Editor-At-Large Leigh Alexander's chat with several working moms making it in the video game business. ... | 02-Aug-2021 23:58

In-game spending on Take-Two games jumped 15 percent during Q1 2022

During its Q1 earnings presentation today, Take-Two announced a slight increase on GAAP net revenue boosted by a 15 percent jump on in-game spending over last year in the company†?s 2022 first quarter. ... | 02-Aug-2021 23:36

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