Most Brits, French, Germans would skip holiday if tests, masks involved
As new coronavirus travel restrictions kick in across Europe, a survey showed at least half of German, British and French travellers would rather cancel a holiday than quarantine afterwards, take a test upon arrival, or wear a mask outdoors. | 04-Aug-2020 01:01

Ibiza: between economic distress and unprecedented calm
On the largely-empty beach at Figueretas on Ibiza, social distancing isn't hard to do. | 02-Aug-2020 13:03

Sleepy lions, empty bars, lost jobs: A world without tourism
With no American visitors to show around the D-Day beaches or the Loire Valley’s chateaux, and no work on the immediate horizon, Paris tour guide Linda Zenou frets about how she’ll pay off a loan and continue to care for her ailing mother in the achingly lean months ahead. | 01-Aug-2020 01:01

Coronavirus cost global tourism $320 billion in Jan-May: UN
The coronavirus crisis cost the global tourism sector $320 billion in lost revenue during the first five months of 2020, threatening the livelihoods of millions of people, the UN said Tuesday. | 29-Jul-2020 01:03

In crisis, Bkerzay models a more socially conscious Lebanon
When I wake up in my maisonette in Bkerzay, it’s in the fetal position. My arms are wrapped around one of their several bed pillows, my legs tucked into three layers of soft summer sheets. The fan rattles high within the vaulted ceiling, and the bright Chouf sun that peeps through the hand-stitched curtains reflects softly on the antique wood furniture. I feel like I’ve woken up 8 years old at my grandmother’s house. | 24-Jul-2020 01:03

Lebanon for Less: Jezzine
The following piece is part of a new series in which we take readers through a different Lebanese city each week and explore available low-cost activities. Our hope is three-fold: to revitalize Lebanese heritage, support local businesses, and to create financially accessible opportunities for folks. If you are a Lebanese business owner, restaurateur, creative, or simply a Lebanon enthusiast who has an affordable idea for our readers, please email | 17-Jul-2020 13:03

Jordan says to reopen airport for commercial flights next month
Jordan said Thursday it will partially resume commercial flights from August to a limited number of European and Asian countries on an internationally approved safe list. | 16-Jul-2020 13:03

French tourism gets boost with reopening of Disneyland Paris
The French tourist industry received a further boost Wednesday with the partial reopening of Disneyland Paris and the opening up of the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. | 16-Jul-2020 01:03

Masks and Mickey: Disneyland Paris reopens after four-month closure
Disneyland Paris welcomed back visitors on Wednesday after a four-month closure due to the coronavirus outbreak, with face masks and social distancing the order of the day. | 15-Jul-2020 13:02

Flights to and from Spain soar in July, still fraction of year-ago
The average number of daily flights across Spain rose to over 2,000 in the first week of July, doubling from the previous week but still only about a third of year-ago levels as the COVID-19 pandemic kept travel constrained, airport operator Aena said. | 14-Jul-2020 01:02

Dubai counts on pent-up demand for tourism comeback
After a painful four-month tourism shutdown that ended this week, Dubai is betting pent-up demand will see the industry quickly bounce back, billing itself as a safe destination with the resources to ward off coronavirus. | 10-Jul-2020 13:00

As domestic travel rises, international trips remains halted
Travelers are hitting the road again and taking vacations even as the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of abating in many countries, a survey Tuesday showed. | 08-Jul-2020 01:03

Dubai hotels ready to welcome foreign visitors
In Dubai's Atlantis resort, at the head of a palm tree-shaped island, workers in face masks clean cushions, sofas and king-size beds in luxury suites that have largely been vacant since the coronavirus pandemic. | 08-Jul-2020 00:48

On Syria river, craftsmen revive famed water wheels
On a riverbank in Syria's Hama, Mohammed Sultan tinkers away on a giant water wheel, one of a dwindling number of artisans able to restore the city's ancient wooden landmarks. | 07-Jul-2020 13:04

Lebanon for less: Kadisha Valley and Bsharri
The first piece in a series in which we take readers through a different Lebanese city each week and explore available low-cost activities. Our hope is three-fold: to revitalize Lebanese heritage, support local businesses, and to create financially accessible opportunities for folks. | 04-Jul-2020 01:01

Global tourism stands to lose up to $3.3 trillion from COVID-19: UN study
Global tourism revenues are expected to fall by up to $3.3 trillion due to COVID-19 restrictions, with the United States standing to lose the most, according to a UN study published Wednesday. | 02-Jul-2020 01:03

With coronavirus under control, Vietnam and New Zealand see different travel trends
Laura Douglas' tourism start-up, a farm surrounded by snow-tipped mountains in southern New Zealand, was attracting hundreds of mostly foreign visitors a month until the coronavirus pandemic brought it to a sudden halt in March. | 30-Jun-2020 01:04

easyJet to resume flights to Paris, Milan and Barcelona in July
Airline easyJet will resume flights on international routes to Paris, Milan and Barcelona from Britain on July 1 as it aims to restore some capacity for the summer after flights were grounded by the spread of COVID-19. | 25-Jun-2020 13:00

Turkey's lonely tourist attractions face make-or-break week
Turkey's Mediterranean coasts and historic attractions face a critical week as the government presses to open borders and salvage at least part of a tourist season already battered by the coronavirus pandemic. | 22-Jun-2020 13:03

Machu Picchu July reopening ruled out over fears of virus spread
The ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, a jewel of Peruvian tourism, will not reopen in July as originally scheduled due to concerns over the coronavirus, local media reported Sunday. | 22-Jun-2020 12:48

'Into the Wild' bus removed from Alaska trail for safety concerns
The "Into the Wild" bus is no longer in the wild. | 19-Jun-2020 13:00

Cyprus to cut student visas to deter asylum requests
Cyprus said Thursday it would seek to restrict the number of international students entering the EU member in a raft of sweeping changes to deter a spike in asylum requests. | 19-Jun-2020 01:03

From Damascus to Berlin: A Reuters journalist's quest for family reunion
It was still dark in Damascus as I walked down the stairs, my new life contained in a red suitcase. My mother stood next to the taxi door praying for my safety. My father was silent, certain that he would never see me again. | 18-Jun-2020 13:03

Drinkers raise a glass in Gabon's speakeasies despite coronavirus
Amanda leans into the fridge, fishes out two ice-cold beers and quickly closes the door after taking a worried glance up and down the street. | 18-Jun-2020 12:48

Spain says will reopen EU borders, barring Portugal, on June 21
Spain, one of the world's leading tourist destinations, will next Sunday re-establish free travel with fellow EU countries, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced. | 15-Jun-2020 01:00

Ancient Petra a ghost town as pandemic hits Jordan tourism
For over two millennia the ancient city of Petra has towered majestically over the Jordanian desert. | 14-Jun-2020 13:03

Bars reopening in New Orleans. Will tourists come?
Bar owners in New Orleans prepared for a soft opening, and an uncertain one, as they prepared to let customers in Saturday for the first time in months. | 14-Jun-2020 01:03

Egypt to open seaside resorts to foreigners from July 1
Egypt will open up its main seaside resorts for international flights and foreign tourists from July 1, the cabinet said. | 12-Jun-2020 01:00

Virus slows Dubai airport, world's busiest for global travel
Perhaps nowhere is the world's lack of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic more clearly felt than at Dubai International Airport, for years the world's busiest for international travel. | 10-Jun-2020 13:01

Egypt cleans up for return of tourists
Hotels have ramped up hygiene, archaeological sites have been sanitised and beaches cleaned up -- Egypt is gearing up to welcome back tourists kept away by the coronavirus pandemic. | 10-Jun-2020 12:46

"Willkommen auf Mallorca!" Germans to test out virus tourism
Spain’s sunny, beautiful Balearic Islands will allow thousands of German tourists to fly in for a two-week trial that tests out how to balance the needs of Spain's vital tourism industry with new regulations to curb the country's coronavirus outbreak. | 10-Jun-2020 01:02

Tourist rescued after being trapped 6 days in well in Bali
A British-Ukrainian man who fell into an abandoned well and broke his leg while being chased by a wild dog on Indonesia’s tourist island of Bali was rescued after being trapped for nearly a week, police said Monday. | 09-Jun-2020 01:00

Turkey says to gradually resume flights with 40 countries in June
Turkey is planning to gradually resume flights with 40 countries in June and it has reached preliminary agreements for reciprocal flights to begin with 15 countries, Transport Minister Adil Karaismailoglu said Thursday. | 04-Jun-2020 13:02

Spain to open land borders with Portugal, France from June 22
Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said Thursday that all restrictions to border crossings with France and Portugal will be lifted from June 22. | 04-Jun-2020 12:47

US Tourist towns balance fear, survival in make-or-break summer
As the coronavirus raced across America, this quaint seaside town did what would normally be unthinkable for a tourist destination. | 04-Jun-2020 01:02

Cauliflower and cheaper beer as Prague puts local tourists first
From Czech-speaking tour guides on the Charles Bridge to cheaper beer at Old Town Square pubs and traditional fried cauliflower on the menu, Prague businesses that rely on tourism are looking local to survive the summer season. | 04-Jun-2020 00:47

Spain seeks to open up to some foreign tourism from late June
Spain is working on plans to gradually open its borders to tourists from countries deemed more secure in the fight against the coronavirus, possibly starting from June 22, the tourism ministry said Wednesday. | 04-Jun-2020 00:32

Italy reopens to tourists from Europe
Italy reopens to travellers from Europe Wednesday, three months after the country went into coronavirus lockdown, with all hopes pinned on reviving the key tourism industry as the summer season begins. | 03-Jun-2020 13:03

Greek hoteliers reopen, anxious for bookings
Greek hotel owners reopened Monday after a 10-week coronavirus-imposed shutdown, relieved to be back in business but anxious about how quickly customers will return. | 02-Jun-2020 01:00

Malta to reopen its airport on July 1
Malta will reopen its airport to passenger flights on July 1, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Sunday, as the Mediterranean island rolls back restrictions introduced in March to halt COVID-19 infections. | 31-May-2020 13:03

Greece clarifies policy, to allow tourists from all nations
Greek officials said Saturday that the country will not limit arriving airline passengers next month to people coming from 29 countries but that travelers who departed from places that aren't on the initial list will be subject to mandatory testing for the coronavirus upon arrival and a quarantine period of one or two weeks. | 31-May-2020 12:48

Dubai hits the ski slope as coronavirus restrictions lift
Adnan Mayasi's first move after Dubai lifted coronavirus restrictions on leisure activities was to hit the emirate's indoor ski slope - with the added protection of surgical mask and plastic gloves. | 31-May-2020 12:33

Virus lockdown gives Venice a shot at reimagining tourism
In Venice, a city famous for being visited by too many and home to too few, children’s play now fills neighborhood squares, fishermen sell their catch to home cooks, and water buses convey masked and gloved commuters to businesses preparing to reopen. | 17-May-2020 13:02

‘Into the Wild’ lures the unprepared to Alaska wilderness
For nearly a quarter-century, the old bus abandoned in Alaska’s punishing wilderness has drawn adventurers seeking to retrace the steps of a young idealist who met a tragic death in the derelict vehicle. | 29-Feb-2020 01:00

Sequins, skin and politics as Rio carnival opens
Rio de Janeiro kicked off its annual carnival parades Sunday in a swirl of glitter, sequins and barely covered skin, an over-the-top spectacle that this year is packed with political commentary on Brazil's far-right government. | 25-Feb-2020 01:01

Morocco fortress village hopes to draw 'Game of Thrones' fans
Millions worldwide may have seen the desert fortress in the hit fantasy series "Game of Thrones", but fewer know they can visit the Moroccan village of Ait-Ben-Haddou. | 19-Feb-2020 01:00

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