WhatsApp changes: Signal messaging platform stops working as downloads surge
Signal has been downloaded millions of times since WhatsApp unveiled new privacy terms last week. | 15-Jan-2021 23:27

WhatsApp extends 'confusing' update deadline
The Facebook-owned platform still says its users must accept the update or stop using the service. | 15-Jan-2021 20:29

Poland proposes social media 'free speech' law
The law would see social networks fined if they ban a Polish user who has not broken local laws. | 15-Jan-2021 19:32

Fortnite-maker Epic Games sues Apple and Google in UK
Epic Games escalates a row over the fees Apple and Google charge app developers. | 15-Jan-2021 16:21

CES: Smart dog flaps and home robots
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the tech debuted at the technology expo. | 15-Jan-2021 15:49

Biden Twitter account 'starts from zero' with no Trump followers
Joe Biden's presidential Twitter account launches with no followers transferred from President Trump. | 15-Jan-2021 13:52

Newsround presenter turns shed into studio
With more of us studying and working from home. Ricky has turned his garden shed into a Newsround studio! Take a look! | 15-Jan-2021 08:15

Trump blacklists smartphone giant Xiaomi
With just days left, the US president continues crackdown on Chinese firms with more sanctions and bans. | 15-Jan-2021 03:59

Australia rebukes Google for blocking local content
The tech giants are fighting the Australian government over plans to make them pay for news content. | 15-Jan-2021 01:13

Protecting fragile ecosystems from lithium mining
More lithium is needed to supply the electric car market, but can it be produced in a sustainable way? | 15-Jan-2021 01:05

Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein: Inside the world's richest esports player's mansion
Johan Sundstein, aka "N0tail", has earned more than $7.4m (£5.4m) in prize money to date. | 15-Jan-2021 01:03

TikTok level crossing stunt 'staggeringly stupid'
Police and rail bosses condemn a social media post featuring a car parked on a level crossing. | 14-Jan-2021 22:27

Google tries to allay Fitbit-deal privacy fears
The deal was subject to regulatory scrutiny, with worries about how data would be used. | 14-Jan-2021 18:04

CES 2021: Smart pillows and internet-connected smoothies
The product tracks movements in the night to automatically adjust its height. | 14-Jan-2021 17:03

Samsung S21 Ultra: First look at the new device
Chris Fox takes a first look at the Samsung S21 Ultra, which works with the S Pen stylus. | 14-Jan-2021 16:42

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Does stylus spell end of the Note?
The S21 Ultra's support for an S Pen will fuel speculation that the Note range's days are numbered. | 14-Jan-2021 16:00

'Everybody can join in a sea shanty'
A Scottish postie has seen his live of sea shanties take off on TikTok. | 14-Jan-2021 14:51

The Scottish postman behind 'Sea Shanty TikTok'
Nathan Evans's renditions of the ancient songs have racked up millions of views on the video-sharing app. | 14-Jan-2021 14:43

Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars over safety concerns
The failing media control units could increase the risk of a crash, a US safety agency says. | 14-Jan-2021 14:35

Super Nintendo World opening delayed by Japan's virus outbreak
Nintendo's first theme park, modelled on levels of its Mario games, was due to open on 4 February. | 14-Jan-2021 13:35

Bitcoin: Newport man's plea to find £210m hard drive in tip
James Howells threw away a hard drive containing bitcoin - now worth £210m - by mistake in 2013. | 14-Jan-2021 13:14

Cyberpunk 2077: We underestimated difficulties
The co-founder for Cyberpunk 2077's developer is explaining what went wrong with the launch. | 14-Jan-2021 10:46

Twitter boss: Trump ban is 'right' but 'dangerous'
Jack Dorsey acknowledges that banning the president undermines the ideals of an open internet. | 14-Jan-2021 10:32

What will be the big tech changes in 2021?
From cyber-security challenges to more robots in public spaces, experts give their predictions. | 14-Jan-2021 09:30

Amazon faces legal challenge over Prime cancellation policy
Consumer watchdogs say the manipulative "dark pattern" design makes it hard for people to end membership. | 14-Jan-2021 06:25

Meng Wanzhou: Bullets sent in mail to Huawei's finance chief
Under house arrest in Canada on bank fraud charges, Ms Meng has reportedly received death threats. | 14-Jan-2021 05:14

Airbnb cancels reservations in Washington area ahead of inauguration
The company is worried accommodation in Washington could be used by extremists. | 13-Jan-2021 21:57

Uncle Roger comedian deletes video with China critic
Nigel Ng, who is known for his food videos, said he had not known his colleague's political views. | 13-Jan-2021 19:13

CES 2021: Microsoft's Brad Smith slams SolarWinds 'indiscriminate assault'
The technology giant's president calls the hack a "danger that the world cannot afford". | 13-Jan-2021 18:19

Covid-19: NHS app not working on some Android phones
The Department of Health is investigating the problem with Google. | 13-Jan-2021 14:36

The password guess worth $240m in bitcoin...
A programmer is trying to remember the password to unlock a digital wallet set up a decade ago. | 13-Jan-2021 12:46

TikTok: All under-16s' accounts made private
The move means only approved followers can view videos made by users aged 13-15. | 13-Jan-2021 11:00

YouTube suspends Donald Trump's channel
The Google-owned service said the president had broken its rules over the incitement of violence. | 13-Jan-2021 09:11

What happens when AI has an overactive imagination?
Google DeepDream explores how artificial intelligence can produce dream-like art. | 13-Jan-2021 07:23

Battery lodged in baby's throat for four months
Doctors believed 11-month-old Sofia-Grace Hill was rejecting food because she had tonsillitis. | 13-Jan-2021 07:10

CES 2021: Is this the world's smartest face mask?
Gaming company Razer claims to have made the world's most technologically advanced mask | 13-Jan-2021 02:09

Huawei patent mentions use of Uighur-spotting tech
The company denies selling technology that can identify the ethnic group and plans to reword the patent. | 13-Jan-2021 01:19

Uganda elections 2021: Social media blocked ahead of poll
The move comes a day after Facebook closed "fake" accounts it said were linked to the government. | 12-Jan-2021 21:14

December Microsoft issue affecting pupils could take 'weeks' to fix
The issue which emerged last month continues after a separate widespread Teams issue on Monday. | 12-Jan-2021 19:33

Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to QAnon
The accounts were permanently deleted for sharing “harmful” content “at scale”. | 12-Jan-2021 19:27

Covid: Are we following the government's stay-at-home message?
The government is urging us to stay at home during the lockdown but are we? | 12-Jan-2021 18:04

Amazon and Facebook staff warned of threats to safety
Leaked memos suggest there are fears that employees could be targeted in US backlash against "big tech". | 12-Jan-2021 15:50

Covid-19: Williamson promises 300,000 extra laptops
The laptops and tablets will be delivered to schools in England to support disadvantaged pupils. | 12-Jan-2021 15:41

WhatsApp users flock to rival message platforms
Millions have signed up to Signal and Telegram after WhatsApp announced an update to its terms. | 12-Jan-2021 14:15

Samsung bets on bespoke fridges to lure millennials
The South Korean electronics firm says it is focusing on personalised devices for younger customers. | 12-Jan-2021 05:06

Silencing Trump: How 'big tech' is taking Trumpism offline
Within days tech giants have moved to "deplatform" the president and some of his supporters. | 12-Jan-2021 04:53

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