New Public Cloud Storage Services Target IT
Technology advances and lower costs make public cloud services a more attractive option for the enterprise. | 13-May-2020 01:03

What Keeps SSD From Replacing Spinning Disks
Flash is faster, cooler and uses less power, but there's one little problem that keeps it from ever really replacing spinning disks. | 13-May-2020 00:48

Startup Offers Third-Party Google Apps Backup
A Cambridge, Mass.-based compay called Backupify is pitching IT admins on a cloud-based backup service for Google Apps, offering an additional safeguard to augment Google's own storage. | 13-May-2020 00:33

EMC Buys Greenplum in Data Warehousing Play
EMC broadens its IT software stack with the purchase of a developer of massively parallel processing database software for business intelligence and analytics. | 13-May-2020 00:18

EMC Updates Change Management Software
With the latest upgrade to its Ionix Storage Configuration Advisor, EMC has added new compliance features and support for mixed networks. | 13-May-2020 00:03

Solid Growth Seen for Health Care IT Sector
Key contributor to revenue growth will be the government's push to electronically store patients' medical records. | 12-May-2020 23:48

NEC Offers Midrange Data Deduplication
The new HydraStor HS3-210 bring a more affordable, relatively speaking, storage system to the midmarket. | 12-May-2020 23:33

Cisco Tailors Network Storage for Small Business
The new Smart Series of storage products includes integrated applications. | 12-May-2020 23:18

Oracle Refreshes Content Management Suite
The latest version, Content Management Suite 11g, complements the rest of Oracle's Fusion middleware stack. | 12-May-2020 23:03

Do Unified Data Center Products Mean Lock-in?
Cisco, HP and Oracle are among the vendors pursuing unified storage, server and networking strategies. Will customers win or lose? | 12-May-2020 22:48

HP's SMB Drive Includes Storage, Networking
Hewlett-Packard debuts new products and a unified communications alliance with Microsoft as part of a renewed effort to win over more of the SMB market. | 12-May-2020 22:33

Startup Improves SSD Cloud Performance
Panzura's Application Cloud Controller will eliminate latency for SSD drives used in a cloud storage environment. | 12-May-2020 22:18

NetApp Profits Double Thanks to Cloud
The storage firm posts its highest full-year growth rate in a decade, with revenue of almost $4 billion, thanks to virtualization and cloud computing. | 12-May-2020 22:03

Seagate's 3TB Hard Drive Aimed at Future PCs
Unfortunately, your current PC won't be able to use it due to a limitation in your motherboard. What is it and what can be done about it? | 12-May-2020 21:48

Storage, Services Help Dell Beat the Street
The hardware player sees renewed interest among IT buyers -- particularly in storage, services and international sales. | 12-May-2020 21:33

EMC Offers Speedier Deduplication
The storage giant may believe the future is in the clouds, but for now it is focusing on faster data deduplication. | 12-May-2020 21:18

Oracle Says It's Sticking With Tape Storage
The latest Sun customers to need reassuring from Oracle are the StorageTek data tape customers, who are told of Oracle's long-term commitment to the technology. | 12-May-2020 21:03

Nexenta Builds Storage OS With OpenSolaris
An open storage vendor has combined the best of ZFS, OpenSolaris and Debian to make a new enterprise storage approach that's winning converts. | 12-May-2020 20:48

Capellas To Lead EMC-Cisco Cloud Venture
The former Compaq CEO will serve as the point man for Acadia, the new joint venture designed to help enterprise customers run virtualization software throughout their data centers. | 12-May-2020 20:33

ChatSync Offers Social Media Data Archive
Devrex Gear has already taken on instant-messaging archiving. Now it's looking to the broader social media landscape, offering enterprises a new path to regulatory compliance. | 12-May-2020 20:18

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