Nickelodeon debuts first footage of iconic green slime in space
Nickelodeon used its Kids' Choice Awards show broadcast to premiere the first footage of its trademark green slime floating on board the International Space Station. | 04-May-2020 23:53

Could life thrive on hydrogen-rich alien worlds?
Life can thrive in a 100% hydrogen atmosphere, according to a new study. The finding could completely change our understanding of how (and where) life might exist in the universe. | 04-May-2020 22:51

Official: Taika Waititi to co-write and direct 'Star Wars' film
"Thor: Love and Thunder" writer/director Taika Waititi has signed on to write and direct a "Star Wars" film. | 04-May-2020 22:09

Chaos reigns in detailed new views of Jupiter's icy moon Europa
Scientists have gotten their best look to date at three chaotic patches on the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa thanks to decade-old images from a long-defunct spacecraft. | 04-May-2020 21:43

Elon Musk shows off Starship prototype's rocket engine ahead of test fire (photo)
SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk just tweeted an image looking up at the belly of the latest Starship prototype, the SN4, which is on the test stand ahead of a key engine firing. | 04-May-2020 21:39

The 2020 Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks tonight! See 'crumbs' of Comet Halley rain on Earth
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight (May 4), with the best views arriving before dawn on Tuesday (May 5). | 04-May-2020 19:29

Disney Plus drops epic 'Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga' trailer for May the Fourth
"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" arrives on Disney Plus for Star Wars Day today (May 4), putting all nine films from the Skywalker saga in one place for fans and yes, there is a trailer. | 04-May-2020 18:21

Scientists keep debunking 'monster black hole' discovery. So, what's the deal with binary system LB1?
As scientists continue to weigh in, one thing is clear: the "monster black hole" discovered in 2019 doesn't exist. | 04-May-2020 18:00

The starry dusty field from the core of our Milky Way galaxy (photo)
A panoramic view of the Milky Way galaxy's dusty core reveals several colorful deep-space nebulas. | 04-May-2020 13:53

The moon isn't 'dead': Ridges on lunar surface show signs of recent tectonic activity
The moon isn't "dead" after all: Newly discovered ridges on the moon's surface are leading scientists to think that the moon might have an active tectonic system. | 04-May-2020 13:53

There are two kinds of sunspots on the sun right now amid solar cycle change
The sun offers plenty of brainteasers: Right now, for instance, it's sporting magnetic knots formed by two different cycles — simultaneously. | 04-May-2020 13:50

The UAE is going to Mars. Here's the plan for its Hope orbiter.
The United Arab Emirates had its sights set on Mars the day before it launched its second satellite ever. | 04-May-2020 13:41

'Star Wars': Summary of the franchise and its effect on space technology
A long time ago — roughly four decades — the world was introduced to Jedi knights, lightsabers, droids and the Force. Before long, elements of the space fantasy had an effect on real-life space technology. | 04-May-2020 06:44

A small asteroid the size of a bus will fly safely by Earth today
A newly discovered asteroid about the size of a bus will zip safely by Earth today (May 3), passing at a distance just over halfway to the moon. | 03-May-2020 17:21

How amateur satellite trackers are keeping an 'eye' on objects around the Earth
Around the planet, a loosely knit but closely woven band of amateurs monitor the whereabouts of satellites — be they secretive spacecraft, rocket stages, orbital debris or lost space probes. | 03-May-2020 15:38

Where do baby magnetars come from? Mysterious 'fast radio bursts' may provide clues.
Magnetars — highly magnetized, rapidly rotating super-dense stars — are among the most enigmatic creatures to inhabit the cosmos and their origins are shrouded in mystery. | 03-May-2020 15:37

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' is coming to Disney Plus early for May the Fourth
Rejoice, "Star Wars" fans, the wait is over. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" lands on Disney Plus on May 4. | 02-May-2020 17:09

Solar eclipse guide 2020: When, where & how to see them
There will be two solar eclipses in 2020: an annular, or "ring of fire" eclipse on June 21 and a total eclipse on Dec. 14. Here's everything you need to know about this year's solar eclipses. | 02-May-2020 15:55

How the coronavirus pandemic has affected SpaceX's 1st crewed mission for NASA
The coronavirus pandemic threw a pretty big curveball at the planners of SpaceX's first crewed mission. | 02-May-2020 15:52

Two NASA astronauts are ready to try something completely new: Ride a SpaceX spaceship
NASA astronauts Robert "Bob" Behnken and Douglas "Doug" Hurley are excited and prepared to launch to space this month. | 02-May-2020 15:46

2020 Full Moon Calendar
The full moon happens once a month. Find out when. | 02-May-2020 00:36

These Lego 'Star Wars' helmets are perfect for your Dark Side life
It's time to suit up for "Star Wars Day" — that annual May the Fourth (be with you) fan celebration that happens on Monday (May 4). Lego has three new helmet sets to help you get in the mood. | 02-May-2020 00:25

Build a 'Star Wars' D-O droid in Lego form for May the Fourth
Meet the newest "Star Wars" movie droid — in Lego form. | 02-May-2020 00:18

These Lego 'Star Wars' sets for 2020 are strong with the Force
Here's a look at the Lego Star Wars sets for 2020. Build, or build not — there is no try! | 02-May-2020 00:10

SpaceX aces final parachute test ahead of historic May 27 crew launch
SpaceX wrapped up the 27th and final drop test of Crew Dragon's upgraded parachute system today (May 1), apparently clearing the path for the Demo-2 mission later this month. | 01-May-2020 23:06

Small asteroid zips safely by Earth just ahead of a larger space rock's flyby
An asteroid about the size of a car gave Earth a close shave Tuesday (April 28), just ahead of a flyby of another big space rock, according to NASA officials. | 29-Apr-2020 00:12

Venus shines at its brightest of the year tonight! Here's how to see it.
Venus, the most brilliant planet in the night sky, will be shining at its brightest tonight (April 28). | 28-Apr-2020 22:22

Radar views show big asteroid 1998 OR2 tumbling in space ahead of Earth flyby (video)
You can take the measure of the big space rock that will zoom by Earth early Wednesday morning (April 28), thanks to radar views from the Arecibo Observatory. | 28-Apr-2020 22:02

Each of these 'tiny' threads of blazing-hot plasma on the sun is 125 miles wide
The farther scientists zoom in on our sun, the more details they see. | 28-Apr-2020 20:56

See the big asteroid 1998 OR2 just before its Earth flyby in a Slooh webcast today
A big asteroid will safely fly by Earth early tomorrow morning (April 29), and you can watch it approach our planet in real time tonight with a free webcast from the Slooh online observatory. | 28-Apr-2020 19:28

'UFO' videos declassified by US Navy
Three videos captured by U.S. Navy pilots show unidentified aircraft flying at hypersonic speeds. | 28-Apr-2020 14:17

Mile-long asteroid 1998 OR2 dons 'mask' before Earth flyby (photos)
The huge "potentially hazardous" asteroid 1998 OR2, which will safely fly by Earth on April 29, appears to have brought its own face mask for its close encounter with our pandemic-ridden planet. | 28-Apr-2020 14:05

Exploring Apollo 13 at the Cradle of Aviation museum in New York
Incredible moments from Apollo 13 live on in a hidden gem museum in New York. | 28-Apr-2020 14:04

A big asteroid will fly by Earth Wednesday, but don't panic. It won't hit us.
Don't be fooled by any hyped-up headlines you may have read: This week's asteroid flyby poses no threat to Earth or anything on it. | 28-Apr-2020 00:04

Stellan Skarsgard in talks for 'Star Wars: Rogue One' prequel on Disney Plus —report
Along with Kyle Soller. | 27-Apr-2020 22:14

Eta Aquarid meteor shower 2020: When, where and how to see it
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower from late April to mid-May offers a long stretch of spectacular 'shooting stars' that even a casual observer can spot in the night sky. | 27-Apr-2020 22:02

The best sci-fi movies and TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime
Time to catch up on some long overdue sci-fi, so here's our handy guide to what's on. | 27-Apr-2020 21:48

'I'll pass': Trump not interested in flying on Virgin Galactic's space plane
President Donald Trump may be a fan of human spaceflight, but that doesn't necessarily mean he wants to visit the final frontier himself. | 27-Apr-2020 19:48

Trump checks out new NASA technology to fight coronavirus pandemic
President Donald Trump inspected new technology developed by NASA to help fight the coronavirus pandemic and its associated respiratory disease, COVID-19. | 27-Apr-2020 19:42

The Eta Aquarids: A spring meteor shower from Comet Halley
The Eta Aquarids can be seen in both hemispheres, but the Southern Hemisphere gets the best view. | 27-Apr-2020 19:39

Astrophotographers show off their favorite stargazing sites on Earth
If you're looking to go on a virtual adventure, look no further than these astrophotographers' fave sites. | 27-Apr-2020 14:24

Get out of the way: The 1st restartable solid rocket fuel could help reduce space junk (op-ed)
Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory recently developed and demonstrated the ability to stop and restart solid rocket motors many times — something that has never been done before. | 27-Apr-2020 14:18

SpaceX's SN4 Starship prototype passes key pressure test
The newest prototype of SpaceX's Starship Mars-colonizing spaceship just passed a crucial pressure test, likely setting the stage for a test flight in the near future. | 27-Apr-2020 14:15

James Gunn doesn't think 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' or 'The Suicide Squad' will be delayed
Writer/director James Gunn doesn't think there will be a need to postpone "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" despite cascading delays in film release due to the coronavirus pandemic. | 26-Apr-2020 16:28

Tomanowos, the meteorite that survived mega-floods and human folly
The rock with arguably the most fascinating story on Earth has an ancient name. | 26-Apr-2020 16:10

See the bright 'evening star' Venus swing by the crescent moon tonight
After a close encounter with the moon on Sunday (April 26), Venus will be at its greatest brightness of the year on Tuesday (April 28). | 26-Apr-2020 15:33

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