Upcoming Webinar to Discuss Company Structure and Tax Savings
An upcoming webinar from CorpNet will discuss your company structure and the potential tax savings you may see.
Small Business Trends | 16-Jan-2021 18:00

Keep Up with These Marketing, Design, and Tech Trends in 2021
If you want to grow your business, understand the relevant trends. Keep up with these marketing, design, and tech trends in 2021.
Small Business Trends | 16-Jan-2021 15:00

In the News: 2nd Round of PPP Loans Now Being Issued
Here are the headlines that made news for small business owners in America this week.
Small Business Trends | 15-Jan-2021 21:00

12 Uncommon Yet Effective Places You Should Post Job Listings
The Young Entrepreneur Council has some unique ideas on where small businesses can post job listings to find the right person for the position.
Small Business Trends | 15-Jan-2021 18:00

Taking a Chance on an Employee with a Different Background (CARTOON)
Sometimes you need to take a chance on an employee who's taken a different path to get to your company.
Small Business Trends | 15-Jan-2021 12:00

Don’t Make These Cybersecurity Mistakes in 2021
Sponsored Post Due to bad privacy practices and cybersecurity mistakes, businesses were affected by data vulnerabilities in 2020. Avoid these practices.
Small Business Trends | 14-Jan-2021 16:00

The Best States to Start a Farm in 2021
Kentucky, Oklahoma and North Dakota ranked as the best states to start farms in 2021, according to a study by LawnStarter.
Small Business Trends | 14-Jan-2021 14:00

Who Makes the Most Typing Errors? 25-34 Year Olds
New data by Fenetic Wellbeing reveals that those between the ages of 25 to 34 years make the most typing errors.
Small Business Trends | 14-Jan-2021 12:00

Second Round of PPP Loans Now Available
The second round of PPP funding has begun. And some banks started taking applications for the Paycheck Protection Program on January 11.
Small Business Trends | 13-Jan-2021 20:00

Fraud is on the Rise: How to Protect Your Small Business
Sponsored Post After the pandemic in 2020, many expect fraud to increase over the next 12 months into 2021. Implement these business fraud protection tips today to protect your business.
Small Business Trends | 13-Jan-2021 18:00

Should You Consider Buying a FedEx Route?
If you’re interested in generating more income, you might consider buying a FedEx route. Gain access to a fleet of trucks and employees.
Small Business Trends | 13-Jan-2021 14:00

Spotlight: Tailored Stay Adds a New Level of Customer Care to the Vacation Rental Industry
Find out what Tailored Stay considers its biggest win in business so far in this week's Small Biz Spotlight.
Small Business Trends | 13-Jan-2021 12:00

Best Rolling TV Stand for Your Office
Need to move a TV around the office, to conference rooms, lobby or private spaces? See our article on how to choose a rolling TV stand or mobile cart.
Small Business Trends | 12-Jan-2021 16:00

Yelp Introducing Features for Businesses to Disclose COVID Safety Measures
Yelp is adding to its COVID-19 Section so business owners can let customers know what they're doing to help stop the spread of the virus.
Small Business Trends | 12-Jan-2021 14:00

Teespring Rebrands as SPRING
Teespring announced this morning that the company is rebranding and will now be known as SPRING.
Small Business Trends | 12-Jan-2021 12:00

Best Antivirus Protection for Your Business
Need to protect your computer devices for you and your local and remote workers? See choices for antivirus and malware protection software.
Small Business Trends | 11-Jan-2021 20:00

What You MUST Know to File Your 1099 Tax Forms in 2021
Sponsored Post Small business tax deadlines may not roll around until Feb. 1, 2021. But it’s never too soon to brush up on these 1099 tips.
Small Business Trends | 11-Jan-2021 18:45

How a Founder Was Forced to Take Back the Company From His CEO
Scott Jordan sits down for an interview with Barry Moltz to talk about a pivotal moment in his company's past.
Small Business Trends | 11-Jan-2021 12:00

7 Productivity Hacks from 7 Successful Entrepreneurs
You may want to try some of these top productivity hacks from America's top entrepreneurs.
Small Business Trends | 10-Jan-2021 18:00

Why You Need a Prepaid Debit Card Even If You Have a Bank Account
Even if you have a bank account, there are some good reasons to carry a prepaid debit card.
Small Business Trends | 10-Jan-2021 15:00

Thrive During the Pandemic with Helpful Tips from Upcoming Webinar
You still have a little bit of time left to register for this important webinar to help you thrive in the pandemic economy. Sign up today!
Small Business Trends | 09-Jan-2021 21:15

10 Important Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from 2020
2020 was tough for businesses. But if your company has made it through this challenging year, there are certainly lessons to be taken away.
Small Business Trends | 09-Jan-2021 15:00

In the News: Latest Jobs Report Deflating for Small Business
Here are the headlines that made news for small business owners in America this week.
Small Business Trends | 08-Jan-2021 20:00

SBA Expands Women’s Business Centers Nationwide
The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the launch of 20 new Women’s Business Centres (WBC) across the United States.
Small Business Trends | 08-Jan-2021 14:00

What Do You Do When You’ve Met Your Match? (CARTOON)
Eventually, you're going to meet your match in business? How do you co-exist with them?
Small Business Trends | 08-Jan-2021 12:00

Zoho Invoice Built to Grow With Your Small Business
Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing and payments tool built for small businesses. But it’s designed to scale with users as they grow as well.
Small Business Trends | 07-Jan-2021 16:00

SBA Extends EIDL Loan Application Deadline Thru End of 2021
The Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the extension of Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program to December 31, 2021.
Small Business Trends | 07-Jan-2021 14:00

Best Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser
Promote hygienic conditions in business with commercial towel holders. Find the best compact, touchless, folded or automated paper towel dispensers.
Small Business Trends | 07-Jan-2021 12:00

ADP Report: Small Business Jobs Down 13,000 in December
The ADP National Employment Report has some distressing numbers across the board. For small business, it was a loss of 13,000 jobs.
Small Business Trends | 06-Jan-2021 19:30

How Your Small Business Can Get Paid Faster
Sponsored Post Every business experiences the challenge of getting paid on time. Larger businesses can more easily survive late payments. But for small businesses, even a single late payment can be the difference between ordering new inventory or having empty shelves.
Small Business Trends | 06-Jan-2021 16:30

Spotlight: Started by Accident, Vivalatina Stands Out With Custom Jewelry
There are plenty of companies that sell jewelry. Here is a company that started out by accident, Vivalatina stands out with custom jewelry.
Small Business Trends | 06-Jan-2021 12:00

Best Smart Security Camera for Your Office
Need to keep an eye on your office or property while you are away? See our list of the best smart cameras - remote viewing, wireless, or waterproof.
Small Business Trends | 05-Jan-2021 18:00

These are the Best Cities for Gig Delivery Work in the US

Small Business Trends | 05-Jan-2021 16:00

How Startups Can Build Strong Supplier Relationships
The world of supply chain management can be a scary one for new entrepreneurs. Here is how startups can build strong supplier relationships.
Small Business Trends | 05-Jan-2021 14:00

QoQer is Helping Manufacturing Startups Get Off the Ground
Working out a concept for a manufactured product but not sure how to build it? QoQer is helping manufacturing startups get off the ground.
Small Business Trends | 05-Jan-2021 12:00

50 QR Code Uses for Marketing and Business
Learn about QR code uses in your business, with easy examples. See how to use QR codes for marketing, texting, contactless transactions, much more.
Small Business Trends | 04-Jan-2021 17:00

11 Tips for Hiring a Part-Time Employee to Help With Your Business’s Finances
Small businesses, like any business, have finances that need to be kept in order. Here are 11 tips for hiring a part-time employee.
Small Business Trends | 04-Jan-2021 16:00

How Google Helps Improve Your Digital Presence During this Pandemic
Barry Moltz interviews Mary Ellen Coe, President of Google Customer Solutions on how Google helps Improve Your digital presence.
Small Business Trends | 04-Jan-2021 13:18

Zenefits Launches Online Health Insurance Shopping for Small Businesses
Compared to large companies, small businesses pay more cost per employee for health insurance. Zenefits says you can change that.
Small Business Trends | 04-Jan-2021 12:00

Top Soap Dispensers for Work Premises
Whether you need touchless or wall units for employees and customers to wash hands and stay sanitized, find the best soap dispensers for work premises.
Small Business Trends | 03-Jan-2021 18:00

How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware is one of the most common forms of attack businesses face. Here is how you can protect your business from ransomware attacks.
Small Business Trends | 03-Jan-2021 15:00

Learn how to Protect your Assets by Establishing the Right Business Entity
If business entities are a challenge, this webinar will teach you why you should choose sole proprietorship, LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp.
Small Business Trends | 02-Jan-2021 21:00

Get Back to Basics with These 10 Small Business Improvement Tips
The small business community has some tips to help fellow owners get back to the basics to start 2021 the right way.
Small Business Trends | 02-Jan-2021 18:00

In the News: In 2021 at Least 25 States Will Increase their Minimum Wage
This week the news roundup starts the year by looking at the new minimum wage increases 25 states are going to be implementing in 2021.
Small Business Trends | 01-Jan-2021 21:00

Follow the Money, They Said (CARTOON)
Has a place that had been your go-to spot for reliable business information suddenly changed into something you can't recognize?
Small Business Trends | 01-Jan-2021 12:00

Wireless Internet Connecting More Americans to Broadband in 2020
Wireless internet is connecting more Americans in 2020, providing opportunities for individuals and small businesses alike as digital commerce continues to grow.
Small Business Trends | 31-Dec-2020 14:00

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