Kanban or Task List – Which Method You Should Choose For Your Project Management?
For most any business, it is vital to set clear expectations about goals and keep the team members accountable.
Small Business Trends | 07-Aug-2021 12:00

77% of Companies Expect to Encounter a Talent Shortage
The third annual iHire’s 2021 State of Online Recruiting Report reveals 77% of companies expect to encounter a talent shortage.
Small Business Trends | 07-Aug-2021 02:00

Jeb the Boxsmith: Doing Something I Love Led to 60,000 Followers on TikTok in Just Over Two Months
Brent Leary chats with Jeb the Boxsmith about his rapid rise to fame on TikTok.
Small Business Trends | 07-Aug-2021 00:00

In the News: The SBA Opens PPP Direct Forgiveness Portal
In this news this week the SBA has opened a PPP Loan Forgiveness portal to help small businesses close out their accounts with the Paycheck Protection Program.
Small Business Trends | 06-Aug-2021 17:00

The Rat Race Wouldn’t Be Exciting if the Rats Didn’t Train
We used to groan about the daily rat race. But after a long time without it, we definitely realize it was missed.
Small Business Trends | 06-Aug-2021 12:00

TikTok Now the Most Popular Mobile Video App
With more than 660 million downloads in 2020, TikTok has emerged as the most popular mobile video platform.
Small Business Trends | 05-Aug-2021 23:00

PPP Loan Forgiveness Portal Now Open
The new application portal streamlines applications for loans that are $150,000 or less for more than 6.5 million businesses.
Small Business Trends | 05-Aug-2021 21:00

30 Elementor Templates for Your Business Website
The Elementor templates for WordPress let you build websites quickly with themes covering virtually every industry to get your digital presence going.
Small Business Trends | 05-Aug-2021 19:00

Small Businesses Add 91,000 Jobs to US Economy
Private sector jobs have increased by 330,000 with small businesses contributing 91,000 new jobs to that total.
Small Business Trends | 05-Aug-2021 15:00

1 in 4 Former Employees Still Has Access to Files at Old Job
As many as 1 in 4 employees still has access to data at a former job. Almost 42% of employees admit to sharing workplace passwords.
Small Business Trends | 05-Aug-2021 12:00

How to Open a Liquor Store
If you've been wondering how to open a liquor store, here is a step-by-step process on what you need to know to get your business off the ground.
Small Business Trends | 04-Aug-2021 21:00

Instagram and Spring Partner on a $1 Billion Creator Fund
The image-sharing social media giant Instagram is expanding its partnership with creator commerce platform Spring.
Small Business Trends | 04-Aug-2021 18:00

Spotlight: ChainCustom Wants to Shake Up the Jewelry Biz with Custom, Affordable Pieces
When it comes to jewelry, customers often have to choose between quality and price. But the founder of ChainCustom thinks you should have both.
Small Business Trends | 04-Aug-2021 15:00

Nearly 1 in 4 Gen Z Employees are Lonely at Work
The rate for Gen Z employees is up 130% from the same survey in 2017. Furthermore, 44% of them don’t have friends in the workplace.
Small Business Trends | 04-Aug-2021 12:00

New Tool Helps Warn You of Zoom Fatigue
An overload of online meetings can lead to tiredness, worry and burnout, a phenonium known as ‘Zoom fatigue.' A new tool helps warn you of this phenonium.
Small Business Trends | 03-Aug-2021 18:00

How to Take Food Photos for Instagram and Websites
Good food photography draws in a crowd, and whether you own a restaurant or not you can learn how to take food photos to bring customers and viewers in.
Small Business Trends | 03-Aug-2021 15:00

How to Open a Beauty Supply Store
From suppliers to location, and items to stock, opening a beauty supply store requires some research. Here is what you need to know before you get started.
Small Business Trends | 03-Aug-2021 12:00

Booth Rental Guide for Salon Owner and Stylists
For salon owners and renters, the rate for booth rental is key to keeping the business operational and having customers coming back.
Small Business Trends | 02-Aug-2021 21:00

How to Create a Salon Business Plan
Beauty salons offer a range of services, therefore your salon business plan should include everything you do plus any upselling with products or services.
Small Business Trends | 02-Aug-2021 18:00

The Manual Dilemma: 4 Ways To Streamline Invoicing
Sponsored Post With the right systems in place and in budget, small businesses can optimize their accounts payable systems so that they can paid accurately and quicker. In the long run, a streamlined invoicing system will help small businesses grow in a wavering market.
Small Business Trends | 02-Aug-2021 15:00

Why You Are Having a Hard Time Finding New Employees
On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Victoria Jones, an Evangelist on Zoho‘s customer advocacy team discusses why it’s so hard to find employees.
Small Business Trends | 02-Aug-2021 12:00

Idea Pins are Now Shoppable on Pinterest
Idea pins are now shoppable on Pinterest. Creators on Pinterest can now grow their business and earn money by making their Idea Pins shoppable.
Small Business Trends | 01-Aug-2021 21:00

Half of Small Business Owners Feel Chained to Their Business
Half of small business owners feel chained to their business. This is in great part due to the number of tasks they are handling on their own.
Small Business Trends | 01-Aug-2021 18:00

Keap Cuts E-Signature Costs
Getting documents signed for your small business can take days. And you might need to toggle between different software tools to send and save the records. 
Small Business Trends | 01-Aug-2021 15:00

Take the Right Steps to Get Your Business Up and Running
You have a great business idea, but do you know what steps to take? Nellie Akalp, CEO of will be holding a free webinar to teach you the necessary steps.
Small Business Trends | 31-Jul-2021 18:00

Go Beyond the Basics with These 10 Unique Online Marketing Tips
Nearly every business today uses some form of online marketing. So if you want your company to stand out, you need to think a bit differently.
Small Business Trends | 31-Jul-2021 15:00

Daddy-O of Stetsasonic: Even After Almost 40 Years I’m as Good a Rapper Now as I’ve Ever Been
Daddy-O from Stetsasonic tells Brent Leary he feels he's still on top of his game and how he's defining success today.
Small Business Trends | 31-Jul-2021 01:30

76% of Employees Think You’re Spying on Their Communications
A large number of remote workers in the United States are worried that their communications are being secretly monitored by their employers.
Small Business Trends | 30-Jul-2021 21:00

In the News: Small Businesses Get $145.7B in Prime Contracts from the Federal Government
When small businesses are awarded contracts from the federal government, it pays off in many different ways.
Small Business Trends | 30-Jul-2021 19:00

Sometimes the Best Time to Buy It is When You See It
Don't regret not making a purchase. Sometimes something will seem unreasonable or impractical but your instinct tells you to say yes.
Small Business Trends | 30-Jul-2021 12:00

Office Workers Among Those Most Likely to Favor Smart Lockers to Get Packages Securely
According to a new study from Pitney Bowes, office workers are the most likely to favor smart lockers to get packages securely.
Small Business Trends | 29-Jul-2021 23:00

Federal Government Awards Record $145.7 Billion in Contracts to Small Business
In the fiscal year 2020, the federal government awarded a record $145.7 billion in prime contracts to small businesses.
Small Business Trends | 29-Jul-2021 21:00

Google Ads Imposing 3 Strike System on Publishers
Come September 2021, Google is going to be testing a new strike-based pilot program for repeat Google Ads policies violators.
Small Business Trends | 29-Jul-2021 18:00

12 Pieces of Consumer Data Every Small Business Should Collect
Businesses have access to a treasure trove of valuable customer data. Here are 12 Pieces of Consumer Data Every Small Business Should Collect.
Small Business Trends | 29-Jul-2021 16:45

How to Create a Farm Business Plan
Knowing how to create a farm business plan will help your investors identify the unique requirements of running a farm so they can make an informed decision.
Small Business Trends | 29-Jul-2021 12:00

Need a New Office Microwave? Check These Out
Do you need a new office microwave? Check these out and you can start shopping for the right one to keep your coworkers happy in the snack room.
Small Business Trends | 28-Jul-2021 21:30

What is 3D Printing?
With 3D printing machines now more affordable than ever, knowing what it is and does has great value. After all, it can be a great business opportunity.
Small Business Trends | 28-Jul-2021 20:00

Spotlight: How Legacy Purchasing Group Brings Buying Power to Small Businesses
Small businesses often don’t have the same buying power as large firms. But Legacy Purchasing Group aims to change that.
Small Business Trends | 28-Jul-2021 15:00

1 in 4 Entrepreneurs Fail at Their Business Before Succeeding
1 in 4 entrepreneurs fail at least once before succeeding. It takes entrepreneurs an average of three years for their business to begin supporting them financially.
Small Business Trends | 28-Jul-2021 12:00

52 Best Project Management Software Tools to Manage Deliverables
Project management software helps you manage tasks, projects, deliverables. Here are the best project management tools and apps for small business.
Small Business Trends | 27-Jul-2021 22:30

The Best Smart Light Bulbs for Your Office
With connected technology now readily available, having the best smart light bulbs for your office is good for the environment while saving you money.
Small Business Trends | 27-Jul-2021 18:00

American Workers Take 2.7 Hours of Breaks Daily – What are They Doing?
Taking regular breaks is vital for workers to stay focused. According to research by Solitaired, workers in the US take an average of 2.7 hours of breaks each day.
Small Business Trends | 27-Jul-2021 15:00

74% of Consumers Prefer Texting with Businesses if a Real Person is Texting Back
Almost three-quarters of consumers prefer texting as a means of communicating with businesses, providing a real person is texting back.
Small Business Trends | 27-Jul-2021 12:00

5 Things to Know About Audits for Your Business
The word “audit” likely sends shivers up the spines of most small business owners. Here are 5 things to know about audits for your business.
Small Business Trends | 26-Jul-2021 21:00

How to Open a Bar
Opening a bar requires getting the licensing and regulations in order, but once you do it also means getting great profit margins on drinks.
Small Business Trends | 26-Jul-2021 21:00

Selling a Business Tax Considerations
There are many tax considerations to take into account when you sell your business and the right strategy is essential in order to maximize your return.
Small Business Trends | 26-Jul-2021 18:00

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