Babylonians used Pythagorean theorem 1,000 years before it was 'invented' in ancient Greece
The theorem may have been used to settle a land dispute between two affluent individuals. | 07-Aug-2021 13:00

Fish with 'human teeth' stuns anglers in North Carolina
Meet the sheepshead fish, a common Atlantic coast swimmer with a very crunchy diet. | 06-Aug-2021 22:22

California woman got typhus from a neighborhood rat
Rats are notorious for spreading disease. | 06-Aug-2021 21:18

Stranded minke whale stinks so bad it's like 'death in a dumpster'
A dead minke whale that washed ashore in a Massachusetts town smells so horrible that authorities plan to cart it to a landfill. | 06-Aug-2021 20:45

Cerebral palsy: Causes, symptoms & treatment
Cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that leads to muscle weakness and problems walking. But with support, people with cerebral palsy can lead relatively normal, functioning lives. | 06-Aug-2021 20:28

Vaccine-resistant coronavirus 'mutants' are more likely when transmission is high, new model finds
A new model lays out when vaccine-resistant mutants are most likely to emerge. | 06-Aug-2021 18:45

Gulf Stream could be veering toward irreversible collapse, a new analysis warns
Although scientists don’t fully understand the varying strengths of the factors contributing to the slowdown, all of them are linked to human-caused climate change. | 06-Aug-2021 18:36

Tardigrades probably see in black and white
Light-sensing proteins called opsins, which are linked to perception of color in other animals, are also found in tardigrades. However, tardigrades may lack the combination of opsins that make color vision possible. | 06-Aug-2021 18:12

'Female' warrior buried in medieval grave may be non-binary
A medieval grave in Finland that was thought to hold the body of a female warrior or ruler has revealed a surprise — the person buried there may be non-binary. | 06-Aug-2021 14:00

Melting sea ice could wipe out 98% of emperor penguins by the end of the century
A new study has predicted that emperor penguins could become functionally extinct by the end of the century due to melting sea ice. | 06-Aug-2021 13:34

Synthetic brain cells that store 'memories' are possible, new model reveals
Scientists have created key parts of synthetic brain cells that can hold cellular "memories" for milliseconds. The achievement could one day lead to computers that work like the human brain. | 06-Aug-2021 13:01

NASA has glimpsed our galaxy's fate in three-way galactic brawl
Despite the apocalyptic appearances, galactic mergers are a frequent and essential part of a galaxy’s life cycle. | 06-Aug-2021 13:00

Arizona man went a month without knowing he had the plague
The case underscores the need to identify serious infections in a timely manner, the authors said. | 06-Aug-2021 13:00

(VIDEO) Watch squirrels perform parkour-like stunts for peanuts
If only our robots were as agile as squirrels. | 05-Aug-2021 20:00

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
How will you know if you have the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease? Here are the most common symptoms for adults, kids, vaccinated individuals and delta-variant infections. | 05-Aug-2021 18:40

Perseid meteor shower peaks this month: New moon bodes well for skywatchers.
Perseid meteors are already beginning to fall in a display that promises to dazzle skywatchers this month. | 05-Aug-2021 13:40

Astronaut captures sparkling 'shooting star' video as Russian space station module falls to Earth
From his perch on the International Space Station, a French astronaut watched a long-running Russian space module break into pieces in a shower of fireworks. | 05-Aug-2021 13:35

New 'doubly charming' particle could help unlock the secrets of how matter is built
Studying the particle could provide physicists with vital insight into the rules that govern how all matter is formed. | 05-Aug-2021 13:00

Wildfire prompts evacuation at Turkey power plant
Turkey continues to battle dozens of intense wildfires that have now killed eight people and countless animals. | 05-Aug-2021 13:00

More than 1,000 earthquakes swarmed Yellowstone Park last month. Is 'the big one' nearing?
At least 1,008 earthquakes swarmed Yellowstone National Park in July 2021, the most in a single month since June 2017. | 05-Aug-2021 13:00

This hurricane season will be even more active than previously predicted, NOAA says
Storm formation during the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be higher than previously predicted, according to an update by NOAA scientists. | 04-Aug-2021 22:45

Vaccines cut chance of being infected with delta variant by half, UK study finds
The study examined nearly 100,000 people who took COVID-19 swab tests at home between June 24 and July 12. | 04-Aug-2021 21:47

Long-lost fragment of Stonehenge reveals rock grains dating to nearly 2 billion years ago
After 60 years, a missing piece of Stonehenge finally returns to the U.K., revealing secrets about the age and structure of the rock in the monument's iconic pillars. | 04-Aug-2021 20:24

Chinese cities enter lockdown as delta variant spreads
The outbreak has been traced back to the international airport in Nanjing. | 04-Aug-2021 18:17

Sharks hide in Florida canal to escape toxic red tide sweeping the coast
Hundreds of sharks have taken refuge in a Florida canal to escape the toxic red tide, an algal bloom sweeping the Gulf Coast. | 04-Aug-2021 17:42

Dogs know when humans are lying to them
Researchers found that dogs react differently to false information given to them by a misinformed human than they do to a human who is flat-out lying to them. | 04-Aug-2021 17:07

These 10 extreme exoplanets are out of this world
From worlds that rain iron and glass to diamond worlds and planets that have escaped the grip of their parent stars, here are 10 of the most extreme alien planets. | 04-Aug-2021 13:05

Polar bears bash walrus skulls with boulders and ice blocks, study suggests
Do polar bears throw rocks at walruses' heads to stun and kill them, as centuries of anecdotes suggest? They might, scientists say. | 04-Aug-2021 13:02

Curiosity rover finds cute little rock 'lizard' on Mars
A small rock arch in Gale Crater is a whimsical example of the textures of Mars. | 04-Aug-2021 13:01

Sneaky birds caught on video while yanking hair from live animals
YouTube videos show that birds pull animal hair more often than previously thought. | 04-Aug-2021 13:00

Machu Picchu was built decades earlier than thought
The mountaintop Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in southern Peru was built and inhabited decades earlier than previously believed. | 04-Aug-2021 01:08

Scientists extract ancient DNA from 32,000-year-old bear skull
The DNA hints at when and how ice age brown bears once migrated to Japan's largest island. | 04-Aug-2021 01:01

What caused a woman to lactate from her armpit?
Up to 6% of women are born with extra breast tissue in their body. | 03-Aug-2021 22:26

Seeing things on Mars: A history of Martian illusions
In this vast and lonely universe, are Earthlings just desperate for next door neighbors to play with? | 03-Aug-2021 19:49

NYC will require COVID-19 vaccination proof for indoor dining, gyms
New York City will become the first city in the U.S. to require proof of vaccination for such activities. | 03-Aug-2021 18:46

Graveyard of rhinos, horses and hippos found in ancient, dried-up watering hole
Three periods of drought left an ancient watering hole littered with the bodies of horses, hippos and rhinos who gathered in search of moisture. | 03-Aug-2021 16:24

Sacred stone tied to the legend of Romulus and Remus unearthed in Rome
An immense stone that defined the sacred city limits of ancient Rome almost 2,000 years ago has been unearthed by construction workers in the historic center of the city. | 03-Aug-2021 15:47

The world has a serious deforestation problem: These 7 images prove it.
From Borneo to Bolivia, here are just a handful of places around the world were deforestation has become a real problem | 03-Aug-2021 13:20

Space station mishap with Russian module more serious than NASA first reported
A Russian module accidentally pushed the International Space Station out of place. Now, a NASA flight director has revealed that the event was even more serious than initially reported. | 03-Aug-2021 13:00

One of world's rarest chameleons, once feared extinct, found in African rainforest
Scientists have found one of the world's rarest chameleons again after fearing the species was extinct due to shrinking forests. | 03-Aug-2021 01:01

Chipmunks near South Lake Tahoe test positive for plague
The infected chipmunks had no known contact with people. | 02-Aug-2021 22:24

'Massive melting event' strikes Greenland after record heat wave
One estimate suggests that 13 billion tons (12 metric tons) of ice made its way into the ocean on a single day. | 02-Aug-2021 19:07

Slowdown of Earth's spin caused an oxygen surge
Billions of years ago, a slowdown in Earth's rotation period lengthened days and offered photosynthesizing bacteria the chance to release more oxygen, transforming the planet. | 02-Aug-2021 18:23

Real-life SpongeBob and Patrick found side by side on seafloor. But they likely don't get along.
Researchers from NOAA photographed a square, yellow sponge and pink starfish sitting next to each other on a rock over a mile underwater, leading to comparisons with cartoon characters SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star. | 02-Aug-2021 17:05

Astronomers catch fizzled-out gamma-ray burst from supernova
A fizzled example of a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful kind of explosion known in the universe, suggests these outbursts can be surprisingly brief, researchers say. | 02-Aug-2021 13:11

What does the edge of the solar system look like?
Far-flung spacecraft are helping us learn about the solar system's edge. | 02-Aug-2021 13:03

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