Getting the Most Out of Internal Audit

An effective internal audit team can provide great value to an organization. It's encouraging this is starting to be recognized.

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Digital Workplace Tech Expanded in the Pandemic. Here's What's Next

The role of digital workplace technology, cemented during the pandemic, will only continue to grow in the coming year. Here's how.

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Zoom Gains Ground in Telephony, Microsoft Adds Video Features to Teams & More News

In this week's Workplace Newsbyte, Zoom grows in the telephony space, Microsoft improves its video conferencing capabilities, Zoho takes on WhatsApp and more.

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Pega Acquires Qurious, Salesforce Introduces Loyalty Management & More CX News

In this week's CX newsbyte, acquisitions from Pega, Mailchimp and Verve, an update from Salesforce. All that and more from the world of customer experience.

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Not All Customers Are Created Equal

If the people who provide your brand with higher revenue don’t receive a better CX in return, they'll go to a competitor that better recognizes their value.

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That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

With the fall of third-party cookies, innovators, creators and startups now have an opportunity to find creative solutions for the advertising world.

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Marketing Experts Share Their 2021 Trends

What do marketing experts see coming? Here’s what I’m hearing from my network.

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The Power of Digital Empathy for Making Customer Connections

No matter your business model, your customers have one overarching need: the desire to feel seen and heard.

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What Do the Google Antitrust Lawsuits Mean for Marketers?

Google faces another antitrust lawsuit. What are they about, and what will the impact of these lawsuits mean for marketers?

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CMS vs. DMS: Understanding the Key Differences

While document management systems and content management systems have some overlap there are key differences that you should know about.

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Drupal's Business Survey Drops, WordPress Launches State of the Word & More News

In this month's open source newsbyte, Drupal's annual survey rolls out, WordPress delivers its State of the Word, TYPO 3 releases a podcast and more.

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Delivering Value From IT Audit

Work, even in teams such as IT audit, should be designed to address the business risks and opportunities that matter to the success of the organization.

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Uncertainty Reigns About the Start of the Hybrid Work Era and More HR Tech News

Executives wonder when they can open offices, COVID pushes some salaries up and learning and diversity vendors continue growth. That and more HR tech news.

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Take Your Cloud Strategy Into the Future

Organizations that have not already developed a cloud strategy will have to do so this year in order to remain competitive. Here's why.

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When Personalized Enterprise Search Results Are Hidden in a Black Box

AI has a place in enterprise search. But businesses need to ensure appropriate levels of performance, transparency and evaluation come along with it.

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Experience Is the Method, Outcomes Are the Goal

Customer experience outcomes — not experiences — have become the new north star for progressive companies.

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10 Ways to Measure Chatbot Program Success

Chatbots may be all the rage, but you need some solid metrics around your programs to ensure success.

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How the Customer Experience Has Been Altered for Good

When it came to the customer experience, the norm for the insurance world used to be face-to-face interactions. That all ended in 2020.

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Watch for These Martech Challenges in 2021

Marketing executives share challenges they expect in the year ahead and tips on how best to prepare for the “end” of COVID.

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How Digital Workplace Governance Supports Agility

An interesting, and slightly counterintuitive approach to ensuring a digital workplace supports agility is to establish appropriate levels of governance.

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How the Shift To Remote Work Is Changing DevOps

In the competitive world of software development, if remote work isn't ingrained into the company culture, the end product will suffer.

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2021 Business Lesson: Don't Slack on Your Outage Backup Plan

Slack went down on the first business day of the year for hours, bringing the light the need to have a backup plan. Is your business ready?

Continue reading... | 12-Jan-2021 14:26

Refining Your Attention Amid a World of Distractions

Attention, like oil, is a finite commodity. This means we must be purposeful about how we direct it.

Continue reading... | 11-Jan-2021 18:10

Martech Leaders Share 2020 Trends That Will Impact 2021

Marketing technology companies had a unique perspective on the seismic shift that took place in 2020. Here's what they think we should expect in 2021.

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Embracing Sustainable Digital Design

In every design decision we make we must think about the earth experience. Does this decision contribute to or reduce global warming?

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What Is API Management (and Why Do I Need It)?

API management platforms help companies to centralize control of their APIs and ensure they meet required standards necessary to connect vital systems.

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Social Media Trends to Consider in Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

The "social" part of social media took on a whole new weight in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic restricted people to small groups and away from indoor venues.

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How SEO Can Boost Customer Experience

In SEO as in life, to get some, you have to give some. So forget about keyword stuffing and focus on providing a good user experience instead.

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3 Predictions for the CDP Market in 2021

The CDP category faces its toughest challenge yet in 2021: to prove whether it belongs.

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How CIOs Can Lead Change

CIOs need to keep their internal momentum going to be able to respond to the accelerating pace of change.

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Hootsuite Acquires Sparkcentral, Khoros Acquires Topbox and More CX News

Hootsuite acquired customer engagement platform, Sparkcentral to start the New Year with some big acquisition news, that and more in this week's newsbyte.

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Improving the Customer Experience: Should You Invest in a CDP or a CRM?

Many brands are revisiting their customer experience initiatives, and are looking into investing in either a CDP or CRM platform.

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The Skills Customer Engagement Practitioners Learned in 2020

The skills that were needed to execute your 2020 marketing plan were much different from those needed to make it successfully through the end of the year.

Continue reading... | 07-Jan-2021 19:03

What We Can Learn From Nearly 9,000 Yammer Communities

A recent study of Yammer communities dispelled several previously held theories of how employees responded to the pandemic and working from home.

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5 Digital Transformation Lessons to Take Into 2021

The digital workplace changed dramatically in 2020. Here are some lessons learned that enterprise leaders should take into 2021.

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How to Measure Your Customer Experience Maturity

A customer experience maturity assessment is a great way for organizations to identify areas for improvement and get a leg up from competitors.

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Workplace Newsbyte: News From Zoom, Microsoft, Rewatch, Slack and More

This week, is Zoom developing work apps to go? Microsoft says Teams will be the new workplace organizing layer, Rewatch counters Zoom fatigue and more news.

Continue reading... | 07-Jan-2021 15:01

The Digital Services Act, The Markets Act and More EU Regulations for Big Tech in 2021

The EU has submitted two new proposals to help control big tech companies' and force them to take on greater responsibility.

Continue reading... | 07-Jan-2021 14:26

What 2020 Analytic Trends Will Remain Trendy in 2021?

For analytics practitioners the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic means two things: stop following the measurement playbook, and adjust the playbook text.

Continue reading... | 06-Jan-2021 19:19

The Future of Work From Home: 5 Trends Shaping the 2021 Workplace

The reality is, the workplace will remain largely virtual in 2021, regardless of business leaders’ long-term plans.

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5 Things To Consider When Selecting a Video Content Management System

Is your video strategy chaotic? A video content management system can help. Join us as we explore the capabilities, features and selection process for a VCM.

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Let Customer Experience Drive Your Software Development

With the right mindset, your teams can develop software that delivers memorable customer experiences and creates long-term brand loyalty.

Continue reading... | 06-Jan-2021 17:02

5 Ways To Treat Your Loyal Customers as VIPs

Loyal customers really are VIPs, and are the most valuable customers a brand can have. Are you doing enough to keep them coming back?

Continue reading... | 06-Jan-2021 16:59

Whatever Happened to Your Company's Pre-Pandemic Plans?

Back when you were planning your organization’s strategy for 2020, chances are you didn’t factor in the impact of a worldwide pandemic.

Continue reading... | 06-Jan-2021 15:30

Down Periscope: Twitter Discontinues the Livestreaming App

Twitter announced it will shut down the video streaming app Periscope in March 2021.

Continue reading... | 05-Jan-2021 18:33

5 Myths About Digital Transformation

The impact of digital transformation is huge — which can make it seem like an insurmountable challenge.

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