Doubling Down on Customer Identity Management

Customer data platforms help businesses deliver on customer expectations by bridging internal data silos. Some points to consider when exploring CDP options.

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How to Coordinate Google Analytics Reporting Access

To make Google Analytics reporting less of a game, users should review access management on a regular basis.

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Forget Digital Transformation – Just Become Digital

Think of the difference between digital transformation and being digital like the difference between a diet and a life of active and sustained wellness.

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Microsoft Insists on Vaccinated Workplaces, Google, Miro Get Together & More News

Microsoft workers will need vaccinations to return to the workplace, Google and Miro aim to make collaboration easier, that and more from the week in news.

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Why Are More CIOs Focusing on Customer Experience?

Coming out of the pandemic, reports find chief information officers (CIO) more immersed in customer experience than in the past.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Rethinking Your Analytics Strategy

Avoiding these 10 gotchas can help establish the right workflow to conducting effective analysis, even in turbulent times.

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Go Big or Go Home: What Sports Can Teach Business About Technology

Sports are leading the way in the novel application of data and technology in so many ways. Here are some valuable lessons for other businesses.

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Why DesignOps Is Becoming Critical in the Enterprise

DesignOps is becoming increasingly important in digital workplaces even if it is often overlooked. Here's why.

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What Brand Marketers Can Learn From Personal Brands

It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive corporation or a lone individual, you always want to consider your brand.

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Is Your Digital Transformation Creating Digital Chaos?

We’ve heard a lot about digital transformation over the last 18 months, and with good reason. COVID-19 mandated brands transform digitally because consumers did.

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Digital Transformation Is an Ongoing Journey

Many enterprises have made the transformation from traditional to digital. What's next on the journey?

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7 Factors That Determine Email Deliverability

While deliverability can sometimes feel out of a business’s control, inbox placement is actually governed by seven factors.

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The Secret to Overcoming the Trials and Tribulations of Agile Transformation

Agile transformations get stuck due to three common issues. The good news is, one solution can usually solve for all three problems.

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Why Marketers Are Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

As brands look for more worldwide growth, localization of marketing campaigns as well as products is becoming more important to success.

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Study Guide: Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification

Adding a certification can enrich your knowledge and boost career potential. What you need to know to pass the Google Analytics IQ certification.

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Building Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Through Employee Insights

Your employees’ insights are key to building diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are four steps to help assess and hone your efforts.

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How Risk Management Can Build Credibility With Management

ERM wants a seat at the management table. What do risk practitioners need to do to make this happen? And should that really be their goal?

Continue reading... | 03-Aug-2021 20:51

Security and Information Professionals Share a Common Foe: Ransomware

Information professionals and security experts share a common goal: protect the information assets of an organization. So why don't they work together?

Continue reading... | 03-Aug-2021 19:53

How To Turn Online Customer Behavior Into Actionable Insights

If you’re not tracking customer behavior on your websites & apps, you’re missing crucial signals. Digital experience analytics generates those insights for you.

Continue reading... | 03-Aug-2021 17:17

How to Use GA4's Features to Unlock Marketing and Conversion Insights

GA4's AI-driven Insights platform can help you make sense of it all by automatically uncovering patterns and connections that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Continue reading... | 03-Aug-2021 16:27

The Job Roles That Will Lead Hybrid Work Strategies in the Workplace

With the changing workplace comes the need for new hybrid work strategies, but who will lead the charge organizationally? And what will they be charged with?

Continue reading... | 03-Aug-2021 15:46

Continuous Improvement: A Business Strategy Enabler

Companies that can successfully implement continuous development throughout their organization find dramatic strategic benefits.

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Making Sense of Your Google Lighthouse Results

Google's Page Experience update is here. Let Lighthouse light the way forward by performing an audit of your website while measuring its performance.

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Customer Experience Starts – and Stops – With Emotions

Making an emotional connection with customers can be difficult, but it’s worth it. Here's how to get started.

Continue reading... | 02-Aug-2021 18:10

Determine Where You Can Win: 4 Steps to Master Go-to-Market

Go-to-market isn't "marketing" — it's the process of achieving product-market fit.

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How the Industrial IoT Is Making the Workplace More Productive

The IIoT is becoming a key part of the digital workplace and many vectors are turning to it to make workers more productive. Here's how.

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5 Takeaways from the DX Summit 2021 Summer Edition

Simpler Media Group and CMSWire held its third Digital Experience Summit of 2021, as part of its DX Summit Series events. Here are some key takeaways.

Continue reading... | 30-Jul-2021 19:10

Shouldn't You Know If a Lifetime Customer Stayed Here Before?

The hotel has data about every time I’ve stayed at its properties for the last 16 years. So why doesn't the front desk agent know if I've stayed there before?

Continue reading... | 30-Jul-2021 18:59

Government Updates Focus for Customer Experience Improvements

After acknowledging the issue more than three years ago, the government is still struggling with its customer experience efforts.

Continue reading... | 30-Jul-2021 17:43

SharePoint On-Premises Goes Into Preview, Facebook Outlines ‘Metaverse’ & More News

This week in digital workplace news, SharePoint on-premises server goes into preview, Facebook outlines its vision for 'metaverse' and more.

Continue reading... | 30-Jul-2021 16:53

Qualtrics Acquires Clarabridge for $1.125 Billion in CXM Software Deal

Qualtrics has acquired Clarabridge in a big move for the customer experience software space.

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Wilson Raj: Why Holistic CX Measurement Is Your Key to Demonstrating Value

SAS's Wilson Raj discusses challenges marketers face when measuring customer experience efforts, and how to ensure metrics tie back to business outcomes.

Continue reading... | 29-Jul-2021 19:15

Contentful Raises $175 Million, Algolia Nets $150 Million and More CX News

This week in CX and marketing news, Contentful has raised $175 million, Algolia pocketed $150 million in funding and more news.

Continue reading... | 29-Jul-2021 18:33

New to Customer Experience? 3 Keys to Getting Started

CX programs are, by their nature, designed to be end-to-end and across all channels. This brings special challenges to brands new to CX.

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A Match Made in Heaven? How PR and SEO Are Mutually Beneficial Marketing Activities

PR can help with so many areas of your digital marketing strategy, not the least of which is SEO.

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Why Zoom Apps Won't Eliminate Zoom Fatigue

Zoom recently released Zoom Apps to make virtual work a lot easier. However, it is unlikely that it will help much with Zoom fatigue. Here's why.

Continue reading... | 29-Jul-2021 16:08

5 Ways to Enable an Effective and Durable Hybrid Workplace

Labor Day marks the launch of the hybrid workplace for many organizations. Here's how they can meet the unique challenges this model creates head-on.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 20:26

Kick-Start Analytics Efforts With Google Analytics GA4 Geographic Reports

Google's geographic report remains a solid starting point to explore location-based insights, and an easy entry point for a budding analytics team.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 19:52

How to Manage Introverts in the Digital Workplace

Remote work suits introverts' preference for asynchronous and solo work, but that doesn't mean managers should leave them alone.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 19:51

Thoma Bravo Acquires Medallia for $6.4 Billion

Thoma Bravo has acquired one of the customer experience management software's biggest companies, Medallia, for an estimated $6.4 billion.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 18:58

What Do Tattoos Tell You About Customer Behavior?

The best way to get someone to commit to something big is to first convince them to commit to something small.

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Innovate, Pivot or Stay the Course: How Customer Experience Responds to Disruption

Businesses typically respond to disruption in one of three ways: innovate to lead, pivot to leverage new opportunities, or stay the course.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 17:57

McDonald’s Ready to Beef up Its CX Efforts With Addition of New Team and Structure

This week, fast food giant McDonald’s announced restructuring and added a new team to the business that will take ownership of CX and personalization.

Continue reading... | 28-Jul-2021 17:13

Customer Experience Strategies to Annoy or Delight Your Customers

No company goes out of its way to produce miserable customer experiences. And yet, they happen.

Continue reading... | 27-Jul-2021 19:45

Adrian Nash and Nuno Pedro: Sustainability and Relevance in the Next Frontier of Commerce

SAP's Nuno Pedro and Adrian Nash discuss the ongoing changes in the commerce world and how companies need to adapt to keep up.

Continue reading... | 27-Jul-2021 19:01

How Data Governance Improves Customer Experience: 3 Examples

Optimal data governance has several potential impacts on maintaining and continually improving an organization's customer experience.

Continue reading... | 27-Jul-2021 18:37

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