Looking to Build Resilience? Rethink Your Approach to IT

Organizations compressed years of digital transformation into just a few weeks earlier this spring. And while it may be tempting to now slow down the pace of change, that would be inadvisable. Most companies have more work to do if they want to build resilience for the future.

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8 Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Remember when you could wander into a colleague’s office to ask a question? Or you could quickly gather the team for an urgent brainstorming session? COVID-19 put an end to that spur-of-the-moment engagement and replaced it with back-to-back video calls. In the beginning, Zoom was the hero of the pandemic.

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Designing a Digital Workplace for the Long-Haul

A large number of organizations have invested in developing and maintaining digital workplaces, but those investments are now being tested to see if they're right for the long-haul.

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Why Behavioral Data Is the New Focus Group

The focus group traces its origins back to the mid-1940s. Its death has been predicted many times, but inviting customers to participate in focus groups remains a common tactic to this day. Nevertheless, the value of the focus group remains questionable as multiple factors impact the integrity of the data.

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How Network Analytics Can Help Us Avoid Digital Fatigue

The working from home (WFH) mandate has inspired a love-hate relationship in many of us. What we lose in our daily commutes, we gain in digital fatigue. Too many ZOOM meetings, too much time online, too many demands are all common complaints. I previously wrote about digital overload,

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How 3 Brands Built Staying Power in the Face of Crisis

As organizations around the world continue to make their way through the post-pandemic environment, brands that have been able to adapt quickly are coming out ahead. Whether it’s responding to changing customer behavior, or implementing new ways of working, having the tools to support these efforts is critical.

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Why AI Is Gaining Enterprise Traction Despite Its Lack Of Maturity

Although for many organizations artificial intelligence may be a work in progress, its rapid spread across the enterprise has led Gartner to predict that by 2024, 75% of organizations will shift from piloting to operationalizing artificial intelligence (AI).

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5 Tips to Get More from Your Voice of Employee Program

One of the simplest ways to improve customer experience is to improve the experience of employees. Implementing a voice of employee, or VoE, program gives leaders insight into the lives of workers, all the way from onboarding to ongoing learning initiatives to carrying out their daily tasks.

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Persevering Through the Pandemic's Slack Tide

Between an incoming tide and outgoing tide there is the slack tide, a body of water that seems still but is actually changing direction.

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Up Your UX Proficiency in These Areas

Why is there such a disconnect between graduates of UX educational programs and the senior leaders and hiring managers who assess if a candidate's work is good enough? Educational programs most often act as cheerleaders, praising the student's work, telling them their portfolio looks good and that they’re likely to

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Beware the Lasting Impact of a Microsoft 365 Non-Decision

Organizations are moving to Microsoft 365, and rightly so. As a platform, it offers more than any other solution in the marketplace. It’s also seen as the natural next step for the upgrading of IT infrastructure, as part of a bigger picture that encompasses cloud, desktop operating systems and mobility.

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How to Turn Your Remote Marketing Team Into an Agile Marketing Team

Once the exception rather than the rule, marketing teams working on a completely remote basis are now not only ubiquitous, they’re looking more and more permanent.

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6 Social Media Best Practices for Brands

Today’s brands are investing heavily in social media marketing and advertising. In fact, eMarketer expects ad spending on social media platforms to increase 20.4% in 2020 to over $43 billion.

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Check In With Your Employees Without Adding Stress

How many videoconference calls have you had so far today? Last week? Are you over them? You can bet your colleagues are feeling the strain. Having a pandemic happening outside your door isn’t helping either.

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Is It Time to Revisit Your Digital Workplace Strategy?

There's no time like the present to take a hard look at your digital workplace strategy.

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What Do Businesses Need in an Ecommerce Platform Today?

Ecommerce platforms have seen a significant uptick in activity in recent months, even as non-essential retailers start to once again open their doors. Gartner found online sales for apparel, beauty products and department stores increased by nearly 10% while online grocery sales, previously accounting for 2% to 3% of sales,

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Acquia Launches DXP, WordPress 5.5 Underway and More Open Source CMS News

Acquia has released its new Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which combines the power of Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, bringing together content and data to improve the digital experiences that brands can deliver.

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Print Culture Is Holding Organizations Back

Many organizations have not really adapted to the web but rather have made the web adapt to them and their print processes, their print thinking and their print culture. The characteristics of a print culture are: You are creating a fixed, contained, physical thing.

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Why Your B2B Content Should Be Built for the Few

For many B2B brands, producing compelling content for a specific target audience is challenging. According to a study on thought leadership by Edelman, however, 88% of business decision-makers say thought leadership increased their respect and admiration for the organization.

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An Action Plan to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

A few months ago, we collectively dove headfirst into working from home. Fast forward a few months and so much has already changed.

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Microsoft 365 Unrolls Lists, Telegram Takes a Bite Out of Apple in EU, More News

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft has finally announced a release date for Lists, an information tracking app that it first mentioned this year at Build, the company's annual developer conference. According to a post by Microsoft 365 marketing manager Seth Patton, Lists begins roll out to Microsoft 365 business customers worldwide starting

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Customers Expect Convenience and Safety: Will Brands Deliver?

COVID-19 has amplified customer expectations for safety and convenience, according to a new report from Forrester Research. That finding should come as no surprise, but businesses are doing a mixed job on delivering. The report, The New, Unstable Normal: How COVID-19 Will Change Business And Technology Forever, said consumer

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Want to Improve Your Selling Performance? Focus on Outcomes

Outcome (noun): The way a thing turns out; a consequence Whether you know it or not, everything you buy or sell is motivated by an outcome. In your personal life, these outcomes may not always be explicit.

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SAP to Take Qualtrics Public, Adobe Updates Personalization, Commerce and More News

SAP is taking its $8 billion acquisition of customer experience and employee experience management provider Qualtrics public. SAP announced Sunday, July 26, its intent to take Qualtrics public through an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S.

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How Organizations Can Manage the Confusion After US Privacy Shield Fails

In a final look at the consequences of the decision by Europe to strike down the US Privacy Shield, it has become clear that many companies in the U.S.

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Architecting for the Liquid Workforce

The liquid workforce is a powerful reimagining of how organizations get work done. The concept breaks with decades of tradition where organizations came to rely on skilled people with tightly defined roles and skillsets.

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AI at Work Still a Work in Progress

The robots are coming. You just might not see them.  The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning at work continues to grow, with a majority of organizations expecting it to play a major role in how they manage the digital workplace.

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What Is a Chief Learning Officer?

Chief learning officers align learning strategy with business strategy, drive leadership development and corporate-wide change efforts and change the organizational learning and development (L&D) model. Or, at least that's the plan. CLOs chose those top three desires when researchers at Chief Learning Officer magazine asked CLOs their aspirational career goals in 2018  (paywall).

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The Psychology Behind Custom Product Purchases

Ecommerce firms are discovering the value of online product customization and the additional revenue potential it can generate. Over the last few years, product customization has burgeoned in the online space, as consumers look to buy a plethora of mass-customized goods from suits to handbags and shoes, from bicycles to personal computers. Deloitte found one in five consumers who expressed an interest in personalized products are willing to pay a 20% premium.   Today, many popular brands rest their entire business strategy on their ability to customize. The Nike By You website  (formerly known as NikeID), for example, offers customers the ability to customize their

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Great Design Drives the Digital Employee Experience

One lesson I learned early on is this: a well-designed interface is your secret weapon when it comes to intranet and digital workplace success. This still holds true today.

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What Should Be in a Good Martech Stack?

Analytics has been a part of the digital landscape for over a decade. Businesses now know that analytics trends are shifting to more holistic views of data and metrics.

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DAM Governance Practices for the Long Haul

Effective governance is one of the major factors determining the ultimate success or failure of a DAM initiative. Some less experienced DAM users find applying the principles to real world problems more demanding than they realized.

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Feeling Uncertain? Time for Experimentation

From school to work to socializing to shopping, life has moved online in 2020. With in-person interactions either greatly limited or out of the question, the customer experience and digital experience have merged. That means business leaders need to think about customer experience holistically.

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The US Has a Vacation Problem: Here's Why We Should Fix It

The United States is home to the only advanced economy which doesn't mandate employee vacation days. One could argue that this broad-spectrum lack of prioritization of employee vacation time contributes to a trickle-down, negative effect, resulting in Americans forfeiting a surprising number of vacation days.

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Why the Future of Life Sciences Is Digital and Direct-to-Consumer

The life sciences industry is getting a customer experience wake-up call. Even before the current health crisis, traditional ways of marketing and selling pharmaceutical and medical devices were changing. Physicians were less available to meet with salespeople and regulatory requirements created new hurdles.

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The Role of Augmented Data Management in the Workplace

If data sits at the heart of the digital workplace, then managing data and enabling organizations to get best insights out of the data they have is also key.

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Who Is on Your Digital Workplace Dream Team?

It didn’t take a world health pandemic to determine that a digital workplace strategy is important, but the pressure’s definitely on now, especially given the fact that companies are in no rush to head back to the office — the physical office, that is. 451 Research's Digital Pulse COVID-19 Flash Survey found that while 19%

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The Elements of a Robust Digital Workplace

Ask a number of experts to define the elements of a robust digital workplace and you'll receive a variety of answers. The reason is simple: there is no single master plan for what an ideal digital workplace looks like.

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Connect Digital Workplace Strategy to Employee Experience

Digital workplace strategy often focuses on technology and how it can be used to further the goals of the organization. But it's important not to ignore employee experience.

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Want to Build a Customer Community? Here's How to Get Started

Organizations often focus on getting new leads, because that’s where they think the money is. In reality, current customers are equally as important when it comes to growing revenue. In fact, statistics show that a 5% improvement in customer retention can increase profits anywhere between 25%-95%.

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How Much Do You Trust Your Marketing Partners?

We are in an era where large swatches of creative development (46%), programmatic media (46%) and other media buying services (45%) are contracted out. Look at your own marketing ecosystem.

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Innovation Can Be Taught. And Measured

As a culture, we’re in love with the idea of genius. We point to people like Steve Jobs and Edison and think: They must be born with it. That type of innovation can’t be taught. Maybe that’s true for a select handful of people.

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Facebook Challenges Anti-Trust Regulators, Google Faces Aussie Courts Over Privacy & More News

While many companies are still struggling to work out what their next step will be following the decision by EU regulators to strike down the U.S. Privacy Shield, Facebook, which was at the center of the case that led to the EU decision, is now challenging EU anti-trust regulators.

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Why Some Customer Experience Initiatives Fail at the Executive Level

Forrester predicted last year that one in four customer experience (CX) professionals who can’t prove their value to the business will lose their jobs this year.  That prediction was published in October 2019, so let’s take that for what it’s worth: the research and prediction scrapbook for anything before

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How Marketers Can Overcome the AI Trust Gap

By now, we've all read the headlines about AI rendering humans obsolete, as well as the inevitable rebuttals that robots will never replace human creativity.

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Enterprise Data Strategies in the Aftermath of the US Privacy Shield Defeat

The EU struck down the U.S. Privacy Shield  and as a result transferring data between the EU and the U.S. is likely to get a lot more difficult. Now what do you do? There is technology available to help reassure regulators that personal data is safe.

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