FCC Drops Closed-Door Net Neutrality Talks
In the wake of reported sideline talks between two rivals, the FCC says it lacks a "robust framework to preserve the openness and freedom of the Internet." | 13-May-2020 01:03

Microsoft Inks UC Deal With Polycom
Under a multi-year agreement unveiled Monday, Polycom will begin shipping integrated unified communications solutions built on Microsoft's Communications Server 14. | 13-May-2020 01:02

Aruba Taps Cloud to Secure Black Hat Wi-Fi
Networking vendor Aruba goes mesh to secure the Black Hat wireless network, pitting its cloud-based security service against a notoriously hostile crowd. | 13-May-2020 00:48

Enterprise Wi-Fi users at Risk?
Although Cisco downplays the danger, researchers at the Black Hat security conference discussed a potential security vulnerability in Cisco 1200-series wireless access points. | 13-May-2020 00:33

Intel Testing Photonics for 1 Tbps Data Speed
With copper wire nearing its physical limits for data transmission speeds, Intel's CTO announces the company's research push in photonics to drive 1 Tbps network speeds. | 13-May-2020 00:18

Riverbed Enters Virtual WAN Optimization Market
With announcement of virtual appliance versions of Riverbed's Steelhead WAN optimization hardware offerings, the company becomes the latest entrant into a crowding marketplace. | 13-May-2020 00:03

Juniper Sees Lift From Carriers, Enterprise IT
Networking firm Juniper appears to be enjoying the benefits of the economic recovery, topping analysts' expectations for its second-quarter earnings thanks to increased sales. | 12-May-2020 23:48

IBM's IPS Update Improves Security Features
With its latest Network Intrusion Prevention update, IBM is bringing added levels of "non-traditional IPS capabilities" into its platform. | 12-May-2020 23:33

Say What? The Week's Top Five IT Quotes
The technology world's most quotable quips and comments from around the Web. | 12-May-2020 23:18

Intrusion Prevention Evolves as Threats Grow
Major vendors like Cisco, IBM and HP TippingPoint are vying for a share of the expanding IPS market as enterprise IT's needs grow. | 12-May-2020 23:03

YouTube's Growth a Headache for IT Admins?
The popular video-sharing site adds new features to entice users into watching Web videos for longer. But what's the impact on network admins? | 12-May-2020 22:48

Zenoss Updates Open Source Enterprise Platform
Open source networking and management firm rolls out a refreshed suite of enterprise services, promising administrators greater visibility into cloud and virtualization environments. | 12-May-2020 22:33

Intel Says It's Still Committed to WiMAX
The chip giant says it's still behind WiMAX despite the dissolution of its internal WiMAX promotional group. | 12-May-2020 22:18

IBM Buys BigFix for Tivoli Endpoint Security
Move gives new network endpoint compliance and management capabilities to Big Blue. | 12-May-2020 22:03

Cisco's New Approach to Network Infrastructure
With FabricPath technology, Cisco looks to make network management easier. | 12-May-2020 21:48

Cisco Extends Smart Grid Push to Homes, Offices
The networking giant's new energy management solutions look to tap the growing interest in green technology and energy efficiency. | 12-May-2020 21:33

Mobile Broadband Gets White House Backing
The Obama administration announces strong support for a mobile broadband policy initiative. | 12-May-2020 21:18

ICANN OKs Chinese-Language, .XXX Domains
Internet naming authority continues work to expand domain names to non-Latin languages, puts controversial .xxx domain on the fast track for approval. | 12-May-2020 21:03

Say What? The Week's Top Five IT Quotes
The technology world's most quotable quips and comments from around the Web. | 12-May-2020 20:48

Cloud Services Boom Well Underway
IT research firm Gartner predicts worldwide cloud services revenue will top $63.3 billion this year alone. What's driving the growth? | 12-May-2020 20:33

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