John Kerry: UK climate summit is world's 'last best chance'
The new US climate envoy says time is running out for the world to address the climate crisis. | 28-Jan-2021 03:05

Biden signs 'existential' executive orders on climate and environment
Oil and gas extraction will be paused and wind energy will expand under Joe Biden's climate plan. | 27-Jan-2021 23:55

Legal threat over bee-harming pesticide use
The government faces legal action over its decision to allow the use of a pesticide that harms bees. | 27-Jan-2021 18:03

Extinction: 'Time is running out' to save sharks and rays
Scientists say sharks and rays are disappearing from the world's oceans at an "alarming" rate. | 27-Jan-2021 17:02

Climate change: Biggest global poll supports 'global emergency'
More than a million people in 50 countries take part in the biggest poll to date on climate change. | 27-Jan-2021 06:28

Keystone XL: Why I fought for - or against - the pipeline
President Biden has cancelled the permit for the controversial US-Canada project. | 27-Jan-2021 01:15

The child environmentalist receiving death threats in Colombia
Francisco Vera, 11, was threatened after calling for better access to education during the pandemic. | 27-Jan-2021 01:13

UK government backs birth control for grey squirrels
The government gives its support to a project to use oral contraceptives to control grey squirrels. | 26-Jan-2021 19:23

Kenyan Mansur Mohamed Surur charged in US over '$7m smuggling ring'
Elephant tusks and rhino horns "hidden inside African masks" were exported, US prosecutors say.
BBC News | 26-Jan-2021 13:18

Climate: Government postpones Environment Bill again
The Environment Bill has been postponed again because of a lack of time for scrutiny, the government says. | 26-Jan-2021 11:35

Covid-19: Five days that shaped the outbreak
Before Wuhan was locked down in January 2020 officials said the outbreak was under control - but the virus had spread inside and outside the city. | 26-Jan-2021 02:16

Scientists address myths over large-scale tree planting
Scientists propose 10 golden rules for restoring forests to maximise benefits for the planet. | 26-Jan-2021 01:16

Satellites beat balloons in race for flying internet
Google's Loon bows out - but thousands of satellites are taking to the skies to beam down the internet. | 25-Jan-2021 14:00

Baby tyrannosaurs dinosaurs were the 'size of a Border Collie'
Scans of fossilised dinosaur embryos reveal they were about 3ft long when they took their first steps. | 25-Jan-2021 13:19

Bank of England criticised for financing carbon-intensive firms
MPs criticise the Bank of England for providing financial help without attaching environmental strings. | 25-Jan-2021 10:19

Climate change: Six questions about the Cumbria coal controversy
Green groups are calling on the PM to cancel the project - but how was the decision reached? | 23-Jan-2021 02:13

New light shed on Charles Darwin's 'abominable mystery'
Historical documents are uncovered that provide clues to a puzzle that haunted Charles Darwin. | 23-Jan-2021 02:09

Climate change: Trump's Paris withdrawal was 'reckless' - John Kerry
US Special Envoy on climate John Kerry says President Trump's Paris pull-out endangered lives. | 21-Jan-2021 16:32

Elephants counted from space for conservation
Satellite imagery is being used to count elephants in a breakthrough that could aid conservation. | 21-Jan-2021 01:56

Climate change: Biden's first act sets tone for ambitious approach
Re-joining the Paris climate pact is a symbolic and practical first step for the Biden White House. | 20-Jan-2021 23:24

SLS: Nasa finds cause of 'megarocket' test shutdown
An issue with hydraulic systems led to the early shutdown of a test for Nasa's new "megarocket". | 20-Jan-2021 05:03

Natural wonder: Wing 'clap' solves mystery of butterfly flight
The cupped clap of a butterfly's wings may be the key to their flying abilities and their survival. | 20-Jan-2021 02:54

Coal mine go-ahead 'undermines climate summit'
The UK's push to secure a deal over fossil fuels is being undercut by a decision to allow a new coal mine, MPs warn. | 19-Jan-2021 14:48

Shetland space launch plans submitted
The proposals which have gone to the council and could support hundreds of jobs include three launch pads for rockets. | 18-Jan-2021 19:00

SLS: Nasa's 'megarocket' set to fire up engines in crucial test
The four main engines for Nasa's new "megarocket" are to be fired in unison for the first time. | 16-Jan-2021 11:16

Government defends Cumbria coal mine green light
Climate change: Cumbria coal mine "risks making Britain a laughing stock" | 14-Jan-2021 18:10

Climate change: 'Exceptionally hot' 2020 concludes warmest decade
The years between 2011 and 2020 were the hottest on record, and 2020 was among the warmest of all. | 14-Jan-2021 17:04

Electric eels work together to zap prey
The electric predators work in groups to herd and "zap" their prey in unison, scientists shocked to discover. | 14-Jan-2021 17:03

Honey detective work raises fears for bees
Pollinators risk running short of food as wildflowers disappear in a "green desert", experts warn. | 14-Jan-2021 13:38

Past Covid-19 infection may provide 'months of immunity'
But researchers warn there is still a risk of catching and passing the virus on to others again. | 14-Jan-2021 11:13

Indonesia: Archaeologists find world's oldest animal cave painting
The life-sized picture of a wild pig found in a remote cave is thought to be 45,000 years old. | 14-Jan-2021 08:33

Growing food: Call to give vegetable growers public cash
An alliance of food experts want more public funds to go towards Wales-grown produce. | 14-Jan-2021 07:48

Australia: Spectacular ‘tree of life’ found in lake
An amateur photographer’s aerial photos are gaining attention for this little known "natural wonder". | 14-Jan-2021 01:16

Clean air: Coal burning ban and wet wood restrictions planned
A new clean air law could see burning house coal banned in Wales, and stricter rules on using wood fires. | 13-Jan-2021 10:26

Florida manatee with 'Trump' etched on back prompts investigation
An investigation is launched after the marine mammal was found with the president's name on its body. | 12-Jan-2021 12:14

Climate change: US emissions in 2020 in biggest fall since WWII
US greenhouse gas emissions tumbled below their 1990 level last year, because of Covid-19 shutdowns. | 12-Jan-2021 12:12

Ocean pollutants 'have negative effect on male fertility'
Harbour porpoises exposed to PCBs had shrunken testicles, suggesting sperm and fertility effects. | 12-Jan-2021 01:44

Climate change: Africa's green energy transition 'unlikely' this decade
Hopes that Africa could "leapfrog" fossil fuels and move to renewables are not being realised. | 11-Jan-2021 17:03

£3bn UK climate finance to be spent on supporting nature
The PM says investment is needed to protect marine life, forests and sustainable food production. | 11-Jan-2021 16:58

UK allows emergency use of bee-harming pesticide
In 2018, the EU and UK imposed an almost-total ban because of the serious damage it could cause. | 11-Jan-2021 16:17

Terra Carta: Prince Charles asks companies to join 'Earth charter'
He wants businesses to do more to protect the planet as he marks 50 years of environmental campaigning. | 11-Jan-2021 03:40

Coronavirus: Virus provides leaps in scientific understanding
How a year of intense scientific effort unravelled the secrets of a virus that shut down the world. | 10-Jan-2021 01:11

How South African police are tackling pangolin smugglers
The pangolin is said to be the world's most trafficked mammal. The BBC filmed a rescue operation. | 10-Jan-2021 01:08

Nasa's Curiosity rover: 3,000 days on Mars
Three thousand days and counting: Nasa's Curiosity rover continues its extraordinary exploration of Mars. | 09-Jan-2021 04:05

COP26: Alok Sharma leaves business job to focus on climate role
Business Secretary Alok Sharma becomes full-time president of November's COP26 conference in Glasgow. | 08-Jan-2021 19:43

What is Elon Musk's Starship?
Elon Musk's company SpaceX is building a vehicle that could transform space travel. | 08-Jan-2021 15:51

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