Climate change: New report will highlight 'stark reality' of warming
The IPCC's short scientific summary due out on Monday will be strongest statement yet on climate change. | 07-Aug-2021 01:18

Mayflower 400 years: How many people are related to the Mayflower pilgrims?
For some, the17th century "pilgrim fathers" are also real-life ancestors. But for how many? | 07-Aug-2021 01:15

The activist entrepreneurs running zero-waste shops
Environmentally conscious entrepreneurs explain the movement towards zero-waste lifestyles. | 06-Aug-2021 23:24

What are the big aims for the UN climate summit?
The annual climate change summit is being held in Glasgow - who's going and what's at stake? | 05-Aug-2021 16:13

Scotland's colourful marine life
Scuba-diver Ross McLaren has taken thousands of photos of marine life in Scotland's rivers and sea-lochs. | 05-Aug-2021 01:46

Farming's chemicals mix killing more bees - study
Commercial formulas, which contain multiple chemicals, should require their own licences, researchers say. | 05-Aug-2021 01:06

Why whales in Alaska have been so happy
What will happen to Alaska's whales when tourism returns to waters stilled by Covid? | 05-Aug-2021 01:02

Thailand bans coral-damaging sunscreens in marine parks
Anyone flouting the rules could be fined due to the damage some lotions can cause to coral. | 04-Aug-2021 20:44

Floods: Research shows millions more at risk of flooding
Numbers of people exposed to flooding globally have risen by almost a quarter in two decades. | 04-Aug-2021 17:05

Keir Starmer attacks government record on green jobs
The Labour leader says there is a "chasm between soundbites and action" on climate-friendly employment. | 04-Aug-2021 16:48

Climate change: Wales set to build 20,000 low-carbon social homes
A Welsh minister is to set out plans to tackle a housing shortage and the problem of climate change. | 04-Aug-2021 12:51

Timber shortage due to 'unprecedented' post-lockdown demand
Prices are rising sharply as climate change and post-lockdown DIY and building projects hit supplies. | 04-Aug-2021 01:57

Finance firms plan to close coal plants in Asia
The Asian Development Bank aims to have the plan ready for the COP26 climate conference in November. | 03-Aug-2021 12:02

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft: A guide
Starliner is one of two vehicles designed to transport astronauts to and from the space station. | 03-Aug-2021 11:20

COP26 'should be hybrid event' says former climate chief Figueres
The main architect of Paris Agreement says the summit will need to be a mix of virtual and in-person meetings. | 03-Aug-2021 07:09

Finding answers to the world's drinking water crisis
Scientists are racing to come up with technologies that can solve the world's clean water shortage. | 02-Aug-2021 01:15

Then and now: The burning issue of wildfires
Scientists are increasingly concerned climate change is making fires more frequent and more intense. | 02-Aug-2021 01:15

Iran water: What's causing the shortages?
Iranian officials have warned of historic drought while experts blame years of poor water management. | 02-Aug-2021 01:03

UK military opens first space command centre
The new operations centre will help the UK maintain a "battle-winning advantage", ministers say. | 30-Jul-2021 17:06

Russian module mishap destabilises International Space Station
The ISS was pushed out of position after engines on a new Russian module unexpectedly fired up. | 30-Jul-2021 06:06

The fungus and bacteria tackling plastic waste
Bacteria, fungus and enzymes can all digest plastic, but can they work at a useful commercial scale? | 30-Jul-2021 01:04

Delayed Russian Nauka module joins space station
It was scheduled to launch in 2007, but the 13m-long, 20-tonne laboratory is finally in position. | 29-Jul-2021 16:56

UK already undergoing disruptive climate change
Last year was the third warmest, fifth wettest and eighth sunniest on record in the UK, scientists warn. | 29-Jul-2021 09:13

'Most powerful' tidal turbine starts generating electricity off Orkney
The Orbital O2, which is anchored off Orkney, has the capacity to meet the annual power demand of 2,000 homes. | 28-Jul-2021 08:44

Electric car charging prices 'must be fair' say MPs
Consumers should not have to pay excessive prices to use public car charging, MPs say. | 28-Jul-2021 02:23

Is there a future for Africa's lions?
As lion populations decline across much of Africa, could community-led conservation help reverse this trend? | 27-Jul-2021 01:00

Bezos' $2bn offer to get back in race to the Moon
The billionaire offers to pay $2bn in Nasa costs to be reconsidered for a key Moon lander contract. | 26-Jul-2021 22:31

COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough
The first in-person climate meeting in 18 months sees tentative progress, but not enough. | 26-Jul-2021 20:29

Extreme weather: What causes flash flooding?
Cities across the world are at risk of extreme rainfall overwhelming their streets | 26-Jul-2021 18:24

Canterbury Cathedral stained glass is among world's oldest
New research indicates that stained glass windows from Canterbury Cathedral may be among the oldest in the world. | 26-Jul-2021 15:06

Climate change: Researchers begin discussions on vital report
A two-week virtual negotiation begins on the most critical climate change report since 2013. | 26-Jul-2021 01:16

The new surgical tool inspired by a wasp
The device avoids clogging by using friction instead of suction, similar to the way a parasitoid wasp lays its eggs. | 26-Jul-2021 01:06

Climate change: Israel to cut 85% of emissions by mid-century
PM Naftali Bennett says the decision will help the country gradually shift to a low-carbon economy. | 25-Jul-2021 21:17

Meteor wows Norway after blazing through night sky
The meteor is believed to have landed in a forest after flashes of light were seen across Norway. | 25-Jul-2021 16:42

Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson not yet astronauts, US says
The US government has tightened rules on which space-goers can claim their astronaut wings. | 23-Jul-2021 23:04

Road planners able to ignore climate change, campaigners claim
Government guidelines mean road planners can effectively ignore climate change, campaigners say. | 23-Jul-2021 01:47

AI advance could transform battle against disease
A program has been used to predict the structures of nearly every protein in the human body. | 22-Jul-2021 17:24

Bitcoin climbs as Elon Musk says Tesla 'likely' to accept it again
The firm had said in May it would no longer accept the cryptocurrency over environmental concerns. | 22-Jul-2021 04:38

Russia sends long-delayed module to space station
The 13m-long, 20-tonne Nauka laboratory is finally going into orbit after a delay of 14 years. | 21-Jul-2021 17:55

'Jurassic Pompeii' yields thousands of 'squiggly wiggly' fossils
Scientists are excavating one of the most important Jurassic sites ever discovered in the UK. | 21-Jul-2021 07:12

Climate change: US pushes China to make faster carbon cuts
US climate envoy John Kerry says help from China is needed to avoid a dangerous rise in heat. | 20-Jul-2021 17:28

First space tourist Dennis Tito: 'I was euphoric'
Dennis Tito paid $20 million to travel to the International Space Station in 2001. | 20-Jul-2021 01:02

Oregon Bootleg Fire: Evacuations as largest US fire burns 300,000 acres
The Bootleg Fire has burned an area larger than New York City and forced thousands to evacuate. | 19-Jul-2021 20:52

Met Office issues first UK extreme heat warning
It covers south-west England and large parts of Wales as the UK experiences a prolonged hot spell. | 19-Jul-2021 18:53

Jeff Bezos to blast into space aboard New Shepard rocket ship
Billionaire Jeff Bezos will launch into space in the first crewed flight of his rocket ship. | 19-Jul-2021 17:48

Hubble space telescope's function is restored
Engineers restore the Hubble Space Telescope to full operations, after a computer glitch in June. | 19-Jul-2021 10:21

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