UK diners snap up state-subsidised quinoa and steak
On a summer's evening, the streets of central London echoed to what has become a rare sound during the coronavirus pandemic: the chatter and laughter of diners seated at terrace tables. | 05-Aug-2020 01:02

Pizza restaurant launches Spain's first virtual waiter app
A restaurant on Spain's northeastern Mediterranean coast is pioneering a dining experience that allows customers to avoid most face-to-face contact with staff and minimize the risk of coronavirus contagion. | 05-Aug-2020 00:47

France-born man in Mexico dies in bid to save his dog's life
The devotion of dogs to people has been remarked upon for centuries. In Mexico, one man’s love for his dog cost him his life. | 27-Jul-2020 13:04

'Whitening' creams undergo a makeover but colorism persists
The world's biggest cosmetics companies have been selling a fairy tale that often goes something like this: If your husband's lost interest in you, if your colleagues dismiss you at work, if your talents are ignored, whiten your skin to turn your love life around, boost your career and command center stage. | 27-Jul-2020 12:49

Women reflect on sexist slur that often goes unpunished
Ask a woman if she’s been called the B-word by a man - perhaps modified by the F-adjective - and chances are she’ll say, "You mean ever, or how many times?" | 27-Jul-2020 01:00

Forty years ago, the Shah of Iran died in exile
On July 27, 1980, the former Shah of Iran died of cancer while in exile in Cairo, 17 months after being driven out by his country's Islamic Revolution. | 26-Jul-2020 01:05

Lebanon’s Digital Leap into a Smoke-Free Future
What started as a shop on London’s Bond Street in 1847 selling cigarettes and tobacco has paved its way into becoming the leading international tobacco company it is now. | 24-Jul-2020 13:00

On yer bike: cycling industry out-pedalled by demand
Bikes are booming across the globe as people seek to avoid crowded buses and trains for their daily commutes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic -- or get back into shape after long months of lockdown. | 23-Jul-2020 13:02

Private proms during pandemic: 'Footloose' or loose cannons?
Bedford High School canceled its senior prom, and a persistent pandemic means prospects for dances to be held this fall are slim to none. | 22-Jul-2020 01:02

No kissing and disinfect the microphone: Japan nightlife sets its virus rules
Campaigners for Japan's nightlife workers say they need realistic guidelines for how to stay safe and remain in business amid the novel coronavirus, which has seen the government zero in on host and hostess bars as centers of contagion. | 20-Jul-2020 13:01

Masks for kids? Schools confront the politics of reopening
On one side are parents saying, let kids be kids. | 15-Jul-2020 13:00

In Egypt, volunteers make meals with love for virus patients
Fatma Youssef stuffs rice, chicken or meat and vegetables into boxes spread on her dining table -- tens of them in the last few weeks. | 15-Jul-2020 01:03

Nothing gives champagne its fizz like a humble radish
Forget Beluga caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon or ortolan, the tiny bird that French gourmets put a napkin over their heads to eat so they can savor every last second of their unique aroma. | 15-Jul-2020 00:48

Video won't kill the catwalk say critics of first digital fashion week
Video may have killed the radio star, but on the reaction to the first ever digital Paris fashion week, the queens of the catwalk can breathe easy. | 13-Jul-2020 13:02

Migrant-cat survives voyage, heads to quarantine in Italy
A six-month old cat named "Pupi" who survived a trip with his Tunisian owner across the Mediterranean before landing at Lampedusa is in good health and will be cared for, the island's mayor said Wednesday. | 09-Jul-2020 01:01

Young Gaza amputees play soccer again
Young Palestinian soccer players, all amputees and many on crutches, were back on the field in Gaza on Tuesday for the first time since coronavirus restrictions were eased in the territory. | 08-Jul-2020 01:03

Uber launches grocery delivery in Canada, Latin America
Uber unveiled plans Tuesday to launch grocery delivery through its recently acquired subsidiary Cornershop. The new service will roll out in cities in Canada and Latin America this week, and in the United States later this month. | 08-Jul-2020 00:48

Dior strikes gold as Paris fashion makes mixed virtual debut
The first ever digital Paris fashion week started Monday to mixed reviews from fashionistas. | 07-Jul-2020 01:00

Who you gonna call? Germbusters! Pandemic drives boom in spray machines
Timothy Kane, CEO of Goodway Technologies Corp, has never been so popular. Making machines that spray disinfectant, once a niche business, is now an essential service - and the phone is ringing off the hook. | 06-Jul-2020 13:02

Resuming classes: the mental and physical calculation
School districts across America are in the midst of making wrenching decisions over how to resume classes in settings radically altered by the coronavirus pandemic, with school buses running below capacity, virtual learning, outdoor classrooms and quarantine protocols for infected children the new norm. | 06-Jul-2020 01:03

English pubs are reopening - they won't be the same
Asking people in English pubs to keep their distance is going to be tough after they’ve had a few of their favorite tipples. | 04-Jul-2020 01:02

Visa lottery winners feel cheated by Trump's visa ban
Noha, an Egyptian engineer, should feel lucky after winning a visa lottery that randomly selects people from a pool of more than 14 million applications for about 55,000 green cards that would let them live permanently in the United States. ut the hopes she and her husband had of moving with their two children to New York vanished last week when President Donald Trump extended a ban on many green cards issued outside the United States to the end of the year, including the lottery's "diversity vi | 03-Jul-2020 13:02

Turkey's wedding halls reopen with lace-trimmed masks and muted celebrations
Bride-to-be Merve Kacar adjusted her gown, placed a crown on her head and added the finishing touch of a lace-trimmed white face mask as she prepared for her wedding in southeast Turkey after a three-month delay. | 03-Jul-2020 01:00

Ban gives tobacco illegal drug status in South Africa
The message was dropped into a WhatsApp group used by suburban moms in South Africa. | 02-Jul-2020 13:03

Museum or mosque? Turkey debates iconic Hagia Sofia's status
In its more than 1,400-year existence, the majestic domed structure of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul has served as the Byzantine Empire’s main cathedral, a mosque under the Ottoman Empire and a museum under modern Turkey, attracting millions of tourists each year. | 02-Jul-2020 01:02

A vanishing way of life in Danube Delta's natural paradise
As the "last rower" left in one of the villages dotting Romania's Danube Delta, Iosif Acsente is all too aware of how the traditions and vistas of the region are slowly disappearing -- an issue brought into sharper relief by the coronavirus pandemic. | 30-Jun-2020 13:04

The men who bake up a 'blessing' in Tehran
They bake what Iranians call "the barakat (blessing) of the table", and it is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- traditional breads are a staple of the Iranian diet. | 28-Jun-2020 13:03

LGBT+ Pride marches return to radical roots to support Black Lives Matter
Pride is set to return to its radical protest roots this weekend with a small number of pared-down parades supporting Black Lives Matter and an LGBT+ community hit hard by global coronavirus lockdowns that have forced hundreds of marches to be cancelled. | 27-Jun-2020 01:00

Tattoo artist sees bump in desire to erase hateful skin art
A Vermont tattoo artist who has long offered free removal or covering of hateful skin art like swastikas, SS lightning bolts or the words "white power" says he’s seen an uptick in business recently following George Floyd's death. | 26-Jun-2020 01:00

Yemen weddings air on live TV to avoid virus shutdown
The Yemeni grooms sit expectantly inside a TV studio, waiting for their wedding parties to be broadcast live so that families and friends can join in the celebrations despite a coronavirus lockdown. | 24-Jun-2020 13:03

Egypt bodybuilders feel pain but no gain in virus lockdown
Egypt's musclemen are frustrated with working out from home due to coronavirus restrictions and are raring to get back to grueling routines at their gyms, where they also earn a living. | 24-Jun-2020 12:48

Man wronged in past by police saves officer from burning car
There was a boom, then the house shook. | 24-Jun-2020 01:03

A lonely and dangerous lockdown for LGBTQ Indians
In conservative India, many in the LGBTQ community hide their real selves. But being stuck inside with their families for months in the coronavirus lockdown has made this hard to keep up -- with sometimes dire consequences. | 22-Jun-2020 13:02

Hit hard by virus, fine dining finds new ways to serve
San Francisco chef Dominique Crenn was huddled with staff one day in mid-March when she learned that coronavirus restrictions would close the dining room at her celebrated restaurant, Atelier Crenn. | 22-Jun-2020 01:02

France shakes off its virus blues as cinemas, casinos set to open
France will begin to shake off its coronavirus blues Sunday with cinemas opening on the stroke of midnight and thousands of people taking to the streets for its midsummer music festival. | 21-Jun-2020 01:01

Palestinian woman draws surfers to her fishing village
Standing barefoot on an Israeli beach, Hamama Jarban blew her whistle and watched her students race towards the water clutching their colorful surfboards. | 19-Jun-2020 13:02

This Father's Day, dads have new respect for duties at home
Rahul Gandhi's twin girls were born dangerously premature, with a slim chance they would have normal lives after barely surviving birth eight years ago. | 19-Jun-2020 01:01

Famous feline of 'A Street Cat Named Bob' dies at 14-ish
Bob, a cat whose relationship with the recovering heroin addict who adopted him inspired the book and film "A Street Cat Named Bob," has died. | 18-Jun-2020 01:02

For black people in France, George Floyd protests are personal
A tear rolled down Mathilla Diagana's cheek as she sat in her student dormitory room in the northern French city of Rouen and watched an online video of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd. | 16-Jun-2020 01:02

Pandemic leads to a bicycle boom, and shortage, around world
Fitness junkies locked out of gyms, commuters fearful of public transit, and families going stir crazy inside their homes during the coronavirus pandemic have created a boom in bicycle sales unseen in decades. | 15-Jun-2020 13:02

Pandemic leads to a bicycle boom, and shortage, around world
Fitness junkies locked out of gyms, commuters fearful of public transit, and families going stir crazy inside their homes during the coronavirus pandemic have created a boom in bicycle sales unseen in decades. | 15-Jun-2020 01:01

Young US men having a lot less sex in the 21st century, study shows
Sexual activity among young American men has declined sharply since 2000, with nearly a third reporting no sex with a partner in the prior year, according to a survey study published on Friday that suggests social media and electronic gaming might be filling the void. | 13-Jun-2020 01:03

Foam alone! Turkish baths reopen, but please keep your distance
In a Turkish bath in Istanbul's historic Sultanahmet district, attendants wait for their next customers wearing only towels around their waists - and masks and plastic visors on their faces. | 13-Jun-2020 00:48

Virus-hit London Fashion Week opens without catwalks
London Fashion Week opened Friday but without catwalk shows due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is leading to a rethink of the seasonal event and reinventing the whole industry. | 13-Jun-2020 00:33

Pulling down statues of racists? Africa's done it for years
Queen Victoria, Cecil Rhodes, King Leopold. Statues honoring these leaders of colonial rule have been pulled down over the years in Africa after countries won independence or newer generations said racist relics had to go. | 13-Jun-2020 00:18

Egypt's female TikTok influencers in the state's crosshairs
Young Egyptian women with thousands of followers each on the popular TikTok app have become the latest target of state authorities who accuse them of spreading "immorality" in society. | 12-Jun-2020 01:01

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