150 thousand families monthly receive money transfers from abroad in cash and USD through OMT
150 thousand families monthly receive money transfers from abroad in cash and USD through OMT | 16-Jan-2021 13:00

US pigeon becomes feathered fugitive after straying 9,000 miles
An American pigeon believed to have strayed 9,000 miles (14,480 kilometres) from home had Australian authorities in a flap Thursday after it turned up in a Melbourne backyard having evaded strict quarantine rules. | 14-Jan-2021 13:00

Smoke free tobacco products offer a better alternative to cigarettes
BEIRUT: With the often chaotic experience living in Lebanon provides, it’s no wonder a large number of the population have turned to smoking at one point or another. | 12-Jan-2021 13:03

No crying in Sistine Chapel as baptisms cancelled amid COVID
here will be no crying in the chapel this year. | 06-Jan-2021 01:04

Lockdowns, curfews, alcohol bans as nations fight resurgent virus
Countries across the world tightened restrictions on their populations Saturday to fight a resurgence in the coronavirus, as the European Union offered to help drug companies expand vaccine production to improve distribution "bottlenecks". | 04-Jan-2021 01:02

World ushers in New Year in shadow of pandemic
Confetti fluttered on to frontline workers scattered across Times Square after fireworks burst above eerily quiet landmarks from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Copacabana beach, as the world ushered in the New Year with muted celebrations and said good riddance to a pandemic-ridden 2020. | 01-Jan-2021 13:04

World to mark locked-down New Year's Eve
The world readied to usher in the New Year Thursday, with pandemic controls muting celebrations for billions of people eager to bid virus-ridden 2020 farewell. | 31-Dec-2020 13:03

Foreigners shake up Egypt's belly dancing scene
At a Cairo wedding hall, Russian belly dancer Anastasia Biserova shimmied to the dance floor in a bright, high-slit skirt and an elaborately sequined bra top. | 30-Dec-2020 13:01

Iranian women's group empowers amid pandemic by making masks
As the coronavirus pandemic ravages Iran, home to the Mideast’s worst outbreak, a women’s group hopes to empower its members by helping them make and sell face masks. | 30-Dec-2020 01:02

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies aged 98: family
French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, hailed for his visionary creations but also for bringing stylish clothes to the masses, died Tuesday aged 98, his family told AFP. | 29-Dec-2020 13:00

Global virus rules for Christmas: Tough, mild or none at all
In Peru, you can’t drive your car on Christmas. In Lebanon, you can go to a nightclub, but you can’t dance. | 24-Dec-2020 01:02

A season of fear, not cheer, as virus changes Christmas
Montserrat Parello lost her husband eight years ago, and Christmas gatherings with children and grandchildren had helped her deal with her loneliness. | 23-Dec-2020 13:00

Egypt fights sexual harassment on the train with commuter campaign
Sexual harassment is so common on Egypt's railways that many women avoid travelling by train, but a new initiative aims to make female passengers feel safer and embolden victims of abuse to report it. | 15-Dec-2020 01:03

'Under the rug:' Sexual misconduct shakes FBI's senior ranks
An assistant FBI director retired after he was accused of drunkenly groping a female subordinate in a stairwell. | 10-Dec-2020 13:04

Build Lebanon Forward
Build Lebanon Forward | 10-Dec-2020 12:49

Young Egyptian finds fortune in scorpions
Several years ago, a young Egyptian man abandoned his degree in archaeology to hunt scorpions in the country's deserts and shores, extracting their venom for medicinal use. | 08-Dec-2020 01:02

Mum in Sweden arrested for locking son up for decades
A mother in Sweden has been arrested on suspicion of locking her son inside their apartment for 28 years, leaving him undernourished and with almost no teeth, police and media reports said Tuesday. | 01-Dec-2020 13:04

Hijab-wearing Somali-US model takes step back from industry
Somali-American model Halima Aden has announced that she is taking a step back from the fashion industry, saying the pandemic slowdown has allowed her to see instances when her desire to maintain a hijab was not properly respected. | 27-Nov-2020 01:03

'I want to break free': Underground Paris party defies lockdown
On a darkened residential street in Paris, a gate left partly open signals the entrance to an abandoned train tunnel -- and an illegal rave party for 300 people looking for an escape from France's Covid-19 lockdown. | 23-Nov-2020 13:02

Football stars' wives clash in "WAGatha Christie" court case in London
A courtroom battle between the wives of former England football stars Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy kicked off in London on Thursday, an escalation in a tale of betrayal and amateur detective work that has titillated the British public. | 20-Nov-2020 01:01

Meet Gaza's first woman taxi driver
Palestinian mother-of-five Nayla Abu Jubbah launched a small revolution this week by becoming the first female taxi driver in the deeply conservative Gaza Strip. | 18-Nov-2020 13:03

Here comes Santa Claus, with face masks and plexiglass
Santa Claus is coming to the mall - just don’t try to sit on his lap. | 16-Nov-2020 13:03

US forecaster sees 95% chance of La Ni?a through March in Northern Hemisphere
There is a 95% chance of La Ni?a conditions continuing through the Northern Hemisphere winter from January to March, a U.S. government weather forecaster said on Thursday. | 13-Nov-2020 01:02

Pink diamond fetches $26.6 mln at Sotheby's Geneva sale
An extremely rare, purple-pink diamond mined in Russia, which Sotheby's described as "a true wonder of nature", sold for 24.4 million Swiss francs ($26.6 million) on Wednesday, the auction house said. | 12-Nov-2020 13:00

Lebanon's Indoors Finally Smoke Free?
Just a few years back, it was almost impossible to sit at your favorite indoor spot around Beirut - or anywhere else across Lebanon - without being appalled by the smell of cigarettes. | 09-Nov-2020 13:04

Anger at second virus closing time for English pubs
English pubs call last orders at the bar for a month on Wednesday evening, as the country effectively shuts down for the second time this year to try to cut coronavirus cases. | 04-Nov-2020 13:01

Syrian village trains racing dogs despite war and pandemic
On his motorbike, Mohammed Derbas speeds across a field in northeast Syria, slender Saluki dogs galloping behind. | 04-Nov-2020 01:00

Exorcism: Increasingly frequent, including after US protests
In popular culture, exorcism often serves as a plot device in chilling films about demonic possession. | 01-Nov-2020 01:04

Cities reboot: Will adapting to COVID-19 change urban life for good?
Downtowns are deserted and happy hour is history as a second coronavirus wave hits cities from London to Kuala Lumpur, leaving futurologists predicting which changes to urban living are here to stay in a post-viral world. | 29-Oct-2020 13:04

Kabul evicts street vendors in 'discipline' drive
Kabul is evicting thousands of roadside vendors, destroying pushcarts and removing hoardings as part of an ambitious drive to instill "urban discipline" in the chaotic Afghan capital. | 23-Oct-2020 01:01

Saudis shun 'made in Turkey' as rivalry deepens
From pickled vine leaves to coffee and cheese, Saudi supermarkets are taking Turkish products off the shelves after calls for a boycott, as rivalry between Riyadh and Ankara heats up. | 22-Oct-2020 13:00

Spurred by COVID-19, African schools innovate to close learning gap
In rural Sierra Leone, teenagers tuned into solar-powered radios for their lessons, while Kenyan students texted a code to receive free learning guides on their phones. | 21-Oct-2020 13:04

French virus curfew produces eerie quiet on streets of Paris
The streets of Paris and eight other French cities were deserted on Saturday night on the first day of the government-imposed 9 p.m. curfew that is scheduled to last for at least four weeks. | 19-Oct-2020 01:03

For Iraq's persecuted Yazidis, return plan is fraught with risk
The Yazidis of northern Iraq, an ancient religious minority brutally persecuted by Daesh (ISIS), want nothing more than peace, security and a better life in their home town of Sinjar - but they want it on their terms. | 17-Oct-2020 01:00

How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first
Urban planners and local authorities must improve walkability in cities to tackle poor health and social inequality, researchers said Thursday, after the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to walk easily and safely. | 15-Oct-2020 13:01

Spearfishing in Gaza, a living improvised under the sea
Armed with a snorkel mask and a home-made gun shaped like a trident, and dressed in a green sweatshirt and jogging pants, Ashraf Al-Amoudi goes hunting every day in the coastal waters of Gaza. | 13-Oct-2020 13:01

Swiping right: Slim pickings for Pakistan's online daters
After endlessly swiping through pictureless profiles on dating apps, Muhammad Ali Shah still hasn't found the one -- or really anyone -- to get serious with in Pakistan. | 12-Oct-2020 13:03

In changing Saudi Arabia, first dog cafe delights pet lovers
Dog owners in Saudi Arabia can now enjoy a cup of coffee alongside their beloved pets at a new cafe -- a first for the ultra-conservative kingdom. | 29-Sep-2020 13:02

Armani, Ferragamo premiere short films at Milan Fashion Week
To show or not to show: Each Milan fashion house had to make a difficult decision how to reach the fashion public this season under the safety constraints imposed by the coronavirus. | 27-Sep-2020 13:03

International Tobacco Harm Reduction & the effectiveness of smokeless alternatives
The International Tobacco Harm Reduction Conference in Bulgaria discusses scientific evidence on the effectiveness of smokeless alternatives | 25-Sep-2020 13:03

End of the runway? Fashion world mulls post-COVID future
It’s the September fashion week season, and in any other year London would be abuzz with fashionistas zipping across town in Mercedes Benzes, hobnobbing with celebrities at glittering catwalk shows before sipping champagne at late-night parties. | 19-Sep-2020 01:03

Beirut Explosion: Healing the Wounds
Beirut Explosion: Healing the Wounds | 18-Sep-2020 13:00

A shark and mermaid love affair: surreal Burberry show kicks off London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week kicked off Thursday in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic with Britain's Burberry putting on a live virtual display of its latest collection which broke with the traditional catwalk show. | 18-Sep-2020 01:03

UNDP Supplement FOR SEPTEMBER | 17-Sep-2020 13:01

'I do...?' China offers pre-marriage counselling to slow divorce rate
China is offering state-sponsored marriage counselling to couples before they tie the knot in an attempt to slow rising divorce rates. | 12-Sep-2020 01:01

'Nothing to regret' over Mohammed cartoons: Charlie Hebdo chief
The current director of France's Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly, the target of a massacre by terrorist gunmen in January 2015, said Wednesday the magazine had "nothing to regret" for publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that angered Muslims around the world. | 12-Sep-2020 00:46

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