'We'll scream our pain': Gaza's first rock band, Osprey V, takes wing
An accountant, two lawyers, an agronomist and a Swiss humanitarian worker have formed Gaza's first rock band, giving voice in English to the pain of war in the Palestinian territory. | 06-Aug-2021 01:02

From farm to face, Gaza women create cosmetics from local herbs
For years, Palestinian farmers have exported herbs to Europe where they have been turned into high-end cosmetics and beauty products. | 30-Jul-2021 01:02

'Loving being 60': Texas pageant contestants show age is just a number
Piano teacher and grandmother of seven Kimberly Ghedi used to think 60 was a death sentence. | 29-Jul-2021 13:05

Unconscious Bias: Uncovering our hidden tendencies
In the workplace, it is one thing to deal with bias that is obvious and out in the open. | 24-Jul-2021 13:05

The coffee shop that tells the tale of Lebanon's downturn
The events of the last tumultuous 20 months in Lebanon can be told through the birth, growth, and end of one coffee shop in Mar Mikhael whose lifespan became a manifestation of the devastating impact of a collapsing state. | 17-Jul-2021 01:00

Employers can ban headscarves in some cases: EU court
Employers can in principle ban staff from wearing headscarves in the workplace, an EU court ruled Thursday in two cases brought by Muslim women working in Germany. | 15-Jul-2021 13:02

Lebanon gas station worker breaks gender barrier
Working long hours filling up gas, Amani Muneimneh challenges gender stereotypes beneath a scorching sun and facing long fuel queues. | 09-Jul-2021 01:02

11 convicted for harassing French teen over anti-Islam videos
A French court handed down suspended prison sentences of between four to six months to 11 people on Wednesday who were found guilty of harassing a teen online over her anti-Islam videos on social media. | 07-Jul-2021 13:05

As meat prices soar in Lebanon, veganism fills the gap for some
While healthier lifestyles and greater awareness of climate issues have encouraged a rise in veganism around the world, some Lebanese are taking it up out of necessity. | 07-Jul-2021 01:02

Flower market brightens up Beirut
Vivid dried flowers were sold by many stalls and succulents seemed a popular choice, both of which take less active care for those lacking a green thumb and are likely to last longer than fresh flowers. An arrangement of dried flowers will last a year or longe | 06-Jul-2021 01:03

Youth of the pandemic revisited: Hopeful, resilient, nervous
A young woman in California, newly vaccinated, flashes a smile and a peace sign as she poses for a prom photo with her pals. | 30-Jun-2021 13:06

Ice baths for the mind and body break heat of UAE desert
As the morning sun bakes the orange dunes of the UAE desert, a man lowers himself into a tinkling tub of ice. | 27-Jun-2021 13:02

Heated tobacco: a less harmful alternative to smoking
Heated tobacco: a less harmful alternative to smoking | 22-Jun-2021 13:02

As Lebanon battles crisis, Batroun thrives on local tourism
While businesses across Lebanon are fighting to survive a monumental economic meltdown, the coastal city of Batroun is thriving as a tourist destination for Lebanese whose summer plans have been scuppered by the crisis and the pandemic. | 22-Jun-2021 00:04

Photo shows Dubai princess, focus of UN concern, in Spain
A Dubai princess who has been the subject of concern from a United Nations panel after being seized trying to flee the sheikhdom in 2018 appeared in a social media post early Monday that described her as being in Spain on a "European holiday. | 21-Jun-2021 13:01

Egypt souvenir market pins hopes on tourism resurgence
Pyramids, Tutankhamun masks, Nefertiti busts -- Egypt's souvenir-makers are pinning their hopes on a new lease of economic life, after tourism was battered by the coronavirus pandemic. | 17-Jun-2021 13:00

Ferrari enters luxury fashion, targeting uninitiated youth
Ferrari V12 production cars were suspended over the factory floor Sunday night as the 74-year-old luxury carmaker launched a new era as a lifestyles brand, with a runway show unveiling its first ready-to-wear collection targeting a younger generation that might not be aware of its Formula One racing pedigree and coveted performance street cars. | 14-Jun-2021 13:05

Moscow to give away free cars to spur people to get COVID vaccine
Moscow's mayor said on Sunday the city would give away free cars in a prize draw for residents who get the COVID-19 shot in an effort to speed up the sluggish rate of vaccinations amid surging coronavirus cases. | 14-Jun-2021 01:00

Global Sports Challenge to raise funds for Beirut blast repairs
Over 150 people will unite around the world this weekend for Together LiBeirut’s fundraising campaign, the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge. | 10-Jun-2021 13:01

The music stops at Beirut's fabled nightclubs
At some of Beirut's most popular nightclubs, where the Middle East's jet set would gather and dance into the early hours, the music has stopped and disco balls are gathering dust above abandoned dance floors and gutted buildings. | 09-Jun-2021 00:31

Heavy sleepers: elephants on epic trek take nap
A herd of wild elephants in southwestern China have been captured on camera taking a breather from a 500-kilometre march of chaos that has caused more than $1 million in damage. | 08-Jun-2021 13:02

India reopens major cities as new COVID-19 infections hit 2-mth low
Key Indian cities re-opened for business on Monday, with long queues for buses in the financial hub of Mumbai after a devastating second wave of coronavirus killed hundreds of thousands. | 07-Jun-2021 13:02

Yemen's Socotra, isolated island at strategic crossroads
Only goats seeking shade now use the long-abandoned lines of Soviet-era T-34 tanks, but the rusting relics point to the strategic value that Yemen's Socotra islands hold for foreign powers. | 07-Jun-2021 12:47

In Gaza, traumatised Palestinians tend to shell-shocked pets
A smashed goldfish bowl, panicked birds in a cage, scores of animals needing treatment. | 01-Jun-2021 13:08

Kuwaiti breeder hopes superworms will become new superfood
Kuwaiti businessman Jassem Buabbas has spent years breeding "superworms" for animal feed and now hopes the creatures will find their way into the diets of Gulf citizens. | 31-May-2021 13:01

China, in major policy shift, announces families can have three children
China announced on Monday that married couples may have up to three children, a major policy shift from the existing limit of two after recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world's most populous country. | 31-May-2021 12:46

Iranians queue to bid on car that Shah gave to Romanian dictator
Iranian collectors are queuing to bid on an Iranian-built luxury car given to the late communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1974 by the Shah of Iran to mark his election as president of the now-defunct Socialist Republic of Romania. | 27-May-2021 13:01

Generation Crisis: young Syrians come of age in a decade of conflict
Trainee flight attendant Ghenwa, engineering student Ali and electronic music DJ Jawad are among a generation of young Syrians to have come of age during the war. | 25-May-2021 13:01

BBC faces questions of integrity after Princess Diana report
The BBC, seen as a respected source of news and information around the world, is facing questions about its integrity at home after a scathing report on its explosive 1995 interview with Princess Diana. | 22-May-2021 01:03

Arab podcasts talk sex
Taboo-breaking podcasts for Arab audiences are shattering the silence that has stymied sex education at home and in the classroom. | 19-May-2021 01:00

As poverty bites, Lebanese give up their pets
Ibrahim al-Dika had raised his Belgian shepherd Lexi since she was a tiny pup, but then Lebanon's economic crisis made him jobless and he had to sell her to repay a bank loan. | 14-May-2021 13:04

Syrian family reunited, against the odds, in Greece
Torn apart in the deadly chaos of an air raid, a Syrian family of seven has been reunited, against the odds, three years later at a refugee shelter in Greece's second city of Thessaloniki, a centuries-old melting point of cultures overlooking the Aegean Sea. | 13-May-2021 13:03

Youngest Dubai DJ scratches her way to fame in world contest
Michelle Rasul had just learned to read and write and was already spinning turntables, scratching hip-hop records and making the beats drop. | 12-May-2021 01:02

Street parties celebrate end of Spain's state of emergency
Impromptu street celebrations erupted across Spain as the clock struck midnight on Saturday, when a six-month-long national state of emergency to contain the spread of coronavirus ended and many nighttime curfews were lifted. | 10-May-2021 01:00

Dubai luxury home market soars as world's rich flee pandemic
After nearly three decades in London, Christophe Reech was fed up with the city's pandemic lockdowns. | 06-May-2021 13:04

First team of mounted archers takes aim in Gaza
Hoofs pounded the ground and kicked up dust clouds as one by one a small group of young mounted archers pulled back their bows and let their arrows fly at a passing target. | 04-May-2021 13:00

'We are all the same': Barcelona church opens doors to Ramadan dinners
With COVID-19 restrictions preventing Barcelona's Islamic population from celebrating Ramadan at the usual indoor venues, a Catholic church has offered up its open-air cloisters for Muslims to eat and pray together. | 03-May-2021 13:02

At Tehran garage, Iranian woman polishes cars and her dreams
It’s a men's-only club in the tangle of auto repair shops on the traffic-clogged streets of Iran’s capital, Tehran. | 03-May-2021 12:47

Euphoric clubbers hit dance floor again as Spain trials digital COVID-19 pass
Mandatory face masks could not conceal their delight as clubbers in the Spanish city of Girona moved to the thumping beats of house music put on by a live DJ. | 03-May-2021 01:02

When you've got to go, Paris toilets are an elusive prize
With cafes, bars and museums closed to combat the coronavirus outbreak, Parisians are learning what tourists have long known -- finding a public toilet in the French capital requires some sleuthing and plenty of patience. | 03-May-2021 00:47

Don't look down: Portugal opens world's longest suspension footbridge
The local mayor is hoping to pull in the tourists, but crossing the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world will test anyone's head for heights when it opens officially in northern Portugal on Sunday. | 30-Apr-2021 13:03

In Damascus, crispy pastry sweetens frugal Ramadan
Year after year Ramadan meals become more frugal in war-torn Syria as the economy worsens, but Damascus dwellers say a traditional wafer-thin crispy pancake called "naaem" is here to stay. | 30-Apr-2021 12:48

Female car repair shop owner blazes a trail in UAE
Huda al-Matroushi is one of few Emirati women to venture into the car repair business, an industry that has long been dominated by men in the Arab world. | 26-Apr-2021 01:04

Dubai-bred baby sharks released into Gulf
The baby sharks, bred at a gargantuan luxury resort on Dubai’s artificial palm-shaped island, had never before encountered the open sea. | 23-Apr-2021 01:04

Can't eat out? In locked down Paris, a chef can come to you
Parisians yearning for haute cuisine dining since the COVID-19 pandemic closed down restaurants have found an alternative: private chefs who serve up meals in customers' homes. | 20-Apr-2021 13:06

Abu Dhabi art gallery owner has a sideline business: trading COVID-19 vaccines
From a small office in an Abu Dhabi skyscraper, Ukrainian national Natalya Muzaleva and her Hungarian husband Istvan Perger run an art gallery, a real estate agency and an oilfield services company. | 20-Apr-2021 01:00

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