Sri Lanka tightens Covid restrictions as hospitals struggle
Sri Lankan authorities tightened coronavirus restrictions Friday as reports emerged of Covid patients dying while awaiting admission to overcrowded hospitals. | 07-Aug-2021 01:01

Covid vaccine: Needle-phobic call for vaccine exemption
Adam has anxiety and a phobia of needles and has twice attempted to get a Covid-19 vaccine. | 06-Aug-2021 01:01

Moderna says its COVID-19 shot remains 93% effective 4-6 months after second dose
Moderna Inc said on Thursday its COVID-19 shot was about 93% effective four to six months after the second dose, showing hardly any change from the 94% efficacy reported in its original clinical trial. | 05-Aug-2021 13:00

Munchausen by Internet: Are chronic illness influencers really faking it?
Munchausen by Internet: Are some influencers faking illnesses for fame, money and attention? | 05-Aug-2021 01:05

Covid: WHO calls for booster pause to vaccinate poorer nations
WHO chief says it would allow at least 10% of the population in every country to be vaccinated. | 04-Aug-2021 19:46

Covid: 16 and 17-year-olds react to jab rollout plan
All 16 and 17-year-olds in the UK will be offered Covid jabs within weeks, it has been announced. | 04-Aug-2021 18:40

Covid: 'No time to waste' in vaccinating 16-17 year olds
Children aged 16-17 should be vaccinated "as fast as practically possible", Prof Jonathan Van-Tam says. | 04-Aug-2021 17:39

China Covid: China targets school students to control case surge
Authorities in China are scrambling to control the spread of the virus by ramping up testing and vaccinations. | 04-Aug-2021 06:05

Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children
Children who become ill with coronavirus mostly recover in less than a week, research suggests. | 04-Aug-2021 02:04

Covid: Vaccines to be offered to 16 and 17 year olds
UK ministers are expected to accept the advice of the committee of independent health experts. | 04-Aug-2021 01:04

Wuhan: Chinese city to test entire population after virus resurfaces
The city of 11 million people is known to be the site where the coronavirus first emerged in 2019. | 03-Aug-2021 08:06

Covid-19: The mystery of rising infections in India's Kerala
Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Kerala despite the waning of the second wave elsewhere in India. | 03-Aug-2021 01:10

Assisted dying: Campaigners renewed hope for change in the law
David Peace intends to travel abroad to end his life before his motor neurone disease deteriorates further. | 03-Aug-2021 01:04

Coronavirus likely to lock India's women out of job market for years
Savitri Devi has been searching for work since she lost her job at a garment factory in New Delhi, along with half her co-workers, when sales plummeted at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year. | 03-Aug-2021 01:02

Football: Dementia risk greatest for defenders
The risk of dementia in former footballers increases according to the position they played in, says new research. | 02-Aug-2021 17:01

Sky News Australia barred for week by YouTube over Covid misinformation
The digital giant bans the channel from uploading new content for a week over misinformation breaches. | 01-Aug-2021 12:22

The autistic-friendly toy shop: 'We have got this'
Retail worker Romilly, who is autistic, wants to create a comfortable space for other autistic people to shop in. | 01-Aug-2021 01:04

The women fighting infertility stigma in Nigeria
Three Nigerian women confront the prejudice they have faced on their fertility journeys. | 01-Aug-2021 01:01

UK urges pregnant women to get vaccinated given variant risks
British health authorities have urged more pregnant women to get coronavirus jabs after a national study found the Delta variant appeared to increase their risk of severe symptoms. | 31-Jul-2021 13:04

Coronavirus: Israel to give third jab to people aged over 60
Israel will offer Covid boosters amid a recent surge in infections. | 30-Jul-2021 12:30

Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over 'frightening' spike
The Olympics host is facing record Covid case numbers, fuelled by the virulent Delta strain. | 30-Jul-2021 12:05

Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst after Wuhan, say Chinese state media
Almost 200 people have been infected since the virus was first detected at Nanjing airport on 20 July. | 30-Jul-2021 11:26

Israel to offer Pfizer booster jab to the over 60s - reports
Israel will begin offering a third shot of the Pfizer/Biontech COVID-19 vaccine to people aged over 60, a world first in efforts to slow the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, Israeli TV and radio said on Thursday. | 30-Jul-2021 01:05

4 billion anti-Covid shots injected worldwide: AFP
More than four billion doses of anti-Covid vaccines have been administered around the world, eight months after the vaccination drive started, according to an AFP count Thursday. | 30-Jul-2021 00:50

Covid: Professor Jonathan Van-Tam answers your questions
The deputy chief medical officer answers a range of questions about Covid from young audience members. | 29-Jul-2021 19:55

Covid vaccines: Tourists head to the US to get vaccinated
Some tourists are spending thousands of dollars to travel to the US to get a coronavirus vaccine. | 29-Jul-2021 01:05

AstraZeneca finds small clot risk after 1st COVID shot, less after 2nd
AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine carries a small extra risk of rare blood clots with low platelets after the first dose and no extra risk after the second | 29-Jul-2021 01:04

Why cannabis is still a banned Olympics substance
US sprinter Sha'carri Richardson won't compete due to a positive marijuana test. People are asking why. | 29-Jul-2021 01:03

Tanzania's Samia Suluhu Hassan gets Covid jab in policy reverse
After the Covid scepticism of her predecessor, Tanzania's President Samia launches a vaccine campaign. | 28-Jul-2021 13:18

Anger as Covid-ravaged Malaysia lifts pandemic measures
It comes as hospitals are overwhelmed, with pictures showing patients sharing oxygen cylinders. | 28-Jul-2021 06:24

Covid: Sydney extends lockdown as other Australian cities reopen
Infections in Australia's largest city remain stubbornly high, despite five weeks of restrictions. | 28-Jul-2021 03:51

Chronic health issues for third in late 40s - study
About one in three has problems such as high blood pressure and mental ill health, a study suggests. | 28-Jul-2021 01:17

Indians turn to crowdfunding to pay Covid bills
More and more Indians are asking strangers to help them pay off crushing medical debt. | 28-Jul-2021 01:06

Covid-19: Irish vaccine programme to include 12-15-year-olds
Taoiseach (Irish PM) Micheál Martin says it represents a "significant opening up" of the programme. | 27-Jul-2021 16:25

Michael Gove on vaccine passports at events with big crowds
People should be “confident” those attending large-scale events are “less likely to be carriers of the virus”, the Cabinet Office Minister says. | 27-Jul-2021 15:55

Dad builds robotic exoskeleton to help son walk
The French robotics engineer says he was inspired to build the suit after his son asked him to. | 27-Jul-2021 15:22

Boris Johnson on Covid infection rates falling for six days
The prime minister urges people not to “run away with premature conclusions” amid a fall in positive test numbers. | 27-Jul-2021 14:34

Parkour athlete: 'She wants to be a doctor so she can fix me'
Luke Callinan, 35, has been diagnosed with a rare form of multiple sclerosis. | 27-Jul-2021 01:00

Brazil: Why are so many pregnant women dying from Covid?
One in five women that died from coronavirus in Brazil didn't have access to an intensive care unit. | 27-Jul-2021 01:00

The new surgical tool inspired by a wasp
The device avoids clogging by using friction instead of suction, similar to the way a parasitoid wasp lays its eggs. | 26-Jul-2021 01:06

Could Covid vaccine be taken as a pill?
Researchers are looking at easier ways for people to get the vaccine, including via inhalers and tablets. | 26-Jul-2021 01:06

Some Americans could need COVID-19 vaccine booster: Fauci
Top U.S. infectious disease official Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that Americans who are immune compromised may end up needing COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. | 26-Jul-2021 01:04

Covid: Fauci says US heading in wrong direction as cases rise
President Joe Biden's top medical adviser says cases are rising in areas with low vaccination rates. | 25-Jul-2021 21:56

Coronavirus infections continue to fall in UK
But any rise in cases linked to the 19 July unlocking is unlikely to show up in the daily data just yet. | 25-Jul-2021 19:01

Covid: Delta variant spreads globally as cases soar
With low global vaccination rates, the variant's spread is threatening to overwhelm health systems. | 25-Jul-2021 01:17

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine gets EU regulator endorsement for teens
Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine could become the second shot okayed for adolescent use in the European Union after regulators on Friday recommended approving it for 12- to 17-year-olds ahead of U.S. authorities. | 24-Jul-2021 01:02

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