Samsung's smaller Galaxy Note 10 5G model won't come to the US
Samsung is making 5G versions of both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but only the latter version is coming to the US, according to a graphic spotted by The Verge. Meanwhile, a smaller 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10 5G will definitely be built,... | 08-Aug-2019 12:35

Google Maps' AR walking directions comes to many more phones
One of Google's coolest apps, by far, has yet to see the light of day for most users. I'm talking about Maps' live AR walking directions -- now known as Live View -- that shows you via a Pokémon-like visual overlay how to get to your destinati... | 08-Aug-2019 12:00

Apple warns iPhone users against third-party battery repairs
Apple really, really doesn't want you replacing your own iPhone battery. It has rolled out new software that detects if a battery has been installed which lacks an official authentication key and displays a warning about the battery's health. | 08-Aug-2019 11:29

Netflix signs a $200 million deal with 'Game of Thrones' showrunners
David Benioff and Dan Weiss, whom you probably know as the showrunners for that little HBO series Game of Thrones, are moving to a new home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo has signed a $200 million multiyear film and TV deal with Netfli... | 08-Aug-2019 10:32

Microsoft is closing its long-running MSDN developer magazine
Microsoft will stop publishing its developer-focused MSDN Magazine this November, after a 19-year run. The magazine, which started out as two separate titles -- Microsoft Systems Journal and Microsoft Internet Developer -- was first printed in 2000,... | 08-Aug-2019 09:05

Facial recognition will catch sleepy taxi drivers in Russia
Exhausted Russian taxi drivers may soon be forced to take breaks. Yandex.Taxi, the largest taxi service in the nation, will install devices in all their cars that use facial recognition technology to identify tired drivers, reports Bloomberg. The com... | 08-Aug-2019 07:55

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 isn't compatible with its VR headset
Samsung's newly announced Galaxy Note phones won't work with the Gear VR headset, the tech giant has confirmed to Engadget. You won't be able to use the Note 10 and its bigger sibling, the Note 10+, with the brand's virtual reality device, like tech... | 08-Aug-2019 06:47

Apple (gently) taps ASMR fans with its latest iPhone ads
Apple wants to show that it's hip to what the kids are watching, and that apparently includes latching on to one of YouTube's biggest trends: ASMR videos. The company has posted a series of iPhone-captured "Apple ASMR" clips from director Anson Foge... | 08-Aug-2019 05:27

Dell's revamped XPS 13 2-in-1 goes on sale tomorrow
Dell wasn't exactly clear on when its updated XPS 13 2-in-1 would be ready, but it's finally here... well, almost. The company told Engadget that its refreshed convertible will go on sale in the US starting on August 8th at 9AM Eastern. It'll start a... | 08-Aug-2019 04:48

Amazon and Google continue to list gun accessories despite ban
Sales listings for shotgun rounds, magazines and other firearm accessories are slipping through the cracks at Google and Amazon -- despite algorithms designed to catch the forbidden items. The Washington Post reported today that listings for such ite... | 08-Aug-2019 04:03

Instagram removes ad partner that tracked millions of users' locations
Facebook's privacy woes aren't over in the wake of its FTC fine. The company has pulled the marketing company Hyp3r from Instagram's ad platform after Business Insider learned that the agency had been collecting massive amounts of data in violation... | 08-Aug-2019 02:46

Google's Pixel 4 could have an extra-fast OLED screen
Google may lean on considerably more than touch-free gestures to reel in would-be Pixel 4 buyers. Sources for 9to5Google claim that both the base Pixel 4 and the larger Pixel 4 XL will include fast 90Hz OLED displays marketed under a "Smooth Display... | 08-Aug-2019 01:42

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 event by the numbers
Samsung took to the stage on Wednesday to show off the latest advances in its Galaxy Note 10 line, including new iterations of the Note 10 and 10+, a slick game streaming feature, and a surprisingly long-lived laptop dubbed the Galaxy Book S. Here ar... | 08-Aug-2019 00:45

All the important news from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 event
At its Galaxy Unpacked event today in Brooklyn, Samsung unveiled the latest additions to its Galaxy Note lineup -- the Note 10 and Note 10+. Unlike prior Note releases, Samsung's phone comes in two sizes to suit user preferences. The Note 10's displa... | 08-Aug-2019 00:30

EA is finally improving Career Mode for 'FIFA 20'
Even though 'Street' soccer will be the biggest addition to FIFA 20, hardcore fans of the franchise know the importance of Career Mode. And this year, with the new game launching on September 27th, developer EA Sports is promising to make the feature... | 08-Aug-2019 00:25

Samsung Galaxy Book S hands-on: The most stylish Snapdragon laptop yet
I wasn't expecting to like the Galaxy Book S as much as I did. After all, based on the teaser video Samsung showed during its Unpacked keynote today, the laptop looked pretty unassuming. Let that be a lesson to learn, though -- don't judge a bo... | 08-Aug-2019 00:03

Samsung teams up with the UN on sustainability efforts
Today's Samsung event wasn't just about new gadgets. Near the end of today's presentation, Samsung president DJ Koh announced a partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a way of putting more focus on the organization's Sust... | 07-Aug-2019 23:42

The Galaxy Note 10 needs to be cheaper than $950
When I first held the Galaxy Note 10, I was mesmerized. It was the smaller of two new Notes that Samsung announced today, and although I had been expecting the new size (thanks to the hardworking leak mill), I was still pleasantly surprised. At last,... | 07-Aug-2019 23:30

The Galaxy Note 10+ vs. the competition: The behemoth gets bigger
The Galaxy Note originally distinguished itself by being a big phone for people who needed to get things done. But, with so many flagship handsets bearing huge screens and better cameras (including the S10+), the Note was starting to look like an als... | 07-Aug-2019 23:25

The Galaxy Note 10 vs. the competition: Smaller screen
For its first few iterations it was easy for the Galaxy Note line to stand apart from other handsets. But as phones have gotten bigger and more advanced, the things that made the Note special have become fewer and fewer. In fact, last year there was... | 07-Aug-2019 23:16

AR Doodle draws 'sticky' animations on your Galaxy Note 10 selfies
The Galaxy Note 10's S Pen doesn't just serve as a remote control wand for Samsung's newest phone, as we saw at Samsung's press conference today, it works its magic in the realm of AR as well. When used in conjunction with the Notes' AR Doodle featur... | 07-Aug-2019 23:08

Samsung's Galaxy Book S is a Windows 10 laptop that lasts all day
It wasn't just about the Note 10 and Note 10+ at today's Samsung Galaxy event in New York City. The company also took the opportunity to unveil a laptop, called the Samsung Galaxy Book S. As rumored, the Galaxy Book S ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon... | 07-Aug-2019 22:59

The Galaxy Note 10 can stream games from your PC
Samsung is keeping gamers in mind with the Galaxy Note 10. Though the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, you can stream PC games to your Note 10 and keep playing while you're on the move -- all without having to store games on your phone. | 07-Aug-2019 22:54

The Note 10s camera can can 'zoom-in' on sounds
The camera on Samsung's newly revealed Galaxy Note 10 features a "state of the art" camera system with overhauled video tools that allow users to focus on a particular part of a scene. Specifically, it features a "Zoom-In Mic" feature that can amplif... | 07-Aug-2019 22:50

Samsung's DeX on Note 10 brings phone apps to your PC
Samsung's DeX is no longer limited to turning your mobile device into a computer -- it now works with your computer. The expanded version of DeX on the Galaxy Note 10 lets you transfer files (including photos), reply to messages and run mobile apps o... | 07-Aug-2019 22:37

Binance cryptocurrency exchange blackmailed over customer data 'hack'
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is being blackmailed by hackers that claim to have access to customer passport and identity documents. In a statement, Binance said that "an unidentified individual has threatened and harassed us, demanding 300 BTC in... | 07-Aug-2019 13:01

A 'Home Alone' reboot is coming to Disney+
It was clear that Disney's upcoming streaming service, Disney+, would be relying on some familiar names when it first started devouring movie and TV franchises left, right and center. What wasn't apparent at the time, though, was just how heavily the... | 07-Aug-2019 12:31

Nintendo may have many, many more Switch consoles planned
Nintendo is definitely releasing the $200 Switch Lite handheld console on September 20th, and may release a higher-end console soon too, if rumors are to be believed. Its plans might even go beyond all that, however. The company is reportedly working... | 07-Aug-2019 11:31

Samsung’s first 7-nanometer EUV processor will power the Galaxy Note 10
Samsung has unveiled the Exynos 9825, the processor that will likely power the Galaxy Note 10 launching later today. It's the first smartphone chip built using 7-nanometer EUV (extreme ultra-violet) silicon manufacturing that Samsung unveiled back in... | 07-Aug-2019 09:36

Twitter may let you snooze its push notifications
Twitter is testing a new feature that will mute all the app's push notifications for a certain period of time. The experimental feature was first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who found it by looking at the code underneath the social network's And... | 07-Aug-2019 07:56

Form's Swim Goggles are the first great wearable for swimmers
What you're looking at sells why you'd ever want a pair of Form's new Swim Goggles more than any spec sheet or press release. Its transparent display sits over one of your eyes, serving up real-time stats about how well you're swimming, including you... | 07-Aug-2019 06:01

Political committee left 6.2 million email addresses exposed for 9 years
It's all too common for organizations to leave sensitive data exposed on their servers, but the latest incident might leave some scratching their heads. UpGuard discovered that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee left about 6.2 million emai... | 07-Aug-2019 05:29

Facebook sues two app developers for click fraud
Facebook has filed a lawsuit today against two Android app developers for infecting their users with malware that faked clicks on ads. Both the Hong Kong-based JediMobi and the Singapore-based LionMobi were a part of the social media giant's Audience... | 07-Aug-2019 04:41

Man charged with bribing AT&T staff to illegally unlock phones
There's no question that there's a market for unlocked phones, but one man may have been too eager to profit from that demand. The US has charged Pakistani citizen Muhammad Fahd with bribing staff at AT&T's call center in Bothell, Washington to... | 07-Aug-2019 03:52

Xbox Live outage locks players out of their games for hours
Since just before 5PM ET, an Xbox outage has caused gamers error messages when trying to launch their digital titles. Whenever a player tried to open a game, it quickly close and flash a message to sit tight as outages happen "once in a while". With... | 07-Aug-2019 03:20

Chrome protects high-profile hacking targets against risky downloads
Google's Advanced Protection Program now protects high-risk hacking targets even while they're casually surfing the web. Users who turn on account syncing in Chrome now have elevated protection against risky downloads. The browser will provide extr... | 07-Aug-2019 02:42

Bumble and Gen. G form first pro all-women 'Fortnite' team
Women make up roughly 35 percent of Fortnite's players, but none of them were represented at this year's World Cup. Bumble, the women-first dating app, has teamed up with esports organization Gen. G in order to change that. The two companies have for... | 07-Aug-2019 02:13

Rocket Lab will reuse its rockets by catching them with a helicopter
SpaceX won't be the only company reusing its rockets for payload deliveries. Rocket Lab has unveiled plans to recover the first stage of its Electron vehicle. The strategy's first phase will have Rocket Lab recovering the stage from the ocean and r... | 07-Aug-2019 01:48

Amazon offers students Music Unlimited for 99 cents per month
Amazon is offering Prime Student subscribers a solid deal on a Music Unlimited plan. Members can gain access to the music streaming service for an extra 99 cents per month. Students who don't have a Prime Student plan can opt for a six-month trial, a... | 07-Aug-2019 01:33

House committee asks 8chan owner to testify over extremist content
Politicians are still determined to investigate 8chan's role in fueling extremism even though the site is effectively out of commission. The House's Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson and Ranking Member Mike Rogers have sent a letter to 8cha... | 07-Aug-2019 01:08

'Apex Legends' gets a limited-time solo mode next week
Since Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene in February, there's been an ever-present request near the top of players' wishlists: a single-player mode. Until now, matches have taken place entirely in teams of three, but for a limited time,... | 07-Aug-2019 00:32

HBO will let you stream full episodes of fan-favorite shows for free
If you're hunting for something new to watch, you may have looked to Twitter for suggestions. The site often serves as a human-powered recommendation tool for new TV shows and movies, with fanbases of shows like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies tw... | 06-Aug-2019 23:58

Disney's streaming bundle: Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99
On their quarterly earnings call, Disney execs confirmed a pricetag for the bundled streaming offer they'd teased while announcing Disney+. While that service will cost $7.99 per month on its own, this push to bring cord cutters back into their fold... | 06-Aug-2019 23:15

Everything Disney touches turns to gold (except 'Dark Phoenix')
Disney continues its 2019 hot streak through the third quarter of the year, according to Tuesday's earnings report. The multimedia juggernaut recently closed out its mammoth 21st Century Fox buy, opened the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at its Southern Cal... | 06-Aug-2019 22:33

The best headphones and speakers for back-to-school season
Please enjoy this guide to the speakers, headphones and streaming apps we recommend to students, just one part of our larger 2019 back-to-school series. In addition to top picks in 11 categories -- everything from laptops to smartphones to gaming and... | 06-Aug-2019 22:06

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is exactly what it sounds like
Every shift of the gears unleashes a burst of torque as I link corners on the mountain roads of Northern California. I hit the brakes hard as I head into a curve. I'm not even sure I needed to brake. The wheels are firmly planted to the asphalt a... | 06-Aug-2019 21:30

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