US economy adds more jobs than expected in July
US employers added 943,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate fell to 5.4%. | 06-Aug-2021 16:13

House price growth slows as housing market cools
The Halifax says house prices rose again in July, but the market seems to be cooling down. | 06-Aug-2021 09:53

Tankus the Henge: Touring in France post-Brexit 'a puzzle'
Band Tankus the Henge negotiates touring in France, their first trip there since Brexit rules were imposed. | 06-Aug-2021 01:02

Coronavirus: PM and transport secretary defend travel changes
British tourists in Mexico who are due back after Sunday's deadline will need to decide whether to come home early to avoid quarantining. | 05-Aug-2021 22:49

Electric vehicle sales outpace diesel again
Electric cars outsell diesel again, but new UK car registrations fall by almost a third in July. | 05-Aug-2021 13:22

UK interest rates held at record low despite inflation fears
Bank of England rate-setters keep rates at record low of 0.1% and maintain economic stimulus programme. | 05-Aug-2021 13:15

Net zero targets 'unrealistic' says Oxfam report
Oxfam’s chief executive said that net zero targets made by companies and governments are "unreliable and unproven". | 04-Aug-2021 17:14

Exhibition celebrates women of fishing industry
An exhibition is dedicated to decades of women who have worked in the industry on the east coast. | 04-Aug-2021 10:49

Petrol prices at eight-year high, says RAC
Prices have risen for nine straight months - and are expected to increase further - the motoring group says. | 04-Aug-2021 08:09

Bank scam victims speak of trouble getting refunds
Some banks are not refunding customers' losses as they should be under a new code, a regulator says. | 04-Aug-2021 07:17

Rishi Sunak warns young home working may hurt their career
The chancellor says being in the office helped him build strong relationships when he started out. | 03-Aug-2021 13:17

Covid-19: Amber watch-list travel idea scrapped
A government source says they have dropped proposals for a new category in the traffic light system. | 02-Aug-2021 22:17

Eurozone out of recession after economy grows 2%
Data suggests all economies in the 19-country bloc expanded in the last three months. | 30-Jul-2021 13:15

Empty shop numbers rise as Covid continues to bite
The number of vacant shops continues to rise after a year of lockdowns, the BRC says. | 30-Jul-2021 01:03

'I was asked how often I use the toilet'
Disabled jobseekers have to overcome too many barriers, MPs say. | 30-Jul-2021 01:02

IMF upgrades UK economic forecast
Wealth gap between countries could widen due to differing access to Covid vaccines, the IMF says. | 27-Jul-2021 20:24

House prices at new high as buyers seek more space
Strong demand for houses will last into 2022 as buyers react to the pandemic, says property website Zoopla. | 27-Jul-2021 01:00

Covid: More pinged workers eligible for daily tests instead of isolation
Waste workers, prison staff and defence workers will be able to avoid isolation, the government says. | 26-Jul-2021 23:30

Ministers consider blocking China's role in UK nuclear power
The move, amid rising tensions with Beijing, could impact the development of a plant in Suffolk. | 26-Jul-2021 13:17

Heathrow warns of further fall in passenger numbers
The airport says it could see even fewer travellers in 2021 due to testing requirements and restrictions. | 26-Jul-2021 11:17

Covid: New testing plan will not work, warn firms
Industry body, the CBI, criticises government plans that allow some key staff to bypass the NHS Covid app. | 23-Jul-2021 19:40

People splash out on food and drink for Euro 2020
Retail sales rose by 0.5% as millions stocked up on food and drink to watch the football tournament. | 23-Jul-2021 11:12

Rural vacuum for getting hold of cash
People living in rural areas have less chance of withdrawing or depositing cash nearby, research finds. | 23-Jul-2021 11:12

The cost of hosting the Olympics
Holding the world's biggest sporting event comes with a hefty price tag | 23-Jul-2021 01:00

UK food workers to be exempt from Covid isolation
Key parts of the food industry will move to daily Covid testing, the government says, after isolating workers led to supply shortages. | 23-Jul-2021 00:37

Inflation spike temporary, says BoE deputy governor
The recent pick up in price rises is not expected to last, says Bank of England deputy Ben Broadbent. | 22-Jul-2021 17:39

Covid: Shoppers told there is no need to panic buy
Business Secretary Kwasi Kwateng says the government is "concerned about instances of shortages". | 22-Jul-2021 12:02

Bitcoin climbs as Elon Musk says Tesla 'likely' to accept it again
The firm had said in May it would no longer accept the cryptocurrency over environmental concerns. | 22-Jul-2021 04:38

Charity, dating and pet spending booms, says Nationwide
People have been spending more on non-essentials as Covid restrictions ease, Nationwide says. | 22-Jul-2021 01:02

Nord Stream 2: US and Germany reach deal on controversial Russian gas pipeline
The US says the agreement prevents Russia from using the pipeline as a political weapon over Europe. | 21-Jul-2021 23:37

UK borrowing leads to record interest payments
A surge in inflation means the government spent £8.7bn in interest payments last month. | 21-Jul-2021 12:34

UK firms must apply for exemption for 'pinged' staff
Exemptions will be "considered on a case-by-case basis", but firms warn time is not on their side. | 20-Jul-2021 21:12

Global shares slide amid Covid economic recovery fears
Stock markets in the UK, the US and Europe fall on concerns that rising cases may impede a recovery. | 19-Jul-2021 22:51

Oil producing nations agree deal to control prices
The Opec cartel and Russia will boost supply which should see petrol prices at the pumps come down. | 18-Jul-2021 20:03

Petrol prices at eight-year high, says AA
Prices hit the highest since October 2013 amid forecasts of a very busy summer on UK roads. | 16-Jul-2021 13:18

Covid staff shortage could shut meat production lines
The industry has warned of shortages as one in 10 staff are told to isolate by the NHS Covid app | 16-Jul-2021 01:00

Small shops face £1.7bn debt mountain, says report
The warning is in the latest report on the future of High Streets by former retail chief Bill Grimsey. | 16-Jul-2021 01:00

UK job vacancies climb past pre-pandemic levels
New figures show the number of vacancies is 77,500 higher compared to the beginning of last year. | 15-Jul-2021 12:29

China's post-pandemic economic rebound loses steam
The world's second largest economy grew by 7.9% in the second quarter compared to a year earlier. | 15-Jul-2021 06:15

Should we trust big tech with our health data?
Our medical records are in demand by tech firms who want to use the data to help tackle illnesses. | 15-Jul-2021 01:03

Price rises speed up again as economy unlocks
The inflation rate hit 2.5% in June, exceeding the Bank of England's target for a second month. | 14-Jul-2021 12:47

North West England leads housing boom with prices up 15%
Official figures show property prices also rising rapidly in Scotland, Wales and the North East of England. | 14-Jul-2021 12:21

Carry on flying, says government green plan
The policy has been ridiculed by environmentalists who say the government is putting too much faith in innovation. | 14-Jul-2021 01:03

Inflation: Used cars and food push US prices higher
Consumer prices in the US rose 5.4% in the 12 months ending in June, official data show. | 13-Jul-2021 17:40

Covid passes for nightclubs branded unworkable
The government is passing the buck by not making the policy mandatory, say nightclub operators. | 13-Jul-2021 17:11

Banks must support households as furlough unwinds, says report
People and firms will need to rely on banks as government support ends, the Bank of England says. | 13-Jul-2021 13:15

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