Bank of England: Coronavirus downturn less severe than feared
UK economy is still set for worst performance in 100 years according to the UK's central bank. | 06-Aug-2020 12:25

TikTok: Trump administration plans Chinese tech crackdown
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants a “clean network” free of "untrusted" apps like TikTok and WeChat. | 06-Aug-2020 06:53

Coronavirus: Interest in country living surges
Estate agents have seen a surge in interest in moving to the country from people in cities. | 06-Aug-2020 01:04

Sweden's economy less hard-hit by coronavirus
After avoiding a Covid-19 lockdown, the country sees its economy shrink less than in other EU nations. | 05-Aug-2020 11:56

New car registrations see first rise this year
Figures for July show an 11.3% post-lockdown increase in new vehicles registered. | 05-Aug-2020 11:14

Gold price rises above $2,000 for first time
Precious metal values have been pushed up as investors look for havens amid the coronavirus crisis. | 05-Aug-2020 07:59

LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to success
Allen Blue, who co-founded professional network LinkedIn, reveals how start-ups can achieve growth. | 05-Aug-2020 01:15

Redundancy advice calls triple as furlough scheme winds down
Conciliation service Acas says thousands more people are calling for redundancy advice. | 05-Aug-2020 01:02

Can 'Eat out to help out' save the restaurant industry?
The scheme is the chancellor’s latest move to try to help the struggling hospitality sector. | 03-Aug-2020 12:04

Wealth inequality rises even as wage gap narrows
Although the gap in wages is narrowing, inequalities in wealth across the UK are rising. | 03-Aug-2020 01:13

Coronavirus causes vineyard problems
With thousands of vines to prune and not enough staff, the owners put out a plea for help on social media. | 02-Aug-2020 13:29

Can summer survive America's coronavirus spike?
Visitors have returned to US vacation spots like Cape Cod, but the virus casts a shadow. | 02-Aug-2020 02:42

FIRE: The people trying to retire as early as possible
Meet the extreme savers who live for an end of the nine-to-five. | 02-Aug-2020 01:01

Eurozone suffers deepest contraction on record
Spain, France and Italy suffer double-digit falls in economic output as the pandemic hits jobs and spending. | 31-Jul-2020 12:32

Coronavirus: Can Rishi Sunak save the economy from Covid-19?
Will the chancellor's £190bn superpower be enough to counter the economic effects of coronavirus? | 31-Jul-2020 01:53

Coronavirus: Brits, Balearics and battered businesses
Ibiza's nightclub scene has been hit hard by coronavirus, leaving people in need of support. | 31-Jul-2020 01:06

Coronavirus: 'Chancellor must protect' jobs of those shielding
Charities are calling on the chancellor to protect the jobs of workers who have been shielding. | 31-Jul-2020 01:04

Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades
The impact of the pandemic meant the annual rate of growth in the second quarter collapsed by 33%. | 30-Jul-2020 18:50

German economy suffers sharpest decline on record
The economy shrank by 10.1% in the April-to-June period, official figures show. | 30-Jul-2020 12:44

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos rejects claims company acted like a 'drug dealer'
The Amazon boss is questioned by US Congress on one company's experience with his business. | 30-Jul-2020 09:14

UK car production slumps to lowest level since 1954
The SMMT trade group warns Brexit tariffs could deepen woes for a sector already in crisis. | 30-Jul-2020 01:02

Coronavirus: Ibiza boss reacts to UK quarantine regulations
O Beach Ibiza boss, Tony Truman, based on the island for 20 years, explains how the new rules are impacting plans. | 29-Jul-2020 23:06

Federal Reserve warns of continuing need to protect US economy
The central bank keeps interest rates on hold at near zero as concern about the pandemic continues. | 29-Jul-2020 21:21

Heathrow CEO: 'We need to test and learn'
John Holland-Kaye says more needs to be done to allow quarantine restrictions to be reduced. | 29-Jul-2020 10:29

Saudi Hajj coronavirus curbs mean 'no work, no salary, nothing'
Covid-19 has hit the annual Hajj and with no international pilgrims, many firms both in Saudi and abroad are suffering. | 29-Jul-2020 01:12

'Coronavirus has delayed my career prospects'
The government can retrain and support people, but are there the jobs to provide employment? | 29-Jul-2020 01:11

Coronavirus: Double virus tests 'could cut quarantine time'
The government is said to be considering a new programme which could see some leave quarantine early. | 28-Jul-2020 20:56

Closing UK furlough scheme 'a mistake'
An economic research group says there is a risk the scheme is coming to an end prematurely. | 28-Jul-2020 16:45

Coronavirus: Lockdown wipes £30bn from UK pubs and restaurants
Lockdown resulted in sales across the hospitality sector plummeting by almost 90% over three months. | 28-Jul-2020 01:02

Men and women's working hours 'nearly equal'
A new study shows working hours are now almost evenly spilt but men get paid for more of their time. | 28-Jul-2020 01:02

Republicans introduce $1tn pandemic recovery plan
The proposal would cut a $600 boost to unemployment benefits that has been paid during the pandemic. | 28-Jul-2020 00:34

'Fix your bike' vouchers launch, as doctors to prescribe bikes on NHS
The prime minister says GPs in areas with poor health will be encouraged to prescribe cycling. | 27-Jul-2020 23:32

Coronavirus: Experts share advice on Spain quarantine rules
Employment and travel experts share their advice on how the new Spain quarantine rules may affect you. | 27-Jul-2020 13:29

Hong Kong launches share index of technology giants
Investors will now have greater access to Chinese tech firms including Alibaba, China's answer to Amazon. | 27-Jul-2020 05:48

The millions 'hanging by a thread' as coronavirus aid expires
A $600 boost to unemployment benefit is set to expire soon, leaving many people worried about money. | 27-Jul-2020 01:06

Raab: Workers 'ought to be treated sympathetically'
The foreign secretary says he expects employers to "respect" the actions of staff who now need to quarantine. | 26-Jul-2020 15:09

Airline passengers 'panicking' over quarantine
People about to return to the UK from Spain react to the government's change to coronavirus travel rules. | 26-Jul-2020 14:01

Coronavirus: Travellers from Spain told to quarantine
The new coronavirus rule means people coming to the UK from Spain must self-isolate for 14 days. | 26-Jul-2020 01:11

Amateur investors: 'I didn't know I'd lose money so fast'
Stuck at home during the pandemic, amateur investors have piled into the stock market with mixed results. | 25-Jul-2020 00:25

Retail sales near pre-lockdown levels in June
Sales rose by 13.9%, official figures show, as the reopening of shops released pent-up demand. | 24-Jul-2020 12:15

Coronavirus: South Korea falls into recession as exports slump
It joins a growing list of trade-reliant countries that have seen their economies slump. | 23-Jul-2020 04:41

Chancellor 'turning his back' on people needing virus support
MPs say Rishi Sunak has "effectively drawn a line" under helping 1m people needing virus support. | 23-Jul-2020 01:06

What are negative interest rates?
What are negative interest rates, and how could they work in favour of consumers? | 23-Jul-2020 01:04

Coronavirus: Restaurants struggle with overwhelming 'no-shows'
Social distancing means fewer tables for customers - but many aren't showing up for their reservations at all. | 22-Jul-2020 13:34

Coronavirus: What jobs are available post-lockdown?
The world of work is changing thanks to Covid-19 - which sectors are hiring and which are struggling? | 22-Jul-2020 01:42 boss: 'Behave as if your mum is watching'
John Roberts, founder of white goods retailer, shares his business advice for CEO Secrets. | 22-Jul-2020 01:20

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