Can supermarket security guards help with mask rules?
Supermarkets around the UK are stepping up enforcement of mask-wearing rules. | 15-Jan-2021 22:55

Covid-19: Parents with childcare issues 'must get right to furlough'
Labour says legal duty on employers to grant requests would ease strain on families in lockdown. | 15-Jan-2021 18:57

Scottish fishermen 'sailing to Denmark to land catch'
Red tape plus a "poor" Brexit deal mean fishermen fear for the future, says an industry body. | 15-Jan-2021 18:56

UK economy shrank by 2.6% in November as services suffered
Coronavirus restrictions in England affected services, with pubs and hairdressers badly hit. | 15-Jan-2021 12:50

Joe Biden unveils $1.9tn US economic relief package
The US president-elect says the nationwide vaccine rollout so far has been "a dismal failure". | 15-Jan-2021 08:31

'It kind of makes debt cool – and it's not'
Some MPs worry "buy now, pay later" services could be tempting online shoppers into overspending. | 15-Jan-2021 01:04

Covid contraction shrinks German economy by 5%
Figures for 2020 show a sharp decline, but less severe than many economists had expected. | 14-Jan-2021 14:24

How much can Joe Biden get done on the US economy?
The new US president may have more scope to make change than initially thought. | 14-Jan-2021 01:11

Brexit will increase food supply chain costs, warn business groups
More red tape after the EU trade deal will raise food and manufacturing costs, business groups tell MPs. | 13-Jan-2021 18:37

The password guess worth $240m in bitcoin...
A programmer is trying to remember the password to unlock a digital wallet set up a decade ago. | 13-Jan-2021 12:46

UK tightens rules on using Uighur-picked cotton
Government says UK exports will also be monitored to ensure goods are not used in Uighur camps. | 12-Jan-2021 17:47

Royal Dutch Shell to cut more than 300 North Sea jobs
The oil giant says 330 posts will go, leaving a workforce in Aberdeen of about 1,000 people. | 12-Jan-2021 13:59

Retail sales in 2020 worst on record, says BRC trade body
A slump in demand for fashion and homeware during lockdown left many retailers struggling. | 12-Jan-2021 01:00

Covid-19: New test rule for UK arrivals from Friday
International travellers will have to take a Covid test up to 72 hours before departing. | 11-Jan-2021 23:57

'My spending has gone up, not down, in lockdown'
A study finds that the financial burden on poorer families has increased during the pandemic. | 11-Jan-2021 19:59

UK economy 'to get worse before it gets better'
New Covid curbs are necessary but they will hit the economy, Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns. | 11-Jan-2021 19:43

Belgium after Brexit: How the change will affect popular exports
Companies that trade with the UK say higher prices and less choice are on the way. | 09-Jan-2021 01:09

US hit as jobs fall for first time since April
The US economy lost 140,000 jobs in December, as rising coronavirus cases took a toll. | 08-Jan-2021 17:14

Brexit: Firms warn of problems as new EU trade rules kick in
Firms warn of more red tape, higher costs and delays a week after new Brexit export rules took effect. | 08-Jan-2021 11:47

Soaring house prices in 2020 likely to slow this year, says Halifax
The lender says it expects "downward pressure on house prices" in 2021 following annual rise of 6% last year. | 08-Jan-2021 10:22

Employment: Demand for UK workers 'picks up' in December
But firms may be hesitant to take on permanent staff during the Covid crisis, new research suggests. | 08-Jan-2021 01:01

A ride that 'feels safer than a bus or a taxi'
Some cancer patients are using cargo bikes to get round London so that they feel Covid-safe. | 07-Jan-2021 01:02

Government vows to end complex leasehold costs
The proposals should help those with shorter leases fearing bills of many thousands of pounds. | 07-Jan-2021 01:01

Covid: Grand Central and Hull Trains suspend services for a third time
It is the third time Grand Central and Hull Trains have temporarily stopped services. | 06-Jan-2021 10:19

UK new car registrations in 2020 sink to 30-year low
New 2020 car registrations sink to a 30-year low and see biggest one-year drop since the Second World War | 06-Jan-2021 01:00

UK Honda factory temporarily suspends production
The car manufacturer blames global supply delays for the latest disruption at its Swindon plant. | 05-Jan-2021 16:55

Government offers firms new grants to survive lockdown
Businesses in retail, hospitality and leisure will receive new grants to help them keep afloat. | 05-Jan-2021 13:05

UK 'cannot duck' post-Covid inequalities, report warns
A growing divide over education, jobs, and ethnicity threaten the fabric of society, says Nobel laureate's study. | 05-Jan-2021 08:17

New York transit workers: 'We don't get respect'
A subway conductor and a bus driver in New York share their stories of working during the pandemic. | 05-Jan-2021 01:07

Lockdown: 'The road to recovery just got longer'
Business leaders call for more financial help as the lockdown plunges more firms into a fight for survival. | 04-Jan-2021 23:49

Virgin Media broadband price rises of up to £54 in 2021
Virgin Media says customers will see bills go up 4% on average, between £30 and £54 a year for most. | 04-Jan-2021 18:48

Mortgage lending surges to 13-year high
A stamp duty holiday, which expires in March, sparked a flurry of homebuying activity. | 04-Jan-2021 17:37

FTSE 100 rallies amid Covid vaccine rollout
Shares surge on the first day of trading in 2021 as the rollout of the second vaccine gets under way. | 04-Jan-2021 12:46

Bitcoin value surges past $30,000 (£22,000) for first time
The cryptocurrency has continued to soar in value just weeks after hitting $20,000 for the first time. | 02-Jan-2021 16:08

'Worst year for High Street job losses in 25 years'
Nearly 180,000 retail jobs were last year, up by almost a quarter on the previous year, analysts say. | 01-Jan-2021 01:07

Four-day week means 'I don't waste holidays on chores'
A new study suggests a four-day working week could be introduced immediately and be affordable for most firms. | 30-Dec-2020 16:25

UK house prices see highest growth in six years in 2020
UK house prices bucked the pandemic and climbed 7.5% in 2020, according to building society Nationwide. | 30-Dec-2020 09:43

UK shares jump as markets react to Brexit deal
The FTSE 100 gains, but bank shares fall, as stock markets get their first chance to react to the trade deal. | 29-Dec-2020 12:10

China and EU 'on verge' of major investment deal
Brussels wants to make it easier for European companies operating in a number of Chinese industries. | 29-Dec-2020 04:44

Brexit: 'Bumpy' period expected as UK adjusts to new EU rules
Ministers warn of "practical and procedural changes" when the Brexit transition period ends this week. | 28-Dec-2020 13:17

Covid: Trump signs relief and spending package into law
The measure restores unemployment benefits and averts a partial US government shutdown.? | 28-Dec-2020 09:03

What Brexit deal means for me: Six bosses tell all
Saving thousands or anxious they need more time, six bosses explain how the Brexit deal affects them. | 25-Dec-2020 01:03

Brexit: Boris Johnson hails free trade deal with EU
The deal between the UK and EU ends months of arguments over business rules and fishing rights. | 24-Dec-2020 21:02

Brexit: Firms warn 'clock is ticking' to keep goods moving
Businesses give a relieved welcome to the Brexit trade deal, but warn there is more work to be done. | 24-Dec-2020 18:03

Brexit trade deal: 'Today is a day of relief', says Barnier
The EU and UK have reached a post-Brexit trade deal, ending months of disagreements over the future relationship. | 24-Dec-2020 16:54

European Commission announces ‘fair’ post-Brexit trade deal
The President of the European Commission announces the end of negotiations between the UK and EU. | 24-Dec-2020 16:44

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