Duchess Kate rewore Emilia Wickstead for a day trip to South Wales with William
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Barry Island in South Wales on Wednesday, in what I assume was a day-trip with the goal of highlighting “staycation” tourism within Britain and the gradually reopening British economy. Spain’s Queen Letizia and King Felipe also did an in-country tour to highlight the local economy and all they […]
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Kourtney Kardashian is stressed after Reign shaved his head
The header photo is Kourtney Kardashian and her youngest child, Reign, five, taken in May. Kourtney has been targeted by the Meddlesome Mom Mob in the past for allowing Reign to grow his beautiful locks out. Well, the hair police can rest easy, as little Reign got his first haircut and he went all out: […]
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Megan Thee Stallion: ‘The pain and the bad things don’t last for long’
Meg the Stallion is still Hot girl Meg and her rise to female rapper stardom is not slowing down. Despite a few setbacks, namely a shady deal with her first music label and recently being shot by rapper Tory Lanez, Meg refuses to let the rain dampen her sunshine. I, personally love a bad b*tch […]
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Jurnee Smollett on Jussie Smollett: ‘I love my brother and I believe my brother’
Jurnee Smollett is Jussie Smollett’s younger sister. I honestly didn’t know that before now! I mean, I’m not an idiot, I caught that they have the same surname, but I thought they were perhaps vaguely related rather than directly related as brother and sister. So, from my perspective, Jurnee has not taken any hits related […]
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Dan Levy: We have 15 Emmy noms when we can’t attend, that’s very Schitt’s Creek
View this post on Instagram Well. This morning has been the most incredible surprise. We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude for this recognition. Unfathomably proud of our little show. A post shared by Dan Levy (@instadanjlevy) on Jul 28, 2020 at 11:21am PDT Schitt’s Creek had one of the most interesting television arcs, both […]
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Guess the Swim Suit and Other Fine Things!

Follow our sports page on instagram @EgotasticSports Now Smash this Link Button! Guess the Swim Suit! SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON! Josie Canseco Celebrates 1 Million Instagram Followers by Sharing Topless Pics SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON! Bella Thorne’s Mom has an Only Fans – This is her Mom Ass SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON! Kid Chokes on […]

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Jaymes Vaughan & Jonathan Bennett, Steve Grand, Jason Derulo and More Insta Snaps
In appreciation of the easy on the eye male celebrity, we bring you Insta Snaps featuring Jaymes Vaughan & Jonathan Bennett, Steve Grand, Jason Derulo and more!
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Jake Paul’s Home Raided By FBI, SWAT Team Joined in For the Fun, Firearms Seized
A SWAT team was on hand as FBI agents served a search warrant on the Calabasas home of YouTube star Jake Paul.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 21:40

Get Some Gossip From Behind the Velvet Rope with ‘Gatecrasher’ Legend Ben Widdicombe
Ben Widdicombe wrote the weekly "No Regrets" social column in The New York Times Style section and is a twenty-year veteran of the celebrity and society beat.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 20:17

Natalie Alyn Lind The Campground Cutie!

Natalie Alyn Lind is that actress that confuses me with all her names, and her sisters all have a bunch of names that are basically the same. But I’m starting to recognize her now! Natalie is apparently in Vancouver Canada now, filming a new project of some sort. It looks like she’s filming something called […]

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Sydney Sweeney’s Book Club Continues!

Sydney Sweeney has been holding a virtual book club on Instagram live for the past few months and now that things are starting to open up again she made her way to an actual physical bookstore to pick up another copy of They Wish They Were Us, the book she’s currently reading. The book was […]

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Dakota Fanning As Justin Bieber!

Dakota Fanning was playing around with some Instagram filters yesterday, the new popular one being a “what dance are you” filter where it matches you with trendy dances and puts your face on the original creator. Dakota was matched with Justin Bieber and the results are pretty funny!

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The Cameron Diaz Wine Challenge!

News to me, but Cameron Diaz has started her own wine company with her friend Katherine Power called Avaline. I had no idea she did this but it’s a good move on her part considering we’re all stuck at home with nothing to do but drink! The wine is apparently “clean” and free from unnecessary […]

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“Ashton Kutcher defends Ellen DeGeneres, because birds of a feather” links
Ashton Kutcher defended Ellen DeGeneres on social media and that just reinforces the idea that they’re both pretty awful people. [Just Jared] Brain Austin Green: Courtney Stodden used me. [Dlisted] Does Kindergarten Cop glorify the police? My opinion: no. [Pajiba] Here’s more on the Beirut explosion. [Towleroad] Will white women show up for Joe Biden? […]
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Alexis Ren Goes Blonde!

When we first met Alexis Ren back when she was the IG girlfriend to Jay Alvarrez, before the boob job and all the fame, she was blonde. While she was gorgeous back then she wasn’t really seen as the stunner she is today and maybe that has to do with her having darkened her hair […]

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Bella Thorne Smoking Her Own Weed!

Bella Thorne started a weed brand called Forbidden Flowers (RIP ForBiddeN Myspace) and to launch the release of her new bud called Orange Creamsicle she took a bunch of selfies smoking joints of it in her pool, with her classic orange hair wearing an orange bikini, Bella really is a Creamsicle! Smoke it like you […]

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Miley Cyrus Teases With New Music!

Miley has been talking about a comeback for a while now, she’s been hyping up the hashtag #SheIsComing and had everyone expecting a lil Hannah Montana throwback after Miley cut her bangs into her iconic HM style last year. But since then Miley has cut up her hair into a mullet and changed the vibes, […]

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Kourtney Kardashian Is Not Okay After Son Reign Disick’s Long Hair Is Cut Off
Kourtney Kardashian shocked fans when she posted a picture of her youngest, 5-year-old Reign, with a dramatic hair transformation.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 17:26

Debby Ryan Brings Back Her Iconic Smirk!

Debby Ryan was trending recently because someone found a bunch of clips of her making really weird faces during some of her tv shows. The best one is a clip from a show called Radio Rebel that shows Debby making this hilarious over acted smirk. Since that clip went viral, TikTok users have been remaking […]

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Former Ellen Show DJ Tony Okungbowa Talks On Set ‘Toxicity,’ As Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Hart Come to Ellen DeGeneres’ Defense
The Ellen DeGeneres Show's former DJ Tony Okungbowa has said that he felt a "toxicity" in the working environment during his time on the talk show.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 15:18

Mulan Heading to Disney+ For $30 Extra Bucks
Mulan will indeed be skipping movie theaters and making its premiere on Disney Plus this September 4th.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 14:18

Ryan Reynolds on his 2012 plantation wedding: ‘A giant f—ing mistake’
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married in September 2012, at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. At the time, I found it notable for so many reasons – one, Blake had been leaning so heavily into the “I want to get married and be a housewife with a million babies” thing and […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 14:00

Duchess Kate is ‘devastated & deeply affected’ by the ‘rift between Harry & William’
While I believe the Duchess of Cambridge is a dull, dysfunctional person, I also believe that Kate is not the mastermind of anything. I think she absolutely Mean-Girl’d the Duchess of Sussex as soon as they met, just as I’m sure Kate participated in the smear campaign and is still insisting on doubling-down on many […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:55

The Spanish monarchy is in crisis following King Juan Carlos’ self-imposed exile
I really get a kick out legit news sites doing royal coverage! It’s one of my favorite things when the New York Times covers something involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or when Politico does a story on King Juan Carlos’ self-imposed exile from Spain. We learned of Juan Carlos’ exile on Monday and […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:45

Donald Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘Let them prove somebody was guilty’
I hope Donald Trump’s Axios-on-HBO interview wasn’t just a one-day story. It was completely awful and showed Trump for the sad, petty, stupid clown he’s always been. Axios’ Jonathan Swan got high marks for simply calling out Trump in real time, much like Chris Wallace did several weeks ago in a Fox News interview. Tom […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:35

Duchess Meghan’s friends won’t be named by the Daily Mail… for now
I’m actually really tired of writing about the Duchess of Sussex’s lawsuit against the Mail. The pre-trial hearings and filings are endless, which is just what the Mail wanted. They wanted to drag this out for as long as possible to create stories and content and, more than that, confusion. The truth is quite simple: […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:31

Kim Kardashian, Kanye and the kids went to a ‘fortress’ on a Caribbean estate
While I have sympathy for Kim Kardashian in her current situation with Kanye West, I do find it funny/interesting that “sources close to Kim” keep updating TMZ and People Magazine constantly. Kim is basically publicly narrating her back-and-forth decision-making process about whether she’ll divorce Kanye. It’s a difficult decision and it’s not one she’s making […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:22

Molly Sims ‘got really mom shamed’ for not being able to nurse her son
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Molly Sims (@mollybsims) on Aug 3, 2020 at 4:07pm PDT Molly Sims is mom to three: Brooks, eight, Scarlett, five and Grey, three and a half. She recently called in to Kristen Kelly’s Mom School podcast and the topic turned to breastfeeding. Molly said she did […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:21

Duchess Kate wears a button-y Suzannah & an Amaia mask for a Baby Bank visit
How interesting that after a week and a half of staycation-ing (Top CEO-style), the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out on August 4, the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday. Not obvious at all! But I have some begrudging credit to give Kate and her staff: after nine long, hard, Top CEO years, Kensington Palace has finally figured […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:16

Tiffany Haddish confirms she’s dating Common: ‘I love him’
It’s been said that Rona has either created relationships or blew them up and we have seen a lot of celebrity conscious uncoupling throughout the last few months. But it would seem that some have found love in these tough times. I could not be more happy for Tiffany Haddish and Common. Recently Haddish confirmed […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:15

Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza Working on Who’s the Boss? Sequel
Are you ready for some nostalgia? Who’s The Boss is coming back for a revival featuring at least two of the stars.
socialitelife.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:15

Real Lady A: Lady Antebellum wanted to do a song with me ‘so they looked woke’
In June, as Black Lives Matter protests held the Nation’s spotlight, the Nashville band Lady Antebellum issued a statement that they were Changing their name to Lady A. Almost as soon as they made this grand proclamation, we learned that blues singer Anita White had been performing as Lady A, for decades. The Nashville band, […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:10

Oprah confirms existence of white privilege, much to the dismay of salty white folks
Oprah Winfrey has selected a new book for her Oprah Book Club: Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. The book is “a researched psychoanalysis of America’s longstanding racial hierarchy.” Oprah is such a fan of this month’s selection that she’s already announced that she’ll be sending 500 copies of the book to “some […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:10

Ellen Page calls character’s romance in Umbrella Academy ‘meaningful representation’
Spoilers for season one and two of The Umbrella Academy Follow. A major spoiler is not visible unless you highlight it. I have been waiting a full damn year for season two of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy and it did not disappoint. In season one we learn that the Umbrella Academy was helmed by an eccentric […]
celebitchy.com | 05-Aug-2020 13:05

Princess Anne’s 70th birthday party was cancelled, she’ll go sailing instead
Princess Anne turns 70 years old on August 15th. She got a documentary and she already got a Vanity Fair cover too (they didn’t use a current photo of her though). I imagine we’ll get as much “gossip” from Anne’s birthday celebrations as we got from her VF cover story, which is to say… not […]
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Who Would You Rather and Other Fine Things!

Follow our sports page Egotastic Sports Now Smash the Link Buttons! Who Would You Rather Smash this Link Button! Kristin Cavallari Back with her The Hills Love interest Stephen Colletti. Smash this Link Button! Bella Thorne’s “nudes” for Only Fans…. Smash this Link Button! Lindsey Vonn Gets Her Booty Worked Out by The Rock Smash […]

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Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Claims He Tore Up Prenup to $800 Million Fortune
Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole Young claims she did sign a prenup "under pressure" in 1996 before they tied the knot.
socialitelife.com | 04-Aug-2020 23:28

Rihanna Changes Lightbulb, Takes Out the Trash in new Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot
Rihanna lands on the cover, or should I say she covers all 26 editions of Harper's Bazaar's September issues.
socialitelife.com | 04-Aug-2020 21:29

Jordyn Jones Body Positivity Post!

Jordyn Jones is back with another bikini snap but this time she’s got some body positivity messaging behind her post! Two shots in the same bikini, taken in the same pose just seconds apart however in one snap Jordyn has her bikini hiked up over her hips, which is what all the girls do now […]

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Emma Rose Kenney Living the Van Life!

Emma Kenney is the new Emmy Rossum on the show Shameless, the one that basically started her career and has given her the opportunity to spend this quarantine off grid, living the van life! Emma is on filming hiatus with the show due to Covid so she’s been camping worth her boyfriend throughout California and […]

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Elizabeth Banks Makes a Splash!

It looks like nearly every celebrity has been making their way out to Utah during this pandemic and Elizabeth Banks is one of them. She’s been spending time with her family out at the Deer Creek State Park, putting around the reservoir in a boat and making a splash by jumping off the top of […]

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Breaking Eggs with Rihanna!

Rihanna was photographer by Gary Sorrenti for the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar to talk about fame and her secrets to success. Rihanna has come a long way from singing karaoke in Barbados, she’s bagged a billionaire prince boyfriend, has nearly every rapper fawning for her attention, she’s grown a massive beauty line where she’s […]

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Women of Color Consider Joe Biden's VP Pick a Critical Decision, New Research Suggests

Women of color represent nearly one-third of all eligible women voters in America, giving them considerable power and influence when it comes to the 2020 presidential election. And on Aug. 4, Supermajority, an activist network founded by women leaders including Ai-jen Poo, Alicia Garza, and Cecile Richards, released new research that calls even more attention to this fact. The report digs into how women of color who are also low-propensity voters - in other words, unlikely to vote in an election - view American politics in an era where they are disproportionately being impacted by COVID-19 and racial injustice.

"Women-of-color respondents want Biden to take immediate action and get results on pressing issues like systemic racism, police brutality, the economy, [and] health care."

Supermajority's research included perspectives from women ages 18-54 who live in six battleground states. The women interviewed cited a number of reasons they were unlikely to vote in the past, including barriers to voting, a lack of faith in the democratic process, and a general disconnect from politics. But among the notable findings in the research were the fact that many of these women feel newly energized to cast their ballots in 2020 - and evidence that Biden's VP pick stands to have a major impact on the potential voters surveyed.

"The focus group and interview participants were explicitly clear that Biden's VP pick would be a big factor in their decision of whether or not to vote in the 2020 election, making the VP selection crucial for winning the White House and down-the-ballot races," Juanita Tolliver, political director of Supermajority, told POPSUGAR. She added that, among the women surveyed, "their enthusiasm and excitement to vote in 2020 would shoot through the roof" if Biden were to select a woman of color as his running mate.

"I'd like to see someone that complements Joe Biden's inherent blindspots. A person of color, a person of color who is also a woman. Someone whose interests align but also help to challenge Joe Biden," one 26-year-old Black woman said.

Related: My Sister Is a DACA Recipient - This Is Why I'm Voting in Her Honor This November

Many women included in the research expressed their desire to see a woman from a younger generation fill the VP spot and also stressed that they wanted someone in the job who wouldn't be afraid to speak her mind and bring her own ideas to the table. Or, as one 18-year-old Latina surveyed put it: "A VP who isn't afraid to tell him when he is wrong!"

Supermajority's research also found that Donald Trump has galvanized the low-propensity voters included in the study. "Many respondents who did not vote regularly in previous elections say they are highly motivated to vote this year to get Trump out of office," the report states. "Most of these low-propensity voters say they are determined this year to do whatever necessary to vote in November because the stakes are so high . . . Several women expressed deep regret about not voting in 2016 and want to make sure they can rectify that choice this year."

Tolliver also said the respondents were vocal about what they expect - and demand - from Biden, not only as a future president but also as a current candidate. "We know that women-of-color respondents want Biden to take immediate action and get results on pressing issues like systemic racism, police brutality, the economy, [and] health care," she told POPSUGAR. "Respondents know why they're voting, and they expect Biden to meet them where they are and respond to their most immediate needs right now, before the election - and not take their vote for granted."

Supermajority's findings come at a critical moment - Biden, who has already committed to selecting a woman for his running mate, is expected to announce his VP choice this week.

PopSugar | 04-Aug-2020 20:05

Samara Weaving Talks Fame!

Samara Weaving is definitely a big up and coming actress, she’s been cast in some good films lately and we’ve been seeing more of her in magazines and on the blogs which I like. I just watched this video she did for Who What Wear, where she talks about fame and her guilty habits like […]

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egotastic.com | 04-Aug-2020 19:14

Ryan Reynolds Calls Plantation Wedding a ‘Giant’ Mistake, Is ‘Deeply Sorry’
Ryan Reynolds has shared his regret over holding his 2012 wedding to Blake Lively at a former slave plantation.
socialitelife.com | 04-Aug-2020 19:05

“Katy Perry defends Ellen DeGeneres as a champion of equality” links
Katy Perry defends Ellen DeGeneres as a champion of equality. Like, does Katy understand that someone can champion equality and still be a massively toxic person? [JustJared] Colorado cops handcuffed and traumatized Black children at gunpoint in a mistaken vehicle stop. Defund the police, my god. [Towleroad] John Oliver is just killing it this summer. […]
celebitchy.com | 04-Aug-2020 18:28

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