US stock exchange sets diversity rules for listed companies
The Nasdaq index will require all its listed companies to have diverse boards, or explain why they do not. | 06-Aug-2021 22:43

Snickers Spain pulls TV advert after homophobia accusations
The brand apologises for a "misunderstanding" after its Spanish commercial was heavily criticised. | 06-Aug-2021 19:07

Virgin Galactic space flight tickets to start at $450,000
The firm has reopened ticket sales after successfully completing its first fully-crewed space flight in July. | 06-Aug-2021 18:44

US economy adds more jobs than expected in July
US employers added 943,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate fell to 5.4%. | 06-Aug-2021 16:13

Morrisons agrees to raised £6.7bn takeover offer from Fortress
The new £6.7bn bid for the supermarket from Fortress comes amid rumours of a rival offer from another US firm. | 06-Aug-2021 13:16

Energy bills to rise by at least £139 for millions of households
Fuel poverty charities say the price cap increase will come at the worst time during winter. | 06-Aug-2021 12:17

House price growth slows as housing market cools
The Halifax says house prices rose again in July, but the market seems to be cooling down. | 06-Aug-2021 09:53

Investors cheer as India scraps retrospective tax
Several companies, including telecom giant Vodafone will benefit from the ruling. | 06-Aug-2021 09:27

South Park creators sign $900m deal to make seasons and movies
The agreement comes as technology and media giants battle to dominate the global streaming market. | 06-Aug-2021 06:32

Bukalapak: Shares jump in Indonesia's biggest market debut
It comes on the same day South Korea's first internet lender KakaoBank soared on its market debut in Seoul. | 06-Aug-2021 05:28

Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images
Apple announces it will implement a system to scan US iPhones for images of child sexual abuse. | 06-Aug-2021 01:17

Why artificial intelligence is being used to write adverts
Advertisers are increasingly using artificial intelligence to come up with their winning slogans. | 06-Aug-2021 01:06

Starter salaries rising amid candidate shortages
KPMG research shows now is a good time to be looking for a job, due to high demand from employers. | 06-Aug-2021 01:02

Tankus the Henge: Touring in France post-Brexit 'a puzzle'
Band Tankus the Henge negotiates touring in France, their first trip there since Brexit rules were imposed. | 06-Aug-2021 01:02

Coronavirus: PM and transport secretary defend travel changes
British tourists in Mexico who are due back after Sunday's deadline will need to decide whether to come home early to avoid quarantining. | 05-Aug-2021 22:49

Amazon delays office return until 2022 as Covid spreads
Amazon joins Wells Fargo and BlackRock in extending work-from-home guidance due to the pandemic. | 05-Aug-2021 22:47

Electric vehicle sales outpace diesel again
Electric cars outsell diesel again, but new UK car registrations fall by almost a third in July. | 05-Aug-2021 13:22

TikTok tests Snapchat style vanishing video stories feature
The news comes as Facebook's WhatsApp starts to roll out a disappearing photos and videos feature. | 05-Aug-2021 07:58

Pret, McColls and Welcome Break in minimum wage fail
Retailers and 190 other businesses broke the law by underpaying workers, the government says. | 05-Aug-2021 01:59

Plain sailing: Boating holidays on the rise across the UK
More people are hiring boats to travel along the UK's canals and rivers amid travel restrictions. | 05-Aug-2021 01:56

Covid travel: France no longer amber-plus and green list expands
As restrictions on France ease, countries including Germany, Austria and Norway move to the green list. | 05-Aug-2021 01:01

Vanguard: Investment giant to pay vaccinated workers $1,000
Asset manager Vanguard will reward staff who get jabbed, but it won't mandate vaccinations. | 04-Aug-2021 21:42

Robinhood shares surge amid frenzied trading
After a poor stock market debut, amateur investors are snapping up shares in the online trading platform. | 04-Aug-2021 19:24

Rihanna now officially a billionaire
The star is now the wealthiest female musician in the world, according to Forbes. | 04-Aug-2021 19:01

Net zero targets 'unrealistic' says Oxfam report
Oxfam’s chief executive said that net zero targets made by companies and governments are "unreliable and unproven". | 04-Aug-2021 17:14

Exhibition celebrates women of fishing industry
An exhibition is dedicated to decades of women who have worked in the industry on the east coast. | 04-Aug-2021 10:49

MV Asphalt Princess: Suspected hijackers leave ship off UAE
Men who boarded a Panama-flagged bitumen tanker have now left the vessel, officials say. | 04-Aug-2021 08:56

Li Auto: China Tesla rival plans Hong Kong secondary listing
The move comes as Chinese firms listed in the US face increasing scrutiny by Beijing and Washington. | 04-Aug-2021 05:10

Timber shortage due to 'unprecedented' post-lockdown demand
Prices are rising sharply as climate change and post-lockdown DIY and building projects hit supplies. | 04-Aug-2021 01:57

The downfall of Nissan's Carlos Ghosn: An insider's view
Former Nissan lawyer Ravinder Passi had a ringside seat of the downfall of chairman Carlos Ghosn. | 04-Aug-2021 01:15

CEO Secrets: Airbnb boss shares his business advice
Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, shares his business advice for the CEO Secrets series. | 04-Aug-2021 01:11

MV Asphalt Princess: Ship hijacked off UAE ordered to sail to Iran
The Panama-flagged MV Asphalt Princess has been ordered to sail to Iran, officials say. | 03-Aug-2021 22:41

New York restaurant customers to need Covid jabs
The city is to require people using indoor businesses to have had Covid vaccinations. | 03-Aug-2021 19:27

Sweaty Betty sold in a £300m deal to a US firm
The upmarket UK sportswear company is sold to US buyer Wolverine Worldwide, which sells footwear and lifestyle brands | 03-Aug-2021 18:52

Blizzard Entertainment president steps down
J Allen Brack quits the Call of Duty and Warcraft game-maker, amid staff protests and allegations of a sexist workplace culture. | 03-Aug-2021 18:12

Finance firms plan to close coal plants in Asia
The Asian Development Bank aims to have the plan ready for the COP26 climate conference in November. | 03-Aug-2021 12:02

Shares slide after China brands online games 'electronic drugs'
In recent months Beijing has cracked down on China's technology and private education industries. | 03-Aug-2021 08:21

Qantas stands down 2,500 staff over Sydney lockdown
The airline says it expects Australia's largest city to be closed for at least two more months. | 03-Aug-2021 04:58

Corporate fraud: The dark side of business
Twenty years on from the collapse of Enron, are the rules preventing corporate fraud tough enough? | 03-Aug-2021 01:16

Twitter works with news sites to tackle disinformation
Twitter announces it will cooperate with two news agencies to promote more reliable information. | 03-Aug-2021 01:16

What is solarpunk and can it help save the planet?
Solarpunk is art movement that imagines a world where technology is used for the good of the planet. | 03-Aug-2021 01:15

Covid-19: Amber watch-list travel idea scrapped
A government source says they have dropped proposals for a new category in the traffic light system. | 02-Aug-2021 22:17

Young bankers told to stop complaining about hours
The London Stock Exchange's former boss says "entitled" bankers have it easy compared to working mums. | 02-Aug-2021 13:11

Defence firm Meggitt's new US owner in jobs pledge
US company Parker-Hannifin, which is buying Meggitt for £6.3bn, says it will safeguard UK jobs. | 02-Aug-2021 12:10

Banking giant HSBC sees first half profit more than double
The UK-based firm said the jump in profits was driven by an economic rebound in Britain and Hong Kong. | 02-Aug-2021 09:02

Afterpay: Jack Dorsey's Square in Australia's biggest buyout
The $29bn deal for Afterpay will create an instalments payment giant in a hugely growing sector. | 02-Aug-2021 04:04

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