IDC: Microsoft's Yahoo Deal Could be a Big Hit
If Microsoft plays its cards right, a combination with Yahoo could create a successful competitor to Google, a major research firm says. | 13-May-2020 01:03

Ballmer Fills in 'Software-Plus-Services' Plan
CEO Steve Ballmer talks up the company's approach to services and how they integrate with its software products. | 13-May-2020 00:48

Report: Enterprise Search Will Top $1 Billion by 2010
Consolidation will slow growth, but Gartner says the enterprise search market is close to $1 billion already. | 13-May-2020 00:33

Ballmer: Software Vision Will Continue
Whether Microsoft wins or loses its bid to buy Yahoo, the company is on an inexorable path to fulfill its software-plus-services vision. | 13-May-2020 00:18

Web 2.0 Goes to Work
Whizzy new enterprise apps sneak in via early adopters. How is IT coping? | 13-May-2020 00:03

MySpace Set to Launch Developer Platform
With a newly minted COO, the world's largest social network is taking its developer site live with hopes of widgets soon rolling in. | 12-May-2020 23:48

Can't We All Just Communicate?
At DEMO, new products and services use the Web to advance communications. | 12-May-2020 23:33

Can QlikTech Reveal Digg's Secrets?
"Dugg Analyzer" analyzes traffic and posting patterns on the popularity Web site. | 12-May-2020 23:18

IBM's Web 2.0 Platform Mashes Up Business, Social
With a host of Web 2.0 announcements at Lotusphere, IBM moves forward with its social enterprise offerings. | 12-May-2020 23:03

Internet Explorer 8 Tries New Compatibility Solution
Seeking to address a longstanding problem for Web surfers and designers alike, Microsoft will improve IE8's ability to display Web content. | 12-May-2020 22:48

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