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Protesting Ethiopian soldiers given jail terms
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the soldiers had marched to his office in order to kill him.
BBC News | 16-Dec-2018 12:48

Cambodia makes record breaking ivory haul at port
The discovery of a container with more than 1,000 tusks is the country's largest ever ivory bust. | 16-Dec-2018 12:29

How a South African shepherd found a dinosaur graveyard
Dumangwe Thyobeka made a huge fossil find as he was tending to his family cemetery in rural South Africa. | 16-Dec-2018 01:36

Fifa Club World Cup: African champions Esperance lose 3-0 to Al Ain
African champions Esperance of Tunisia lose 3-0 to home side Al Ain FC in the last eight of the 2018 Fifa Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.
BBC News | 15-Dec-2018 20:43

Egypt tomb: Saqqara 'one of a kind' discovery revealed
Archaeologists in Egypt unveil the tomb of a high priest, untouched for 4,400 years. | 15-Dec-2018 18:05

Lassina Traore: Burkina Faso teenager eyes ‘Champions League’ with Ajax
Burkina Faso teenager Lassina Traore says he wants to fulfil a lifelong ambition of playing in the European Champions League when he moves to Ajax in January.
BBC News | 15-Dec-2018 16:58



Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call
The PM accuses her predecessor of "undermining" talks with the EU and "insulting the office he once held". | 16-Dec-2018 12:44

NORWAY Dispatch: Where Reindeer Are a Way of Life
The indigenous Sami people have fought for generations to preserve their identity. The latest battles are against Norway’s limits on reindeer herds.
International Herald Tribune | 16-Dec-2018 11:22

Stuttgart: Christian Gentner's father dies in stadium after Bundesliga game
Stuttgart mourn the loss of captain Christian Gentner's father, who died in the stadium after Saturday's win over Hertha Berlin. | 16-Dec-2018 09:39

Robyn: 'I didn't want to be a role model'
The Swedish pop star on her return to music, defying expectations and the healing power of dancing. | 16-Dec-2018 01:26

Baby trafficking: 'They stole my son from me'
In Spain, hundreds of mothers are looking for a son or a daughter. They believe their child was stolen at birth and then given away or sold. | 16-Dec-2018 01:21

Russia-Ukraine sea clash leaves Mariupol port deserted
A vast trading port in Ukraine lies mostly empty, after a sea-clash when Russia seized three boats. | 16-Dec-2018 01:19

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Egypt: 'One of a kind' tomb found in Saqqara
The tomb, filled with hieroglyphs and statues, has been untouched for 4,440 years. | 15-Dec-2018 19:23

Egypt tomb: Saqqara 'one of a kind' discovery revealed
Archaeologists in Egypt unveil the tomb of a high priest, untouched for 4,400 years. | 15-Dec-2018 18:05

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israeli capital
PM Scott Morrison says Australia will not immediately move its embassy from Tel Aviv. | 15-Dec-2018 11:18

Yemen war: Can ceasefire deal finally bring peace?
Yemen's truce deal is fraught with risk, but it brings the country a step to closer to elusive peace. | 15-Dec-2018 02:38

Yemen war: Firing in Hudaydah raises fears for new truce
Only a day after warring parties agreed a ceasefire, residents hear shelling in Hudaydah port. | 14-Dec-2018 22:02

Senators vote to end US backing for Saudi war on Yemen
It is the first time a congressional chamber has voted to withdraw US forces by the War Powers Act. | 13-Dec-2018 23:10


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