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Prince Misizulu named next Zulu king amid family feud
Prince Misizulu is now expected to lead the Zulu nation of about 11 million people in South Africa. | 08-May-2021 08:20

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi: The Nigerian cleric who negotiates with bandits
A Muslim cleric in northern Nigeria is in the eye of the storm for his part in the country's kidnap crisis. | 08-May-2021 01:40

Ghanaian Sabit Abdulai has gone from having no club to B teams to facing Messi
Ghanaian Sabit Abdulai has overcome paperwork problems that left him clubless to playing for B teams to take on Lionel Messi.
BBC News | 07-May-2021 14:24

Covid-19 vaccines: Why some African states have leftover doses
African countries struggled to get vaccines, but now several of them have thousands of expired doses. | 07-May-2021 01:41

Africa's top shots: 30 April-6 May 2021
A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent. | 07-May-2021 01:16

Tanzanian Samia Suluhu Hassan's five quotes which charmed Kenya
Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan ends a visit to Kenya on a high, mending relations with her words. | 06-May-2021 18:29



Real Madrid, Barcelona & Juventus defend Super League plans in face of Uefa 'threats'
Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus defend their plans for a European Super League in the face of "threats" from Uefa. | 08-May-2021 12:50

Spy row revs up Czech-Russian tensions
The Czechs and Russians, ex-communist bloc allies, are in a new diplomatic Cold War. | 08-May-2021 02:46

#MeToo Serbia: 'I thought I was the only one'
Balkan women are sharing their sexual assault stories after Serbian actress Milena Radulovic went public with hers. | 08-May-2021 01:12

France launches campaign to end selfies on rail tracks as incidents rise
Rail operator SNCF says incidents of people taking serious risks have increased during the pandemic. | 07-May-2021 18:13

TripAdvisor sorry for Auschwitz review error
TripAdvisor initially found nothing wrong with a death camp review containing a gas chamber "joke". | 07-May-2021 18:08

Barcelona v Atl├ętico Madrid
Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday's Spanish La Liga game between Barcelona and Atl├ętico Madrid. | 07-May-2021 17:38

South America

Middle East

Al-Aqsa mosque: Dozens hurt in Jerusalem clashes
At least 163 Palestinians and six Israeli police are injured as rising tensions erupt into violence. | 08-May-2021 12:46

Qatar finance minister arrested in corruption investigation
Ali Shareef al-Emadi is being questioned over alleged abuse of power and the misuse of public funds. | 06-May-2021 20:01

Matthew Hedges: UK academic files claim over UAE 'torture'
Matthew Hedges says he is "still waiting for justice" after being imprisoned for spying in 2018. | 05-May-2021 17:41

Israel: Netanyahu deadline to form government expires
He had been trying to build a coalition after the fourth inconclusive election in two years. | 05-May-2021 01:00

Yemen flash flooding causes large-scale damage
Thousands of families have been affected, many of them already displaced by the country's civil war. | 04-May-2021 17:47

Senior Swiss diplomat in Iran 'dies in fall from high-rise building'
Iranian media report that the 51-year-old woman fell from the high-rise building where she lived. | 04-May-2021 11:49


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