China floods: Rescuers use bulldozers to lift flood victims to safety
Rescuers in Zhengzhou have been using bulldozers and diggers to ferry people out of flooded streets. | 22-Jul-2021 19:30

Severe floods hit China's Henan province
Roads and subway stations have been submerged and one region recorded 40cm (15 inches) of rainfall. | 20-Jul-2021 19:25

China's ruling Communist Party celebrates 100 years
China is celebrating 100 years of the Communist Party with a huge event in Tiananmen Square. | 01-Jul-2021 06:12

China's changes through one man's lens
Yan Zhigang has spent four decades photographing the streets, and the people, of China. | 27-Jun-2021 01:12

Ros Atkins looks at the closure of Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily
Ros Atkins looks at the events that led to the closure of Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily. | 24-Jun-2021 01:01

Shenzhou-12: China launches three astronauts to space station
China successfully launches the Shenzhou-12 capsule, containing crew for the country's new space station. | 17-Jun-2021 04:19

Sweet dreams! Wandering elephants take a snooze
A herd of 15 elephants on the move is China has been spotted having a nap in a forest. | 09-Jun-2021 15:07

Lighting a candle for Tiananmen and Hong Kong freedoms
A Hong Kong tradition mourning the victims of the 1989 crackdown in Beijing is under threat. | 04-Jun-2021 01:02

Elephants wander through Chinese cities
Authorities are baffled as to why the herd has wandered so far from home. | 01-Jun-2021 14:18

US-China relations: Biden and Xi - friends or foes?
US President Biden's biggest foreign policy challenge is China. How is he handling the relationship? | 29-May-2021 01:18

From protests to 'patriots': Why China is crushing Hong Kong dissent
After clamping down on protests it has reformed elections - what does this mean for Hong Kong's future? | 26-May-2021 01:01

Sixteen-year-olds try to break into China's livestream market
Xiao Yu is hoping for a career in livestream selling, an industry expected to grow to a value of £200bn in 2021. | 20-May-2021 01:00

China Zhurong rover: Spacecraft successfully lands on Mars
An animation shows how the six-wheeled Zhurong rover touched down on the Red Planet. | 15-May-2021 06:44

Shanghai Auto Show: Five electric car brands to look out for in China
Robin Brant talks through five companies showcasing electric vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show. | 21-Apr-2021 01:11

Jimmy Lai: The Hong Kong billionaire risking it all by speaking out
Opposition newspaper owner Jimmy Lai was arrested under Hong Kong's new national security law. | 16-Apr-2021 01:14

Masked men destroy printers at controversial Hong Kong newspaper
CCTV shows four men storming the Epoch Times newspaper printing plant and destroying equipment. | 13-Apr-2021 19:04

Covid-19: The disinformation tactics used by China
A look at Beijing’s experiment with global misinformation since the virus was first detected in Wuhan. | 08-Apr-2021 01:06

China one-child policy: can dropping limits increase birth rates?
The government is considering dropping birth limits in parts of the country to offset an ageing population. | 07-Apr-2021 01:01

Covid-19 and Wuhan: Why don't we know more?
As countries scramble to protect themselves against Covid-19, the search for its origin continues. | 12-Feb-2021 01:24

The exiles: Hong Kong at a crossroads
Pro-democracy protesters face a tough decision over continuing to fight or fleeing to the UK. | 30-Jan-2021 01:08

Coronavirus: How the pandemic has changed the world economy
Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses around the world. | 24-Jan-2021 01:17

Back inside the Wuhan market where Covid-19 was first traced
BBC China correspondent Robin Brant has visited the building housing Wuhan's famous 'wet' market. | 22-Jan-2021 01:51

Covid-19: The road back to Wuhan
The BBC's Stephen McDonell visits Wuhan ahead of the anniversary of the world's first Covid-19 lockdown. | 18-Jan-2021 01:13

Covid-19: How everyday life has changed in Wuhan
While the rest of the world is battling a second wave of infections Wuhan hasn’t had any locally transmitted cases for months. | 10-Dec-2020 01:05

VW boss: 'We have no forced labour'
Volkswagen has defended its decision to continue operating a car plant in a Chinese region with alleged human-rights abuse. | 12-Nov-2020 20:18

China sends world's first 6G test satellite into orbit
The satellite was launched to trial the new technology, which is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G. | 07-Nov-2020 12:50

US election 2020: How US and China's break-up could affect the world
The BBC's Zhaoyin Feng investigates the rivalry between the two superpowers. | 27-Oct-2020 21:50

Hong Kong campaigner Alexandra Wong 'won't give up fighting'
Alexandra Wong tells reporters she was detained in mainland China and forced to renounce her activism. | 17-Oct-2020 21:20

Hundreds queue in Yiwu, China for experimental Covid-19 vaccine
The vaccine is available to the public in the city of Yiwu but is still in the final trial stages. | 17-Oct-2020 10:34

Hong Kong protesters facing prison after being shot by police
Hong Kong has seen more than 1,000 underage protesters arrested in mass anti-government protests. | 09-Oct-2020 10:35

Driverless taxis now for hire in Shanghai
Driverless taxis are now available in China’s biggest city, Shanghai. The BBC took a ride. | 02-Oct-2020 01:01

Families of 12 Hong Kong activists captured at sea by China look for answers
The families of 12 activists captured by China in August demand their swift return. | 01-Oct-2020 01:04

TikTok ban: How did TikTok stay online in the US?
Sophia Smith-Galer explains why President Trump shifted his position on banning new downloads of the app | 29-Sep-2020 01:15

Covid-19: China's dilemma over wild meat trade
Breeding snakes and types of rat for food or medicine is a source of income for some of China's poorest people. | 25-Sep-2020 01:17

Hong Kong's dolphins make pandemic comeback
Travel restrictions have cut down maritime travel, bringing vulnerable dolphins back to the waters around Hong Kong. | 15-Sep-2020 11:08

Spot the difference? Reshot ad prompts Boyega apology
Jo Malone London reshot a John Boyega advert he made for them with a Chinese actor for the Chinese market. | 14-Sep-2020 22:25

Coronavirus: Beijing's back and forth lockdown
Stephen McDonell explores 'the new normal’ in China's capital as it adapts to life with coronavirus. | 14-Sep-2020 01:01

Why Australia-China row matters
Ros Atkins explains why relations between the two countries are deteriorating fast. | 11-Sep-2020 01:25

Australian journalist's 'whirlwind week' after China 'standoff'
Bill Birtles shared his experience after Chinese authorities banned him from leaving the country. | 08-Sep-2020 13:54

Father dresses as Transformer on son's first day back at school
A father in Shanghai dressed as a robot as his son and classmates returned to school after lockdown. | 06-Sep-2020 16:51

China-US comedians: 'We hope jokes travel faster than the virus’
Comedians Jesse Appell in the United States and Tony Chou in China caught up online during the pandemic. | 23-Aug-2020 01:15

China floods: World's biggest dam nears capacity
Record floods hit China's Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River with millions of people affected. | 21-Aug-2020 09:45

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