Hong Kong's new security law explained
China’s new security law in Hong Kong has caused alarm. But what’s it all about? | 30-Jul-2020 17:50

Coronavirus in Wuhan: The son who lost his father to Covid-19
Zhang Hai travelled to the city with his father for routine surgery just before it went into lockdown. | 27-Jul-2020 14:07

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong: ‘A few cars are following me’
Joshua Wong believes he is now being followed, after the new security law was passed by China. | 22-Jul-2020 05:51

China's ambassador challenged on treatment of Uighurs
China's ambassador to the UK is confronted with drone footage that appears to show Uighurs being blindfolded and led to trains. | 19-Jul-2020 12:19

Tea, drugs and war: Hong Kong's British history explained
How the British obsession with tea in the 1800s started the unique story of Hong Kong. | 14-Jul-2020 01:04

Central and southern China hit by heavy flooding
The country's flood response alert has been raised to the second highest level. | 12-Jul-2020 18:28

Hong Kong: Divisions over whether to stay after new security law imposed
Two young men who have British National passports say they're debating their future in the country. | 03-Jul-2020 19:38

Hundreds arrested as Hong Kong national security law kicks in
The controversial new law introduces new crimes with severe penalties, up to life imprisonment. | 01-Jul-2020 21:04

Hong Kong security law: Residents react to controversial new powers
Pro-democracy supporters say the move does not represent most Hong Kong people. | 30-Jun-2020 17:50

Ai Weiwei: 'The darkest day for Hong Kong'
Artist and activist Ai Weiwei warns lawyers and activists could be "disappeared or sentenced" after China passed a controversial security law. | 30-Jun-2020 15:02

Asian-American woman: 'They will always see you as an outsider'
Tracy Win Liu says she bought a gun after being faced with coronavirus-related racism. | 26-Jun-2020 23:33

What happened on the India-China border?
Ros Atkins takes a close look at a story that's captured the world's attention. | 26-Jun-2020 21:23

When India hosted China amid 1962 war tension
The recent stand-off in a disputed Himalayan region is not the first time India and China have clashed. | 26-Jun-2020 01:04

Inside Wuhan: Life after coronavirus lockdown
Two months after Wuhan’s lockdown was lifted, what’s life really like now? | 20-Jun-2020 01:09

Coronavirus: Is China bolder in the wake of the pandemic?
As the rest of the world reels from the pandemic, China is pushing ahead with the pursuit of its national interest. | 06-Jun-2020 01:16

'We are not happy with China' - Trump
The US president says he is not happy with China and the role it played in the coronavirus outbreak. | 28-Apr-2020 06:09

Coronavirus: Lang Lang on taking part in all-star concert
The pianist joins over 100 artists performing live from home to support front-line workers tackling the coronavirus outbreak. | 18-Apr-2020 12:15

Coronavirus: 'Please learn from Wuhan's mistakes'
As the Chinese city lifts its quarantine, residents share lessons learnt from the outbreak. | 08-Apr-2020 04:06

Coronavirus: How China's using surveillance to tackle outbreak
China is using its high tech system to tackle the outbreak, but is the state interference justified? | 02-Apr-2020 01:06

Coronavirus: People in Beijing begin to head outdoors
The BBC's China correspondent Stephen McDonell met people venturing out for the first time in weeks. | 21-Mar-2020 01:32

Coronavirus: UK stocks dive despite stimulus plans
The FTSE 100 falls 5% despite fresh measures to prop up the US and UK economies. | 18-Mar-2020 11:50

China to restrict US journalists from three major newspapers
The foreign ministry said the decision was in response to restrictions on Chinese media in the US. | 17-Mar-2020 21:48

Trump angers Beijing with 'Chinese virus' tweet
The US president used the term despite warnings to avoid stigmatising one region or group. | 17-Mar-2020 12:40

Coronavirus: Hong Kong to quarantine all arrivals from abroad
Hong Kong has seen 57 new infections over the past two weeks, 50 of which were imported. | 17-Mar-2020 05:31

Back to school for some in China
Students in south-west China are returning to school after more than a month off due to coronavirus. | 16-Mar-2020 14:19

Alibaba's Ma donates coronavirus test kits to US
In his first tweet the billionaire said 500,000 testing kits and one million masks were going to the US. | 16-Mar-2020 07:49

Mount Everest: Nepal's government shuts off mountain amid virus outbreak
The highest mountain in the world will be closed to climbers until at least 30 April. | 13-Mar-2020 03:23

Life inside China's lockdown
Two filmmakers record life inside the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in China | 13-Mar-2020 01:17

Coronavirus: Is China getting back to business?
China's government wants to get back to normal after official figures suggest the crisis may have stabilised. | 11-Mar-2020 01:14

WHO head defends coronavirus role in China
Dr Gauden Galea is asked by the BBC if the lack of transparency from China put global health at risk. | 09-Mar-2020 06:56

Letter from Africa: The spread of coronavirus prejudice in Kenya
Before it recorded a single case of the virus, Kenya witnessed a number of anti-Chinese incidents. | 09-Mar-2020 01:39

Coronavirus: Chinese app WeChat censored virus content since 1 Jan
The report also found that WeChat censored more keywords as the outbreak grew. | 04-Mar-2020 09:02

Eight charts on how coronavirus has hit the economy
Key maps and charts explain how the virus has impacted markets and businesses around the world so far. | 04-Mar-2020 01:01

Coronavirus: Nasa images show China pollution clear amid slowdown
Nasa says major decreases in nitrogen dioxide levels are "at least partly" linked to the outbreak. | 29-Feb-2020 19:41

Coronavirus: On the front line in Wuhan
The BBC speaks to a Chinese doctor who has been on the front line of fighting Coronavirus in Wuhan. | 28-Feb-2020 01:03

China economy: Why it matters to you
As China struggles to cope with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we look at the scale and importance of it's financial might. | 19-Feb-2020 01:14

Uighurs 'detained for beards and veils' - leak
New documents reveal the "strongest evidence yet" of China's crackdown on people in Xinjiang. | 17-Feb-2020 17:04

Coronavirus: China wildlife trade ban 'should be permanent'
China should apply a permanent ban on the wildlife trade in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. | 04-Feb-2020 02:33

The Chinese doctor who tried to warn about coronavirus
When Li Wenliang warned about a Sars-like virus at his hospital in Wuhan, authorities tried to silence him. | 04-Feb-2020 01:03

Coronavirus Wuhan diary: Living alone in a city gone quiet
Loneliness, emptiness, and hyper-hygiene - one woman describes life in a city gone quiet. | 30-Jan-2020 06:58

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