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Victim of the 2010 Togo bus attack pleading for help
Ex-international Nibombe Wake says he still needs help with the injuries he suffered as Togo's team bus was attacked in Angola in 2010.
BBC News | 06-Aug-2020 11:38

Coronavirus: How does a Covid-19 pandemic come to an end?
The pandemic officially started when the WHO declared it in March 2020 but how will it end? | 06-Aug-2020 09:59

Cameroon attack: ‘It will mark my spirit for the rest of my life’
The killing of 22 people, including many children, inspired artist Kobe Williams to use sand for art.
BBC News | 05-Aug-2020 13:37

Coronavirus: Bringing Covid-19 news to Senegal's deaf community
Student Naomie Koffie's summaries of the news in sign language have won praise from the president.
BBC News | 05-Aug-2020 09:53

Letter from Africa: How African generosity dried a crying teacher's tears
Strangers helped a Nigerian teacher, left without money because of coronavirus, get back on his feet. | 05-Aug-2020 01:18

UN pledges to help Mali rebuild heritage sites damaged in conflict
Parts of the life and culture of the country's Land of the Dogon have been destroyed in conflict. | 04-Aug-2020 22:45

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