Brexit: No significant progress in trade talks, says Michel Barnier
Latest EU-UK negotiations come to a close, as deadline for extending transition period nears. | 05-Jun-2020 13:16

Coronavirus: Kate Garraway opens up on husband's battle with 'evil virus'
TV presenter Kate Garraway's partner has been in a coma for nearly 10 weeks, after catching Covid-19. | 05-Jun-2020 13:09

Court bans Australian Black Lives Matter rally over coronavirus
The court backed government claims that a mass gathering in Sydney posed a coronavirus risk. | 05-Jun-2020 13:08

Tim Davie: BBC executive named director general
Tim Davie, a former head of BBC Radio and BBC Studios, is to take over from Tony Hall. | 05-Jun-2020 13:05

First three full rounds of Premier League fixtures confirmed
The BBC is to broadcast Bournemouth v Crystal Palace on 20 June at 19:45 BST as the first of its four free-to-air games. | 05-Jun-2020 13:00

George Floyd death: Michael Johnson hopeful that protests will spark change
Michael Johnson says current protests following the death of George Floyd have produced "the most momentum around this issue I've seen in my lifetime". | 05-Jun-2020 12:59

Chelsea named Women's Super League champions, Liverpool relegated
Chelsea are named Women's Super League champions on a points-per-game ratio, while Liverpool are relegated. | 05-Jun-2020 12:48

Keith Lemon actor sorry for playing 'offensive' black characters
Leigh Francis say he is on a "learning journey" and apologised for black characters in Bo' Selecta. | 05-Jun-2020 12:04

Mark Wood column: Face masks and 5am wake-ups - the new normal in training
England bowler Mark Wood on face masks, disrespecting an England legend and who is the fastest runner in the team. | 05-Jun-2020 11:55

Two players injured after Benfica bus attack
Two Benfica players are taken to hospital after their team bus is hit by pieces of thrown shrapnel. | 05-Jun-2020 11:54

FGM: Egyptian father 'used coronavirus lie to trick daughters' into procedure
The girls were cut after their father said they were receiving a coronavirus "vaccine", officials say. | 05-Jun-2020 11:51

Coronavirus: Dementia deaths up during pandemic
Deaths due to dementia rose in the first two months of the pandemic, official figures show. | 05-Jun-2020 11:50

George Floyd: Videos of police brutality during protests shock US
Cases emerge of police mistreatment amid unrest over the death of African American George Floyd. | 05-Jun-2020 11:49

Patrick Mahomes & Odell Beckham Jr among NFL players calling on league to condemn racism
NFL stars including Patrick Mahomes and Odell Beckham Jr have called on the league to "condemn racism and the systemic oppression of black people". | 05-Jun-2020 11:26

Coronavirus: Widen rules on where face coverings must be used, say UK doctors
The British Medical Association says coverings should be compulsory wherever distancing is impossible. | 05-Jun-2020 11:24

George Floyd death: Morgan Lake, Chris Lambert and Lianne Sanderson speak out
Morgan Lake, Chris Lambert and Lianne Sanderson speak about how they feel after the death of George Floyd. | 05-Jun-2020 11:23

Virus cases down to 5,600 a day, household survey suggests
The estimate is based on swab tests of people living in 9,000 households in England. | 05-Jun-2020 11:20

The Sweet bassist Steve Priest dies aged 72
The glam rock star scored hits with Ballroom Blitz and Blockbuster in the 1970s. | 05-Jun-2020 10:56

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca to begin making potential vaccine
AstraZeneca says it could provide two billion doses of a potential vaccine, helped by backing from Bill Gates. | 05-Jun-2020 10:12

George Floyd protests: Ex-top general rebukes Trump's troops threat
Gen Martin Dempsey denounces the president's threat to use troops to suppress ongoing civil unrest. | 05-Jun-2020 09:14

Big quiz: Name Europe's 25-goal strikers since 2010
Can you name every player to have scored at least 25 goals in a season in Europe’s top five leagues since 2010? | 05-Jun-2020 08:53

Samoan rugby team that set off 104 days ago still not home
While waiting for flights to resume, 20 players shared a single room in Auckland for three months. | 05-Jun-2020 06:07

Coronavirus: No return to 'business as usual' for dentists
Practices in England can reopen from Monday, but many say they will not be ready. | 05-Jun-2020 06:01

Alan Partridge to return with podcast from Norwich shed
The 18-part series will be recorded from the fictional Norwich-based broadcaster's shed. | 05-Jun-2020 03:24

Why is pandemic making medical careers more popular?
Though medical staff are in the Covid-19 firing line, there has been a surge of interest in healthcare as a career. | 05-Jun-2020 02:49

George Floyd death: China takes a victory lap over US protests
China is hitting back at the US for supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrations last year. | 05-Jun-2020 02:12

Sitting In Limbo: Brother turns Windrush scandal into a very personal TV drama
The brother of a man caught up in the Windrush scandal has written a BBC drama about his ordeal. | 05-Jun-2020 02:02

George Floyd: Mourners pay respects at his memorial
Crowds of people paid their respects to George Floyd at the spot where he was killed in Minneapolis. | 05-Jun-2020 01:58

Coronavirus and poverty: Is there a link?
Why poorer people are more likely to catch - and die from - Covid-19. | 05-Jun-2020 01:43

From cats to cakes: The photo that made me
Members of the Association of Photographers select a picture that kick-started their career. | 05-Jun-2020 01:37

Quiz of the Week: What did the crew name their spaceship?
How closely have you been paying attention to what's been going on during the past seven days? | 05-Jun-2020 01:36

#WeAreTired: Nigerian women speak out over wave of violence
Thousands sign a petition and use the hashtag #WeAreTired to protest against recent rapes and killings. | 05-Jun-2020 01:25

George Floyd: Five pieces of context to understand the protests
All the background that helps explain why these protests are happening, and why now. | 05-Jun-2020 01:24

Coronavirus lockdown wildlife recordings appeal
Scientists want people to send them recordings of their wildlife experiences under the lockdown. | 05-Jun-2020 01:18

Climate computing power 'needs more cash'
A top climate scientist has called for more investment in climate computing. | 05-Jun-2020 01:17

Africa's week in pictures: 29 May - 4 June 2020
A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond.
BBC News | 05-Jun-2020 01:17

Coronavirus: Job-hunting advice for 2020 graduates, from the Class of 2008
We asked three people who hit the job market just as recession was biting, what got them through. | 05-Jun-2020 01:16

Is coronavirus changing the world of cleaning?
Hi-tech cleaning products are being offered to tackle coronavirus, but are they better than soap and water? | 05-Jun-2020 01:12

Prague Catholic statue torn down by mob rises again
A controversial statue of the Virgin Mary erected in the 17th Century is hoisted back in Prague. | 05-Jun-2020 01:09

Coronavirus: Rumours, fear and rising Covid deaths in Pakistan
Rumours circulating in the community mean many are too scared to get help until it is too late. | 05-Jun-2020 01:05

George Floyd: How the USA's history has shaped today's police brutality
The BBC's Clive Myrie looks at the toxic combination of racism and inadequate police training. | 05-Jun-2020 01:00

Coronavirus: The body collectors of Brazil
Brazil has become an epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic and ordinary people are taking on extraordinary roles to help their cities cope. | 05-Jun-2020 01:00

Coronavirus: Influential study on hydroxychloroquine withdrawn
Researchers flagged concerns with data after suggesting hydroxychloroquine increased the risk of death. | 05-Jun-2020 00:47

The Papers: Suspect in Madeleine case 'unmasked' in papers
Most newspapers report on the latest in the Madeleine McCann case, after police identified a new suspect. | 05-Jun-2020 00:27

Vaccine summit exceeds target to raise almost £7bn
At the UK-hosted summit, Boris Johnson said up to eight millions lives will be saved by the funding. | 04-Jun-2020 23:56

George Floyd: 'Pandemic of racism' led to his death, memorial told
A memorial service in Minneapolis also saw Rev Al Sharpton vow to "change the whole system of justice". | 04-Jun-2020 23:55

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