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South Africa shooting: Eleven taxi drivers killed in ambush
The men were shot dead in an ambush as they returned from the funeral of a colleague. | 22-Jul-2018 11:59

The National Science and Maths Quiz has kept Ghanaians thrilled for 25 years
A TV school quiz show has Ghana gripped. We meet one of the contestants and follow him on the road to victory. But did he get there? | 22-Jul-2018 01:37

Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa appeals for racial unity ahead of election
President Emmerson Mnangagwa reassures white farmers ahead of a landmark election on 30 July.
BBC News | 21-Jul-2018 18:09

Ethiopian 'prophet' arrested after trying to resurrect corpse
Getayawkal Ayele convinced a family to let him try the miracle after telling the story of Lazarus.
BBC News | 21-Jul-2018 17:33

Algeria hope to appoint a new manager in August
Algeria hope to appoint a new manager in early August, according to the country's Football Federation (FAF) president, Kheireddine Zetchi.
BBC News | 21-Jul-2018 14:21

'He brought peace among people'
The family and friends of Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed tell the BBC what he was like when he was young.
BBC News | 21-Jul-2018 04:07



Sevnica Dispatch: In First Lady’s Hometown in Slovenia, the Business Is Melania
To capitalize on the link to Melania Trump, shopkeepers in Sevnica brand everything from slippers to salami with her name. For some, the novelty is wearing thin.
International Herald Tribune | 22-Jul-2018 11:00

It’s Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political
More people than ever are discussing periods in public, including a push for “menstrual equity” and an end to tampon taxes. We explain.
International Herald Tribune | 22-Jul-2018 11:00

Trade war a reality, French finance minister warns
Bruno Le Maire accuses the US of using "the law of the jungle" with unilateral tariffs | 22-Jul-2018 10:51

The mafia murders that brought down Slovakia's government
Before his death, Jan Kuciak uncovered the presence of an Italian organised crime group in Slovakia. | 22-Jul-2018 01:29

Oleksandr Usyk unifies cruiserweight division by beating Murat Gassiev
Oleksandr Usyk becomes the first man to hold all four world cruiserweight titles by beating Murat Gassiev in Moscow. | 22-Jul-2018 00:49

Austria ditches Turkish language driving theory tests
The change to the theory test comes amid a souring of relations between Austria and Turkey. | 22-Jul-2018 00:21

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Middle East

Syria conflict: Israel evacuates White Helmets
Hundreds of civil defence volunteers and family members are taken from a border war zone to Jordan. | 22-Jul-2018 12:23

Lebanese farmer: Growing cannabis should be legal
Lebanon is considering legalising cannabis. A farmer explains why this could "benefit everyone". | 21-Jul-2018 00:52

Israel carries out Gaza strikes as soldier dies from gunshot
Israel's army kills four in a wave of attacks, as it suffers its first fatality in renewed clashes. | 21-Jul-2018 00:45

Syria conflict: Rebels begin to leave Quneitra, with army set to take over
Evacuations are underway from Quneitra province, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. | 20-Jul-2018 21:05

Yemeni refugees flee to South Korean holiday island of Jeju
Hundreds of Yemeni refugees have arrived on the resort island of Jeju, off mainland South Korea. | 20-Jul-2018 01:27

Egypt sarcophagus: Mystery black tomb opened in Alexandria
Archaeologists unseal a huge black granite sarcophagus found in the ancient city of Alexandria. | 19-Jul-2018 20:54


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