Obama pledges Japan islands support
US President Barack Obama tells Japan that islands it disputes with China are covered by a bilateral defence treaty, as he begins an Asian tour. | 23-Apr-2014 12:07

More held in S Korea ferry disaster
Authorities in South Korea arrest four more crew members from the ferry that sank last week and raid the offices of companies linked to its owners. | 23-Apr-2014 11:54

Everest Sherpas discuss boycott
Sherpa guides in Nepal are meeting climbers at Everest base camp to decide whether to continue ascents after an avalanche on Friday killed 16 of their colleagues. | 23-Apr-2014 11:14

Myanmar democracy veteran mourned
Hundreds of mourners gather for the funeral of Myanmar pro-democracy veteran Win Tin, who served 19 years in prison for his activism. | 23-Apr-2014 11:04

VIDEO: 'Buzz' over Pakistan 3G mobiles
Pakistan is holding its first auction for 3G and 4G mobile phone networks, and customers are looking forward to an improved service. | 23-Apr-2014 11:02

VIDEO: How will US trade deal affect Japan?
US President Obama is embarking on a week-long tour of Asia, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal high on the agenda. | 23-Apr-2014 10:53

Cost 'no issue' in plane search
Australia vows it will not abandon the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, if the current mini-sub search is unsuccessful. | 23-Apr-2014 10:35

Pirates raid Malacca Straits tanker
Armed pirates raid an oil tanker sailing in the Malacca Straits, stealing diesel and abducting three crew members, officials in Malaysia say. | 23-Apr-2014 10:11

China media: US in Asia
Washington's role in regional disputes, plus a new naval code of conduct. | 23-Apr-2014 08:57

Australia to buy 58 new F-35 jets
Australia approves the purchase of 58 new F-35 fighter jets worth 12.4bn Australian dollars ($11.5bn; £6.8bn). | 23-Apr-2014 08:48

Indian media: Modi reassures Muslims
Opposition BJP's PM candidate promises to protect Muslims. | 23-Apr-2014 07:49

Brunei delays tough new Islamic law
The South east Asian nation of Brunei postpones the introduction of tough Sharia criminal punishments that were due to begin on Tuesday. | 23-Apr-2014 06:57

VIDEO: Political prisoners still suffering
Former political prisoners in Myanmar say they are still being "treated like criminals" and need more support from the state to reintegrate into society. | 23-Apr-2014 05:47

IPL investigative panel rejected
India's Supreme Court rejects an investigative panel appointed by the country's cricket board to look into allegations of corruption in the Indian Premier League. | 23-Apr-2014 05:27

VIDEO: Killer avalanche leads to protests
Climbing on Mount Everest has come to a halt, four days after an avalanche killed 16 sherpa mountain guides. | 23-Apr-2014 03:42

KFC owner's profits get China boost
Yum Brands, the owner of fast food chains KFC and Pizza Hut, reports an 18% jump in first quarter profit, helped by a rebound in sales in China. | 23-Apr-2014 02:57

VIDEO: Pakistan mobile network auction
The BBC's Nosheen Abbas reports on Pakistan's first 3G and 4G auction and the boost it may give to the nation's economy. | 23-Apr-2014 02:53

Indian elections: Hope and anger in transgender community
Can voting bring respect to India's transgender people? | 23-Apr-2014 01:57

My Day: Pakistani station master
Keeping the trains on time in a little corner of Pakistan | 23-Apr-2014 01:54

VIDEO: China's growing naval power obsession
US President Barack Obama has left Washington for a week-long tour of Asia as part of what the White House is calling an "eastward rebalancing" of US foreign policy. | 23-Apr-2014 00:58

Survivor's regret over ferry students
A survivor of the South Korean ferry that capsized last week says he saw students trapped inside the vessel's cafeteria as it capsized. | 23-Apr-2014 00:07

China 'the elephant in the room'
Why Obama's Asia tour is all about China's growing might | 22-Apr-2014 23:21

What's at stake with the TPP?
Key points at stake with the world's biggest free trade deal | 22-Apr-2014 21:07

VIDEO: Fans worldwide react to Moyes' sacking
Manchester United fans from India, Kenya and Singapore give their reaction to the sacking of David Moyes as club manager. | 22-Apr-2014 18:34

Deal to ease tension in the Pacific
The United States and countries bordering the Pacific sign a deal to reduce the chance of accidental clashes at sea. | 22-Apr-2014 18:15

Sherpas make a stand after fatal avalanche
Everest guides demand better pay as avalanche reveals bitter divide | 22-Apr-2014 15:07

China to get world’s fastest lift
World's fastest lift travels up 95 floors in less than a minute | 22-Apr-2014 13:59

VIDEO: Leopard leaps through roof
A leopard caused panic in the city of Chandrapur in India on Monday when it sprung from the roof of a house and charged at rescue workers. | 22-Apr-2014 13:58

Cyclone hits hunt for missing plane
The aerial search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight is halted by bad weather as the Bluefin submarine continues to scour the sea floor. | 22-Apr-2014 12:26

Indonesia's transgender Islamic school
An Islamic school for transgender people reopens in Indonesia, after it closed when the founder died. | 22-Apr-2014 12:14

Bollywood's Rani Mukerji marries
Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji marries film-maker Aditya Chopra in Italy, ending years of speculation about their relationship status. | 22-Apr-2014 12:11

Farbrace set to be Moores assistant
Paul Farbrace is close to being named England's new assistant coach after quitting his role as boss of Sri Lanka. | 22-Apr-2014 12:04

VIDEO: Royal couple visit Uluru
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited one of Australia's most well-known sites as their tour of the country continues. | 22-Apr-2014 11:48

Royals welcomed at Aboriginal site
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are presented with a traditional Aboriginal spear as they visit the sacred site of Uluru during their tour of Australia. | 22-Apr-2014 11:44

British man shot dead in Philippines
A British man who opened a scuba diving business in the Philippines is shot dead. | 22-Apr-2014 11:05

South Korea body count reaches 108
The confirmed death toll from the South Korean ferry that capsized last week reaches 108, as divers recover more bodies from the sunken hull. | 22-Apr-2014 11:00

Boeing gets $4.6bn China plane order
China's Shandong Airlines says it has placed an order for 50 Boeing 737 aircraft, worth $4.6bn (£2.7bn) at list prices. | 22-Apr-2014 10:52

'Activity' at N Korea nuclear site
Activity has increased at North Korea's nuclear test site, South Korea says, ahead of a visit by US President Barack Obama to the region. | 22-Apr-2014 09:22

China media: Obama's Asia tour
Papers discuss US president's upcoming visit amid growing regional tensions. | 22-Apr-2014 09:18

Buddha tattoo Briton held in S Lanka
The Sri Lankan authorities order the deportation of a British tourist because she has a tattoo of the Buddha on her arm. | 22-Apr-2014 09:12

VIDEO: South Korea ferry toll passes 100
The number of people known to have died in the South Korean ferry disaster last week has risen to more than 100. | 22-Apr-2014 07:51

Indian media: 'Anti-Muslim' remarks
Strong criticism of Hindu leader's "anti-Muslim" remarks. | 22-Apr-2014 07:47

Japan lawmakers in shrine visit
Almost 150 Japanese lawmakers visit the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, in a move likely to further sour relations with regional neighbours. | 22-Apr-2014 07:06

India's colourful election slogans
The rich history of political slogans in India. | 22-Apr-2014 05:09

VIDEO: Robot chefs take over restaurant
A restaurant in China has started serving food that's been prepared by robots. | 22-Apr-2014 04:43

India lifts Goa iron ore mining ban
India's Supreme Court lifts a ban on iron ore mining in the western state of Goa, but caps extraction at 20m tonnes a year. | 22-Apr-2014 03:20

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