Hindu activists 'attack India cafe'
Members of the governing BJP's youth wing vandalise a coffee shop, decrying meetings there between boys and girls. | 24-Oct-2014 21:21

Iran-Pakistan: Will border tensions boil over?
Iran-Pakistan border skirmishes risk spinning out of control | 24-Oct-2014 18:48

VIDEO: Pakistan 2015 polio eradication hopes
Pakistan's polio guru, Ayesha Farooq, on the challenges the Taliban poses in eradicating the disease from the country by 2015. | 24-Oct-2014 17:53

Detained Myanmar reporter shot dead
A Burmese journalist taken into detention while covering clashes near the Thai border is shot dead while trying to escape, the army says. | 24-Oct-2014 17:12

Briton in Thai cosmetic surgery death
A British woman understood to have gone to Thailand for cosmetic surgery has died in an operation, Thai officials say. | 24-Oct-2014 15:19

Daniel Pearl murder suspect released
One of the suspects in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, beheaded in 2002, is set free by an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan. | 24-Oct-2014 14:24

First transplant of 'dead' heart
Surgeons in Australia say they have performed the first heart transplant using a "dead heart". | 24-Oct-2014 14:00

Camel abuse sparks outcry in China
Outcry on Chinese social media over camel abuse | 24-Oct-2014 13:51

S Korean's chocolate propaganda war
Can a chocolate pie topple North Korea? | 24-Oct-2014 11:56

HK protesters to vote on proposals
Protest leaders in Hong Kong are to ballot their supporters over whether to accept the government's proposals and end their occupation of the city. | 24-Oct-2014 11:44

Mortar fire on Pakistan-Iran border
Pakistani and Iranian forces have exchanged mortar fire, in the latest incident between the two countries along their porous border. | 24-Oct-2014 10:58

China Week: Emissions, executions and broken dreams
Emissions, executions and broken dreams | 24-Oct-2014 10:50

China media: Rule of law
Media in China welcome the Communist Party's pledge to fight corruption and create a law-based society. | 24-Oct-2014 10:21

Quetta mourns attacks on Shias
Markets are shut and lawyers are on strike after a day of violence across the Pakistani city of Quetta, which left at least 13 dead. | 24-Oct-2014 10:04

Indian media: Modi in Kashmir
Media say the PM's trip to flood-affected Kashmir also sent a message to Pakistan. | 24-Oct-2014 08:54

US firm fine for underpaying Indians
US authorities penalise a Silicon Valley company for "grossly underpaying" eight workers brought over from India for a special project. | 24-Oct-2014 08:45

Malaysia envoy sent to NZ over rape
A Malaysian diplomat, wanted by New Zealand authorities on allegations of attempted rape in the city of Wellington in May, is finally extradited. | 24-Oct-2014 08:26

Google doodle for India Mars mission
Google marks the success of India's Mars mission in its famous daily doodle, exactly one month after a robotic probe went into orbit around the red planet. | 24-Oct-2014 07:55

Qantas back on track to profit
Australia's troubled national carrier Qantas says it is on course to deliver its first pre-tax profits this year in the three months to September. | 24-Oct-2014 06:28

China 'punishes 17' for deadly clash
Chinese authorities have arrested one official and punished 16 others following a deadly clash in a Yunnan village, state media say. | 24-Oct-2014 05:44

US command of S Korea troops to stay
The US will maintain control of South Korean troops in the event of war with the North, the two sides say, delaying again a long-planned command transfer. | 24-Oct-2014 04:56

VIDEO: Security for polio workers in Pakistan
The number of cases of polio in Pakistan has topped 200 for the first time in nearly 15 years. | 24-Oct-2014 03:27

Piracy row Scot 'struggles' in India
A Scottish man trapped in India by a dispute over anti-piracy operations says he is struggling to support himself. | 24-Oct-2014 02:21

How technology is transforming Tasmanian farms
How technology is revolutionising farming in Australia | 23-Oct-2014 22:34

China's billionaires' club
A peek inside the richest club in China | 23-Oct-2014 21:00

Bangladesh Islamist leader Azam dies
Bangladeshi former Islamist leader Ghulam Azam dies a year after being found guilty of war crimes. | 23-Oct-2014 20:59

The Kashmir bus that unites families
The Kashmir bus that unites divided families | 23-Oct-2014 14:28

Zuckerberg's Chinese gets mixed reviews
Mark Zuckerberg chats in Chinese - to mixed reviews | 23-Oct-2014 14:06

Japan court backs pregnant woman
Japan's Supreme Court backs a woman who unsuccessfully sued her employer following a demotion due to her pregnancy. | 23-Oct-2014 13:59

Indian PM's face sells fireworks
Narendra Modi has the most appealing face for Diwali fireworks buyers this year. | 23-Oct-2014 13:40

VIDEO: Daily life goes on inside Kashmir
Daily life and trade is continuing in Kashmir despite the recent violence being the worst in a decade, as BBC Urdu's Shumaila Jaffery reports. | 23-Oct-2014 12:43

Hong Kong anger after Kenny G tweets then deletes
Why musician Kenny G deleted his Hong Kong protest tweet | 23-Oct-2014 12:42

Thousands queue for 'meat stone'
Taiwan's unusual national treasure is heading home after a two-week foreign trip. | 23-Oct-2014 10:42

Japan minister in sex bar funds row
Japan's new trade minister Yoichi Miyazawa is forced to defend himself after it emerged support staff spent office money at a sex club. | 23-Oct-2014 09:51

China media: Anger at Japan
Media are angry at Japan's denial that it used sex slaves during World War II. | 23-Oct-2014 09:44

Sydney's Sculpture by the Sea opens
Sydney's Sculpture by the Sea opens | 23-Oct-2014 08:30

Eight dead in Quetta bus attack
Eight people are killed after gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Shia Muslims in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say. | 23-Oct-2014 08:25

VIDEO: Can King Khan top Diwali box office?
Farah Khan's much-anticipated new film, Happy New Year, is released for Diwali. | 23-Oct-2014 08:16

India's Modi visits Siachen glacier
Indian PM Narendra Modi makes a brief visit to the Siachen glacier on his way to Indian-administered Kashmir to spend the Diwali festival looking at the damage caused by last month's floods. | 23-Oct-2014 08:04

Indian media: Diwali 'politics'
PM Narendra Modi's Kashmir visit on Diwali is criticised as a political gesture | 23-Oct-2014 07:28

Police 'worked to stop Batty killer'
Victoria police were "working hard" to arrest an "aggressive" and "smart" abusive father who later beat his young son to death, an inquiry hears. | 23-Oct-2014 07:10

Photos capture beauty of Greenland
Australian photographer explores Greenland's vast ice sheet | 23-Oct-2014 02:05

Military heads admit Afghan mistakes
Military leaders failed to calculate the magnitude of the conflict in Afghanistan, the former head of the British army, Gen Sir Peter Wall, tells the BBC. | 23-Oct-2014 01:40

In pictures: India celebrates Diwali
Indians celebrate Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival | 23-Oct-2014 00:27

Will coal exports kill the Great Barrier Reef?
Will coal exports kill the Great Barrier Reef? | 23-Oct-2014 00:18

Windies India tour a 'wake-up call'
West Indies' decision to end their tour of India early must provoke change, says former Test bowler Ian Bishop. | 22-Oct-2014 23:46

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