VIDEO: Dogs keep Australian farm working
The old tradition breathing fresh life into Australian farming | 22-Nov-2014 01:27

Why has Myanmar dropped proportional representation plans?
Myanmar drops proportional representation | 21-Nov-2014 18:02

VIDEO: Football first for Pakistan women
The South Asian Football Federation Championship is taking place in Pakistan | 21-Nov-2014 16:43

S Lanka health chief in election bid
One of the most senior figures in the Sri Lankan government announces that he is to stand against President Mahinda Rajapaksa in presidential elections. | 21-Nov-2014 15:55

Bhawna Yadav: Small dreams of Delhi 'honour killing' victim
The small dreams of a Delhi 'honour killing' victim | 21-Nov-2014 14:53

China in call to resolve conflicts
China's defence minister says he wants to enhance dialogue to manage disputes with neighbouring countries, striking a reconciliatory note. | 21-Nov-2014 12:27

Police in toastie mercy dash
Officers in New Zealand come to the rescue of a distressed woman who hadn't eaten for three days. | 21-Nov-2014 11:39

Thai martial law to be 'indefinite'
Thailand's military leaders say they have no plans to remove martial law soon, amid mounting protests and criticism of the junta. | 21-Nov-2014 11:35

China media: Internet rules
Papers support China's call for "mutual respect" on online sovereignty and governance. | 21-Nov-2014 09:36

Uber in Singapore taxi app regulation
Singapore plans to regulate third-party taxi booking apps such as Uber by capping fees and limiting them to use only licensed vehicles and drivers. | 21-Nov-2014 08:54

Greste family appeal to Egypt's Sisi
The parents of jailed Australian Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste make a direct appeal to Egypt's President Sisi for his release. | 21-Nov-2014 08:39

Indian media: '2G scam' probe
Praise for decision to remove chief of investigative agency from probe into telecoms scandal. | 21-Nov-2014 08:12

Japanese PM Abe dissolves parliament
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe dissolves parliament paving the way for a snap election in December, as local media polls show a low level of support. | 21-Nov-2014 07:57

In pictures: Inside Indian guru's ashram
Inside sprawling home of Indian 'godman' | 21-Nov-2014 05:28

Malaysia diplomat denies NZ charges
A Malaysian diplomat accused of sexual assault and burglary in New Zealand pleads not guilty to his charges in Wellington. | 21-Nov-2014 05:09

VIDEO: Philippines' Aquino on business hurdles
The Philippines economy is performing well but challenges remain. The country's president tells us his plans to tackle red tape in the business environment and poverty. | 21-Nov-2014 02:56

VIDEO: 'Childbirth pain' lessons for men
A hospital in China is trying to teach fathers-to-be about the experience of giving birth. | 21-Nov-2014 00:39

China's increasing demands for gas
China's growing demand for Turkmenistan's gas | 20-Nov-2014 21:22

Chinese journalist on trial for leaking state secrets
What did journalist Gao Yu do to anger Party leaders? | 20-Nov-2014 19:20

Woman becomes symbol of Afghan dead
A young Afghan woman killed in a Kabul suicide attack becomes the focus of a campaign to create student scholarships in her name. | 20-Nov-2014 18:42

A pat from the prime minister
How Thai leader's hand came to caress a journalist's head | 20-Nov-2014 18:03

VIDEO: Tensions rise after Myanmar shelling
Officials in Myanmar have said that a mortar shell that killed more than 20 ethnic rebel soldiers on Tuesday was meant as a warning shot. | 20-Nov-2014 16:18

Toddler rape case shocks Afghans
The three-year-old girl raped and left for dead | 20-Nov-2014 15:37

VIDEO: A safe haven for street children
The number of sexually abused children in Pakistan has risen in the past year according to a report released this week, and local charities are calling from more efforts to protect vulnerable children . | 20-Nov-2014 14:08

Kim Kardashian India trip cancelled
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's trip to India, where she was to appear on India's version of Big Brother, is cancelled, apparently over visa issues. | 20-Nov-2014 13:12

Japan woman arrested for 'poisoning'
Police raid the homes of a 67-year-old Japanese woman suspected of poisoning her husband, as details of six ex-partners' deaths emerge. | 20-Nov-2014 12:19

Asia trades on China and Japan data
Asian shares were mixed on Thursday after trade data from the world's third largest economy, Japan, showed that global demand was picking up. | 20-Nov-2014 11:54

India guru remanded in custody
Controversial Indian guru Rampal, who was arrested on Wednesday night after a week-long stand-off at his ashram in Haryana state, is remanded in custody until 28 November. | 20-Nov-2014 11:45

Philippines sentences over 1996 fire
Nine people are handed jail terms for corruption over 1996 Philippines night club fire in which 162 died, one of the world's worst such blazes. | 20-Nov-2014 11:16

VIDEO: Turkmenistan key to EU energy needs?
Energy companies and EU officials have gathered to discuss energy security, thousands miles away from Europe, at an oil and gas conference in Turkmenistan. | 20-Nov-2014 10:59

Arrests over Delhi 'honour killing'
Police in the Indian capital, Delhi, arrest the parents of a woman who they say was killed for marrying against her family's wishes. | 20-Nov-2014 10:07

Seven killed in China stabbing
A man stabs seven people to death at a hospital in north-eastern China - the latest in a series of knife attacks in the country. | 20-Nov-2014 09:50

Sewol ferry firm head imprisoned
The head of the operator of the South Korean Sewol ferry that sank in April killing more than 300 people is sentenced to 10 years in jail. | 20-Nov-2014 09:29

China media: Internet governance
Papers defend China's cyberspace governance as the country hosts the World Internet Conference. | 20-Nov-2014 09:08

VIDEO: Singapore tops ranking for business
Wealthy city-state Singapore has once again topped a ranking of the best places in the world to do business. See where other Asian giants placed. | 20-Nov-2014 08:57

Indian media: 'Godmen' and politics
Papers say political support helps controversial Hindu gurus flourish. | 20-Nov-2014 07:26

Rebels say Myanmar army killed 23
Ethnic Kachin rebels in northern Myanmar claim the army has shelled one of their training camps killing 23 soldiers, amid ongoing ceasefire talks. | 20-Nov-2014 06:41

VIDEO: India needs structural reforms
The OECD says India is set to grow more strongly but the government must tackle structural reform. | 20-Nov-2014 06:28

China's factory activity stagnates
Activity in some of China's factories and workshops hits a six month low in November, a fresh survey shows. | 20-Nov-2014 06:15

North Korea threatens nuclear test
North Korea threatens to conduct a nuclear test in response to a United Nations move towards a probe into the country's human rights violations. | 20-Nov-2014 05:44

Has China overcome its web paranoia?
But can Beijing conquer its paranoia over the internet? | 20-Nov-2014 05:33

Singapore tops best business ranking
Wealthy city-state Singapore has once again topped a ranking of the best places in the world to do business, with the UK ranking only 21st. | 20-Nov-2014 03:58

VIDEO: China web 'connected but controlled'
China'’s global internet conference is part of a move towards playing a bigger role in influencing international cyberspace. | 20-Nov-2014 01:50

US and Pakistan: What next?
Tricky conversations loom for Pakistani army chief in US | 20-Nov-2014 00:26

City at war - where a police officer is killed every day
The city where a police officer is killed every day | 19-Nov-2014 23:53

How McDonald's conquered India
How McDonald's changed its menu to succeed in India | 19-Nov-2014 20:51

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