VIDEO: 'Briton abandoned Everest peak to save me'
A British ex-serviceman abandoned his Mount Everest climb some 500m from the summit to save a fellow mountaineer. | 08-Jun-2016 23:42

Fossils show Hobbits shrank 'rapidly'
Researchers discover fossils that suggest the famous Hobbit species shrank on the Indonesian island of Flores within the space of 300,000 years. | 08-Jun-2016 19:11

VIDEO: 'We have overcome hesitations of history'
Narendra Modi has given a speech to lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington. | 08-Jun-2016 17:59

Daughter 'burnt to death by mother'
Police in Pakistan arrest a woman suspected of burning her daughter to death for marrying without family consent. | 08-Jun-2016 17:03

Amazon to boost India investment by $3bn
Online retail giant Amazon says it will invest an additional £3bn in India, where it already employs 45,000 people. | 08-Jun-2016 12:09

Police fire on Papua New Guinea protest
Police in Papua New Guinea open fire on students protesting against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, with several deaths and injuries reported. | 08-Jun-2016 11:49

Bomb threat forces EgyptAir jet to land
An EgyptAir jet forced to land in Uzbekistan due to a hoax bomb threat is cleared to resume its journey from Cairo to Beijing, Egyptian officials say.
BBC News | 08-Jun-2016 11:35

Taliban seize dozens of hostages
The Afghan Taliban have kidnapped up to 40 people on the main road through the northern province of Kunduz, officials say. | 08-Jun-2016 11:22

Japan economic growth revised higher
Japan's economy expanded an annual rate of 1.9% rate in the first quarter of this year, revised from a preliminary figure of 1.7% | 08-Jun-2016 10:26

Obama backs India nuclear membership
US President Barack Obama backs Indian access to missile technology and nuclear trade during talks in Washington. | 08-Jun-2016 10:17

VIDEO: Denise Ho 'shocked' after gig cancellation
The musician Denise Ho says she is "shocked" that the cosmetics company Lancome decided to cancel a promotional gig involving her in Hong Kong. | 08-Jun-2016 09:54

India kidney racket 'leader' arrested
Indian police say they have arrested the suspected leader of an illegal human kidney trading gang in one of the country's leading private hospitals. | 08-Jun-2016 09:43

Tutors become part of the app culture
Tutoring technology helps tackle exam revision angst | 08-Jun-2016 09:10

No internet for Singapore public servants
Singapore says it will restrict access to the internet for public servants from May next year because of information security concerns. | 08-Jun-2016 08:55

Daewoo Shipbuilding offices raided in SK
South Korean prosecutors raid Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering as part of an investigation into alleged accounting irregularities. | 08-Jun-2016 06:16

VIDEO: Why does Japan accept so few refugees?
Only 0.2% of all asylum applications are approved in Japan, compared to 30% in the UK, reports Rupert Wingfield-Hayes. | 08-Jun-2016 02:07

Pariah to friend: Narendra Modi and the US come full circle
Narendra Modi and the US come full circle | 08-Jun-2016 01:18

VIDEO: Drone footage shows NZ whales from above
Footage of Bryde's whales feeding has been caught on camera. | 08-Jun-2016 00:50

China seeks DNA for Xinjiang passports
Police in China's north-western border region ask some residents to provide DNA samples and other biological data when applying for travel documents. | 07-Jun-2016 20:30

Jailed BBC Myanmar reporter to appeal
A BBC reporter jailed for three months with hard labour in Myanmar is to appeal against his sentence. | 07-Jun-2016 17:57

Thai king undergoes heart surgery
Thailand's 88-year-old king, the world's longest-reigning monarch, has undergone heart surgery, the Thai Royal Household Bureau says. | 07-Jun-2016 17:13

VIDEO: Udta Punjab producer 'not accepting cuts'
The producer of new Indian film Udta Punjab has said he will "not accept" the cuts being requested by the country's film certification board. | 07-Jun-2016 16:51

S Korea runs 'K-pop academy' in Mexico
Cultural centre says pop star "training" is a new way to spread Korean culture. | 07-Jun-2016 13:56

The Chinese lawyer who had his clothes ripped off in court
The Chinese lawyer who had his clothes ripped off in court | 07-Jun-2016 11:52

Bihar 'exam toppers' face police case
A police complaint is filed against four Indian students who topped school leaving exams in Bihar state after an inquiry found they cheated. | 07-Jun-2016 11:45

VIDEO: Cheeky monkey steals cash from jeweller's
Video has emerged which shows an adventurous monkey stealing a bundle of money, worth around US $150, from an Indian jewellery shop. | 07-Jun-2016 11:24

Hindu priest murdered in Bangladesh
Suspected Islamist militants kill a Hindu priest in Bangladesh, in the third fatal attack on minorities in the past two days. | 07-Jun-2016 10:51

VIDEO: Abandoned Japanese boy leaves hospital
A Japanese boy who was abandoned in a forest by his parents and survived for six days on his own leaves hospital. | 07-Jun-2016 10:25

Origin of mystery deep-sea mushroom revealed
Australian scientists have used genetic material to pinpoint the origin of the deep-sea mushroom, an unusual gelatinous creature first dredged up near Tasmania in 1986. | 07-Jun-2016 10:15

Abandoned Japanese boy 'forgives father'
A Japanese boy lost for six days after his parents left him behind in woods is discharged from hospital, as his father says the boy forgives him. | 07-Jun-2016 08:13

Storm smashes exclusive Sydney beach
Exclusive seafront homes in Sydney, Australia are in danger of collapsing after two nights of deadly high tides wash away up to 50m of beach. | 07-Jun-2016 07:07

China's students take on dreaded Gaokao
More than nine million students are sitting the Gaokao, China's national college entrance exams, said to be one of the toughest in the world. | 07-Jun-2016 05:44

N Korea plutonium site 'active again'
North Korea appears to have restarted its nuclear facility at Yongbyon, which processes plutonium for nuclear weapons, the IAEA says. | 07-Jun-2016 04:04

Why a doomed love story has become India's sleeper hit
Indian Romeo and Juliet becomes sleeper hit | 07-Jun-2016 01:46

VIDEO: The rickshaw with diplomatic plates
Why does Mexico's ambassador in Delhi insist on riding everywhere in a three-wheeled auto rickshaw? | 07-Jun-2016 01:23

Migrants bring love of cricket to Germany
Asian migrants give cricket a boost in Germany | 07-Jun-2016 01:18

If no-one helps you after a car crash in India, this is why
The country where people won't help you after a car crash | 07-Jun-2016 01:09

Bangladesh blames Israel over killings
The Bangladesh home minister suggests to the BBC that Israel could be linked to a spate of killings otherwise blamed on Islamist militants. | 06-Jun-2016 17:43

China moves up 'power women' list
More Chinese women than ever have been featured on Forbes magazine's 'Most Powerful Women' list, though the US dominates. | 06-Jun-2016 17:36

Amazon-driven services hit by blackout
Domino's pizza app and several other online services stop working when an Amazon data centre suffers a power cut. | 06-Jun-2016 13:53

Malaysians deplore 'devil' Huckle
Malaysians deplore convicted British child abuser | 06-Jun-2016 12:51

Life for Briton over Malaysia sex abuse
British man Richard Huckle is jailed for life by a judge at the Old Bailey, after admitting 71 charges of sex abuse against children in Malaysia. | 06-Jun-2016 12:08

Chinese firm completes Inter takeover
Chinese retailers Suning Commerce Group Co Ltd agrees to buy a 68.55% controlling stake of Inter Milan. | 06-Jun-2016 10:55

US warns China on steel production
US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says China's excess steel capacity is causing damage in global markets and will hurt its economy. | 06-Jun-2016 10:39

VIDEO: Storm aftermath reveals pool swept away
Erosion at Sydney's Collaroy Beach, caused by the severe weather, has forced the evacuation of multi-million dollar homes. | 06-Jun-2016 10:05

Five convicted for Delhi tourist's rape
A court in the Indian capital, Delhi, finds five men guilty for the 2014 gang rape of a Danish woman. | 06-Jun-2016 10:02

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