Sudan: Qatar Grants U.S.$70 Million for Darfur Model Villages
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Sudan signed a new agreement for the construction of model villages for displaced people in Darfur with the State of Qatar in the capital of Sudan on Monday.
AllAfrica | 22-Aug-2017 15:24

Nigeria: Four Saudi Customs Officers Arrested Over Torture of Nigerian Pilgrims
[Daily Trust] Medina -Four officials of the Saudi Arabian Customs Service have been arrested over alleged torturing of two Nigerian pilgrims at the Medina International Airport last Thursday.
AllAfrica | 21-Aug-2017 14:07

Nigeria: Hajj 2017 - Fires Breaks Out in Mecca Hotel
[Premium Times] A fire broke out in a hotel in the Saudi city of Mecca, which alarmed the annual hajj pilgrimage, the civil defence service said on Monday.
AllAfrica | 21-Aug-2017 13:54

Contracts of Implementation of Number of Qatar-Funded Development Projects in Darfur to Be Signed Monday
[SNA] Khartoum -The Chairman of Darfur Peace Office and General Supervisor of Darfur Commissions Magdi Khalefalla is due to launch , Monday , at Corinthia hotel in Khartoum the signing ceremony of contracts of implementation of numerous development projects financed by Qatar Development Fund.
AllAfrica | 21-Aug-2017 12:12

Saudi Ambassador Congratulates Ali Mahdi for Selection to ITI
[SNA] Khartoum -The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ali Hassan Ja'afar, has visited the actor Ali Mahdi at his house in Riyad area in Khartoum to congratulate him for his selection as secretary general for the International Theater Insitiute.
AllAfrica | 21-Aug-2017 12:12

Mahmoud, Saudi Ambassador Discuss Issues of Concern to the Two Countries
[SNA] Khartoum -The Assistant of President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud discussed in the Republican Palace, Sunday, with Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Sudan, Ali Hassan Ja'afer, ways of consolidation of bilateral relations in all fields.
AllAfrica | 21-Aug-2017 12:03

Africa: Migrants in Yemen Beaten, Starved, Sexually Violated, Chained
[IPS] Rome -African migrants who arrive on Yemen's shores -that's if they are not forced into the sea to drown--risk to fall in the hands of criminal networks who hold them captive for several days to extort money in exchange for their "freedom," according to UN sources.
AllAfrica | 18-Aug-2017 08:51

Sudan: Amir of Kuwait Affirms Support to Sudan
[SNA] Khartoum -Amir of Kuwait, Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has affirmed his country's support to Sudan in all international forums, lauding the historical relations between the two countries.
AllAfrica | 17-Aug-2017 11:53

Nigeria: Hajj 2017 - Nahcon Airlifts 38,161 Pilgrims
[Daily Trust] The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) said it has airlifted 38, 161 pilgrims representing 58 percent of the total number so far.
AllAfrica | 17-Aug-2017 08:55

Somalia: 'Neutral' Somalia Finds Itself Engulfed in Saudi Arabia-Qatar Dispute
[African Arguments] President Farmaajo withstood significant pressure in staying out of Saudi Arabia's feud with Qatar. But it may pay a cost for its neutrality.
AllAfrica | 16-Aug-2017 16:22

Sudan: Chairman of Darfur Peace Office Receives Qatari Ambassador
[SNA] Khartoum -Chairman of Darfur Peace Office, Supervisor of Darfur Commissions, Majdi Khalafalla received, Tuesday, at his office, the Qatari Ambassador to Sudan, Rashed Abdul Rahman Al-Naemi in the presence of the Commissioner for Voluntary Repatriation, Taj Edden Ibrahim.
AllAfrica | 16-Aug-2017 10:54

Sudan: Head of the Darfur Peace Bureau, Receives Qatar Ambassador to the Sudan
[SNA] Khartoum -The Head of the Darfur Peace Bureau, and Supervisor of the Darfur Commissions, Magdi Khalfalla, on Tuesday received the Qatar ambassador to the Sudan, Dr Rashid Abdul Rahaman Al Niaimi, in the presence of the commissioner for voluntary return, Tajj Eddin Ibrahim Tahir.
AllAfrica | 16-Aug-2017 10:54

Sudan: Minister of Presidency of the Republic Receives UAE Ambassador
[SNA] Khartoum -Minister of Presidency of the Republic, Dr Fadl Abdalla Fadl received in the Republican Palace, on Tuesday, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates(UAE) to Sudan, Hamad Al-Gunaibi.
AllAfrica | 16-Aug-2017 10:42

Africa: Africa-Israel Summit 'Justifies Colonialism, Apartheid'
[Al Jazeera] A group of Palestinian activists, academics, and civil society organisations have launched a campaign to deter African nations from partaking in the upcoming Africa-Israel summit, slated to take place in Togo in October.
AllAfrica | 16-Aug-2017 09:00

Nigeria: First Batch of 412 Adamawa Pilgrims Airlifted
[Daily Trust] Yola -The first batch of 412 intending pilgrims from Adamawa State were yesterday airlifted to Saudi Arabia.
AllAfrica | 14-Aug-2017 13:31

Africa: Saudi Arabia-Qatar Rift Rattles the Region
[ISS] Since King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 81, came to power in 2015, Saudi Arabia has pursued a foreign policy described by many analysts and diplomats as aggressive - a politically risky departure from its usually discreet diplomacy.
AllAfrica | 13-Aug-2017 21:27

Sudan: Bakri - Cooperation Agreements With Jordan Reflect Strength of Relations Between Two Countries
[SNA] Khartoum -The First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan has expressed satisfaction over the outcomes of the 7 th session of the Sudanese-Jordanian Joint Higher Committee held today, Thursday, at the Republican Palace.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 14:10

Sudan: FVP Expresses Hopes Coordination and Cooperation With Jordan Would Be an Example to Be Copied By Others
[SNA] Khartoum -The First Vice President of the Republic, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, has expressed hope that the cooperation and coordination between Khartoum and Amman would be an example that other countries could copy and follow.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 14:10

Sudan: Jordanian Premier Says Meeting of Hither Committee Stands of the Depth of Relations Between the Countries
[SNA] Khartoum -The visiting Jordanian premier, Hani Al Malgi, on Thursday said the convening of the joint Higher Ministerial Committee between his country and the Sudan, reflects the depth of relations between Khartoum and Amman
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 14:10

Sudan: Prime Minister of Jordan Arrives the Country
[SNA] Khartoum -The Jordanian Premier, Hani Al-Mulki , arrived in the Country , Thursday, on a one-day state visit.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 10:38

Sudan: NUP Decry Sudan's 'Reckless and Irrational' Involvement in Yemen War
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Sudan's National Umma Party (NUP) led by Imam El Sadig El Mahdi has strongly criticised the government for its involvement in Yemen war, where Sudanese troops have fought alongside a mainly Gulf coalition since 2015.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 10:35

Kenya: Tea Exports Down As Pakistani Sales Drop
[Nation] Kenya's tea export dropped 19 per cent in the month of June compared with the similar period last year as leading importing market of the beverage, Pakistan, recorded a decline for first time since January.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 15:41

Sudan: Muawiya Al-Berir - Establishment of a Sudanese-Jordanian Industrial Zone
[SNA] Khartoum -The Deputy Chairman of the Union of Sudanese Businessmen, Muawiya Al-Berir noted to the many advantage of the meeting of Sudanese and Jordanian businessmen held Wednesday, in the economic fields of the two countries, the most prominent of which is the opening of a shipping line between Aqaba and Port Sudan, on which a proposal for the establishment of an industrial zone was agreed upon by the Jordanian side.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 10:11

Sudan: Govt and Jordan to Hold Joint Talks Tomorrow
[SNA] Khartoum -Sudan and Jordan will hold, tomorrow, Thursday, at the Republican Palace, joint talks co-chaired by the First Vice-President, the National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh and the Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr. Hani Al-Malagy.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 10:11

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Returns From Iran
[The Herald] President Mugabe returned home last night from Iran where he joined other world leaders in witnessing Mr Hassan Rouhani's swearing in for a second term as president of the Middle Eastern country. While in Iran, the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces also held bilateral talks with President Rouhani, in addition to interfacing with Zimbabwean students pursuing various university studies there.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 09:17

Call to Conquer Scientific, Technology Frontiers
[The Herald] President Mugabe has urged young Zimbabweans to conquer the frontier of new scientific and technological knowledge to develop their nation. Addressing Zimbabwean students here on Monday night, President Mugabe challenged youths to push the boundaries in the quest for excellence, rallying the nation to disprove the notion that black people were incapable of being the agents of their own development. The remarks came after the country's Ambassador to Tehran, Mr Nicholas Kitikiti, and his wife hosted a dinner
AllAfrica | 09-Aug-2017 11:26

Sudan: Meeting of Sudanese-Jordanian Joint Higher Ministerial Committee Tomorrow
[SNA] Khartoum -The meetings of the Ministerial Committee of the Higher Sudanese-Jordanian Joint Higher Committee is due to start its 7 th session tomorrow, Wednesday, at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum.
AllAfrica | 09-Aug-2017 11:12

Sudan: Speaker to Visit Kuwait On Invitation By His Counterpart
[SNA] Khartoum -Speaker of the National Assembly, professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar has received an official invitation from his Kuwaiti counterpart, Marzoog Ghanim inviting him to visit Kuwait mid of current month.
AllAfrica | 09-Aug-2017 11:12

Sudan: PM of Jordan to Arrive Country Thursday
[SNA] Khartoum -The Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Hani Mulki, is due to arrive the country Thursday, in a one day official visit.
AllAfrica | 09-Aug-2017 10:46

Tanzania: Dar es Salaam Now a Hotspot for Israeli Tourists
[Daily News] Seven groups of tourists from Israel have booked to tour Tanzania of which two of them have already arrived, thanks to the government officials recent tour of Israel that promoted and marketed local tourism attractions.
AllAfrica | 09-Aug-2017 08:52

Zimbabwe: Govt, Iran in High-Level Talks
[The Herald] President Mugabe yesterday met his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, in Tehran, with the leaders of the two nations emerging from their discussion determined to boost co-operation and overcome common adversity.
AllAfrica | 08-Aug-2017 14:57

Sudan: A Workshop On Peace Culture Organized By Embassy to Saudi Arabia
[SNA] Riyadh -A workshop on peace culture and conflict resolution was organized at the Sudan embassy in Saudi Arabia capital by the leaders of the Societal Dialogue Committee of the National dialogue conference.
AllAfrica | 08-Aug-2017 14:48

Sudan: Meetings of Sudanese-Jordanian Technical Committee Kicks Off
[SNA] Khartoum -The meetings of the technical committee of the Sudanese-Jordanian higher joint committee in its 7 th session launched, Monday, sittings at Carinthia Hotel in Khartoum.
AllAfrica | 08-Aug-2017 14:48

Meetings of Sudanese Jordanian Higher Committee Next Monday
[SNA] Khartoum -Khartoum is due to host next Monday the meetings of the Sudanese-Jordanian Higher Committee.
AllAfrica | 08-Aug-2017 10:10

Zimbabwe: 'The Chemistry Is Quite Good'
[The Herald] The two leaders (President Mugabe and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran) had a very good meeting. They actually hit it off very, very well indeed.
AllAfrica | 08-Aug-2017 09:53

Nigeria: First Batch of Lagos Pilgrims Takes Off Saturday
[Daily Trust] Lagos -The first flight of Lagos State intending pilgrims from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia would take off on Saturday.
AllAfrica | 06-Aug-2017 05:32

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Jets Off to Iran
[News24Wire] Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has reportedly arrived in the capital Tehran to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
AllAfrica | 04-Aug-2017 12:27

Sudan: Govt Affirms Its Unlimited Support for Kuwaiti Initiative to Solve the Current Crisis
[SNA] Khartoum -Sudan has renewed its unlimited support to the Kuwaiti Initiative and all other initiatives aimed at solving the current problem through principle of dialogue.
AllAfrica | 04-Aug-2017 09:39

Sudan: Assembly Speaker Meets Qatari Ambassador
[SNA] Khartoum -The Speaker of National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, met, Thursday, at his office, the Qatari Ambassador to Sudan, Rashed Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Naemi.
AllAfrica | 04-Aug-2017 09:39

Africa: Call It a Comeback - Israel's Grand 'Return' to Africa
[African Arguments] In exchange for development support, Israel wants African votes at international forums. This may prove trickier than it thinks.
AllAfrica | 03-Aug-2017 13:08

Sudan: Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Meets Ministry Undersecretary for Protocol Affairs
[SNA] Al Ryadh -The Sudan's ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdul-Bassit Badawi Al-Sunosi, met Wednesday after noon, with ambassador Aza'am Abdul-Karim Algain, the Saudi Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for the Protocol Affairs at his office in the Foreign Ministry.
AllAfrica | 03-Aug-2017 11:35

Sudan: Cabinet Affairs Minister Gives Directives for Enlisting Returnees From Saudi Arabia
[SNA] Khartoum -Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ahmed Saad Omer has directed the concerned circles to enlist the returnees from the Saudi Arab Kingdom and work out an integrated and classified statistics on the level of the different states.
AllAfrica | 02-Aug-2017 11:36

Mahmoud Gives Directive to Boost Contact With Bahraini Institutions
[SNA] Khartoum -The Assistant of President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud has given directive to boost contact between Sudanese and Bahraini institutions in a way that bolsters bilateral relations and serves the common interests.
AllAfrica | 01-Aug-2017 16:12

Burundi: Activist Calls On Govt to Sign Labor Agreement With Arab Countries
[Iwacu] The chairman of National Federation of Associations Engaged in Children's Welfare (FENADEB) appeals to Burundi Government to sign labor agreement with the Gulf states to combat the trafficking of Burundian women.
AllAfrica | 01-Aug-2017 16:03

Africa: Parliamentarians Study Nexus of Youth, Refugees and Development
[IPS] Amman, Jordan -Held for the first time in the Arab world, an annual meeting of Asian and Arab Parliamentarians examined how regional conflicts hinder the development of effective policies to achieve sustainable development, particularly as they generate large numbers of refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants.
AllAfrica | 31-Jul-2017 09:33

Sudan: Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Commends the Level of Sudan-Saudi Bilateral Relations
[SNA] Khartoum -The Saudi Arabian ambassador to the Sudan, Ali Bin Hassan Jaafar, has commended the level of bilateral relation and cooperation between his country and the Sudan.
AllAfrica | 30-Jul-2017 12:36

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