Saudi Arabians FĂȘtes Unification Achievements
[Cameroon Tribune]The Kingdom's 81st National Day was celebrated in Yaounde on September 23, 2013.
AllAfrica | 25-Sep-2013 10:52

North Africa: Keeping Your Government Honest - Access to Information in the Middle East and North Africa
[AlertNet]The decades of secrecy and the climate of impunity within which Arab governments conducted themselves before the Arab Spring led to an outpouring of people on the streets calling for their rights to be respected. The recent political upheavals across the region demonstrate that people are not satisfied and want to lead dignified lives free of corruption.
AllAfrica | 24-Sep-2013 15:50

Egypt: Sisi Allocates One Saudi Field Hospital to Ismailia
[Egypt Online]Defense Minister General Abdel-Fatah el-Sisi is to open a Saudi field hospital in Ismailia on 2/10/2013, Ismailia Governor Ahmed Al-Qasas said.
AllAfrica | 24-Sep-2013 15:41

Egypt: Gaza-Egypt Border Restrictions Worsening Humanitarian Situation of Palestinians, Says UN
[UN News]Severe restrictions on movement between the Gaza Strip and Egypt through the Rafah Crossing have worsened an already fragile humanitarian situation for the territory's 1.7 million Palestinians, including increasing fuel shortages and limiting access to health services abroad, the United Nations said today.
AllAfrica | 24-Sep-2013 09:44

Sudan: Cooperation Between Sudan and UAE in Social Affairs Field Discussed
[SNA]Abu Dhabi -Sudan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Yousif Mohamed Al-Siddiq, has discussed with the Minister of Social Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, Mariam bint Mohamed Khalfan, means of bolstering the bilateral relations and cooperation between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates in the social field.
AllAfrica | 24-Sep-2013 09:32

Egypt: Za'anoun - Egypt Remains Sole Sponsor of Inter-Palestinian Reconciliation
[Egypt Online]Chairman of the Palestinian National Council Salim al-Za'anoun said that the Palestinian policy toward Egypt is "special", making it clear that Egypt remains the sole sponsor of inter-Palestinian reconciliation.
AllAfrica | 24-Sep-2013 09:15

Egypt: Diplomat - Exerting All Efforts to Free ME of WMDs
[Egypt Online]Egypt floated in 1990 an initiative for freeing the Middle East from all weapons of mass destruction; either nuclear, chemical or biological, said Foreign Ministry official spokesman Badr Abdel Atti.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 16:49

HM the King Congratulates Saudi Monarch On National Day
[MAP]Rabat -HM King Mohammed VI sent to Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Abdellah Ibn Abdelaziz Al-Saoud, a message of congratulations on Saudi Arabia's national day.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 16:43

Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment Epresses Readiness to Invest in Darfur and Kordufan
[SNA]Khartoum -The Chairman of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Development and Investment, Mohammed Obeid Al-Maazrui has revealed that the Authority did not and won't reject to invest in Darfur and Kordufan, adding that the Authority has partners in decision-making.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 15:55

President Al-Basher - Sudan Will Not Normalize Relations With Israel
[SNA]Khartoum -President of the Republic, Field Marshal , Omer Al-Basher has affirmed that the Arab countries are the main donor of the development projects in Sudan.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 15:55

Minister of Interior Meets Kuwaiti RCS Delegation
[SNA]Khartoum -Minister of Interior, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmud Hammid has affirmed the necessity of the role being played by the State of Kuwait in Sudan in all domains, especially, its contributions to the development and investment projects in Sudan.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 14:29

Wali of Nahral-Neil Receives Chairman of Qatari Museums Corporation
[SNA]Atbara -The Wali (governor) of Nahral-Neil State, Gen. Abdalla Mohamed Al-Awad, has received in his office a visiting Qatari delegation, led by the Ambassador of Qatar to Sudan, Rashid bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Nuaimai, the Executive Chairman of Qatar Museums Corporation and representative of the Qatari Al-Diyyar Company.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 14:29

Egypt: Ramez - Paying Back Qatari Deposit Due to Changing Terms of Agreement
[Egypt Online]Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Hesham Ramez said that paying back a Qatari deposit of two billion dollars to Qatar is due to changing terms of agreement by the Qatari side.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 13:01

Egypt: Mansour Confirms Appreciation for Kuwaiti Support to Egypt
[Egypt Online]Interim President Adli Mansour made a phone call with Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Saturday 21/09/2013.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 13:01

Egypt: Egypt Rejects Qatari Proposal to Increase Flights to Doha
[Egypt Online]Civil Aviation Minister Abdul Aziz Fadel said that Egypt rejected a Qatari proposal to hold a meeting between the two sides with the aim of amending the air transport agreements between the two countries.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 11:37

Attempts to Drive Wedge Between Egypt, Kuwait Failed - Adviser
[Egypt Online]Presidential media adviser Ahmed Meslemani asserted that all attempts to drive a wedge between Egypt and Kuwait have failed.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 11:37

Egyptian-Saudi Relations At Their Best - Diplomat
[Egypt Online]Egyptian Ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia t Afifi Abdul Wahab said that the relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia are at their best, adding that President Adly Mansour would pay a visit to the kingdom to extend thanks to King Abdullah for his supportive stance to the aspirations of the Egyptian people in freedom and democracy following the 30 June revolution.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 11:35

Kuwait to Deposit USD 2 Billion in Cbe This Week
[Egypt Online]Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) Hisham Ramez said a Kuwaiti deposit worth USD 2 billion will be transferred to the Central Bank of Egypt this week, adding the foreign currencies reserve is assuring.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 11:35

Kenya: Israeli Commandos Join Westgate Rescue
[The Star]Elite Israeli anti-terror commandos were last night on their way to free hostages at the Westgate shopping Mall. The AFP reported that special forces have joined the fighting at the luxury mall in the Kenyan capital.
AllAfrica | 23-Sep-2013 09:24

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