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Al-Shabab attack on Kenyan town Mandera kills 12
At least 12 people die in an attack in Kenya believed to have been carried out by al-Shabab militants from Somalia. | 25-Oct-2016 10:21

Painting for peace
After nearly three years of war, South Sudanese artists want to get the country thinking and talking about peace, and have landed on a novel way to do it. | 25-Oct-2016 00:31

Project dignity
At the age of 13, Natasha Annie Tonthola was subjected to a ritual sexual initiation at the hands of an older man, but that was just the start of her troubles. | 24-Oct-2016 23:36

South Africa's golden rhino of Mapungubwe travels to London
One of South Africa's greatest historical artefacts is the star attraction of an exhibition of the country's art opening at the British Museum in London on 27 October. | 24-Oct-2016 23:15

Meet Cairo's female tuk-tuk drivers
Tuk-tuks are predominantly driven by men in Egypt, but the country's economic woes are driving more women to it as a means of earning a living. | 24-Oct-2016 23:08

Aid must provide value for money, says minister Priti Patel
Major multinational aid funding may be cut unless it provides better value for money, International Development Secretary Priti Patel says. | 24-Oct-2016 21:29

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