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Libya's persecuted people displaced again

After three years in a packed refugee camp, Mariam Mohammed fled with her seven children along with some 3000 members of Libya's persecuted Tawergha community in their second forced displacement. Their camp was caught in a cross-fire between Islamist militias and pro-government forces in the war-torn eastern city of Benghazi. | 20-Oct-2014 23:54

Ebola-hit nations get key supplies
Vital supplies to tackle Ebola are beginning to arrive in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - the worst-hit countries, Ghana's president says. | 20-Oct-2014 23:49

Kerry Meets With East Asian Officials
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is on an overseas trip taking him from a presidential inauguration to an historic commemoration. On Monday, the country’s top envoy attended Joko Widodo’s inauguration as Indonesia’s president at a Jakarta ceremony attended by several East Asian heads of state. Widodo, the country’s seventh president, is the first without roots in either the political or military elite, Reuters news service reported. Kerry met with Widodo later on Monday, and the two... | 20-Oct-2014 23:45

Poll: Venezuela's Maduro Approval Rating Drops to 30 Percent
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's approval rating dropped to 30.2 percent in September from 35.4 percent in July, according to a survey by pollster Datanalisis, amid an ongoing economic crisis that has weighed on his popularity. The OPEC nation faces the highest annual inflation in the Western Hemisphere at 63.4 percent, chronic shortages of consumer goods and an economy that business leaders say has entered recession. The poll conducted between Sept. 25 and Oct. 7 showed that... | 20-Oct-2014 23:11

Myanmar Announces General Elections for Late Next Year
Myanmar, also known as Burma, has announced that it will hold its next parliamentary elections in late October or early November of next year. Chairman of the Election Commission for the Yangon region, Ko Ko, made the announcement during a meeting with Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Monday. He said the CSO's would be important to the election process. "The election committee present that to the civil society organizations, explaining the process," he said. "The... | 20-Oct-2014 23:03

Chinese Dissident Alleges Forced Confession
As her case moves closer to trial, Chinese journalist and press freedom advocate Gao Yu says she was forced to confess to leaking state secrets. She made the comments Monday through her new lawyer, Mo Shaoping, who is taking over the case because the previous lawyer is suffering from health problems. He said Gao told him recently that she was forced to give her confession, which was then broadcast on state-run television. "She thinks she did not illegally provide state secrets... | 20-Oct-2014 22:51

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