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Cameroon Focuses on Widows’ Rights During UN Activism Days
Cameroon is observing the annual United Nations 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, which run from November 24 to December 10 and this year focus on the rights of widows. In Cameroon, many women who lose their husbands suffer humiliation and are forced to undergo dangerous traditional rituals to prove they didn’t cause their husbands’ deaths. Twenty-six year old Marie Noel Nnanga lost her husband last year. She said that like other widows, she was forced to go... | 27-Nov-2014 11:52

Britain Strikes Deal to Grant Scotland More Powers
Britain's main political parties struck what they said was a historic deal to grant Scotland tax-raising powers and greater autonomy to try to satisfy disappointed separatists who lost an independence vote two months ago. The deal, which was unveiled on Thursday but will not be implemented until after a UK-wide parliamentary election next year, amounts to the biggest transfer of powers to Scotland from the United Kingdom since 1999, when a Scots parliament was set up. Britain's... | 27-Nov-2014 11:43

WHO: Tropical Fly-borne Illness Reported Near Damascus
At least three wounded people have been infected near Damascus with a tropical disease spread by flies that had never before been reported in Syria, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said. The outbreak of myiasis, also known as screw worm, stems from deteriorating water and sanitation conditions. While not life-threatening, its presence is an indicator of how bad health conditions have become, according to the global health body. A video posted online this week appeared to show a... | 27-Nov-2014 11:24

Suicide Bomber Attacks British Embassy Vehicle in Afghan Capital
Afghan officials say a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-packed car into a British embassy vehicle in Kabul, killing at least five people, including one British citizen.  An Interior Ministry statement said the attack wounded 33 others, all of them Afghans. The British embassy confirmed there were "injuries" among those in the vehicle, but could not give any other information. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it "targeted foreign... | 27-Nov-2014 10:00

No Election in Thailand Seen Until 2016
Authorities in Thailand, which is under martial law and being run by a retired general, said they do not foresee holding elections next year as originally promised. A senior official told reporters Thursday that it is impossible to hold a national election next year because of groups in Thailand who oppose the ruling junta, named the National Council for Peace and Order. Prawit Wongsuwan, a retired commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai army who holds the posts of defense minister and... | 27-Nov-2014 09:22

Greece Paralyzed by Major Strike, Flights Canceled
Greek labor unions staged a 24-hour strike on Thursday that canceled hundreds of flights, shut public offices and severely disrupted local transport, in the first major industrial action to cripple the austerity-weary country in months. Private sector union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY called the walkout to protest against planned layoffs and pension reform demanded by European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders who have bailed out Greece twice. All Greek... | 27-Nov-2014 09:17

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