Ethiopia: Desalegn's Distraction?

The Ethiopian prime minister's recent outburst against Eritrea appears to be an attempt to turn the spotlight away from his own government's crises as it continues to face rising popular discontent against its various policies, crackdowns and interference in socio-religious affairs Recently, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn conducted an interview in which he threatened northern neighbour, Eritrea. Desalegn warned that Ethiopia has shifted its policy towards Eritrea, and is now determined to unseat Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki by force. | 19-Sep-2014 00:31

Ethiopia: Ireland Sharing Its Potato Expertise to Ethiopia

The hills of Chencha in southern Ethiopia, over 3,700m above sea level, are not a place where you might expect the Irish potato to be thriving underground. Farming practices are traditional, which means harvests are far below what Irish potato farmers reap. | 18-Sep-2014 20:17

Strategic research into national and local capacity building for DRM: Ethiopia pilot fieldwork report

To date there has been little formal, empirical research that has been conducted on capacity building for disaster risk management (DRM), and as a result international actors lack robust, evidence-based guidance on how capacity for DRM can be effectively generated at national and local levels. The research project that produced this pilot study report has been designed as an initial step towards filling that knowledge and evidence gap.

A pilot case study was deliberately included in the research design to give an opportunity to ‘road test’ the methodological approach of the project. Ethiopia was chosen as the location for the pilot as it was felt that the country incorporated elements of the three types of environment required in the ToRs:

  • fragile and conflict affected states
  • low income countries with repeated and regular natural disaster
  • states with established DRM infrastructure | 18-Sep-2014 13:18

Ukraine PM tells army to be on full battle alert despite ceasefire after violence in Donetsk

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk told government forces to remain on full battle alert on Wednesday as fighting in the rebel-held eastern city of Donetsk killed at least two civilians and further strained a ceasefire with Russia n-backed separatists. "Russia definitely will not give us either peace or stability. | 18-Sep-2014 06:44

First lady Roman in Kigali for WEDF - Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:15

Addis Ababa, 17 September 2014 - The First Lady of Ethiopia, Roman Tesfaye, arrived in Kigali on Tuesday to attend the ongoing World Export Development Forum and also participate at the 5th Senior Executive round-table on sourcing from women vendors where she was expected to deliver a keynote address on the theme "Empowering Women and Powering Trade." Roman is currently championing an initiative dubbed 'Connecting 1,500 Women and Young Girls to the Export Market' aimed at accelerating women's economic empowerment through marketable technical skills focused on hand weaving, embroidery, gemstones, jewelry, and leather fashion accessories. | 18-Sep-2014 02:27

GERD's latest fitting visitors - Wednesday, 17 September 2014 10:58

"The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has confirmed to us that the blood of our gallant patriots that was spilled to protect and shield our country from foreign invasion was not all in vain", was the consensus held during the recent visit of members of 'Ethiopian Patriots Association' to the construction site of GERD. The patriots have also conveyed their happiness for the fact that witnessing the project with their own bare eyes is a whole another prospect compared to seeing or hearing about it from the media. | 17-Sep-2014 22:07

VECOD launches second phase civil society project - Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:16

Vision Ethiopia Congress For Democracy , local charity organization, launched the second phase civil society project in three states and Addis Ababa City Administration aimed at creating open-eyed society and consolidating democracy through constructive discourse and civic engagement. VECOD Executive Director Tadele Derseh said: "Ethiopia has abundant resource and human power which require effective and wise mobilization in democratic manner for the good of the nation. | 17-Sep-2014 17:59

Ethiopian moves into Terminal 2 at London Heathrow - Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:19

Ethiopian Airlines, the first carrier to debut the advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner to London Heathrow, has moved to its new UK home at Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal. It will join a host of Star Alliance members at the brand new A 2.5 billion state-of-the-art terminal formally opened by Her Majesty the Queen in June. | 17-Sep-2014 13:56

Sisters to help improve lives of others

Sisters Kim Smith, left, and Kerri Costello are travelling for one of the first times together at the end of October when they head out for a Habitat for Humanity mission. Costello has always wanted to participate in a mission and hopes it will put her life, and just how lucky she is, in perspective for her. | 17-Sep-2014 06:32

The Failures of 'Ginbot 7' Never Ends

The self-proclaimed ' Ginbot 7' , a terrorist group, has many unattainable "dreams". Any of its wishes has never come to a friutation. | 17-Sep-2014 02:20

The Swiss hopes of refugees with nothing to lose

Your browser is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this websites. | 16-Sep-2014 22:15

Wheat consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa: trends, drivers, and policy implications

Staple grain consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is rising at the same time that the region is becoming more dependent on imported staples. This paper discusses the potential dilemmas posed by SSA’s increasing reliance on imported staples, and examines the pros and cons of various options for African countries to meet their staple grain needs.

The paper suggests that the key drivers of rising wheat consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa are rising incomes, growing populations, women’s participation in the labour force increasing at a faster rate than men’s, and wheat food aid. Furthermore, urbanisation, which is occurring rapidly in the region, would seemingly be an important driver of wheat demand. At the same time, world prices for staples are rising and are likely to become more variable as a result of climate change.

Nevertheless, the author states that African policymakers have a number of potential policy options at their disposal to meet their countries’ staple grain needs, arguing that a country-specific option or combination of options would be the “best”. However, investments in rural infrastructure, irrigation, agricultural research, development, and extension, and market information systems are likely to be core elements of successful strategies to promote increased staple grain production and productivity as well as economic development and poverty reduction. | 16-Sep-2014 20:06

Expressway creates huge opportunity for all economic actors - Tuesday, 16 September 2014 11:33

It is 84.7-kms toll way with six lanes on two sides enabling six vehicles to move at a time at speed. Accordingly, the Expressway has reduced Addis Ababa to Adama drive time to 45 minutes while curbing the traffic jam meaningfully. | 16-Sep-2014 18:05

Improving basic services for the bottom forty percent - lessons from Ethiopia

Ethiopia, like most developing countries, has opted to deliver services such as basic education, primary health care, agricultural extension advice, water, and rural roads through a highly decentralised system. That choice is based on several decades of theoretical analysis examining how a decentralised government might respond better to diverse local needs and provide public goods more efficiently than a highly centralised government.

Ethiopia primarily manages the delivery of basic services at the woreda (district) level. Those services are financed predominantly through intergovernmental fiscal transfers (IGFTs) from the federal to the regional and then the woreda administrations, although some woredas raise a small amount of revenue to support local services.

This study attempts to determine the extent to which spending at the woreda level on basic services is associated with key policy outputs and human outcomes.

The evidence assembled here implies that decentralized spending at the woreda level is both effective and pro-poor. The estimates imply that the returns to this spending are far from decreasing, which means that Ethiopia has scope to increase spending and speed its achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In agriculture, the impact of decentralized spending could be improved by providing better access to rural finance for the poorest producers.

Some caveats are needed with respect to these findings. In education, spending on materials and other quality drivers is not included in Woreda Block Grants. Teachers’ salaries, which are included, usually constitute 80–90 percent of education spending. In health, spending in the woredas does not drive the results but should be regarded more as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of systemwide spending. | 16-Sep-2014 17:20

Ethiopia: Eleven Companies in Tight Run to Win 900,000 Trillion Fertiliser Tender

A total of 11 companies have responded to the August 2014 tender by the Agricultural Input Supply Enterprise , only one of them making an offer for each of the two kinds of fertiliser the Enterprise wants, Urea and NPS. This is the second year in a row that the enterprise is buying NPS, a replacement for DAP, which it dropped two years ago. | 16-Sep-2014 13:58

Namibia gets Ethiopian pharmacists - Tuesday, 16 September 2014 07:27

Namibia has recruited 21 pharmacists from Ethiopia to address the current shortage in the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The Minister of Health and Social Services Richard Kamwi made the announcement at a press briefing in Windhoek yesterday, where he said the country needs about 1 000 pharmacists in the private and public sectors. | 16-Sep-2014 09:54

Hailemariam urges youth to consolidate development - Monday, 15 September 2014 13:19

Addis Ababa September 15/2014 Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn urged the youth to work hard and take the leading role for the consolidation of the ongoing development of the country. Speaking on a meeting organized here yesterday to celebrate the six anniversary of the EPRDF Youth League, the Prime Minister said the young generation should take the leadership role and strive for sustainability of the multi-sector development. | 16-Sep-2014 08:54

Ethiopia: Woes of Private Airlines

When Ethiopian Airlines acquired a state-of-the-art jetliner, the Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner in August of 2012, it took many by surprise. How can a poor country like Ethiopia become second next to Japan to own and operate the most sophisticated airliner in the world? Ethiopian was the first African carrier to join the jet age in the 1960s by bringing the first B720 jetliner to Africa. | 16-Sep-2014 04:40

Ethiopia: The Progressing GERD

United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that the government of the United States pays close attention to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam , which Egypt was campaigning against to halt its construction. The Secretary admitted that the US government held "intensive discussions with both sides" and urged them to work out their differences. | 16-Sep-2014 00:26

Re-greening Ethiopia: A Meles Zenawi legacy that's still on track

Last month, the Ethiopian media was full of massive tree-planting campaigns in memory of the Great Leader Meles Zenawi. For example, Western Shewa zone have established 172 parks in memory of Meles Zenawi, the SNNPR planted about 6o million trees, Benishangl region announced more than 77 percent of the trees planted in 86 Meles Zenawi memorial parks had survived. | 15-Sep-2014 20:15

Egypt: Egypt's Water Minister to Visit Ethiopia On Saturday

Egypt's Water and Irrigation Minister Hossam Moghazi said he will visit Ethiopia on Saturday to launch the Tripartite National Committee's first meeting. The committee is made up of 12 water experts from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to conduct a special study on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam . | 15-Sep-2014 15:54

Ethiopians in Canada hold discussion with Ethiopia government officials

Ethiopians and foreign national of Ethiopian origin living in Canada held a consultative forum with high-profile government officials yesterday. Speaker of the House of Federation , Kassa Tekleberhan, and Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Alemayehu Tegenu, attended the forum. | 15-Sep-2014 12:48

Ethiopia: Arrest of Journalists, Bloggers, Exodus of Journalists

It was last year that three journalists and six bloggers were detained and charged with "working with foreign organizations that claim to be human rights activists and agreeing in idea and receiving finance to incite public violence through social media." The detainees are Tesfalem Waldyes, Asmamaw Hailegiorgis, Zelalem Kibiret, Befekadu Hailu, Mahlet Fantahun, Abel Wabela, Atinafu Birhane, Natinael Feleke and Edom Kassaye. | 15-Sep-2014 11:45

Agreement with rebels rattled position of parties boycotting dialogue: NCP

September 14, 2014 Sudan's ruling National Congress Party said that political stances of opposition parties which refused to participate in the national dialogue have been weakened following the signing of the framework agreement between the national dialogue committee known as 7+7 and the Paris Declaration forces. | 15-Sep-2014 07:27

In pictures: Ethiopia's thriving art market

Business and art are becoming increasingly entwined in the Ethiopian capital, but journalist James Jeffrey asks if this has come at a cost to creativity and true artistic experimentation. Until recently the buying and selling of modern and contemporary art in Ethiopia was all but non-existent. | 15-Sep-2014 03:16

Ethiopians welcome 2007

Ask me if I felt a little strange holding two candles and celebrating the beginning of a New Year in September and I will tell you no. I have done stranger things and besides I knew exactly what I was doing. | 15-Sep-2014 02:07

How to boost food production in Africa
ADDIS ABABA 15 September 2014 (IRIN) - Smallholder farmers, who hold over 80 percent of all farms in sub-Saharan Africa, are struggling to adapt to rapidly rising temperature and erratic rains, according to the 2014 Africa Agriculture Status Report (AASR), released on 3 September in Addis Ababa. | 15-Sep-2014 02:00

State Department updates travel warning for Eritrea

The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Eritrea and strongly recommends U.S. citizens not travel to the country since there is increasing possibility U.S. citizens will not receive the requisite exit permit from Eritrean authorities, according to the latest State Department release. The new travel warning for Eritrea replaces the warning of November 18, 2013 to remind U.S. citizens of ongoing security concerns in Eritrea, the State Department says . | 14-Sep-2014 12:36

Company, Authority sign Dire Dawa - "Dawale road upgrading project

The Ethiopian Roads Authority yesterday signed an agreement with Chinese CGC Oversees Construction Company to upgrade 220-kms Dire Dawa-Dawale road at a cost of 3.9 billion Birr. Shandong was also another Chinese company which won the bid to consult the project. | 14-Sep-2014 04:32

Isaias Afwerki lost another trusted foot soldier, Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane

In the first week of September 2014 the United States government announced that the leader of Al-Shabab has been killed by US forces. The leader Al-Ahmed Abdi Godane , also known as Mukhtar C / ramaan Abu Zubayr was killed on Monday September 1, 2014. | 14-Sep-2014 00:27

Sudan: Opposition Leader Detained

The Sudanese security authorities on Friday detained a leading member of the National Consensus Forces, upon his return from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa after a meeting with leaders of the Sudan Revolutionary Front. The head of the Sudanese Congress Party , Ibrahim Sheikh, and seven party members are still held in custody, despite the amnesty granted by President Al Bashir on Wednesday. | 13-Sep-2014 20:10

Youth League to celebrate six year anniversary - Saturday, 13 September 2014 08:26

Addis Ababa, 13 September 2014 - Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front Youth League Head Dessalegn Gebre-Yohannes told journalists here yesterday that the six year anniversary of the establishment of EPRDF Youth League would be marked with various panel discussions and entertaining programs next Sunday at the Millennium Hall. According to Dessalegn, members of EPRDF Youth League have been marking the day through participating in voluntary services and developmental activities in their respective states every year since the League's inception. | 13-Sep-2014 15:57

Ethiopia - capable to host Africa...

Ethiopia has the capacity to host the Africa Cup of Nations and is ready to discharge any responsibility regarding this, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mokonnen said. Confederation of African Football delegation led by the President Issa Hayatou discussed with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his deputy Demeke Mekonen on Friday about development of Ethiopian football. | 13-Sep-2014 11:50

Ethiopian federalism exemplary to neighboring nations- Speaker - Saturday, 13 September 2014 08:19

The Federation House Speaker Kassa Teklebirhan said that Ethiopian Federal System is exemplary to its neighbors as it has helped the country assure the building of peace, economic development and democracy. Kassa, speaking to Sudanese delegates who are in Addis Ababa to share Ethiopian experience on this system, said that the previous unitary systems had been sources of problems for the country's development. | 13-Sep-2014 11:50

Ethiopian Activists Fight US-Backed Land Seizures

"We didn't do anything and they destroyed our house," Miriam told me. "We are appealing to the mayor, but there have been no answers. | 13-Sep-2014 00:12

Ethiopia on both corners of the Ball: Western Ally Versus Extremist Partner by @MohamudFarah

Today's major political conflicts might relate to the Western European powers' aggressive and rivalry occupation towards other continents of the globe for industrial resources. That systematic migration, which its last foot was Africa's Scramble of 1880s, was too strange to the occupied people and nations while today's liberty or freedom through "own state sovereignty" was not in the mind of many of those scrambled. | 12-Sep-2014 18:51

AMISOM congratulates Ethiopia as it celebrates New Year - Friday, 12 September 2014 07:00

The Acting Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Mission to Somalia Lydia Wanyoto has congratulated Ethiopia on the occasion of its New Year celebration. "On behalf of the mission, I extend our warm wishes and message of goodwill to the people of Ethiopia on the occasion of their New Year. | 12-Sep-2014 10:29

The flawed Rastafarian 'promised land'

Forty years ago Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was overthrown. It was a blow for all Rastafarians, who revere him as a god - and for those Rastafarians who had emigrated to Ethiopia, life suddenly got more difficult. | 12-Sep-2014 02:05

Africa and Belgium Generate the Same Amount of Electricity - But That's Changing

The statistics of the African Development Bank are terrifying: Africa's total installed power generation capacity is 147 gigawatts. That's about the same amount as Belgium's total capacity, and the equivalent of what China installs every 12 to 24 months. | 11-Sep-2014 18:48

Ethiopia's love affair with raw meat Historians trace raw meat...

In Addis Ababa, the bustling metropolis of nearly 3.5 million, raw meat lovers flock to butcher shops that serve raw meat any time of day. "But their most preferred time is lunch," Tsegaye Ayenew, who owns a butchery in Piazza in the heart of Addis Ababa, where many meat shops are located, told Anadolu Agency. | 11-Sep-2014 14:35

Abdirashid Dulane Rafle: a typical sycophant - By Abdikani Hassan

Abdirashid Dulane, an erstwhile chief of puppeteer regime in the occupied Somalis in Ogaden posted an article on, decrying for the late dictator Meles Zenawi with all the redundant rhetoric of EPRDF cadres of portraying Meles as a visionary leader. Abdirashid, a two decades political stooge of TPLF, painted a glowing picture on the reign of terror of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. | 11-Sep-2014 11:27

South Sudan Conflict: IGAD fights, mediates and negotiates

September 10, 2014 - One could be a party to a conflict, therefore a party to a negotiation process, if need arises. However, to be a mediating party as well in the same conflict is something unusual. | 11-Sep-2014 06:13

Beauty Queen Aids Ethiopia's Homeless Children

When she was crowned Miss Africa USA at a national pageant on August 8 at the Music Center at Strathmore in the Washington area, the tall and striking model and youth recreation director Meron Wudneh paid tribute to the country where she was born. "I am honored and delighted to represent Ethiopia," she said. | 10-Sep-2014 21:47

Ethiopian govt provides land for modern apparel factory

The Government of Ethiopia has provided 100 hectares of land in the Tigray region in Mekele city to Velocity Apparel Plc for construction of a modern garment factory with an initial investment of US$ 150 million, Ethiopian News Agency reported. The State Minister of Industry Tadese Haile said that project is important for Ethiopia, as it has major economic benefits. | 10-Sep-2014 11:18

Ethiopia: Ethiopia to Contract Most Expensive Dam

The Ethiopian Electric Power , a state monopoly tasked with the investment, expansion and operations of a generation as well as transmission of electric power, is to award a contract to build a dam on Gebba River, whose cost per megawatt is twice the amount spent on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam , sources disclosed. Although last minute negotiations were still underway at the time of going to press, a joint venture arrangement between Chinese and Ethiopian companies is to get hired to build the dam planned to generate 391mw electric power, sources disclosed to Fortune. | 10-Sep-2014 08:17

Rethinking Social Protection Using a Gender Lens

The role of gender in social protection is complex, shaping the types of risks tackled, how they are tackled, public buy-in and programme implementation practices. However, the extent to which gender has been integrated into social protection approaches has been uneven at best.

This paper synthesises findings from a multi-country research project on gender and social protection effectiveness. The project aimed to examine the extent to which existing social protection programming approaches are reinforcing women’s traditional roles and responsibilities, or harnessing the potential for social protection to contribute to a transformation of gender relations in economic and social spheres. It did this by assessing how far gender has been incorporated into the design and implementation of: cash transfers in Ghana and Peru; asset transfers in Bangladesh; public works in Ethiopia and India; and subsidised food and services in Indonesia, Mexico and Viet Nam.

The methodology employed a mixed methods approach, including a review of secondary sources, key informant interviews, household surveys, focus group discussions and life histories from poor men, women and children across different stages of the lifecycle. 

[source abstract] | 10-Sep-2014 06:48

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