Ethiopia to Open First Embassy in Rwanda
[Rwanda Govt] Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn who is on a three-day state visit to Rwanda will open his country's first embassy in Rwanda.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 14:02

Army Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians - Report
[VOA] Kenya and Ethiopia have used excessive force against Somali civilians amid efforts to halt cross-border attacks by al-Shabab, according to an internal report by aid agencies working in Somalia.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 12:28

Africa's Natural Resources Fuel Industrialization
[Ethiopian Herald] After the end of the Civil War until the beginning of the first World War in 1914, the United States of America changed from a mostly agricultural nation to an industrial hub. The US got completely industrialized, even farming itself became an industry.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 10:42

The Dynamics of Ethiopia's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's foreign relations with countries near and afar, and the country's foreign policy and diplomacy can best be characterized as a process of change and continuity in which various determinants are involved. The country's foreign policy and diplomacy has passed through three stages of foreign policy dimensions each characterized by different policy determinants and objectives.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 08:24

Ethiopian First Lady Tips Women to Lead Family and Communities
[New Times] Ethiopia's First Lady Romane Tesfaye has encouraged women to be at the heart of their families' well-being by championing peace and reconciliation.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 07:24

Ethiopian Prime Minister and First Lady On 3-Day State Visit
[New Times] Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and First Lady Roman Tesfaye arrived in Kigali, yesterday, for a three-day state visit.
AllAfrica | 28-Apr-2017 07:08

Renowned Astrophysicist Dies
[Addis Standard] Addis Standard has just confirmed that Dr. Legesse Wetro, renowned Astrophysicist & founder of Ethiopian Space Science Society, has passed away.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 18:54

Nigeria: 'Ethiopian Airlines Flew 11,000 Passengers in and Out of Kaduna'
[Daily Trust] Ethiopian Airlines was the only foreign airline that operated the Kaduna route when traffic was diverted to allow for repair work on the Abuja airport runway. In this exclusive interview, Mrs Firiehiwot Mekonnen, Traffic and Sales Manager of the airlines, speaks on the impact of the decision on their business, among other issues. Excerpts:
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 13:36

Ethiopia Prime Minister Visits Rwanda
[New Times] Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn arrived in Kigali Thursday morning for three-day official visit.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 13:35

Ministry Says Due Attention Given to Youth
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Youth and Sport said apart from protecting the youth from the negative social and economic effects of globalization, the government is gearing up its efforts to ensure economic benefits of the youth through creating more jobs.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Ethiopia: Traveler's Note From Addis-Nairobi
[Ethiopian Herald] While this writer left Addis to fly to Nairobi, a neighboring country, he was mentally painting their similarities and differences and wondering what the outcome could be .
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Human Development for a Rosy Future
[Ethiopian Herald] There is no dialogue among educators and researchers that education, particularly basic education, is key in terms of laying a solid foundation for healthy human development and is also strongly related to various socio-economic benefits. In this regard, nation's stride is impressive. A leap in primary school enrolment has been achieved. Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP) IV had been finalized last year and the new ESDP V is on actual implementation.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Enterprise, Agents Advancing Shipping, Logistics Services
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise along with its agents worldwide is upgrading its services to higher quality and standards with new global achievements in covering worldwide ports, says Mesfin Arega, Enterprise Acting CEO.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Investing in Youths Is a Viable Option
[Ethiopian Herald] Oromia State Chief Lemma Megersa
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Closing Than Breaking Ranks
[Ethiopian Herald] Breaking ranks is one of the reasons that made most African countries vulnerable to colonization, the architects of which were pursuing divide and rule.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Conference Spotlights Quality Gaps in Education
[Ethiopian Herald] Having appreciated higher educational institutes' roles to the existing socio economic growth of the country, the 7th Annual International Conference spotlighted quality gaps in education to ensure sustainable development.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

Innovative Service Addressing Community Problems
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Civil Service University said it has designed various projects aimed at addressing community problems.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:21

First Lady Lauds Private, Public Roles in Maintaining Children Health
[Ethiopian Herald] . Cure inaugurates its rehabilitation ward
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:20

Ministry Urges State Govt, City Administration
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on state governments and city administrations to play active role in the efforts of re-integrating Ethiopians repatriated from Saudi Arabia.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 11:20

Rwanda, Ethiopia Expand Areas of Cooperation
[New Times] Rwanda and Ethiopia agreed on new areas of cooperation at a meeting which concluded in Kigali on Tuesday, an official who attended the two-day session said.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 08:32

Rwanda, Ethiopia Expand Bilateral Ties
[New Times] Rwanda and Ethiopia agreed on new areas of cooperation at a meeting which concluded in Kigali on Tuesday, an official who attended the two-day session said.
AllAfrica | 27-Apr-2017 07:37

Cement, Concrete Key Ingredients to Construction
[Ethiopian Herald] Currently, Ethiopia aims at building and expanding cement industries to actively support its economic and infrastructural development. Thus, the government works to make the nation the hub of the leading cement industries in Africa, which are helpful to achieve sustainable production, and to meet global demands of products.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:15

Ethiopia: Premier Vow to Address Ancient Town Dev't Bottlenecks
[Ethiopian Herald] Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said the government would take the necessary measure to enable tourists spend more nights in Axum, ancient town of Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:15

Ethiopia: Boosting Swift Forages Said Critical to Combat Climate Change Impact
[Ethiopian Herald] The new inaugurated Genebank
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:15

Fighting Malpractices to Enhance Transparency and Accountability
[Ethiopian Herald] Study findings indicate that every culture and religion in the entire world despises and condemns theft, bribery, corruption and other evils. These economic hurdles have been hugely threatening the existence of many countries. According to Transparency International report, the African continent has lost 80 billion USD due to corruption in 2016 only. Such huge money would have been invested to finance mega projects. But unfortunately it was embezzled by government officials, civil servants and other irresp
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Empowering Women Through Education
[Ethiopian Herald] In ensuring sustainable economic growth in a given nation, empowering women is becoming a serious issue of the day. As most scholars have agreed up on, education is one of the most crucial areas of empowerment for women. Offering girls basic education is one way of providing them much greater and enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This seems a luxury but it an absolute must see.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Africa: China Seeks Greater African Engagement in Initiative
[Ethiopian Herald] - Belt and Road Initiative imperative for Africa
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Ethiopia: Towards Leveling the Ground
[Ethiopian Herald] Although innumerable women across the globe were subject to class-based oppression like their male counterparts, members of the fair sex were doomed to a double-fold oppression as they suffered gender-based discrimination too. Though on the wake of civilization, things are taking a turn for the better, many wives were receiving ill-treatments at the hands of their husbands while daughters less preferential treatment at the hands of parents. As the wrong mentality that women are meant for tackling domestic
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Sharing Burdens to Foster Ethiopian Renaissance
[Ethiopian Herald] The world is evolving; a new kind of global economic order is underway. Studies indicated that since the 1980s, the world economy has become increasingly connected and integrated. This integration is being shaped under an umbrella of globalization.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Appalling Consequences of Cross-Border Migration
[Ethiopian Herald] Migration is an old phenomenon that began from time immemorial. In the ancient and medieval times countries had no formal political establishment defined by geographic border, and moving from one territory to the other with no legal restriction was common - with war, natural disaster and territorial expansion serving as push factors.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Ethiopia: Contract Farming - A Risky Yet Rewarding Business
[Ethiopian Herald] Contract farming is relatively an emerging phenomenon in the Ethiopian agriculture sector. Yet it is the best solution to create linkage between smallholder farmers, markets and firms.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 16:14

Diaspora Ride
[Addis Fortune] It is noticeable that the national pride Ethiopians have for their country is embedded in their DNA. When they talk they make it sound like there could never be a better country.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 11:00

Ethiopia: Deposit Slowdown Hit Private Banks
[Addis Fortune] The slow deposit growth rate demonstrates the liquidity of the banks which has left them walking a tightrope
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 10:56

Operator Dies in Concrete Mixer Accident
[Addis Fortune] While cleaning the inside of a concrete mixer at a construction site behind Snap Plaza, an assistant operator was sucked inside the mechanism when the machine accidentally started up again, resulting in his death, according to workers on the construction site.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 10:55

Ethiopia: Flower Farm Returns 108ha Land to Farmers
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopian Meadows Plc, a company engaged in the farming and sale of roses in Holeta, has returned 108ha of land to 131 farmers, following an order from the Oromia Special Zone High Court a few weeks ago. The Company allegedly did not pay rent on time in line with its contractual agreement.
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 10:52

Ethiopia: Corporation to Supply 750 Public Buses
[Addis Fortune] The city administration approved 3.4 billion Br to procure the buses
AllAfrica | 26-Apr-2017 10:51

Uganda's Museveni in Bahir Dar for Security Forum On Natural Resources
[Independent (Kampala)] President Yoweri Museveni is in Bahir Dar, Ethiopias' second largest city, for the 6th TANA high-level forum on security in Africa that will focus on natural resources.
AllAfrica | 24-Apr-2017 10:39

Africa: Africa Security Forum Opens in Ethiopia, Natural Resources Tops Agenda
[East African] The sixth Tana High-level Forum on Security in Africa opened today in the Bahir Dar city of Ethiopia, where the management of the continent's natural resources tops the agenda.
AllAfrica | 23-Apr-2017 12:11

Ethiopia: Keeping the Stride to Speed Up Global Energy Development
[Ethiopian Herald] Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being and to a country's economic development. Access to modern energy is essential for the provision of clean water, sanitation and healthcare and for the provision of reliable and efficient lighting, heating, cooking, mechanical power, transport and telecommunications services.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 16:33

Ethiopia: Cities Forum Said Integral Part of Sustainable Urbanization
[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Urban Development and Housing said Ethiopian Cities Forum is playing a significant role in speeding up urbanization, strengthening good governance, creating jobs, improving land management, promoting greenery and environment friendly cities, among others.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 16:32

Ethiopia: What Does the Govt Have to Hide?
[Addis Standard] In February 2016, an 18-year-old student who I will call Tolessa and two friends took part in their first protest, in Oromia's East Hararghe zone. As the crowd moved forward, they were met by a line of regional police, federal police and the army. Shortly thereafter and without warning, security forces fired live ammunition into the crowd hitting Tolessa four times. Miraculously he survived. But his two friends were not so lucky.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 16:08

Germany to Back Humanitarian Projects
[Ethiopian Herald] Germany announces a financial assistance of 3.6 million euro to support three humanitarian projects in Ethiopia that benefits refugees, host communities as well as drought affected people.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 15:45

Stepping Up Basic Services in Gambella State
[Ethiopian Herald] Gambella State is found at a remote corner of the country. It has rich and untapped natural resources. The inadequate availability of infrastructure coupled with the relatively lower number of well trained human resource put the state in a disadvantaged position.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 15:31

Ethiopia: Spotlighting Tourist Destinations
[Ethiopian Herald] Exploring and putting on show Ethiopia's cultural, archaeological, historical and natural riches among other nature-bestowed attraction sites will highly accelerate the achievement of the country's chalked out development strategic plans and promote its several heritages.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 15:31

Germany to Back Humanitarian Projects
[Ethiopian Herald] Germany announces a financial assistance of 3.6 million euro to support three humanitarian projects in Ethiopia that benefits refugees, host communities as well as drought affected people.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 15:30

Ministry Upgrades ICT Expo to International Status
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology announced that this year's annual and national ICT Exhibition and Bazaar is to be upgraded into first International ICT Expo.
AllAfrica | 21-Apr-2017 15:29

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