First Ever Women's Manufacturers Exhibition, Bazaar Opens
[Ethiopian Herald] Federal Small And Medium Scale Manufacturing Development Agency in collaboration with Trade Ministry organized first ever four -day bazaar and exhibition to women engaging in manufacturing industry.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:25

Italy, UNAIDS to Support Ethiopian Aids Prevention Efforts
[Ethiopian Herald] Italy and the Joint United NationsProgramme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) in Ethiopia signed a financial agreement for the provision 500,000 Euro to Community Health Education, Capacity and Knowledge Building(CHECK) project.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:24

The Construction Industry in Bolstering Growth
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is a rapidly growing country that has been scoring a double digit economic growth for a decade. The availability of untapped natural resources coupled with its being the second populous country in Africa further makes the nation advantageous. Among others, the construction sector is instrumental in catapulting the nation to higher levels of development.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:24

Construction Sector Key to Ensure Intended Development
[Ethiopian Herald] The construction industry has been playing crucial role in expanding infrastructures such as roads, schools, health centres, real estates, irrigation, residential houses and the like. Hence, it created job opportunities for hundreds of thousands allover the country and established value chains through facilitating markets to cement industries and small scale enterprises. As rapidly growing economy, the nation aims at cultivating the sector so that it would meet its development ambition.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:23

Addis Secures Over 15 Billion Birr Revenue
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa City Administration announced that it had collected a revenue worth 15.53 billion Birr during the last six months of the current fiscal year .
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:22

European Union's Double Standard Policy Towards Eritrea
[Ethiopian Herald] It is no secret that the west especially, European Union has been playing double- standard politics towards the rest. Their hypocrisy has been tested practically in Eritrea in the last 20 years. What makes it irony is that the EU claims it stands for humanity but what it does in reality is the other way round. As to my best knowledge, it preaches about expanding democracy while pouring billions of dollars to anti-democratic leaders. Some in the EU pretend that they worry about migration while supporting re
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:21

Ethiopian to Host International Aviation Symposium
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Airlines announced that it would host the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aviation Training and TRAINER PLUS Symposium with the theme: 'Together, Enhancing Training to Build Capacity' in Addis from April 11- 13, 2017.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:20

Ministry Stepping Up Efforts to Environment Clean Cities
[Ethiopian Herald] Urban Development and Housing Ministry is stepping up efforts in creating environment clean cities across the country.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 13:16

Ethiopia, Djibouti Elevate Ties With Infrastructural Connectivity - Premier
[Ethiopian Herald] Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said Ethiopia and Djibouti would expand joint infrastructural development activities that ensure mutual benefits.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 12:27

Ethiopia: INSA Issues Cybersecurity Standards
[Ethiopian Herald] FDRE Information Network Security Agency (INSA) issued a 'Critical Mass Cyber Security Requirement Standard' aiming at implementing the country's information security laws and policies.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 12:25

Ethiopia: Finish Ambassador Commends Ethiopia for Economic Development
[Ethiopian Herald] Finland Ambassador to Ethiopia Helena Airaksinen said that Ethiopia has made good progress in terms of economic development."Finland is also keen on expanding economic cooperation with Ethiopia."
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 12:24

Africa: Climate Change Could Make Us Stronger
[Citizen] Sometime before Ethiopia started construction of its Gibe III dam in the Omo Valley in 2008, I went to the outskirts of Nairobi for a conversation with some of Kenya's bright national security elite.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 11:44

Program Launched in Ethiopia to Assist Refugees, Host Communities
[Focac] Addis Ababa -A 30-million-euro program was launched in Ethiopia on Wednesday to address protection and development challenges facing refugees and host communities in the Horn of Africa nation.
AllAfrica | 23-Feb-2017 08:01

Ethiopia: Govt Launches Initiative to Employ Disaffected Youth
[Deutsche Welle] For the last two decades, the Ethiopian government has been trumping the country's economic successes , which earned it the title the "African Tiger." However the youth appear to have been left behind.
AllAfrica | 22-Feb-2017 13:56

Ethiopia: UN Boosts Aid for Ethiopia, Somalia to Head Off Famine
[VOA] U.N. aid agencies are appealing to international donors to provide money to scale up lifesaving operations in drought-stricken Ethiopia and Somalia, where millions of hungry people are at risk of death and illness.
AllAfrica | 22-Feb-2017 11:05

Ethiopia: Ethiopia, UAE to Bolster Development Ties
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's ties with Gulf countries is gaining momentum
AllAfrica | 22-Feb-2017 10:59

Ethiopia: Govt, Finland to Work On Increasing Access, Quality Education
[Ethiopian Herald] Education Ministry said Finland would work jointly with the ministry in increasing access to quality education across the country.
AllAfrica | 22-Feb-2017 10:55

Ethiopia: Premier Lays Baeker Integrated Agro-Industrial Park Cornerstone
[Ethiopian Herald] Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn laid a cornerstone for Baeker Integrated Agro-Industrial Park yesterday in Humera, town of western Tigray State.
AllAfrica | 22-Feb-2017 10:46

Ethiopia: Son of Ethiopia, Son of Ethiopia's Friend in Need - Pankhurst
[Ethiopian Herald] One of his famous books
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:58

Ethiopia: Let Us Focus On Quality While Counting Quantity
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is a land with different agro-ecological zones. These varied ecological zones have enabled the country to be among countries having the highest livestock population. The country stands first in Africa and is ranked 10th in the world in livestock population. Moreover, cattle and human kinds have strong attachments in Ethiopia . Most of Ethiopian farmers or pastoralists have special place for their head of cattle that are key to their livelihood. It is not unusual that the pastoral community conside
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:57

Research Finds Positive Correlation Between Importing, Productivity At Firm Level
[Ethiopian Herald] A paper entitled 'Importing and Firm Productivity in Ethiopia' presented at a workshop on Industrial Change and Elements of Public Policy on Friday found that there is a positive correlation between intermediate input importing and productivity at firm level in Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:57

Ethiopia: 15th AFCA Conference Attracts Many More Attendees - Board Chairman
[Ethiopian Herald] The African Fine Coffees Association said a significant number of participants across the world took part in the 15th African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:56

Agency Urges Citizens to Step Up Efforts Towards Productive Safety Net Program
[Ethiopian Herald] Urban Food Security and Job Opportunity Agency called on fellow citizens to actively participate in the implementation of Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP).
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:54

World-Famous Ethiopian Astrophysicist - Dr. Legesse Wetro
[Ethiopian Herald] Legesse Wetro is a doctor of astrophysics. He is the Founder of Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) and founding member of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, African Astronomical Society, African and Ethiopian Physical Societies. He is a lead scientist in theoretical pulsar astrophysics. Dr. Legesse is as well member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU)-Commissions 40 A - B - C and Ethiopia's Liaison at IAU. To everyone's surprise, he solved the 460 years world problem of geomagnetic filed reve
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:52

East Africa: GERD - Ethiopia's Future and Destiny
[Ethiopian Herald] The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) possesses an invaluable and multi-faceted values and benefits to the peoples of Ethiopia. We may categorize those values and benefits in economic, social and political terms. The economic values are magnanimous. GERD can generate immense amount of hydro-power that can be sold here at home to each villages, towns and cities and abroad to different countries and hence can generate billions of dollars in hard currency and in Birr. This can be used in building infrast
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 10:49

Nation's Foreign Direct Investment Rising During State of Emergency
[Ethiopian Herald] Some twenty-five years back, Ethiopia had rarely been attracting the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since the market was largely dominated by command economy.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:45

Corporation Drafts One-Stop Industrial Parks Service Regulation
[Ethiopian Herald] Providing one-stop services to investors makes them more competitive and productive.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:44

Multi-National Federalism - Viable Option of Coexistence
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has experienced different systems of government in its long history. Almost all the previous regimes that ruled the country in iron fist did not have the will to decentralize power. As a result, the second most populous nation in Africa, and home of more than 80 nations, nationalities and peoples had been exploited by feudalism and military dictatorship. The diverse ethnic groups had not been treated equally for several centuries. They were denied of basic human and democratic rights during the pr
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:43

Ethiopia Finishes Fourth in 2017 African Cycling Championships
[Ethiopian Herald] More than 20 countries have participated in the 2017 African Continental Cycling Championship, taking place in the Egyptian tourist city of Luxor between 13 and 19 February, 2017. Ethiopia finishes the race with an amazing performance fourth in the medal table registering a spectacular performance in the youth category.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:41

Feasible Policy, Competitive Labour Attracting Chinese Investors - Ambassador
[Ethiopian Herald] The feasible business policies and ever growing competitive labor force of Ethiopia are attracting Chinese to invest here, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia La Yifan told The Ethiopian Herald.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:41

The Black, Shiny Victory at the Battle of Adwa
[Ethiopian Herald] This historical land had been envied and invaded by many external enemies in several periods of time. Also its people have gone through several internal conflicts and natural disasters like drought. But when an external adversary tries to conquer the land, these people, with diversified ethnic and linguistic background , would in an unexampled manner unite like stinging bees to chase the enemy off the country.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:40

Youth's View On Federalism
[Ethiopian Herald] Researches indicates that an administrative structure based on federalism has several values mainly to balance economic development between the center and the periphery,to materialize self and shared rules i.e,states send their representatives to the federal bodies at the same time administer themselves. Unity in diversity is also one form of a federal system . For the functionality of the system the availability of strong institutions and the prevalence of rule of law and democracy at large is decisive. S
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:38

7th Disability Sports Festival Takes Place
[Ethiopian Herald] The 7th Addis Ababa disability sports festival took place on Sunday at the Addis Ababa stadium.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:37

Ethiopia: Diaspora Raises Over U.S.$2 Million for Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Ethiopian Diaspora Community in different parts of the world raised 2,101,000 USD to back the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:37

Ethiopian League Champions St. George Thrashes Cote D'Or in a CAF Thriller
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Premier League champions Saint George defeatĀ Cote D'Or 3-0 in the second leg of the African Champions League in Hawasa on Monday. The match was played on Sunday but interrupted after the 60 minutes due to heavy rain. By then the score was 3-0 in favour of St George.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:34

Addis Coca Cola Cycling Race in Full Swing
[Ethiopian Herald] Two weeks ago the Addis Coca Cola cycling race took place on the road to Butajira. This is a scene from that road race
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:26

Nation Keeps Attracting Foreign Investors
[Ethiopian Herald] Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a 'report' concerning Gilgel Gibe III hydro-power dam stating that 'the Dam would have hydrological impacts on the lower Omo region and the lake Turkana.'
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:26

Ethiopia, Italy Ink Loan Accord
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia and Italy struck a soft-loan agreement with the latter providing 5 million euro to the infrastructural development of Ethiopian health sector here yesterday.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:25

Ethiopia and Sudan's Romance - Cementing Regional Ties
[Ethiopian Herald] It is crystal clear that the relation of Ethiopia and Sudan is evolving to the level of mutual trust. Their cooperation in investment and diplomatic communication has continued growing. Ethiopia has been working with all nations close by to capitalize regional interrogations. It as well is striving to address infrastructural gaps on top a underpinning power as well as trade and human development endeavors.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:24

Ethiopia: County's Peace, Stability Impress Coffee Conference Attendees
[Ethiopian Herald] The participants of the 15th African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) Conference and Exhibition in Ethiopia lauded nation's peace and stability.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 09:21

Technology and Land Reforms Would Mitigate Drought
[East African] With over 12 million people in East Africa at risk of starvation due to prolonged dry weather and drought, environment experts are urging governments to consider land reforms and technology to manage the situation.
AllAfrica | 21-Feb-2017 08:06

Sudan Court Sentences Ethiopian Protesters to Lashes, Fine
[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -On Saturday, a Khartoum court sentenced 65 Ethiopians to 40 lashes and a large fine for staging a demonstration.
AllAfrica | 20-Feb-2017 15:21

Ethiopia: Foreign Minister Workneh Attending 53rd Munich Security Conference
[Ethiopian Herald] Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu is in Germany attending the 53rd Munich Security Conference (MSC), an annual forum on international security policy.
AllAfrica | 19-Feb-2017 11:32

Africa: International Fund for Animal Welfare Says Pangolins in Danger of Extinction
[Ethiopian Herald] The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said pangolins are the world's most illegally traded mammal and in danger of extinction.
AllAfrica | 19-Feb-2017 11:31

Socio-Economic Justice for Peaceful, Prosperous Coexistence
[Ethiopian Herald] February 20 marks the annual global observance of World Day of Social Justice pursuant to UN and member states' commitment to the issue. Social justice encompasses economic justice. The rise in inequality of the distribution of income among people depicts the characteristics of a trend in social injustice, having affected large numbers of countries, from the developing to the most wealthy.
AllAfrica | 19-Feb-2017 11:29

Commemorating the Renowned Contemporary Painter, Poet
[Ethiopian Herald] Temesgen Shitaye was a lecturer of Theatrical Art at Wolkite University. Today he is attending his MA course at Addis Ababa University. Ever since he joined higher educational institutions he has been a regular attendee of various artistic programmes, events and shows such as, galleries. He has also a tendency of reading various academic journals, books and newspapers that mainly focus on visual arts. He had the chance to see Gebrekiristos Desata's paintings and read many of his poems. He found all of them
AllAfrica | 19-Feb-2017 11:28

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