Two Companies Seal Deal to Supply Coal
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) has awarded Riftcot Limited and HC Trading Plc to supply 1.2 billion Br worth of coal to cement and metal processing factories in the country.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:29

Korea Extends U.S.$1 Million to Drought Victims
[Addis Fortune] The government of Korea has pledged one million dollars for humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia for people who are suffering from the effects of severe drought resulting from the negative Indian Ocean dipole. Currently, the number of people who need the assistance has reached 8.5 million from 7.8 million in April 2017.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:27

IDA Targets to Commit U.S.$4.6 Billion to Ethiopia
[Addis Fortune] The International Development Association (IDA), a wing of the World Bank, has allocated a 4.6 billion dollar loan to Ethiopia for 2018. The Association's priority areas will be water supply, sanitation, education, trade, logistics and development of woman entrepreneurship.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:27

Coffee Dominates Commodity Trade
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has traded commodities worth 1.1 billion Br in the month of July. Among the commodities, coffee took the significant share, contributing 13,927tn or 70.96pc of the trading value.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:26

Ethiopia: Industry Premium Prod'n Hits Three-Year High Amid Price War
[Addis Fortune] Premium production across the insurance industry has risen at its strongest rate in three years to 7.4 billion Br during the just-ended fiscal year amid price war among insurers.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:25

Ethiopia: Development Bank's Profits Tumble, NPLS Expand
[Addis Fortune] The Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) has reported a 21.6pc decline in net profit to 323.8 million Br for the second year in a row as the Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) ratio of the Bank increased from 16pc to 25pc as of June, 2016/17. The state policy financier registered a profit that is three times lower than the target set to be achieved in the current fiscal year.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:25

Bidders Keep Showing Little Appetite for Auctioned Properties
[Addis Fortune] It is unfortunate for Shimelis Mulat to witness the three former owners of Dire Dawa Textile Company failing to keep the company afloat in the past decade since its privatisation. None of them has succeeded to either take the company to the next level or achieve break-even.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:24

Fine Hygienic Agent Cries Foul Over Alleged Forgery
[Addis Fortune] Three businesspeople who are suspected of selling and retailing a forged product of a well-known tissue paper, Fine, were released with bail rights on August 12, 2017.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:24

Commercial Farmers Cherish Return of Farms
[Addis Fortune] Following the order from the Office of the Prime Minister, Gambella Regional State has started returning the farmlands of 186 commercial farmers who were evicted from their leased properties after being accused of underutilization of the farms.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:22

Corruption Arrests Take Dozens By Storm
[Addis Fortune] The number of individuals arrested in relation to the recent high-level corruption case has reached 55 after the recent arrest of Samson Wondimu, communications director of the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), on August 11, 2017.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:21

City Collects 2.4 Billion Br Tax in a Month
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) Addis Ababa Branch Office has collected 2.4 billion Br in tax during the first month of the new fiscal year, meeting 85.7pc of the target.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:18

Govt Puts New Law to Fine Faulty Pedestrians
[Addis Fortune] The Federal Transport Authority (FTA) has drafted a new directive that will penalise pedestrians who do not obey conducts of road safety, such as walking on the left side of a one-way road and crossing the streets properly.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:14

Tribunal Closes Case of Brewery Giants
[Addis Fortune] The Tribunal of the Ethiopian Trade Practices & Consumer Protection Authority is to close the suit that was lodged by Meta Abo Brewery S.C., a subsidiary of Diageo, against Heineken Breweries, following the second time non-appearance of the litigating parties.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:13

New Law Surfaces to Sustain Fertiliser Import Monopoly
[Addis Fortune] The Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources (MoANR) has finalised a draft directive that will gear up the monopoly of the fertiliser import process. The new directive will also let the Ministry procure fertilisers directly from manufacturers for three years at a fixed price.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:13

Ethiopia: State Giant Heightens Deposits
[Addis Fortune] The state-owned giant, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), has mobilised deposits of 76.4 billion Br during the just-ended fiscal year, raising the aggregate deposits to 365 million Br. During the same period, CBE disbursed fresh loans of 94.5 billion Br and collected 64.6 billion Br of disbursed loans.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:11

Ethiopia: Gishen Denies Doping Involvement
[Addis Fortune] The management of Gishen Pharmacy Plc, one of the largest pharmacies in the city, with multiple branches, has denied the sale of a drug called EPO (Erythropoietin) that was said to have been used for doping by Ethiopian athletes.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:11

Youthfication of Addis
[Addis Fortune] The concept of a country, as an entity composed of several states or cities or regions, is complicated. For that matter, so is the concept of a continent, as a makeup of various countries, or the idea of a planet, as an organisation of continents and islands, or the galaxy, as a combination of several potentially life sustaining planets.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:10

Greed Begets Corruption Begets Extreme Poverty
[Addis Fortune] Sometimes it is to one's advantage not to be aware of various forms of social injustice, but to simply accept everything as a given, for awareness ignites responsibility and leads to suffering. The deeper one thinks about and pays attention to the unfairly skewed inequality among citizens belonging to the same motherland, the more they suffer inside and the more one is able to see connections between the comfort of people at the top of the hierarchy and the agony of the disadvantaged at the very bottom.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:08

French Company Relocates Investment Plant Over Land Dispute
[Addis Fortune] The Oromia Investment Commission (OIC) has faced a challenge in relocating 600 farmers from the 335ha of land out of the total 800ha leased to European Food and Cattle Plc in East Shoa, Liben, Chukana Wereda, near Ziway.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 12:07

Tradition 'Shmadition'
[Addis Fortune] Ashenda, also known by the name Shadey in the Agaw society of Amhara region, is a unique traditional festival, mostly yearned by women, which takes place in August to mark the ending of an orthodox Christian fasting season and the Annunciation, the announcement by Gabriel of the incarnation of God to the Virgin Mary.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:54

Ethiopia: United Edges Closer to Redesign Mang't Strategy
[Addis Fortune] United Bank S.C. is left with KPMG Management Consulting after the withdrawal of Deloitte Consulting Plc in a bid for the redesigning of its management strategy, which will likely cost the Bank at least 600,000 dollars.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:53

Why Invent When We Can Innovate
[Addis Fortune] In 2016, I participated in the 9th ICT Exhibition, in Addis Abeba, where Quick Response Code (QR code) was showcased. When some of us were chosen for an interview at the closing ceremony, I was excited, only to be told I had to showcase a technology I had "invented".
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:49

Flavoured Hookah Tobacco Is Still Tobacco, Only Flavoured
[Addis Fortune] In February 2014, the House of Peoples' Representatives, through Proclamation 822, ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) to protect the health of all Ethiopians. The Ethiopian Food, Medicine & Healthcare Administration & Control Authority (FMHACA) is mandated to take all actions necessary to implement the Convention.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:29

When the Ministry Wags the Minister
[Addis Fortune] The state of emergency that was declared on an October Sunday was lifted a little more than a week ago - after it was extended by four months - when members of Parliament attended an extraordinary urgent meeting, despite differences within the establishment over the decree's life span.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:27

Alarm As Drought Kills Two Million Livestock
[Addis Fortune] Drought victims continue to live in fear and uncertainty as the recent severe drought has killed two million livestock so far, according to a report of the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The primary reason for the death of the livestock is linked to a rise in drought affected areas and people.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:26

Ethiopia: Inflated Profit Puts Lion Insurance in Loss Trap, Again
[Addis Fortune] The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has discovered that the account of Lion Insurance Company was overstated by 13 million Br in 2015/16 owing to the understatement of the Firm's legal provision during the same period, resulting in a loss in the just-ended budget year.
AllAfrica | 15-Aug-2017 11:22

Ethiopia Save Blushes With Late Equalizer
[CAF] Sudan held host Ethiopia to a 1-1 draw in their 2018 Total African Nations Championship (CHAN) Kenya 2018 third and final round first leg clash on Sunday, 13 August 2017 in Hawassa.
AllAfrica | 14-Aug-2017 16:38

Changing Gear for Viable Road Network
[Ethiopian Herald] Adding luster to Ethiopia's prosperity,the revitalization of its century-old road network and the modernization of road transport system are promising a rapid and new national growth. The stride Ethiopia made in cognizance of the fact public spending in rural and urban infrastructures is one of the most powerful instruments and the crucial one that governments must pursue to promote economic growth and reduce poverty is bearing fruit. The Ethiopian Roads Authority(ERA) Communication Department Team Leader
AllAfrica | 14-Aug-2017 13:23

Investing More to Modernize Printing Sector
[Ethiopian Herald] To cope up with the government's Educational Quality Program and distribute one book for one student, the Educational Material Production and Distribution Enterprise has imported state-of-the-art machines. It is gearing up to replace its black-and-white printing machines with entire color printing machineries. To breathe-life in and modernize the printing sector, the enterprise is investing huge amount of money, said vice general executive officer of the enterprise Habtamu Belete,approached by The Ethiopia
AllAfrica | 14-Aug-2017 13:23

Ethiopia: First National Residency Matching Program for Medical Doctors
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia, successfully executed National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) with a view to stepping up the health service accessibility, affordability and availability throughout the country. The program which is unprecedented in the medical history of the country conducted its first NRMP exam in selected exam hubs: Addis Ababa, Jimma, Mekelle, Bahirdar, Hawassa, and Haromaya.
AllAfrica | 14-Aug-2017 13:23

Ethiopia: UN Sounds Alarm As Drought-Stricken Herders in Ethiopia Face Livestock Losses
[UN News] Drought has devastated herders' livelihoods as it exhausted pastures and water sources, the United Nations agriculture agency said today, stressing that supporting them to get back on their feet and prevent further livestock losses are crucial in the Horn of Africa country, where hunger has been on the rise this year.
AllAfrica | 12-Aug-2017 08:26

Government Affirms Keenness to Success of AJOC Meeting in Ethiopia
[SNA] Khartoum -The State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, ambassador Atta Al Manan Bakheit on Thursday received the tripartite delegation from the UN, AU and the African Union High level Implementation PANEL, currently touring Sudan and S. Sudan, in preparation for the meetings of the Executive Director of the Abyei Joint Oversight Committee AJOC, 17th of August.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 16:30

Nearly 200 Refugees 'Thrown' Into Yemen Sea
[Al Jazeera] More refugees and migrants have been "deliberately drowned" by human smugglers for the second time in 24 hours off the coast of Yemen, according to the United Nations migration agency.
AllAfrica | 11-Aug-2017 09:53

Ethiopia: Court Denies Bail in High-Level Corruption Case
[Addis Fortune] Judges at the Federal High Court have rejected the bail of the 44 government officials who were suspected of corruption.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 15:30

Ethiopia: Arrests Continue Further in Corruption Case
[Addis Fortune] The number of government officials arrested in a recent corruption case has reached 55.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 15:30

Federation Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Women Federation is backing women entrepreneurs to expand job opportunities and play due role in nation's economic growth.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

Addis Seeks Alternative Low-Cost Housing
[Ethiopian Herald] Short supply of affordable housing has become a major challenge for residents of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's largest urban center. The overwhelmingly rising demand, particularly by low and middle income groups necessitates the need to come up with alternative low-cost housing projects.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

Time to Pick Up Phones, Update Online Sites
[Ethiopian Herald] At the heart of emergency time dialing numbers is the America's 911. This emergency telephone number has already become popular number not just in the country of the service provider but also in other parts of the globe with some countries adapting it including Canada. Now people outside of the US where the toll-free telephone number is reserved for emergency situations requiring the assistance of Police, Fire or Ambulance are familiar to it, thanks to their film industry, Hollywood.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

Ethiopia: Colors Behind the Curtain
[Ethiopian Herald] "I post my paintings on Facebook but never thought for once that someone from overseas could come to buy them. Then one day, an American woman, who is a doctor by profession, came to my place and told me that she saw the painting on my facebook page and she liked it," says Solomon Tsega Zeab, a young painter who graduated from Tigray College of Arts in 2011 with diploma.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

Govt, Diaspora Discussion Platforms in Short Supply - Association
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Diaspora Association expressed its concern over lack of adequate platforms to bring the government and Diaspora together and promote amicable relations towards working in nation's development.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

Confronting the Taboo in Multi-Ethnic State
[Ethiopian Herald] For a country like Ethiopia that has upwards of eighty ethnic groups, local and national administration does not come easy. Reconciling the interests of different groups and establishing a working system for unity and development is always a major challenge. The long standing measure has been the complete denouncement of ethnic identity and a common allegiance to nationality. In case that fails, would the recognition of ethnic identities be an option?
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 14:01

An Ethiopian Little Gem in Science, Technology
[Ethiopian Herald] Nowadays, countries at different levels of development increasingly recognize that innovation is critical for maintaining a competitive capacity in the global economy, as well as for facilitating economic diversification and holistic progress. It has been clear for long that innovation is the engine of technological breakthroughs throughout any economy led by new entrepreneurs and businessmen eager to apply their new ideas of science and technology.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 13:54

TV Channels - Growing in Number, Less in Content
[Ethiopian Herald] The number of satellite TV broadcasters has seen dramatic increase in just few years but scholars question whether their local news and program contents are designed in a way to promote the social, political and economic aspects of the country beyond entertaining the public and making profits.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 13:54

Due Attention to Innovative, Alternative Housing Schemes
[Ethiopian Herald] One of the pressing issues that the rapidly growing Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's primate city, has been facing is serious housing problem. The capital is struggling to give its growing population opportunities to obtain decent, sustainable and affordable housing. The problem requires multifaceted solutions, new approaches, technologies and alternatives.
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 13:54

Prominent Opposition Leader Bekele Gerba Denied Bail
[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -A panel of three judges at the Federal High Court 4th criminal bench have today passed a decision denying the request for bail submitted by Bekele Gerba, (pictured), first secretary general of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 13:52

Smugglers 'Drowned' Teenage Migrants Near Yemen - UN Agency
[Deutsche Welle] Up to 50 people believed to have been migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia have been "deliberately drowned" near Yemen. The UN's migration agency has called the killings "shocking and inhumane."
AllAfrica | 10-Aug-2017 06:52

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