Swedish Foreign Ministry Calls Ethiopian Ambassador Over Protracted Court Case of Jailed Cardiologist Dr. Fikru Maru
[Addis Standard] The Swedish Foreign ministry has on Tuesday March 13 called Ethiopia's Ambassador to the country, Prof. Merga Bekana, for talks regarding the protracted court case of jailed Ethiopian born Swedish heart surgeon Dr. Fikru Maru, according to Radio Sweden .
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 15:19

KCCA Sets Sights On Historic Group Phase Berth
[CAF] Uganda champions, Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) have vowed to beat Ethiopia's Saint George on Saturday and qualify for the lucrative group stage for the first time.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 15:02

Violence Is Never a Solution!
[Ethiopian Herald] "Democracy is not an easy journey; it takes time and effort. [Thus,] the people should not resort to violence as it is not a solution" said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his first official visit to Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 14:56

Ethiopia Zooming On PPP to Fill Infrastructure Gap
[Ethiopian Herald] While Ethiopia is zooming on Public Private Partnership (PPP) to fill its infrastructure gap by enacting a comprehensive PPP Proclamation, many are seeing it as a springboard to fully harness the potential of PPP in Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 14:56

Bureau Amends Construction Sector Guideline
[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Office presented the city's construction sector amended guideline for discussion in the presence of pertinent stakeholders on Monday.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 14:55

'Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail'
[Ethiopian Herald] Many experts have outlined, through various vocabularies, the importance of strategic planning, and its value in efficiently utilizing resources at hand, especially at an organization level. Simply put, strategic planning is a management tool that serves the purpose of helping an organization do a better job with the resources at hand, and accounting for external factors.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:54

Ministry to Recognize Best Villages
[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Urban Development and Housing proposes national competition where Ethiopian villages would contest to be crowned as 'the best village'.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:48

Workshop Stresses On Ethical Leadership to Prevent Corruption
[Ethiopian Herald] Promoting ethical leadership is said imperative to bring about attitudinal change and hence come out victorious in the fight against corruption.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:47

Ethiopia:Illegal Migration's Consequences
[Ethiopian Herald] Migrating from one part of the world to the other end is a human attribute. History is in fact partly a tale of migrations and settlement all around the world. Modern immigrants are expected to fulfill some immigration requirements like visa and medical certificates for vaccinations against diseases that have spread around the world. These requirements vary from one country to the other and are governed by well known diplomatic treaties like the Vienna Convention.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:46

Ethiopia:Hospital Implementing Advanced Toxicology Treatment
[Ethiopian Herald] St. Peter's Specialized Hospital is implementing advanced toxicology treatment by opening Toxicology Research Center.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:45

Keep Walking - Control Your Anger
[Ethiopian Herald] While breathing life and going through many socioeconomic experiences, joy or sadness, fear or anger, love or hate are inevitable factors that always affect peoples' ways of survival in a constructive or destructive manner. We all know that our lives do not always follow the same pattern. We encounter with different experiences.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:44

Ethio-France Business Forum - to Lure More FDI
[Ethiopian Herald] Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is central to Ethiopia's ambition of achieving economic transformation. FDI inflow to Ethiopia has been growing from time to time and renowned international companies have repeatedly showed interest to invest in Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:42

China Hailed for Ethiopia Help
[Focac] The UN World Food Program and Ethiopia have hailed China's humanitarian support to drought-affected people and refugees in the East African country.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 13:42

Upholding Reflected Strength!
[Ethiopian Herald] While the main objective of Ethiopia's foreign policy is to serve its internal development agendas, on the other hand, the socio-political and economic success stories internally have played a key role for the country's diplomatic success externally.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 12:33

'... . Have Interest in Africa, First Consult With Addis Ababa'
[Ethiopian Herald] The series of visits by two super powers and an emerging economy, the Foreign Ministers of US, Russia and UAE, signals Ethiopia's ever growing diplomatic engagement in international arenas which in turn continue to attract public limelight.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 11:58

Preserving Mysteries Behind Tangible Heritages
[Ethiopian Herald] Intangible heritages such as indigenous knowledge systems are the primary underpinnings that bring forth the most remarkable tangible heritages such as the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela and Obelisks Axum into existence. That is why many experts believe preserving intangible heritages is nothing less than preserving ones' identity. But doing so is a daunting task, they argue.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 11:54

Efforts Underway to Link Dry Ports With Industrial Parks
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise said efforts are underway to develop new ports along with industrial parks and development corridors to facilitate import and exports with construction of Dire Dawa port being carried out.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 11:52

Djibouti:Ethiopia Hails Economic Importance of Chinese-Built Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway
[Focac] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia on Wednesday commended the first two months of transportation operation of the Chinese-built electrified railway.
AllAfrica | 15-Mar-2018 11:32

Ethiopia:Nation's Hospitality Industry - Opportunities,Challenges
[Ethiopian Herald] The nation's hospitality and tourism is one of the promising industry sectors particularly in creating immense employment opportunities. But,some investors claimed that the nation has not tapped into this potential for various reasons yet.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 16:50

Ethiopia:Women Urged to Have Timely Kidney Diagnosis
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Kidney Association called on fellow women to carry out a usual kidney diagnosis as they are more vulnerable to various kidney infections than men.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 16:50

More Than 7.8 Million People Need Emergency Food Assistance, Says Commissioner Mitiku
[ENA] Some 7.88 million people need emergency food assistance in 2018, National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Mitiku Kasa said.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 16:49

Japanes Pharmaceutical Company Exploring Investment Possibility in Ethiopia
[ENA] A Japanese Pharmaceutical Company is considering manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Ethiopia.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 16:49

Kenya:Kenya Catering for 2000 Ethiopians Who Fled Moyale Killings
[Shabelle] Kenyan authorities are receiving Ethiopians fleeing violence back home after security forces killed nine people and wounded a dozen others in a mistaken anti-terrorism fight.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 08:54

Ethiopia:Ethiopian Refugees Speak of Horror, Agony as Soldiers Flushed Them Out
[Nation] The more than 8,000 Ethiopian refugees, who have arrived in Moyale Town, Marsabit County, Tuesday narrated how they were flushed out of their homes by soldiers.
AllAfrica | 14-Mar-2018 08:52

Premier's Resignation - Courageous, Exemplary Decision
[Ethiopian Herald] The state of democracy is relative. Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister once said, "Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in the world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all worst."
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 15:36

Ethiopia:School Feeding Reduces Dropouts
[Ethiopian Herald] The Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples' State Education Bureau said that the school feeding program has reduced dropouts and improved teaching learning process as well.
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 15:35

Institutionalisation of Power, the Way Forward
[Addis Fortune] There was little doubt that the Minister of Defense Siraj Fegessa's briefing to members of the media last Wednesday would not be a running list of the successes of the recently reinstated State of Emergency. Even for the residents of Addis Abeba, whose city was relatively calm through two years of unrest in the surrounding Oromia Regional State, it was evident that the political environment was far from tranquil. At least Siraj's briefing came on the final day of a sit-in in towns surrounding the capital,
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 15:22

Ethiopia:A 'Morning Light' Dawns for Ethiopian Women With Access to Solar Energy and Loans
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] In a drought-prone village of southern Ethiopia stands a small solar-energy-powered shop, fondly named by women as 'Shaka', which means the 'morning light'.
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 14:58

Ethiopia:Disability Rights Advocate Champions Opportunities for Women
[VOA] Yetnebersh Nigussie had opportunities other girls in rural Ethiopia can only dream of.
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 10:47

Djibouti:New Ethio-Djibouti Railway Boosting Economic Integration - Ambassador Farah
[ENA] Addis Ababa March 12/2018 The latest Ethio-Djibouti railway is paving the way for boosting the multifaceted economic integration between the two countries alongside enhancing the historical people to people ties, Ambassador Farah said.
AllAfrica | 13-Mar-2018 09:28

Political Dominoes Topple in Ethiopia
[IPS] Addis Ababa -The dominoes keep falling in Ethiopia, with one of the most significant crashing down.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 10:52

Ethiopia:UN Seeks U.S.$80 Million to Support Refugees
[UN News] Two United Nations humanitarian agencies are jointly seeking $80 million to provide food assistance to refugees in Ethiopia, which hosts the second largest number of those in Africa.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 10:13

All-Female Crew Operate Ethiopian Airlines' Inaugural Buenos Aires Flight
[This is Africa] Ethiopian Airlines has made history again with an all women functioned inaugural flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. On International Women's Day, the all female crew operated and flew the iconic B787 Dreamliner, from Addis Ababa to Buenos Aires, which marked yet remarkable, empowering and inspirational first for the airline.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 09:13

Ethiopian Immigrants' Long Battle to Be Heard
[GroundUp] It's about 5am on a dark Tuesday morning. Hundreds of Ethiopian immigrants jostle to be first in the queue at the Desmond Tutu Refugee Centre in Marabastad, Pretoria. Most have come to renew their asylum seeker documentation; others are new arrivals hoping to apply for asylum seeker status.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 09:10

Ethiopia:Minister Reports Arrests Over Anti-Government Protests
[VOA] Ethiopia's defense minister announced the arrests of the "main instigators" linked to anti-government protests roiling the country, insisting that armed federal patrols were trying to minimize violence. At least a handful of civilian deaths have been reported over the last several days.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 08:48

Africa:U.S. Secretary Tillerson Says Ethiopia Needs 'Greater Freedom'
[Deutsche Welle] During a visit to Ethiopia, Rex Tillerson has said the answer to violence in the East African country was greater freedom, and that the country should lift its state of emergency as quickly as possible.
AllAfrica | 09-Mar-2018 02:56

Dodoma Police Intercept 64 Illegal Immigrants
[Daily News] Dodoma -POLICE yesterday arrested 64 Ethiopian illegal immigrants at Chenene vehicle inspection road block in Chamwino District. Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC), Gilles Muroto told a joint press conference with the Immigration Department here that the the illegal immigrants were found in a lorry while on transit to South Africa.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 13:31

Command Post Says Normalcy Returns in Violence Hit Areas
[Ethiopian Herald] The Command Post which is in charge of enforcing the State of Emergency (SoE) said majority of public movement in the unrest hit parts of nation have been restored to normalcy.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:24

Rex Tillerson Stops in Addis Ababa for Official Visit
[Ethiopian Herald] US State Secretary Rex Tillerson arrived in Addis Ababa, yesterday for official state visit.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:17

Ethiopia's Move to Introduce Ecommerce
[Ethiopian Herald] Internet based economic activities such as ecommerce have become a common phenomenon in the world today easing the process of business transactions. Though Ethiopia lags behind in adopting and introducing these technologies, it is now working to introduce ecommerce by preparing legal frameworks and coordinating infrastructures.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:16

Ethiopia:Ethiopia, UAE Ink Political Consultation MoU
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed Memorandum of Understating (MoU) for political consultation as the second Joint Ministerial Commission forum was held yesterday.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:13

EPRDF Executive Committee to Meet On Sunday
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Executive Committee is set to meet on Sunday to evaluate the party's performance and make decisions on key national agendas.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:11

Ethiopia's Growing Diplomacy, Strategic Importance
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's role in the international arena is not as it had been two or three decades ago. Now, the influence of the country in several aspects, including economic, political and peace and security spheres, has significantly increased. So does the attention the country receives from the international community. Ethiopia has also been striving to create a healthy and cooperative ties with countries, regional and continental blocs as well as prominent international institutions.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:10

Experts Call for Compassionate and Respectful Care Improvement
[Ethiopian Herald] Experts stressed on the need to extensively work to empowering health workers on Compassionate and Respectful Care (CRC) and improve quality of health services.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:09

Ethiopia:Protecting Ethiopia From Fifth Columnists' Conspiracy
[Ethiopian Herald] Hiding themselves in their own Trojan Horse and pausing as advocates of social justice and democracy, over the last two years, social media "patriots", self styled liberators and "champions of freedom and democracy" had continued to violate children's rights to education, mother's freedom to go to local markets to buy food and the rights of daily laborers to eke life through their labor.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 11:03

Ethiopia Spearheads African Struggle Against Dominance - AU
[Ethiopian Herald] Ever since the victory of Adwa, Ethiopia has been at the heart of African independence struggle against both colonialism and new form of modern day dominance, says Ambassador Jean Mfasoni, Special Advisor to the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.
AllAfrica | 08-Mar-2018 10:57

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