Chinese FM to Visit Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon
[Focac] Beijing -Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay an official visit to Ethiopia and the African Union (AU) Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Jordan and Lebanon from June 20 to 23, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Tuesday.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 15:15

Unlocking Local Contractors' Potential
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's booming construction is propelling local contractors to climb the ladder of wealth but some complains about how certain businesses are taking shape in the sector.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:56

Crucial Moment for the Private Sector to Kick In
[Ethiopian Herald] The role of the private sector is central to sustain the ongoing rapid economic growth which has so far been driven in large part by public sector investment. In the coming years, both the government and the private sector should strive to advance the role of domestic private actors to sustain the ongoing rapid and inclusive growth.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:53

Economic Growth Gives Rise to Aviation Industry Demand
[Ethiopian Herald] The rapid economic growth attested in the country in the last decade has given rise to an indispensable demand for a booming aviation industry to keep the growth momentum, according to professionals in the aviation industry.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:52

Ethiopia, ILO - Growing Partnership
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is effectively positioning itself by assuming major responsibilities in international organizations like the UNSC and WHO. And recently, the country has been elected as a regular member of the executive body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the period 2017- 2020.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:51

Local Associations Promote Dev't Through Public Participation
[Ethiopian Herald] Community based local development associations have been performing crucial jobs in filing the gaps left by the government to alleviating poverty and addressing socioeconomic issues over the last two decades.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:48

Reconnecting With Nature for Holistic Healing
[Ethiopian Herald] The American writer, Sidney Sheldon, the seventh-best-selling fiction author of all time, once advised his readers, "Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived." These days, let alone making the earth a better place, man could not even preserve what is there when he arrives; he rather continues to deteriorating it. As this generation is failing to live up to the requirements of Sheldon's advice, it is time for the leaders of the world to respond to the global call to save nature.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:44

Improved Technologies Enhancing Productivity
[Ethiopian Herald] The joint effort of partners in generating and distributing agricultural technologies making positive impact in boosting productivity and availing inputs to the industry.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:44

'Nowadays, Aeroplanes Have Become As Important Utilities As a Mobile Phone and Laptop'
[Ethiopian Herald] Captain Solomon became a successful aviation industry runner starting from scratch. He is now a pilot, pioneering Ethiopia's private aviation industry. He owns Abyssinia Flights and Pilot Training School. The Ethiopian Herald held an exclusive interview with the Captain, sharing his life experiences and enlightening us about the contributions of aviation in a country's socio-economic development. Excerpts:
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:42

It's About Time for the Private Sector to Shine!
[Ethiopian Herald] For long, the incumbent's position has been for the state to have a vital role in promoting economic growth. Though the private sector is given a lot of room, the state opted into playing a key role in the economy than leaving everything to be decided by the market. The state-interventionist policies, particularly in infrastructural development, have then resulted in successive economic growth and reduction in poverty for more than a decade now.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:41

Insurance to Fund Medical Error Compensation
[Ethiopian Herald] Regardless of how many years of experience a doctor or medical firm may have, there is always a possibility of making unintentional medical errors while performing complicated surgeries or other medical procedures.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 13:36

No Border Wall for Ethiopia, Rather an Open Door - Even for Its Enemy
[IPS] Adinbried -It's one thing to read about the exodus of souls flowing out of Eritrea, it's quite another to look into the tired eyes, surrounded by dust and grime, of a 14-year-old Eritrean girl who's just arrived on the Ethiopian side of the shared border.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 11:24

Egypt's El-Sisi, Ethiopian Premier to Attend Crucial Nile Summit
[Monitor] Kampala -Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Ethiopian premier Hailemariam Desalegne, have both confirmed attendance of the make or break Nile Basin States Summit in Kampala tomorrow. The conference is expected to bring to an end the contention over a new framework for sharing and use of the waters of River Nile.
AllAfrica | 22-Jun-2017 09:00

Federalism - Best Fit for Ethiopia Amidst Challenges
[Ethiopian Herald] For anyone with a sober and calm reflection about Ethiopia's political past, its present and future, saving Ethiopia's Federalism from the sledgehammer of both its architects and its detractors should now be a matter of national urgency. Scholars in the area strongly stressed that Federalism is the best fit for Ethiopia which needs to get further strengthened and protected as it is now at the younger stage.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 14:05

Hawassa Industry Park Goes Operational
[Ethiopian Herald] The first phase of the Hawassa Industry Park (HIP), the 1st Sustainable Textile and Apparel Grand Park in Africa, has become fully operational.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 14:02

Ethio-Telecom Corporate Communication Head Abdurahim Ahmed
[Ethiopian Herald] Globally, the development of telecommunication industry is one of the important indicators of social and economic development of a given country. The industry, further than playing a pivotal role in the overall development of all sectors related to social, political and economic affairs, it is very vibrant in its nature of innovation, and distribution.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 13:36

Africa: Ethiopia Was Colonised
[African Arguments] We kept the imperialists at bay, but it wasn't enough.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 13:20

Harnessing Agricultural Quality to Enhance Export Revenue
[Ethiopian Herald] Agriculture remains the leading sector in Ethiopia's economy and an important source of economic growth. It contributes 39 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provides employment opportunities for about 73 percent of the population.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:37

Africans Intertwine Plan With SDGs
[Ethiopian Herald] The Sustainable Development Goal Centre for Africa (SDGC/A) - established by leaders of the continent as a homegrown initiative - has started its operations in July 2016, with an aim of implementing UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in conformity with other continental plans, such as 'Agenda 2063'. Dr. Belay Begashaw is currently working as Director General of the Centre, and The Ethiopian Herald has caught up with him to discuss regarding these issues.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:36

Ambassador Affirms to Strengthen Long-Standing Bilateral Relation
[Ethiopian Herald] The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been playing active role in supporting Ethiopia's development programs and its engagement to increase access to social services, the Country's Ambassador said.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:35

Aksum University - Towards Preserving Heritages, Serving Community
[Ethiopian Herald] Aksum University, situated close to the ancient town of Aksum, is among the nearly established universities across the country; which are referred to as the 'second generation universities.'
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:34

Improving Quality to Enhance Agricultural Export
[Ethiopian Herald] The amount of agricultural export commodity revenue obtained at the international market is though varied item to item, meeting the international quality standard has remained the major hindrance not to break into and navigate the global markets, the Ministry of Trade said.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:33

University to Expand Tourism Sites
[Ethiopian Herald] Aksum University started off on the right foot to expand tourism spots around the town of Aksum, University Tourism and Archaeology Institute Director Dr. Hiluf Berhe told The Ethiopian Herald recently.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:33

Upward Mobility in Ethiopia's 'Mittelstand'
[Ethiopian Herald] Urban Job Creation Food Security Agency revealed that the Small and Medium sector is performing well in terms of expediting enterprises into the next level.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:32

A View Into Ethiopia's 'Ascendance'
[Ethiopian Herald] Many analysts and scholars have said that Addis Ababa is emerging as a major actor in the Sub-Regional, Continental, and even global scenes by mentioning material growth indicators such as economic growth, military advancement or demographic evolution. This piece tries to view Ethiopia's emergence through the angle of cultural prism and the impeccable peacekeeping records that serve as soft diplomatic power for the country.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:31

Education Expansion - a Rewarding Investment
[Ethiopian Herald] Practitioners, stakeholders and experts said Ethiopia has done remarkable progress in improving access to education, though quality remains to be issue of concern.
AllAfrica | 21-Jun-2017 12:31

One Belt and One Road - Win - Win Approach to Sino - Africa Economic Ties
[Ethiopian Herald] Developed countries have been benefiting a lot through plundering the wealth of developing nations using globalization as a pretext . In contrast, least developed countries have been suffering from absolute poverty for age mainly for lack of skilled manpower and poor infrastructure.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:20

Africa's Largest Refugee Crisis Now a 'Children's Crisis' - Unicef
[UN News] Raising alarm over the plight of refugees, in particular the situation of women and children, arriving in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya having fled violence and instability in South Sudan, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has called on governments to do more to ensure that the most vulnerable are protected.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:19

St. George to Face Congo's AS Vita Today
[Ethiopian Herald] Salhadin who scored the winner against DR Congo's AS Vita is hopeful to get the net again
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:13

Tourism, Hospitality Sector Perform Well Despite Challenges
[Ethiopian Herald] The tourism and hospitality sector secured two-billion Birr revenue during the last nine months of this fiscal year while about 700,000 tourists visited the country.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:12

Ethiopia Begins Manufacturing Vehicles' Motors
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Power Engineering Industry organized under the Metals and Engineering Corporation said it has begun manufacturing motors for vehicles used for automotive, construction and agricultural activities.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:12

Thrilling Matches Await As EPL a Game Away From Conclusion
[Ethiopian Herald] Sidama Coffee are third in the table on 48 points from 28 games. They will take on Dedebit on Wednesday at the Addis Ababa Stadium
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:11

Ethiopia: Amu to Host Int'l Sustainable Water Resource Dev't Conference
[Ethiopian Herald] Arba Minch University (AMU) said it is to host the 17th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resource Development from June 23-24, 2017.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:10

Ethiopia's Rising Role in Drawing FDI to Africa
[Ethiopian Herald] The past quarter of a century witnessed the rise of trade relations between states and powerful non-state actors. Cross-border investments have become the order of the day in which private interests are provided with packages of incentives such as tax breaks to start their businesses in countries that scramble to have themselves favoured. A 2012 study presented by the International Journal of Financial Research indicated that FDI has expanded strongly over the past three decades. The study cites UNCTAD as
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 17:02

Tanzania Among Top Five Fastest Growing Economies
[Daily News] Tanzania's Gross Domestic Products (GDP) is tipped to grow by 7.2 per cent to become the world fourth fastest economy in this year. According to World Economic Prospect June report the country economy forecasted to grow at per with India GDP.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 14:05

As Doors Close to Refugees, Ethiopia's Stay Open
[ISS] Over 65.6 million people around the world were forcibly displaced by the end of 2016 - the highest level ever recorded. Of these, 84% were hosted in developing countries. This contrasts with the media's focus of the burden of this crisis on developed countries, especially in Europe.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 13:53

Priti Patel - UK Steps Up Humanitarian Support to Save Lives in Somalia and Ethiopia
[Dalsan Radio] International Development Secretary Priti Patel today called for a new concerted global push to prevent millions of people losing their lives across East Africa to the threat of starvation and disease.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:52

Ethiopia: Achilles Heel of the Latest Budget
[Addis Fortune] Putting the enormous damage inflicted on the country aside, the ruling EPRDF has a history of changing tough challenges into policy opportunities its leaders proudly and often speak of. Guided by policies of opportunities, many reforms have been instituted over the years, of which reforming the taxation system is one.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:26

Ethiopia: Addis Again On a Massive Knockdown
[Addis Fortune] On the sunny midday of June 14, 2017, the three neighbours Melese Abayneh, Birtukan Demisse and Alemitu Assale were sitting clueless in the wreck of their houses, which they had been living in for the past five years. These neighbours teamed up as they are all from the same town, in the southern part of the country.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:24

Enterprise Monopolises Salt Distribution
[Addis Fortune] The Enterprise plans to distribute 100,000 quintals of iodine-free salt in the next two months
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:23

Ethiopia: Nile Gets Green Light to Start Mortgage Insurance
[Addis Fortune] The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) gave its approval for Nile Insurance S.C. to start a mortgage redemption insurance policy. The approval was given in a letter sent to Nile on June 12, 2017.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:22

Prosecutors Once Again Dismiss Oromo Party Leader's Objections
[Addis Standard] Federal prosecutors have today submitted their objections against the statement from Dr. Merera Gudina. Last month, Dr. Merera' lawyers have submitted a letter requesting for the criminal charges against him to be separated from the terrorism charges against the two foreign based media organizations OMN and ESAT, in the same file. Today, the court received the written objection from the prosecutors and adjourned the next hearing to give its verdict to July 07.
AllAfrica | 20-Jun-2017 12:14

Ethiopia: Climate Change Threatens Coffee Industry
[Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew] Up to 60 percent of Ethiopia's coffee production area could become unsuitable for coffee farming before the end of the century, says a new study. Moving coffee production to higher ground plus forest conservation and restoration could substantially increase the area suitable for coffee growing in Ethiopia, the study adds.
AllAfrica | 19-Jun-2017 17:39

A Strong Justice System for a Strong Economy
[Ethiopian Herald] The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is made up of a federal government and state governments. Both the federal government and state governments have a legislative, executive and judiciary organs. The federal house of peoples representatives is the top power house of the country. It is accountable to citizens it represents. The states are set up either by state governments or administrative layers as per the tangible situation of their respective states. State governments serve as chief executives.
AllAfrica | 19-Jun-2017 16:32

A Floodgate of Opportunity for Poets
[Ethiopian Herald] The mushrooming of different poetry blogs/webs in the global arena has afforded famous and fledgling poets, who pen down their reflections, observations, outlooks and experiences in the international lingual-franc English, to bask under a world-wide readership.
AllAfrica | 19-Jun-2017 16:32

Investing On Children Rewards for the Future
[Ethiopian Herald] Currently, Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Taking its young demographic base into consideration, it is not questionable to predict that the country would have bright future for its economic and political resurrection. UNICEF issued a report in 2014 that from the estimated 90 million population of Ethiopia; more than 52 per cent are under the age of 18. Thus, working on such significant portion of population would be rewarding in state building and transformation. Because they
AllAfrica | 19-Jun-2017 16:32

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