End market analysis for meat / live animals, leather and leather products, dairy products value chains: expanding livestock markets for the small-holder producers

Ethiopians have been engaged in livestock production and trade for centuries and much of the business of livestock production is not that much different today than what it has been over the years. Yet in a hyper-competitive global economy that demands instantaneous changes to product design and ever higher standards of quality and supply, gaining and maintaining market share, even in one own market is more challenging than ever. For instance, in order to gain more than the one-tenth of one percent of the world's global meat exports (Ethiopia’s current share), the industry and government need to adopt new approaches to the livestock trade (and to its many by-products like leather and dairy) and change old habits and customs that are only preventing the industry from taking a significantly larger share of global trade.

Ethiopia has a number of livestock value chain market opportunities that if realised will power the growth of the livestock industry and value chain as well as the overall economy. Some examples of these opportunities and challenges include:

  • live animals - Ethiopia currently exports through formal market channels nearly half a million head of animals peryear and those numbers are increasing by 15-25% per year. Addressing the export market for live animals is a balancing act that the Government of Ethiopia and the value chain actors will need to address in order to reach a balance that satisfies the entire value chain

  • meat - Ethiopia has potential to increase the volumes and values of domestic and export sales of meat and meat products . This could be achieved by increasing Borena beef exports, expanding commercialisation of production and marketing of livestock, diversifying into other products such as the processing of sausages and other similar types of meat and boosting domestic consumption

  • leather and leather products - the Ethiopian leather industry has significant potential to become a world class supplier of high quality finished leather and leather products, including shoes, garments, gloves and accessories. Foreign investors have been increasingly discovering Ethiopia’s potential

  • the opportunity for the dairy industry is to increase demand by promoting the nutritional benefits of milk, coupled with improving the product’s quality and reputation, and reducing prices and increasing availability through improvements in value chain productivity and logistics. The industry could also introduce new products and packaging that cater to the consumption patterns of different consumer segments, that extend shelf life, and that meet the price points of middle and low income customers | 26-Aug-2014 13:16

Nutrition sensitive agriculture tool (Nutri - SAT): Ethiopian pilot study

Previous strategies to improve nutrition within agriculture programmes have been driven primarily by the nutrition sector. To achieve positive nutrition outcomes within an agriculture project, nutritionists analyse localised macronutrient and micronutrient needs, and select crops to address those specific requirements. However, this approach often neglects the agricultural programme’s priorities, such as increased production, improved market linkages and increased incomes.

The purpose of this pilot is to test the Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Tool (Nutri-SAT) developed by ACDI/VOCA which is used to create/adapt nutrition sensitive agriculture programmes.

The tool has five main components that are used to determine the best entry points for nutrition-sensitive activities within an agricultural development and economic growth programme:

  • desk research collects background information and other studies done in the target region/country to give a complete picture of both the nutritional and agricultural landscape of the project
  • barrier analysis examines the root causes of the nutrition behaviours
  • focus groups determine production and market behaviors of small holder farmers in key value chains
  • cost of the diet (CoD) determines the minimal cost of a nutritious diet using a market survey of locally available and accepted foods
  • nutrition-sensitive agricultural work plan is developed in collaboration with agriculture and nutrition staff

Based on the pilot, this tool proved useful in all of these aspects and was successfully used to design nutrition interventions that were integrated into agricultural activities. Time and regular monitoring will determine how successful these interventions will be in changing house hold nutritional status or the underlying determinants of nutrition. While this pilot focused on a specific point in the value chain it can be used along the entire value chain to focus activities to address the barriers, to monitor the market changes on activities and to monitor effects on the most vulnerable household’s ability to improve their household diet diversity. | 26-Aug-2014 12:28

Ethiopia: Tens of thousands of South Sudanese refugees receive cholera vaccine

PARIS, France, August 26, 2014/African Press Organization / - A vaccine against cholera is being used on a large scale for the first time in Ethiopia by teams from the international medical organisation Mdecins Sans Frontires/Doctors Without Borders . | 26-Aug-2014 12:16

84 arrive at Mumbai airport from Ebolahit West African countries cleared as safe

Eighty-four passengers arriving in Mumbai from two Ebola Virus Disease -infected West African countries on Tuesday were cleared as safe. | 26-Aug-2014 09:08

Sudan's rebels, Umma Party invited to Addis Ababa

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North has denied the announcement by a Sudanese government official that the stalled Addis Ababa peace negotiations between the Sudanese government and the SPLM-N on South Kordofan and the Blue Nile will resume on Thursday. | 26-Aug-2014 04:59

East Africa: Renaissance Dam Talks Kick Off in Khartoum

The fourth round of tripartite talks over the building of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam started in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum on Monday. | 26-Aug-2014 00:49

Free lecture to compare beekeeping practices in NS, Ethiopia

A free lecture at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus on Wednesday will compare beekeeping practices in Nova Scotia with those in Ethiopia. | 25-Aug-2014 20:39

President in Ethiopia to discuss South Sudan crisis

KAMPALA. President Museveni yesterday arrived in Addis Ababa to attend a regional meeting on South Sudan conflict three days after the rebels agreed to let Ugandan troops remain on South Sudan. | 25-Aug-2014 19:39

Sergey Lavrov to visit Ethiopia - Monday, 25 August 2014 12:51

According to sources, Lavrov will come to Addis Ababa for a two-day official visit at the end of September. | 25-Aug-2014 15:30

Dubai Chamber discusses bilateral ties with Ethiopia trade mission

A leading airline required cabin crew staff, Air hostess are responsible to make aware the passengers about the safety rules and regulation. | 25-Aug-2014 13:25

Ethiopia: The Power Man Speaks of Power Cuts

Factories and business enterprises are incurring losses due to the recurrent power outage in cities. | 25-Aug-2014 09:16

The immortal Meles Zenawi lives in his indestructible legacies

The untimely death of great leaders is not unusual. President Lincoln on April 14, 1865, Emperor Youhannes IV on March 10. 1889, and President Kennedy on November 23, 1963, departed before they could attend to the daily agenda they had planned to undertake at the hours their lives were suddenly interrupted. | 24-Aug-2014 22:52

Walled from Modern Life [Daily Tribune (Bahrain)]

Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Hyenas howl and feast on flesh every night outside the ancient walls of Harar - one of Islam's holiest cities that is holding out against the pressures of the modern world. | 24-Aug-2014 11:27

'Made in China' Now Being Made in Africa

The cost of labor in China is going up, so Chinese manufacturers are moving to Africa, and they're playing all the angles. | 23-Aug-2014 19:49

Kenyatta: Human capital biggest asset for E. Africa

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has strongly emphasized that human capital is the one-most important asset necessary for East Africa's eventual success, saying that young people in the region need to commit themselves to work. | 23-Aug-2014 15:49

Meles Contributed Immensely to Ethiopian Airlines Achievements: CEO Tewolde

The contribution of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is immense in enabling Ethiopian Airlines attain the acclaim it has won internationally, Chief Executive Officer of the airline said. | 23-Aug-2014 11:35

Machar to attend IGAD regional summit: spokesperson

August 22, 2014 South Sudanese former vice-president, Riek Machar, who now leads an armed opposition faction of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement is expected to participate in the upcoming regional leaders' summit of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development . | 23-Aug-2014 07:30

Dr. Tedros meets with UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Somalia

Addis Ababa, 22 August 2014 - Dr. Tedros Adhanom met with UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Somalia, Nicholas Kay on Thursday . | 23-Aug-2014 03:16

Scholars speak about late Prime Minister's legacy - Friday, 22 August 2014 15:37

"The late Prime Minister's legacy as a reformist statesman would linger on!" members of the academic community told reporters of the Ethiopia Press Agency in connection with his second year memorial. | 22-Aug-2014 23:10

Ethiopia steadfast towards a responsible and diverse media

In a similar fashion to the seasons in football leagues, the self-appointed western groups apparently pick a season for Ethiopia. | 22-Aug-2014 19:01

Ethiopia: The Need to Deconstruct the Personality Cult Built around Meles Zenawi

The Ethiopian regime and supports are commemorating the second year anniversary of the passing away of Ethiopia's long time dictator Meles Zenawi. | 22-Aug-2014 14:46

Ancient Ethiopian walled city keeps...

Hyenas howl and feast on flesh every night outside the ancient walls of Harar -- one of Islam's holiest cities that is holding out against the pressures of the modern world. | 22-Aug-2014 10:32

Ashenda Fstival celebrations for 2014 world wide. Find one near you.

Tigrai Online has compiled and provided you with Ashenda Festival celebrations throughout the world with dates, time and places. | 22-Aug-2014 03:12

Photo exhibition displayed in memory of the late PM Meles - Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:10

Addis Ababa, 21 August 2014 - As part of the second year memorial of Former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, a photo exhibition by former fighters of TPLF remembering the late leader opened on Wednesday in Addis Ababa. | 21-Aug-2014 23:03

Strengthening Community and Health Systems for Quality PMTCT: Applications in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ethiopia

Globally, there are an estimated 34 million people living with HIV, the vast majority of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. There are increasing efforts to reverse the trend, with emphasis placed on creating a generation in which no children are born infected with the disease. Since 2002, Pathfinder International has implemented Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) programming in countries across the globe, gaining insight into the barriers women face in access and adherence, and using these lessons to inform implementation of a global PMTCT strategy.

This technical brief discusses implementation experience in four African countries, namely Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia. It offers recommendations for future efforts to more holistically advance and improve PMTCT outcomes in resource-limited settings. The brief discusses the need to link PMTCT outreach activities to cultural beliefs and religious practices, which often hinder uptake of available services. At the same time, gender dynamics need to be addressed; women must be empowered to take greater responsibility in making decisions pertaining to their health, and men should be encouraged to openly participate in sexual and reproductive discussions. | 21-Aug-2014 21:34

Ethiopia: Nine Journalists and Bloggers Still Held Arbitrarily

Three journalists and six bloggers who have been held for the past five months were denied bail by a federal court in Addis Ababa yesterday after the prosecution argued that article 3 of the 2009 anti-terrorism law, under which they are detained, precludes release on bail. | 21-Aug-2014 18:53

Industry saves Ethiopia over a billion birr in foreign currency - Thursday, 21 August 2014 16:16

Addis Ababa, 21 August 2014 - Hibret Manufacturing and Machine Building Industry disclosed in the just ended fiscal year it managed to save the nation 1.5 Billion Birr in foreign currency by producing machines here in Ethiopia. | 21-Aug-2014 18:53

There's a brother fighting in Gaza and a sister waiting in Ethiopia

Tesfa's battle to reunite his family, which has been torn between Ethiopia and Israel for over 10 years, is far from ending. | 21-Aug-2014 14:37

South Sudan army denies defection of senior officer in Yei

August 20, 2014 The South Sudanese army has denied the defection of a senior officer in Tore payam , about 25km west of Central Equatoria state's Yei town amid reports that soldiers in the area opened fire on each other. | 21-Aug-2014 13:38

Ethiopian Airlines' Entebbe-Juba route promising

Two weeks after Ethiopian Airlines launched a daily direct route from Entebbe to Juba, frequent flyers between Uganda and South Sudan seem to be embracing the development rather fast. | 21-Aug-2014 09:33

Meles Zenawi-Lifelong Fighter for Democracy and Justice

Ethiopia , the cradle of human being and the springboard for ancient civilizations, is widely endowed with diverse historical, social, cultural, ecological, natural, religious etc. | 21-Aug-2014 06:29

Ethiopia Coffee Export Earnings May Surge 25% on World Supplies

Ethiopia's arabica coffee export earnings are forecast to climb 25 percent to about $900 million in 2014-15 because of higher prices after a drought damaged plants in the biggest grower of the bean, Brazil, an industry group said. | 21-Aug-2014 02:19

Blog: New charges against Ethiopian publications further diminish critical voices

Five independent magazines and a weekly newspaper have been charged by Ethiopia's Justice Ministry, a move that may add to the long lists of shuttered publications and Ethiopian journalists in exile . | 20-Aug-2014 23:15

Ethiopia seeks to brand, trademark signature coffee - Wednesday, 20 August 2014 15:10

Ethiopia, Africa's largest coffee grower, is set to continue talks with global buyers in hopes of branding and trademarking its world-renowned coffee and boosting national revenue. | 20-Aug-2014 19:00

U.S. admires Ethiopia's increasing commercial competency - Wednesday, 20 August 2014 15:08

The U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Patricia Haslach said her country admired the increasing commercial competency of Ethiopia. | 20-Aug-2014 19:00

South Sudan: Rebels 'Ready for Talks'

South Sudanese rebels led by the former vice-president Riek Machar have accused the government delegation of boycotting the talks in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. | 20-Aug-2014 15:55

Ethiopia: India Promotes 4.6 Billion Dollar Textile Industry in Ethiopia

Biruk Taye, 28, came to inTexpo, an exhibition of Indian textiles at the Sheraton Addis Hotel, in the Lalibela Ball Room, on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, with the expectation to find new partners, who will work with agents in Ethiopia. | 20-Aug-2014 11:55

From the things I have lost, I miss Zenawi the most

This is the time of merriment and song, as much it is a time for a passing moment of sadness. | 20-Aug-2014 08:56

EFF to Ethiopia: Illegal Wiretapping Is Illegal, Even for Governments

Earlier this week, EFF told the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that Ethiopia must be held accountable for its illegal wiretapping of an American citizen. | 20-Aug-2014 04:46

No War, No Peace - A Panacea for a Rogue State

The thorny Eritrean issue refuses to die down and has precipitated schism among Ethiopians of all political persuasions with respect to its resolution. | 19-Aug-2014 21:12

Ethiopia overtakes Kenya as Africa's biggest refugee-hosting ...

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, August 19 - The UN refugee agency announced on Tuesday that Ethiopia has overtaken Kenya to become the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, sheltering 629,718 refugees as of the end of July. | 19-Aug-2014 12:58

Discover Danakil, the world's most inhospitable corner II.

Start packing because I am about to introduce you to a different world... Namely to the Danakil Depression, the hottest and most inhospitable corner of Earth. | 19-Aug-2014 05:42

Ground breaking ceremony for Meles' green zone - Monday, 18 August 2014 16:29

A ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the late Meles Zenawi's green zone was held today at Gulela sub city, Addis Ababa. | 19-Aug-2014 01:22

Ethiopian taking measures to avert Ebola spread - Monday, 18 August 2014 16:34

Ethiopian Airlines issued a notice to passengers and the travelling public on additional precautionary measures it has been taking against the spread of Ebola. | 18-Aug-2014 21:08

Electric Services installs transformers to reduce power cuts - Monday, 18 August 2014 16:25

In a bid to curb the recurrent power cuts, the Ethiopian Electric Services has installed 248 transformers in Addis Ababa and the regional states. | 18-Aug-2014 19:03

Hallelujah: You Can Now Get Ethiopian Food in South Florida

South Florida is a barren wasteland for Ethiopian eats. Excuse the bitter tone, but it's been a long four years since the area's last East African restaurant closed. | 18-Aug-2014 14:58

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