Ethiopia: GPB Global Signs Oil-Exploration Deal in Ethiopia

On July 17, 2014, Tolosa Shagi, Minister of Mines of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Alexander Ivanov, Chief Business Development Officer of GPB Global Resources, signed a Petroleum Production Sharing Agreement . | 24-Jul-2014 09:27

Twenty Ethiopia state journalists dismissed, in hiding

"If they cannot indoctrinate you into their thinking, they fire you," said one former staff member of the state-run Oromia Radio and Television Organization , who was dismissed from work last month after six years of service. | 23-Jul-2014 19:39

Ethiopia prioritizes equitable use of Nile waters - MoWIE - Wednesday, 23 July 2014 05:30

Ethiopia is in a better position to sustainably and equitably utilize the Nile with the scientific knowledge provided by the country's scholars, said Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy . | 23-Jul-2014 08:19

Ethiopia: Nearly Solo Bid Process Awards Consortium Br17 Million Parliament Design Contract

A consortium of architectural firms gets a successful solo ride to a 17 million Br government contract for the design of a parliament complex, after three other bidders were dropped very early in the process on grounds of creativity. | 23-Jul-2014 08:19

Ethiopia: Jimma University Hospital to Produce Oxygen, Vacuum

Jimma University Specialised Hospital's oxygen and vacuum producing plant, part of the half billion Birr expansion, will begin service by September 2014. | 23-Jul-2014 08:19

Black Terror = 9 against 1 = Street Torch against Ethiopian Muslims

The TPLF junta police have savagely attacked Ethiopian Muslims who were peacefully praying at Anwar Mesgid in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, The attack is continuing. | 23-Jul-2014 06:15

Ethiopia Vows To End Child Marriage, FGM By 2025

ADDIS ABABA, July 23 -- The Ethiopian government has vowed to eliminate child marriage and female genital mutilation by 2025. | 23-Jul-2014 06:15

From Pinball to Percussion, Plus an Ethopian Pop...

Larry Harlow was an original mastermind of Fania Records, a storied New York salsa label for which he produced more than 200 albums and, in 1973, wrote perhaps the only salsa opera to borrow its premise from the Who. | 23-Jul-2014 05:15

Ethiopia Becomes China's China in Search for Cheap Labor

Ethiopian workers strolling through the parking lot of Huajian Shoes' factory outside Addis Ababa last month chose the wrong day to leave their shirts untucked. | 23-Jul-2014 00:17

Ethiopians in Russia raise funds for the GERD - Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:34

Ethiopians and Ethiopian-born foreign citizens living in the Russia Federation and Belarus raised funds for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam last week. | 22-Jul-2014 19:19

Ethiopian Airlines names Dreamliner after Taj Mahal - Tuesday, 22 July 2014 06:54

It is the first time that the airline has named an aircraft of its Dreamliner fleet after a historical or heritage site outside Africa, and it is a clear recognition of the substantial traffic generated on its routes to the Indian subcontinent. | 22-Jul-2014 09:44

UN condemns attack in Sudan, calls for negotiations

Following today's attack by opposition forces in South Sudan, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the top United Nations official in the country are calling for all offensive operations to immediately end and for both sides to resume suspended peace talks. | 22-Jul-2014 06:34

As Ethiopia's 'Zone 9' bloggers get popular, they get charged with terror

Ethiopia has charged 10 reform-minded bloggers and journalists with terrorism offenses - marking the latest in a long line of repressive acts against civil society by a key US partner in the Horn of Africa. | 22-Jul-2014 02:25

South Sudanese rebels delegation not received at Kampala's Entebbe Airport

July 21, 2014 South Sudanese rebels said their delegation has returned to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, after Ugandan authorities failed to receive them at Entebbe Airport in Kampala on Monday. | 22-Jul-2014 01:25

Ethiopian journalists, bloggers charged with terrorism

Three Ethiopian journalists and six writers of a dissident blog, arrested in May, have been charged with acts of terrorism. | 21-Jul-2014 21:10

Straightening Sisay's Spine: A Twist Of Fate Saves A Boy's Life

One dewy morning back in May 2013, a dozen children gathered in an elementary school courtyard to play soccer in Addis Ababa. | 21-Jul-2014 19:06

Ethiopia: Politically Motivated Charges Show Misuse of Terrorism Law

The Ethiopian government should immediately drop politically motivated charges brought against 10 bloggers and journalists on July 17, 2014, under the country's deeply flawed anti-terrorism law, Human Rights Watch said today. | 21-Jul-2014 14:56

Ethiopia: French Company Wins Bole Airport Expansion Consultancy Bid

A French company, ADPI, won the bid that the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise floated to hire a consultant for the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport passenger terminal expansion project. | 21-Jul-2014 10:46

Ethiopia Determined To Intensify Campaign Against Terrorism, Says PM

ADDIS ABABA, July 21 -- Ethiopia would consolidate its campaign against terrorism so as to protect its growth and development from obstruction, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said. | 21-Jul-2014 06:32

South Sudan Rebel Attack Worst Violation Since Truce: UN

An attack today by South Sudanese rebels on a town in Upper Nile state was the most serious violation yet of a cease-fire signed May 9 by President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar, the United Nations said. | 21-Jul-2014 00:23

Ethiopian economy raises a glass to the country's bustling vineyards

Beyond the donkeys on a potholed road in southern Ethiopia, is an unexpected sight - vineyards bursting with merlot, syrah and chardonnay grapes ripening in the African sun. | 20-Jul-2014 20:22

Ethiopia :Blue Party National Counsel Member Woyinshet Molla has been viciously beaten and arrested

Blue Party National Counsel Member and Member Women's Affairs Woyinshet Molla has been viciously beaten and arrested!She was captured Friday during the protest of Ethiopian Muslims at the Grand Anwar Mosque. | 20-Jul-2014 12:58

Ethiopia's India connect grows: A Dreamliner named Taj Mahal

Addis Ababa, July 20 - In what is being seen as a recognition of the heavy traffic generated on its routes to the Indian subcontinent, the flagship carrier of the East African nation of Ethiopia has named its newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner after India's most famous monument. | 20-Jul-2014 09:49

S.Sudan leaders told to resume talks as famine looms

South Sudan's warring leaders were told on Friday to resume peace talks or face increased sanctions amid fears of a looming famine in the stricken nation. | 19-Jul-2014 16:15

Interlocking anti-terrorism struggle with election is a prejudice: PM ...

Addis Ababa, 18 July 2014 A - The attempt made to interlock the country's struggle against terrorism is nothing but a prejudice that has little acceptance by the people and government of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said. | 19-Jul-2014 07:06

India's Cut-Rose Sector Pushes Past Barriers

The 25-hectare farm, located roughly 35 km outside the southern Indian city of Bangalore, belongs to Suvarna Florex, arguably India's largest cut-rose exporter. | 18-Jul-2014 19:38

TPLF police attack Muslims who are praying at Anwar Mesgid

The TPLF junta police have savagely attacked Ethiopian Muslims who were peacefully praying at Anwar Mesgid in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this morning. | 18-Jul-2014 15:28

Building food security in Ethiopia
AFAR (NORTHEASTERN ETHIOPIA) 18 July 2014 (IRIN) - Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), set up in 2005, aims to make fully food secure the millions of people still dependent on food aid, provide support to the vulnerable to prevent the depletion of livestock, and create productive assets at community level. But nearly a decade on and over US$3 billion spent, how successful has it been? | 18-Jul-2014 02:00

Former model tries her hand at design

Making the jump from model to designer seemed like a natural choice for Hiwot Gashaw. | 17-Jul-2014 16:25

.com | Ethiopian bloggers challenge detention

Zimbabwe says it is ready to host the 34th SADC summit, with a report saying, however that the cash-strapped government is banking on financial support from the private and corporate sectors to host the meeting. | 17-Jul-2014 16:25

Ex-model tries her hand at design

Abugida Fashion is an Ethiopian clothing brand which produces custom-made garments for all occasions. | 17-Jul-2014 16:25

Ethiopia seeks out Indian banks to boost investment

Addis Ababa, July 17 - In a sign of Africa's growing confidence in India's investment potential to boost its growing economy, Ethiopia has sought that the Indian banking system engage with this East African nation's financial sector despite its banking sector being off limits to foreign banks. | 17-Jul-2014 14:15

South Sudan Army Defends New Weapons Purchase

SPLA soldiers stand in a vehicle in Juba December 20, 2013. Talks between South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and African mediators trying to broker a peace deal after six days of clashes between rival army factions are progressing well, Ethiopia's foreign SPLA soldiers stand in a vehicle in Juba December 20, 2013. | 17-Jul-2014 07:51

Why you should buy African contemporary art now

The contemporary art coming from Africa today is as varied and exhilarating as from any other place in the world, says Chibundu Onuzo. | 16-Jul-2014 15:02

Ethiopia wants Sudan to host tripartite dam talks with Egypt - Wednesday, 16 July 2014 07:58

The Ethiopian government said Tuesday it had proposed the third week of August for holding tripartite talks with Sudan and Egypt to discuss Ethiopia's multibillion-dollar hydroelectric Nile dam project, suggesting that the meeting be held in Sudan. | 16-Jul-2014 10:42

Amhara National Democratic Movement: a TPLF Surrogate and Watchdog...

The political organization that is applying into practice Tigray Peoples Liberation Front's Manifesto in what is now the Amhara Region, where 92% of the population belongs to the Amhara nationality is ANDM. | 15-Jul-2014 17:09

CPJ condemns closed court hearings for nine Ethiopian journalists

The Ethiopian government should end its politicized prosecution of nine Ethiopian journalists arrested in April. | 15-Jul-2014 00:16

Could the Market Defy Expectations?

January 2011 was by far the most decisive month in Ethiopian economic history. The month saw the capping of prices of some 17 basic commodities, the first since the declaration of a free market system in Ethiopia, with an effect as high as a 45 percent reduction in price of the commodities. | 14-Jul-2014 23:16

Customs agents prohibited from freight forwarding

The Maritime Affairs Authority , a maritime operation supervisory organization, has excluded customs clearing agents from being involved in forwarding operations with the goal of halting the traditional operation system, Capital learnt. | 14-Jul-2014 19:07

Ethiopian Airlines seeking stop-over in Dublin - Monday, 14 July 2014 11:04

The Government has taken the first step towards a deal with Ethiopian Airlines that would allow the carrier to stop at Dublin airport to collect passengers while en route to Los Angeles. | 14-Jul-2014 14:47

U.S., Europe Investment Inflows To Ethiopia Show Rapid Increase

ADDIS ABABA, July 14 -- Investments in Ethiopia from the United States and Europe have been increasing rapidly over the past few years with their proportion equivalent to the amount of Asian investment. | 14-Jul-2014 11:37

Ethiopia: Govt Arrests Opposition Leadership

In a recent crackdown, police arrested four opposition political party members and leaders, and members of the parties they belong to have expressed concern about the situation and demand the immediate release of the detainees. | 14-Jul-2014 10:37

Ethiopia: House Approves Br178.5 Billion Budget in Its Last Session

The House of Peoples' Representatives unanimously approved the proposed 178.5 billion birr for the coming 2014-2015 fiscal year budget earlier this Monday during the last session of the Parliament. | 14-Jul-2014 09:32

Hundreds of foreigners holed up in South Sudan camps
JUBA 14 July 2014 (IRIN) - Among the 100,000 civilians holed up in UN bases in South Sudan since fighting broke out in mid-December 2013 between supporters and opponents of President Salva Kiir are several hundred citizens from Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia.
IRIN | 14-Jul-2014 02:00

US Assistant Secretary Lauds Ethiopia's Treatment of Refugees - Sunday, 13 July 2014 17:58

Addis Ababa 13 July 2014 - The humanitarian assistance Ethiopia has been providing for refugees is admirable, United States Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration said. | 13-Jul-2014 22:08

South Sudan: Advocacy Groups Urge Rivals to Resume Talks

A group of South Sudanese advocates representing various interests on Wednesday urged rival leaders to resume the stalled peace talks seeking to end the country's seven-month conflict. | 13-Jul-2014 12:59

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