Central African Republic: Security Council appeals to armed groups to lay down arms

MINUSCA, the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic , on patrol in the capital Bangui. UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina 19 December 2014 – The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the recent resurgence of violence in the Central African Republic and reiterated its appeal to all parties to the conflict to "immediately and permanently" lay down their arms, release all children from their ranks, and embark upon the path of dialogue as the only viable means towards achieving lasting peace. | 20-Dec-2014 01:03

Cooperation with Africa must occur at earliest signs of crisis, Ban tells Security Council

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the Security Council on cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard 16 December 2014 – Cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations on peace and security is crucial and should occur systematically at the earliest signs of crisis said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this morning as he the Security Council to work more effectively to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts on the African continent. | 16-Dec-2014 21:18

U.N. peacekeepers arrest Chadian warlord in C.African Republic

An African peacekeeping soldier stands guard as Red Cross workers move bodies from a mass grave at a military camp in the 200 villas neighbourhood of Bangui, Central African Republic, February 17, 2014. REUTERS/Luc Gnago BANGUI, Dec 11 - U.N. peacekeepers in Central African Republic have arrested a Chadian warlord wanted by authorities for abuses against the population in the north of country, the U.N. mission and the government said. | 11-Dec-2014 15:55

ACF seeks Sheriff's probe over seized plane

The plane flew out of the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport where it had been detained since Saturday at about 8.46pm. It was carrying two French military helicopters. | 09-Dec-2014 03:52

Nigeria: Govt Intercepts Weapons-Laden Russian Plane

The Russian airplane intercepted by Nigerian authorities Saturday on its way to neighbouring Chad, was transporting a large cache of AK47s and bullet proof vests, and even a helicopter, images of the contents of the aircraft obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, have shown. .The Federal Government last night ordered the detention of a Russian cargo plane impounded in Kano for conveying arms and combat helicopters. | 07-Dec-2014 22:59

Nigeria detains Russian cargo plane with military shipment to Chad

Nigeria detained a Russian cargo plane and its French-speaking crew on Saturday after it made an unauthorised landing in the northern city of Kano with military hardware bound for neighbouring Chad, a security source said. The plane had been travelling from Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic, to the Chadian capital N'Djamena but was forced to make an emergency landing in Kano because N'Djamena airport was closed, the security source said. | 06-Dec-2014 21:51

Nigerian military seizes arms-laden Russian plane bound for Chad

Premium Times is reporting that a Nigeria military has intercepted a Russian plane loaded with large amount of arms and ammunition, bound for neighbouring Chad. A security source told PT that the plane was seized early today Saturday Dec. 6th at the Aminu Kano International Airport. | 06-Dec-2014 17:37

Jonathan Playing Politics With Nigeria's Security-Buhari

Former Head of State, Major General Muhammadu Buhari , has accused the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan of playing politics with the security of lives and properties of Nigerians, which he said was responsible for the worsening situation. "It is an irreproachable fact that Boko Haram insurgency has assumed this intolerably dangerous dimension in the last four years, because this regime has chosen to play devious politics with a national calamity," Buhari said in a statement through Engr. | 05-Dec-2014 10:10

Chad: Torture Survivors Finally Get Their Day in Court

"They owe me a child, they're going to pay for what happened to my child!" shouted Oumar Goujda as he stood before the presiding judge of N'Djamena's Criminal Court on November 21. In April 1989, as HissA ne HabrA©'s government was conducting a campaign of repression against ethnic Zaghawas, the wealthy businessman was arrested in front of his family by HabrA©'s political police, the Directorate of Documentation and Security . Goujda's pregnant wife was seized with panic and rushed to the hospital, where she lost her child that very night. | 04-Dec-2014 18:41

"ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile" Published

The company acquires, explores and develops oil and gas properties in Africa. It has a Production Sharing Contract with the government of the Republic of Kenya on Block 11A in northwestern Kenya. | 03-Dec-2014 15:03

Hosni Mubarak verdict fuels protests, mockery in Egypt

Protests erupted at universities across Egypt on Sunday, condemning a court decision to drop criminal charges against Hosni Mubarak, the president whose ouster in the 2011 uprising raised hopes of a new era of political openness. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Cairo University, waving pictures of Mubarak behind bars and demanding the "fall of the regime", the rallying cry of the Arab Spring uprisings that shook governments from Tunisia to the Gulf in 2011. | 30-Nov-2014 17:19

Young Chadians express their views on violence

"Lights! Camera! Action!" a confident voice echoes in the backyard of a house in Chads capital, NDjamena. With tousled hair, ripped clothes and makeup to give the appearance of being bruised, 15-year-old Benedicte Dand is the director, writer and main actress of a 60-second video entitled My reflection . | 25-Nov-2014 08:37

Chad: I Had to Eat Like Animal - HabrA Prison Survivor

A man who survived the jails of former Chadian president Hissne Habr says he had to eat directly with his mouth "like an animal" during his four months of detention, because his hands were tied behind his back. Younous Mahadjir, 62, is now vice-president of the Chad Federation of Trade Unions . | 21-Nov-2014 09:26

Tomgram: Nick Turse, When Is a "Base Camp" Neither a Base Nor a Camp?

Sometimes, to see the big picture you need to focus on the smallest part of it, as Nick Turse does in the latest of his dispatches on the U.S. military in Africa . He takes a look at that military in Chad. | 20-Nov-2014 16:01

Fear of Boko Haram wrecks tourist business in Cameroon

Tourists once flocked to the rugged far north of Cameroon for its wildlife and spectacular scenery, until cross-border raids by the Nigerian Islamist extremists of Boko Haram all but halted such visits. "Before, we had many tourists, but people are afraid to come now," said Moussa Ali, who has a stall in the craft market at Maroua, the main town of the Extreme North region, a strip of territory between Nigeria to the west and Chad to the east. | 20-Nov-2014 06:48

PRESS RELEASE: IRIN humanitarian news service to spin off from the UN
GENEVA 20 November 2014 (IRIN) - After nearly 20 years as part of the United Nations, the humanitarian news service IRIN is spinning off to become an independent non-profit media venture, with the support of a major private donor | 20-Nov-2014 01:00

Student protests over fuel shortages in oil-rich Chad leave five dead

N'DJAMENA, Chad-Riots in Chad left at least five people dead at the hands of Chadian police forces last week. On Tuesday, riot police units fanned out across Chad's capital, N'djamena, as demonstrations erupted there and in other provincial cities. | 17-Nov-2014 20:32

Chad puts former aides to ex-president on trial for terror reign

Aides to former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre are on trial for mass marder and torture during his rule in the 1980s Twenty nine aides to Chad's ousted dictator Hissene Habre went on trial Friday before a special court in N'djamena charged with mass murder and torture during his rule in the 1980s. In the very first trial inside Chad arising from the "black years" between 1982 and 1990, when thousands of people were killed or grievously hurt, the top suspect was Saleh Younous, once head of the Directorate of Documentation and Security , which was Habre's political police. | 14-Nov-2014 16:47

HRW: Chad courts must conduct fair trial of former dictator's security forces

The defendants are accused of murder, torture, kidnapping, arbitrary detention, and assault and battery during Habre's rule. The trial is set to commence in Chad's capital N'Djamena on November 14. Two of the defendants, Saleh Younouss and Mahamat Djibrine, are wanted by the Extraordinary African Chambers [official website, in French] in Dakar, Senegal. | 10-Nov-2014 20:24

'Shekau' denies ceasefire deal with FG in new video

B oko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau yesterday dismissed claims about ceasefire talks between his group and the government, even as Federal Government officials are now trading blames over the phantom ceasefire deal brokered by the President of Chad, Idriss DA©by. A new Boko Haram video obtained by AFP yesterday showed militants on an armoured vehicle parading down a road in an unidentified town they apparently control and the group's leader Abubakar Shekau preaching to the residents. | 10-Nov-2014 02:04

Central African peacekeeping force gears up for action
LOANGO, SOUTHERN CONGO 10 November 2014 (IRIN) - With hundreds of soldiers from its member states successfully completing a series of joint exercises and manoeuvres in Congo, the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC) says its Multinational Force for Central Africa (FOMAC), is now ready to intervene in local conflicts and be part of global anti-terrorism initiatives. | 10-Nov-2014 01:00

Boko Haram casts shadow over Chad's economy

Though Chad has so far been spared from an attack by Boko Haram, the fact the Islamist militants are so close and so dangerous has been bad for business in this landlocked country. Closed borders, security force patrols and the constant fear of violence spilling over its frontier has sent prices soaring and left business owners with one more worry. | 07-Nov-2014 11:30

An ambitious plan to end statelessness
LONDON 07 November 2014 (IRIN) - It is now 60 years since stateless people received recognition in international law, and the UN has two conventions (1954 and 1961) dedicated to their protection and the regularization of their situation. Yet an estimated 10 million people worldwide still suffer the problems and indignities of having no nationality. | 07-Nov-2014 01:00

Chad hopes to weaken Boko Haram

A Chadian soldier poses at dusk in front of the arch of Place de La Nation in N'Djamena. Chad's army is considered one of Africa's most battle-ready and played a frontline role alongside the French in an operation in 2013 against Islamic fighters in Mali's desert north. | 03-Nov-2014 20:10

Sudan: Chad in Darfur Peace Talks

Chad's foreign minister, Moussa Faki Mahamat met with representatives of three holdout rebel groups in Darfur to discuss ways to achieve peace in Sudan. Leading members from the Sudan Liberation Movement-Minni Minnawi , Sudan Liberation Movement-Abdel-Wahid El-Nour and the Justice and Equality Movement said in a joint statement on Saturday they met with the Chadian ministerial committee led by the foreign minister in Ndjamena. | 03-Nov-2014 12:37

Boko Haram leader says kidnapped girls m...

Nigeria's kidnapped schoolgirls have all been converted to Islam and married off, the leader of Nigeria's Islamic extremists claimed in a new video message. The leader of Boko Haram also denied he had agreed to any cease-fire with the government. | 02-Nov-2014 12:38

Leader of Nigeria's Islamic extremists denies cease-fire, says all kidnapped girls married off

The leader of Nigeria's Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has denied agreeing to any cease-fire with the government and said more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls all have converted to Islam and been married off. In a new video released late Friday night, Abubakar Shekau dashed hopes for a prisoner exchange to get the girls released. | 01-Nov-2014 11:24

Simba Energy Retains Star Finance GmbH

Simba Energy Inc. , the pan-African onshore exploration oil & gas company, is pleased to announce that it has retained 2014, Star Finance has been and will continue to provide investor relations, marketing and consultant services for the European market to Simba Energy Inc. for a period of twelve months. Star Finance GmbH is one of the founding members of Stockteam Germany - a network of Europe-based individual investor relations companies and communication specialists . | 30-Oct-2014 20:35

Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic

The conflict in Sudan's Darfur region increasingly threatens two neighboring countries-Chad and the Central African Republic. The Sudanese government and rebel groups signed a peace agreement in May, but violence in Darfur has escalated since then. | 30-Oct-2014 16:37

Airborne Gravity/Magnetic Survey Confirms Viability of Leads in ERHC Energy's BDS 2008 in Chad

ERHC Energy Chad, a subsidiary of ERHC Energy Inc. , a publicly traded American company with oil and gas assets in Sub-Saharan Africa today announced that preliminary findings from an airborne gravity/magnetic survey of BDS 2008 in Southern Chad strongly confirm the viability of leads in two focus areas identified by ERHC's technical team after careful analysis of previously collected data. ERHC's sub-contractor, Bridgeporth Ltd., a specialist geosciences company, has completed the survey that began earlier this month. | 29-Oct-2014 13:24

Nearly 25 million food insecure in Sahel
DAKAR 29 October 2014 (IRIN) - Food security and malnutrition rates across the Sahel are deteriorating, due in large part to ongoing conflict and instability in the Central African Republic (CAR), northern Mali, and northeast Nigeria, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
IRIN | 29-Oct-2014 01:00

Nigeria: Fears Over Ceasefire - How We Brokered Nigeria/Boko Haram Deal - Chad

Chad said it believed Nigeria's secret deal with Boko Haram Islamists to free over 200 kidnapped schoolgirls would go ahead despite the breakdown of a truce, and revealed the key to the agreement was a prisoner swap. The accord mediated by Chad for the release of the girls seized from Chibok, Borno State in April has been called into question since it was announced by the Nigerian military a fortnight ago. | 27-Oct-2014 18:31

Chad says Nigeria deal with Boko Haram to free girls still on

Chad said it believed Nigeria's secret deal with Boko Haram Islamists to free more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls would go ahead despite the breakdown of a truce, and revealed that the key to the agreement was a prisoner swap. The accord mediated by Chad for the release of the girls seized from Chibok in northeast Nigeria in April has been called into question since it was announced by the Nigerian military last week. | 24-Oct-2014 15:20

Chad says Nigeria deal with Boko Haram to free girls is still on

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse our site, you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. | 24-Oct-2014 15:20

Nigeria talks with Boko Haram but no sign of girls' release

Nearly a week after Nigeria announced a ceasefire deal with Boko Haram, which it said would include the release of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamist group, there is still no sign of the girls being freed. Talks took place this week between the government and the Islamist militant group in the Chadian capital, but they are shrouded in secrecy. | 23-Oct-2014 07:54

Exporting Ebola - who's really at risk?
LONDON 22 October 2014 (IRIN) - More than 50 percent of Americans report being afraid of a mass Ebola outbreak on US soil, according to a Harvard poll earlier this month, but health experts say the true risk is further spread of the virus within the West African region.
IRIN | 22-Oct-2014 02:00

Officials say deal struck for Nigeria girls' return

Relatives of Nigeria's kidnapped schoolgirls on Saturday dared voice cautious hope of seeing the teenagers finally freed after officials claimed to have reached a deal with Boko Haram militants. Senior government and military officials on Friday said they had struck a cease-fire agreement.The deal reportedly included the release of the 219 girls whom the extremists seized from their school in April in a case that drew global outrage and sparked a #BringBackOurGirls campaign. | 18-Oct-2014 20:57

Nigerian military claims Boko Haram cease-fire, release of schoolgirls

Nigeria's military and presidency on Friday claimed to have reached a deal with Boko Haram militants on a ceasefire and the release of more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls. "A ceasefire agreement has been concluded between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad ," Chief of Defence Staff Air Marshal Alex Badeh said. | 17-Oct-2014 18:40

Nigeria: Deal Agreed To Return Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria's presidency says it has agreed a ceasefire with militants Boko Haram which would see the return of 219 kidnapped girls. Air Marshal Alex Badeh, chief of defence staff, said: "A ceasefire agreement has been concluded between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal Jihad . | 17-Oct-2014 18:40

Nigeria claims deal with Boko Haram on ceasefire, kidnapped girls

The Nigerian government said on Friday it has reached an agreement with Boko Haram militants to end hostilities and the release of over 200 kidnapped schoolgirls. ABUJA: Nigeria's military and presidency on Friday claimed to have reached a deal with Boko Haram militants on a ceasefire and the release of more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls. | 17-Oct-2014 18:40

Liberians in US face worsening Ebola stigma
NEW YORK 17 October 2014 (IRIN) - Africans living in the US from the three Ebola-affected countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, are under enormous pressure trying to help their families and ravaged communities back home. And they face an additional challenge: stigma.
IRIN | 17-Oct-2014 02:00

Bridgeporth Commences Airborne Gravity / Magnetic Survey of ERHC Energy's BDS 2008 in Chad

ERHC Energy Chad, a subsidiary of ERHC Energy Inc. , a publicly traded American company with oil and gas assets in Sub-Saharan Africa today announced Bridgeporth Ltd., a specialist geosciences company, has commenced an airborne gravity/magnetic survey of BDS 2008 in Southern Chad. ERHC has 100 percent of the interest in BDS 2008. | 14-Oct-2014 01:33

Chad: President must scrap homophobic Bill

The President of Chad, Idriss Deby, has been directly warned that if a homophobic bill currently before parliament is passed, he will be showing a blatant disregard for the country's human rights obligations. In an open letter published today, Amnesty International's Secretary General, Salil Shetty, calls on the President to scrap the bill which threatens to impose jail sentences of up to 20 years and heavy fines for people "found guilty" of same sex activity. | 09-Oct-2014 13:56

Chad to double oil output by 2016, develop minerals -minister

Chad expects to double oil production by the end of 2015 as new fields come on stream and has appointed firms to inventory potential mineral deposits in an effort to diversify the economy, its finance minister said. The former French colony, one of the poorest nations in the world, has been rocked by humanitarian crises over the past decade including conflicts in the east and south, drought in the arid Sahel region and flooding. | 07-Oct-2014 16:24

Children dance for peace in Chad

N'DJAMENA, Chad, 3 October 2014 - Last summer, I traveled with a UNICEF production team to Tdjou, a small town in eastern Chad with a mix of arid and green landscapes, in the region of Dar Sila. Our objective was to talk with a group of parents in Tdjou about the Dance4Peace project, and to seek permission for their children to participate. | 04-Oct-2014 05:47

African First Ladies Unite Against Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

On Tuesday, September 23, representatives from the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS took a break from the United Nations General Assembly to meet with UNAIDS, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation and Alere , one of the world's leaders in HIV testing technologies, to discuss intensifying efforts to end mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis throughout Africa. Last week, representatives from the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS met at NYC's Ford Foundation during the U.N. General Assembly for a workshop and conference on ending the epidemic. | 02-Oct-2014 00:13

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