'Dia de Cabo Verde' to shed light on nation's rich culture

Courtesy photo Acclaimed storyteller Len Cabral will spin his multicultural tales Saturday during 'Dia de Cabo Verde' at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. | 24-Apr-2014 07:44

Remittance rip-offs
LONDON 22 April 2014 (IRIN) - All over the world migrant workers are sending money home to their families. The money pays hospital bills and school fees, buys land, builds houses and sets up small businesses. The cash goes from the US back to Mexico, from the Gulf back to India, from the UK back to Somalia, and from South Africa back to Malawi, Zimbabwe and the rest of southern Africa.
IRIN | 22-Apr-2014 02:00

Sarfraz Manzoor and his family have Cape Verde's beautiful beaches all to themselves

My wife and I have different ideas about a dream destination. Bridget just needs somewhere to sunbathe and swim while I bore quickly and need some culture and history. | 13-Apr-2014 20:27

TACV AT72 at Sao Filipe on Apr 5th 2014, bird strike

A TACV Cabo Verde Airlines Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500, flight VR-4051 from Praia to Sao Filipe with 72 people on board, was on approach to Sao Felipe when a Rufous-capped Antthrush impacted one of the propellers of the aircraft. | 06-Apr-2014 20:15

UMass Dartmouth to Host K-16 Community Event April 11

UMass Dartmouth will host "Building Community through Mindfulness: Where Literacy and Diversity Interact," a free education event, Friday, April 11, 2014, at 5:00 p.m., at UMass Dartmouth's Woodland Commons. | 03-Apr-2014 16:42

Hot ticket: World jazz chanteuse

Lisbon-raised singer Carmen Souza returns to London this week. A star of Sunfest 2009, the Cape Verde singer plays Aeolian Hall on Friday at 8 p.m. Souza is touring to support her 2014 album, Live at Lagny Jazz Festival, which has a concert DVD and her fabulous video of Donna Lee, the bebop hit by Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. | 03-Apr-2014 02:03

Tavares to pay tribute to late parents in Fall River concert

They topped the music charts, charmed Dick Clark on "American Bandstand," won a Grammy Award and performed for adoring fans around the world. | 01-Apr-2014 21:46

BCC concert to help Tavares pay tribute to parents

TICKETS: Floor seats $45; balcony seats $30. 6:15 VIP reception tickets are $65. | 29-Mar-2014 06:24


From Wikipedia : "Fontainhas is a settlement in the northern part of the island of Santo Antao, Cape Verde. | 24-Mar-2014 20:45

Madeleine McCann: Black Euclides Monteiro Is A Brown Moroccan And Other Facts

MADELEINE McCann: Anorak's look the missing child in the news. In 2009, Cape Verdean national Euclides Monteiro, 40, died in a tractor accident. | 22-Mar-2014 11:45

BPL exhibit maps changing face of the city's neighborhoods

David Eisenstadt From Irish, Jews, and Italians to Vietnamese, Haitians and Cape Verdeans, a new map exhibition covering the past 100 years shows Boston's changing population. | 20-Mar-2014 12:06

Cape Verdean dish featured in Saturday 'Cook-Off'

Some call it "cachupa," some "munchupa," and others even "chu-chu." Some like it watery, while others like it thick. | 20-Mar-2014 06:57

Trading away West Africa’s hunger
DAKAR 20 March 2014 (IRIN) - Severe food shortages in the Sahel and West Africa are often the result of droughts and poor harvests. But inefficient intra-regional trade also places significant strain on food availability, exacerbating hunger. | 20-Mar-2014 01:00

West Africa scores high in disaster risk
DAKAR 14 March 2014 (IRIN) - Researchers at the Madrid-based humanitarian research non-profit DARA have developed a new methodology, the risk reduction index, that they say could help more countries assess and reduce the risk of natural hazards and disasters. But an assessment carried out in six West African countries found pervasive risks and limited capacity to reduce vulnerability. | 14-Mar-2014 01:00

Festival unites many cultures for international celebration

Visitors will be able to take a virtual trip around the world Saturday when Cape Cod Community College presents its 14th annual Multicultural Festival with expanded international entertainment and food options. | 27-Feb-2014 08:44

HMS Portland tackles illegal flow of drugs

The Type 23 frigate HMS Portland left the UK last month for a seven-month mission in the South Atlantic carrying out maritime security operations including counter-narcotics and anti-piracy patrols. | 20-Feb-2014 14:40

Cape Verde: New EU Support for Renewable Energy and Governance

During his first ever visit to the country EU Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, announced 55 million of new support for Cape Verde during the period 2014 - 2020. | 17-Feb-2014 14:11

Scaling Cabo Verde's volcanic ridges

Portuguese colonial officers in the 17th and 18th centuries perceived the West African slave-trading hub of Cabo Verde as a dead-end posting - often literally because of its propensity for drought and tropical disease. | 17-Feb-2014 08:51

Trip Tips: Scaling Cabo Verde's volcanic ridges

Portuguese colonial officers in the 17th and 18th centuries perceived the West African slave-trading hub of Cabo Verde as a dead-end posting - often literally because of its propensity for drought and tropical disease. | 14-Feb-2014 01:59

Cape Verdean attorney launching candidacy for Henriquez seat

An attorney with roots in Cape Verde is jumping into the race to replace former state Rep. Carlos Henriquez. | 12-Feb-2014 19:38

Breaking the cycle of youth unemployment, poverty
DAKAR 10 February 2014 (IRIN) - Youth unemployment and underemployment are among the main barriers to development in West Africa, say experts. Not only does the exclusion of young people from the labour force perpetuate generational cycles of poverty, it also breaks down social cohesion and can be associated with higher levels of crime and violence among idle youth. | 10-Feb-2014 01:00

Cape Verde: Project to Modernise Tax Administration

The Ministry of Finance and Planning in partnership with the Investment Climate Facility for Africa and the African Development Bank has today officially launched a new project in Cabo Verde to modernise tax administration and make the tax system simple, efficient and more customer service oriented in order to improve the investment climate in Cabo ... (more) | 07-Feb-2014 19:31

Cape Verde loses bid to be reinstated in World Cup

The Court of Arbitration for Sport says it dismissed the Cape Verdean Football Federation's appeal against FIFA rulings awarding Tunisia a 3-0 victory in a decisive qualifying match last September. | 04-Feb-2014 17:32

Helping Africa’s urban poor gain from modernization
NAIROBI 04 February 2014 (IRIN) - Plans to reshape and modernize African cities, in part driven by investment, architecture and construction companies seeking new markets, could deepen existing social inequalities, according to recent research. But these development plans could also benefit the poor if governments are responsive to the needs of their citizens, argue analysts. | 04-Feb-2014 01:00

Africa: Cabral At 90 - Unity and Struggle Continue in Africa

AmA lcar Lopes da Costa Cabral was a Guinea-Bissauan and Cape Verdean agricultural engineer, writer, and a nationalist thinker and political leader. | 31-Jan-2014 16:07

Listen Up! - World

A Mabanzi live performance is a sight to behold. With up to 12 people on stage at once, colorfully dressed and performing a mix of upbeat marimba dance numbers and traditional spirituals in the style of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, it's hard not to clap and dance along. | 21-Jan-2014 13:20

Pawtucket man pleads not guilty to murder of his 10-year-old daughter

A Pawtucket man pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge that he murdered his 10-year-old daughter in their home last summer. | 09-Jan-2014 18:53

Musical Cross-Pollination

On this edition of New Sounds, we'll hear from singers who reach across musical traditions, including a new recording of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan piece - "Mustt Mustt" - by Indo-Canadian singer Kiran Ahluwalia, featuring the Tuareg musical rebels from Mali, Tinariwen. | 05-Jan-2014 13:06

West Africa: West African livelihoods weakened by graft
DAKAR 03 January 2014 (IRIN) - Poor public services in many West African countries, with already dire human development indicators, are under constant pressure from pervasive corruption. Observers say graft is corroding proper governance and causing growing numbers of people to sink into poverty | 03-Jan-2014 01:00

Life-saving hepatitis C drug approved, but cost is high
NEW YORK 23 December 2013 (IRIN) - Following approvals in the US and Europe this month of a new drug to treat hepatitis C, activists are pushing for the medication to be made available in poor countries. | 23-Dec-2013 01:00

Is Africa ready for GM?
KISUMU/KAMPALA 27 November 2013 (IRIN) - Even as food insecurity continues to afflict impoverished and disaster-affected populations around the continent, African policymakers and consumers remain deeply divided over the potential harms and benefits of genetically modified (GM) foods, which advocates say could greatly improve yields and nutrition. | 27-Nov-2013 01:00

TCU Senate update

The Tufts Community Union Senate held its next-to-last weekly meeting of the semester in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room last night, which included discussion on projects relating to diversity, food availability on campus and the off-campus housing search. | 25-Nov-2013 12:47

AMIGOS project applauded, but ELL troubles run deep in New Bedford schools

When he came from Cape Verde two years ago, Maria Lopes' son was in for a fierce struggle with a new language and the teachers who speak it. | 24-Nov-2013 07:45

Cape Verdeans on Cape Cod

Many came to the Harwich area from Cape Verde in the 19th century to escape ongoing drought and famine, to find work as whalers, fishermen and cranberry pickers. | 22-Nov-2013 04:10

Senegal on the frontline of the battle with Big Tobacco
DAKAR 19 November 2013 (IRIN) - Djité Sekou, 32, smokes as he passes his nights guarding one of the many high-rise apartment buildings in Dakar, Senegal. It has been eight years since his first cigarette - a Monte Carlo from Morocco - and when money is available he goes through 20 to 30 per day. It is an addiction that can cost him up to a quarter of his monthly income. | 19-Nov-2013 01:00

Our View: Charles W. Morgan - New Bedford Homecoming

PHOTO PETER PEREIRA/The Standard-Times The whaling ship Charles W. Morgan is launched to celebrate its 172nd anniversary after extensive restauration at the Mystic Seaport shipyard in Mystic, Conn., last June. | 10-Nov-2013 11:47

Conflict flares over solar farms on Freetown's Braley Road

Every time Rev. Curtis Dias is about to tell you how strongly he opposes two solar installations planned near his Freetown church, he stops to remind you that he is an environmentalist. | 10-Nov-2013 07:32

Which Man Took Maddie? By Barbie Latza Nadeau

Forget Scotland Yard's suspect-the Portuguese police have their own suspect in the British girl's 2007 disappearance. | 06-Nov-2013 14:31


The 6ft 2in dad-of-two, who emigrated to Portugal as a child from Cape Verde off west Africa, died aged 40 in a tractor accident in 2009. | 04-Nov-2013 14:31

Madeleine McCann Search Hits Dead End?

The Madeleine McCann case is back topping trending news. The new push to solve the Madeleine McCann case has possibly hit another road block. | 02-Nov-2013 14:05

Madeleine McCann kidnapping suspect 'had received a presidential ...

The 40-year-old had been working at the Ocean Club holiday complex in Praia de Luz, where the McCanns were staying when Maddie disappeared A former hotel worker linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann received a presidential pardon after being convicted of theft, it was claimed today. | 31-Oct-2013 18:53

TAP Portugal adds new services to Cape Verde and Morocco

TAP Portugal added two new African routes to its network from Lisbon on 27 October, as it launched services to Boa Vista in Cape Verde and to Tangier in northern Morocco. | 30-Oct-2013 16:50

Cape Verde appeals to regain WCup playoff spot

Cape Verde is challenging FIFA at sport's highest court to replace Tunisia in the World Cup playoffs. | 29-Oct-2013 12:02

Africa Command Helps Partners Promote Maritime Security

Capacity-building efforts being advanced by U.S. Africa Command are helping African nations confront maritime crime, including piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and events currently unfolding off the Nigerian coast, the Africom commander reported. | 25-Oct-2013 22:00

The Ibrahim Prize for Excellence among African Leaders

On October 14, the Ibrahim Prize Committee announced, for the second year in a row, that it had not found anyone to whom to award its Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. | 21-Oct-2013 18:22

Ibrahim no award for African Leadership

This week, for a second consecutive year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation's committee of eminent persons resolved there was no African leader deemed worthy of the $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. | 20-Oct-2013 12:05

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