Parliament to resume tomorrow

MEMBERS OF THE House of Assembly will meet tomorrow following their summer recess.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will move the Second Reading of the Public Accounts Committee (Repeal) Bill, 2014, and the Second Reading of the Financial Management and Audit (Amendment) Bill, 2014.

Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, is slated to move the Second Reading of the Customs (Amendment) Bill, 2013, and also the Second Reading of the Excise Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2013.

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, is also expected to move the First Reading of the Education (Amendment) Bill 2014. (BGIS) | 20-Oct-2014 23:35

Two shot in attempted robbery

POLICE ARE AT the scene of an attempt robbery at Dayrells Road, Christ Church where two people were shot.

The attempted hold-up of the family-operated Babbs Mini Mart left two male employees wounded. One man was shot in the left side of his back and the other man in his hand.

According to reports, a man in blue overalls and using a scarf and sunglasses to conceal his face entered the mini mart around 1 p.m. but his attempt to rob employees was thwarted and he fled.  (AC) | 20-Oct-2014 21:30

WHO: Nigeria free of Ebola

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) – Nigeria is free of Ebola, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared today in a rare victory in the months-long battle against the fatal disease.

Nigeria’s containment of Ebola is a “spectacular success story”, WHO’s director for Nigeria, Rui Gama Vaz, told a news conference in the capital, Abuja.

The disease came to Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, through an airline passenger who had carried Ebola from Liberia to Nigeria. The July 23 announcement about the disease hitting Nigeria “rocked public health communities all around the world”, the WHO said in a statement.

Many feared the worst in in an urban sprawl characterised by large populations living in crowded and unsanitary conditions in many slums. Lagos’ population of about 21 million people is nearly the combined populations of the infected countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the statement said.

“The last thing anyone in the world wants to hear is the two words, ‘Ebola’ and ‘Lagos’, in the same sentence,” U.S. Consul General Jeffrey Hawkins noted at the time, saying the juxtaposition conjured up images of an “apocalyptic urban outbreak”.

Instead, with swift coordination between state and federal health officials, the WHO and the U.S. Centres for Disease Control, and with ample financial and material resources from Nigeria’s government, isolation wards were immediately constructed and, more slowly, designated Ebola treatment centres.

Health officials reached every single known person to have contact with infected people in Lagos and 99.8 per cent in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil capital where the disease was carried by an infected Nigerian diplomat.

With 18 500 visits to 894 contacts, health workers tracked the progress of all who had come in contact with the disease.

In the end, Nigeria suffered 20 cases of Ebola and eight deaths, including of two doctors and a nurse.

Today’s announcement comes after 42 days passed – twice the disease’s maximum incubation period – since the last case in Nigeria tested negative.

“The outbreak in Nigeria has been contained,” Vaz said. “But we must be clear that we only won a battle. The war will only end when West Africa is also declared free of Ebola.” | 20-Oct-2014 20:25

Farrakhan calls for education reform

KINGSTON - Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan yesterday criticised Jamaican governments over the years for not adequately building on efforts made by the country’s late national heroes to create an independent Jamaica.

Addressing hundreds of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals gathered at the National Arena to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the Million Man March (MMM) yesterday, the eve of National Heroes’ Day, Farrakhan said revamping the current education system was the place to start.

“If you want to be free, the first thing you have to think about is what kind of education should we possess that will allow us to continue the journey that Norman Manley, Bustamante and Michael Manley put us on,” said Farrakhan, noting that steps in recent time to introduce in schools the teachings of the country’s first national hero, Marcus Garvey, was a commendable first step.

He also suggested breaking allegiance to the queen of England, which he described as a necessary part of evolutionary growth and development, and a necessity if Caribbean countries are to become a regional power “with a voice that [will] affect the world”.

"Breaking away from our colonial slave masters is what we started with in our Independence movement, but we never took it as far as it should be taken," said Farrakhan.

In a wide-ranging message, which also highlighted the language barriers among Caribbean peoples, the socio-economic consequences of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, slavery and reparation, and the importance of practical agriculture to the region’s sustainability, the Nation of Islam Leader added that the cultural community had a role to play in leading the way towards liberation.

“The cultural community is the community that will save the world,” he said. "I will make a speech, but one song from Bob Marley and it will reach a generation. The cultural community must rise and be infused with the idea that leads to liberation.”

The MMM, a mass gathering of African-Americans and other ethnic groups, was staged in Washington, DC in  995 to win politicians’ attention for urban and minority issues. Yesterday was the first time its anniversary was celebrated in the Caribbean and hundreds of people filled the National Arena to listen to Farrakhan.

"Right now we need more of these visits in Jamaica," said Clarence Nugent.

Leo Walker, another Jamaican who gave intent ear during the meeting, said Farrakhan’s message had left him with a different outlook on life.

"I really liked the message; it was really an inspiration," said Walker. | 20-Oct-2014 19:00

Royal baby due in April

LONDON (AP) — The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have confirmed that their second baby is due in April — the first time they've offered a month for the royal birth.

Kensington Palace also said in a statement Monday that the duchess, who has been side-lined by a prolonged bout of severe morning sickness, continues to improve.

The former Kate Middleton and Prince William are scheduled to welcome Singapore President Tony Tan when he arrives on a four-day state visit this week. She is also expected to attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 award ceremony.

The duchess cancelled several engagements after her second pregnancy was announced in early September. She had acute morning sickness during the first trimester of her pregnancy with Prince George. | 20-Oct-2014 18:01

Changes in petroleum prices
The 25-pound cylinder now costs $49.23 – a dip of 37 cents; while the 22-pound cylinder is retailing at $43.49 – a decrease of 36 cents. The 20-pound cylinder now costs $39.53, a saving ... | 20-Oct-2014 17:29

Amnesty for players who report match-fixing

MELBOURNE (AP) — Cricket Australia said Monday it will provide an amnesty period for players who report potential corruption-related or past match-fixing cases ahead of the 2015 World Cup it will co-host with New Zealand.

Cricketers had faced bans of up to five years if they were found to have failed to report information relating to a breach of the Cricket Australia's anti-corruption code.

But in the Monday announcement, players were told they will be spared from penalty if they come forward with evidence from any time during their careers by the end of November.

Anti-corruption investigators working with World Cup organizers and the International Cricket Council last year signed a memorandum of understanding with the Australian Federal Police to assist them in fighting corruption at the February 14 to March 29 tournament.

Cricket Australia's integrity manager Iain Roy said that while there were no suggestions that any Australian players, officials or administrators were involved in corrupt or illegal activity, the "threat of unlawful behavior and other misconduct impacting the integrity of the game is very real and the sport has to be vigilant in its approach to managing it."

"We think this is a responsible approach to protecting the game under our jurisdiction," Roy said in a statement on the Cricket Australia website. "We hope that granting a short amnesty period in relation to any previous non-reporting of relevant facts will encourage anyone with information to come forward."

There have been nearly 20 cases of cricketers involved in match-fixing over the past decade, including some for "spot fixing" — for orchestrating the bowling of no balls, or for allowing a high number of runs to be scored in certain overs of a match.

Most recently, New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum said on the weekend he will testify against former teammate Chris Cairns in a perjury trial in London next year because he feels a duty "to protect the game." McCullum will be among as many as 12 leading cricketers who may be called to give evidence when the trial starts next October.

Cairns won £90 000 (then $140 000) in damages in 2012 after he sued Indian Premier League founder Lalit Modi over an accusation of match-fixing. Cairns was later charged with one count of perjury in the case.

Former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful was banned from cricket for eight years in June for match-fixing in the Bangladesh Premier League. | 20-Oct-2014 16:12

DEA warned about fake profiles

WASHINGTON (AP) - Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it's not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations.

Facebook's chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, said in a letter Friday to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart that law enforcement agencies need to follow the same rules about being truthful on Facebook as civilian users. Those rules include a ban on lying about who you are.

Sullivan's letter was in response to a New York woman's federal lawsuit claiming that a DEA agent created a fake online persona using her name and photographs stored on her cell phone.

In court filings, Sondra Arquiett said her pictures were retrieved from her cell phone after she was arrested in July 2010 on drug charges and her cell phone seized. Arquiett said the fake page was being used by DEA agent Timothy Sinnigen to interact with "dangerous individuals he was investigating." Arquiett is asking for $250 000 in damages.

"Facebook has long made clear that law enforcement authorities are subject to these policies," Sullivan wrote. "We regard DEA's conduct to be a knowing and serious breach of Facebook's terms and policies."

Facebook also wants the DEA to confirm that it has stopped using any other fake profile pages it may have created.

"The department has launched a review into the incident at issue in this case," Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said in response to a request for comment. "That review is ongoing, but to our knowledge, this is not a widespread practice among our federal law enforcement agencies."

The Justice Department initially defended the practice, arguing in an August court filing that while Arquiett didn't directly authorize Sinnigen to create the fake account, she "implicitly consented by granting access to the information stored in her cell phone and by consenting to the use of that information to aid in ... ongoing criminal investigations."

Last week the agency announced it would review whether the Facebook guise went too far.

The case was scheduled to go to trial this week, but court records show it has been sent to mediation. | 20-Oct-2014 14:38

Ricky Martin to perform at CAC Games

Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin will perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Central American and Caribbean Games next month.

Martin, 42, will perform at the Opening Ceremony of the 22nd edition of the Games, which are due get underway at the 26 000 capacity Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium in Veracruz, Mexico, on November 14.

The Games are scheduled to last until November 30 and will be the fourth time they have been staged in Mexico. The three previous occasions were all in Mexico City, beginning with the inaugural event in 1926 followed by editions in 1954 and 1990.

Port city Veracruz is the capital of the state of Veracruz and Games organisers are expected around 5 700 athletes from 31 countries to take part in competition across 36 sports. (SAT/PR) | 20-Oct-2014 13:19

Kerry appeals to Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - US Secretary of State John Kerry appealed Monday for Asian nations to step up their efforts to combat Islamic State extremists and the deadly Ebola virus.

In Jakarta for the inauguration of Indonesia's new reformist president, Kerry took the opportunity to meet separately with the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

Later Monday, he was to see Singaporean Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong, Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert del Resario as well as the just inaugurated reformist Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, who won hotly contested elections in July.

Officials traveling with Kerry said preventing extremist recruitment in Southeast Asia, particularly in predominantly Muslim nations like Indonesia and Malaysia, is a main non-military priority of the coalition the US is assembling to combat the Islamic State group.

The US is looking for these countries "to do more and cooperate more" to keep extremist proselytizing out of their territories, rebut extremist ideologies, prevent the flow of foreign fighters and crack down on terrorist financing, the officials said.

Kerry wasted no time in getting to that point, thanking the Malaysian premier for his country's "strong statements" against the Islamic State group's radical ideology, the officials said. But Kerry also made clear that the international community must continue to do more to crack down on foreign fighters, they said.

With Abbot, Kerry hailed Australia's role in the coalition, which includes a significant military component, and noted that Australians had seen first-hand the problem created by foreign fighters.

The presence of Australians among Islamic State fighters "brings home to everybody how important it is for this to be a global coalition and for all of us to understand the stakes," Kerry told Abbot.

He also noted that the coalition's military efforts had been given a boost in recent days by the Iraqi government's selection of interior and defence ministers. "That is particularly helpful in planning and implementing our efforts," Kerry said.

Kerry's visit to Jakarta - which required more than 26 hours of travel time for just 24 hours on the ground before he heads to Germany on Tuesday - is aimed at highlighting the Obama administration's commitment to the Asia-Pacific region, especially its hopes for Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority country and third largest democracy.

Asia is home to most of the world's fastest growing economies. Kerry has made eight trips to Asia in the last 20 months and President Barack Obama will be heading to China, Myanmar and Australia next month.

On Ebola, Kerry is seeking nations to boost their contributions to the global effort to stop the spread of the virus, the US officials said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss preview Kerry's meetings by name. | 20-Oct-2014 12:20

125 and going strong | 20-Oct-2014 08:22

Jordan promises effective representation
Jordan was nominated unopposed at a meeting at the Alexandra School by Richard Arthur, brother of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who has been the representative for the northern constituency for ... | 20-Oct-2014 08:22

Jordan gets the nod

Tourism consultant Colin Jordan has received the official nod to represent the St Peter constituency on the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) ticket in the next general election. ... | 20-Oct-2014 08:22

Foundation launched to aid marginalized residents
Edmund Hinkson greeting Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley last night.
A foundation was formally launched last evening to provide financial and technical assistance to?marginalized ... | 20-Oct-2014 08:22

Bajan ‘ballers show off skills

Over 40 players from the Barbados Football Association’s (BFA) Under-21 programme were offered the opportunity of a lifetime yesterday, to put their skills on show at the Soccerex ... | 20-Oct-2014 08:14

John Holt dies

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Veteran Jamaican reggae singer John Holt died in a London hospital yesterday. He was 69.

Copeland Forbes, Holt’s manager since 2006, confirmed the entertainer’s passing.

“John died at 2:40 a.m. English time. His [John’s] nephew informed of his death,” Forbes told OBSERVER ONLINE.

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

Holt first gained popularity in the 1960s as the lead singer of the Paragons.

In Barbados, he was also a regular act for the annual Vintage Reggae show. (Jamaica Observer/SAT) | 20-Oct-2014 06:38

Docs: Ban travel

Resite the isolation centre and ban all travel to and from West Africa where the Ebola epidemic is rampant.

Those are two things the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) wants to see done here as part of the effective management of Barbados’ response to the Ebola crisis.

In a communiqué to its membership, BAMP slammed the decision to build the isolation unit next to a school, in a densely populated district, and on a compound which has a paediatric and ear, nose and throat outpatient clinics, along with the human resources department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

BAMP said it was concerned that “the open access and outright bad location of the current isolation centre where anyone can walk in” needed to be re-examined. It suggested alternative locations shuch as the abandoned St Joseph Hospital, St Ann's Fort or a hospital ship. | 20-Oct-2014 06:12

42 move up

A new acting deputy Commissioner of Police heads a list of 42 temporary promotions taking effect today in the Royal Barbados Police Force.

The move will see all those who are engaged in legal action against the Police Service Commission (PSC) removed from any acting positions they hold and returned to their substantive posts.

This includes some of the 15 officers who are challenging the PSC over their non-promotion two years ago, and Acting Deputy Commissioner Seymour Cumberbatch, who has an ongoing High Court action in respect of the position of deputy commissioner.

The acting appointments will see a few double promotions and a couple of appointments where the officers involved will be promoted over someone senior to them. | 20-Oct-2014 06:11

Mia: Isolate it

Move it!

This is Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s suggestion to Government on what to do with the controversial isolation unit set up to handle major diseases including the dreaded Ebola.

Mottley recommended last night that Government should transfer the unit, which is near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), to some place “where it will least impact” the population.

She said it was unthinkable that at a time when Ebola was driving fear in the hearts of people across the globe, when there was no vaccine against the disease, that Government would establish the isolation unit next to a school, St Ursuline Convent.

She said when she faced the crisis posed by the burning of Glendairy Prisons in 2005, her response was not to have an alternative prison facility set up near residences but to transfer the prisoners to a remote location in St Lucy. | 20-Oct-2014 06:10

Morris advises barefoot minister

Put on your shoes.

That is the message Anglican priest Charles Morris is sending to Methodist minister William St Clair who has apparently run afoul of his church for preaching barefoot.

“I don’t see the reason for a person wanting to preach barefoot or wanting to be barefoot in the church,” Morris said, as he weighed in on the controversy surrounding St Clair, an American on assignment in Barbados, whose unorthodox manner of preaching barefoot appears to have angered the hierarchy of the local Methodist Church.

Morris argued that if St Clair’s message was effective, then it would not matter if he had his shoes on. (MB) | 20-Oct-2014 06:09

Mara wants a united country

One of the richest legacies the late Prime Minister David Thompson left was his desire for Barbados to remain a community.

And in remembering her husband, St John Member of Parliament Mara Thompson has urged the country to hold hands and come together.

Speaking after the David Thompson fourth anniversary memorial service at the Unity Wesleyan Holiness Church in Edgecliff, St John yesterday, she said that Barbados’ unity was even more important at this time of financial uncertainties.

“[David] often stressed the importance of relationships and socialising with people. The need to build the community was for him not an ideal but a work in progress. Many of you here today who lived in his tenure in opposition can testify to his passion for people and connecting. Today I can say that I have witnessed the impact of the decline in that connectivity,” Thompson said. (SDB Media) | 20-Oct-2014 06:08

Muslims: No terrorists here

We don’t harbour terrorists, forcibly convert anybody or pose a threat to use of the Lord’s Prayer and religious freedom in schools.

Two prominent members of the local Muslim community, Suleiman Bulbulia and Sabir Nakhuda, gave Barbadians these assurances yesterday on the Sunday Brass Tacks call-in programme on Starcom Network’s VOB 92.9.

Bulbulia said Islam did not preach violence or terrorism and groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, though claiming Muslim roots, operated outside the teachings of Islam.

“I want to assure Barbadians – and I know this is one of the things that have come up over the week, this whole issue of whether or not we have this type of people here,” Bulbulia said.

“We do not have that thinking or that ideology here whatsoever. Our scholars here in our island have constantly spoken about this in our mosque.” (TY) | 20-Oct-2014 06:07

Principals urged to raise school funds

With a likely reduction in Government’s budget for secondary schools over the next two years, an economist has advised principals of secondary schools to consider ways of raising finance.

President of the Barbados Economic Society Jeremy Stephen floated several funding ideas at the annual general meeting of the Barbados Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools (BAPPSS) recently.

In his presentation on school business partnerships, innovative ways of funding education and a future model of Barbadian education, Stephen said there could be a $4 million reduction in Government’s allocation to secondary schools over the next two years and he argued it was imperative that any such financing gaps be funded.

He told the principals assembled at the Barbados Defence Force’s Hudson Hall: “There are a bunch of solutions that you can embark on right away, such as remittances levies, diaspora bonds, endowment funds . . . . I think it is an approach that is very necessary for secondary schools in this day and age.” (GC) | 20-Oct-2014 06:06

Green’s words cut deep

It is said that actions speak louder than words.

Well, Adrian Green proved that adage to be dead wrong on Saturday night at the National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (NIFCA) Semi-finals at the Major Noott Hall, Combermere School.

In front of a capacity audience and amidst high-energy dance performances, soulful singing and hilarious dramatisations, it was the spoken word piece Too Small, written and performed by Green, that stood out above the rest.

The NIFCA multi-award winner spoke to the audience about “small-minded” Bajans in a “2x4 country that was way too small” for so many things to be happening.

His piece touched on issues ranging from the 375th anniversary of Parliament, politics, social ills, illegal dumping, severance pay, violence, classism and education.

His words were sharp, yet witty, and echoed through the hall, earning him the loudest round of applause for the night. At times he had to pause as the crowd reacted in agreement to what he was saying.

A place at the NIFCA Finals certainly awaits this talented writer.

The night was dominated by dance, with 11 entries vying for a spot in the finals. Pinelands Creative Workshop and Dancin’ Africa led that segment, offering two exceptional and high-energy performances each from their junior and senior groups.

The two long-standing dance groups used their experience and moves to show why they continue to reign on the local dance circuit.

Three other dance groups also gave a great showing: Elements performing Perception, Zhane Bridgemen Maxwell Group doing Her Sisters’ Keeper and Praise Academy Of Dance with Imag-In-Me.

Young soloists Cherece Richards and Raanan Hackett received resounding approval from the audience for their renditions.

Raanan, reigning Junior Monarch in the 8-12 category, did two selections – his winning calypso No Daddy and Gloria Estefan’s Reach. It was his rendition of the latter that should secure him a place in the finals.

Richards, a student of Frederick Smith Secondary, was in great voice in both of her songs. She sang Yesterday in the first half and United In The Caribbean in the second. Her soulful rendition of the first song was the better of the two.

Notable performances came from Hilltop Primary school choir singing His Mercy Endureth Forever and Save The Children Of The World, and Deacons Primary singing Love Song To Bim.

The one-year-old Deacons choir gave a patriotic start to the night with a medley of songs including Bim I Love You, Island In The Sun, I Love Barbados and Beautiful And Unspoilt, which they sang a capella.

Hilltop further showed versatility with entrants in song and speech categories.

Students Haile Skinner and Rachelle Pollard’s delivery of their piece De Good Ole Days was well-received.

Then it was time for the seniors, who dominated the drama section.

HMP Resilient and renowned Yolanda Holder took command of the stage with two hilariously-delivered yet serious dramatisations.

HMP Resilient’s piece centred on a broken family and dealt with domestic and substance abuse, infidelity and lies.

The group, made up of actors from across the Caribbean, performed the piece called A Lonely Family In Search Of Love. Mum Janet, dad Alex and daughter Kimmie did well in portraying their characters in a humorous way, much to the delight of the audience.

However, if there is a time limit in place for drama, the group could lose out on points since the skit was lengthy.

Holder, dressed in white on Judgement Day, told the story of how she lived a “righteous” life and always followed the Word of God. During Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned, “God” spoke to her, reminding her about her nephew she had raised from birth.

While reflecting, she remembered how her blood “boiled” when he told her he was a Rasta after studying in Jamaica. As she lamented, she wept openly and shook her head in disbelief.

The skit ended with the God-fearing woman taking up a cross and killing her nephew.

Richelle Adams of HMP Resilient also gave a worthy dramatisation in Images. It dealt with her agonising over the fact that her mum did not set a good example for her.

She constantly pleaded with her mother, who was representative of her “image”. She accused her mother of choosing a man over her and allowing her uncle to abuse her as he did the mother.

Others who gave memorable performances were Motivation Dancers, Shauna Richards, Tanisha Nedd, Jeliah Boyce and Jelani Matthews-Ifill.

The last NIFCA Semi-final was held last night. The finals will start on Friday. | 20-Oct-2014 06:05

Missing David’s Classic

The widow of the late Prime Minister David Thompson is saddened by the cancellation of this year’s David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic.

Speaking publicly on the issue for the first time, Mara Thompson, the Member of Parliament for St John, told the DAILY NATION it was very unfortunate that the tournament could not be held, in spite of the economic downturn.

Since the establishment of the classic in 2011, there had been strong disapprovals in several quarters about the cost associated with the constituency councils hosting the event.

Earlier this year, Minister of Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, Steve Blackett, sought to quell fears that the tournament was in danger because of a cut in funding to the councils, when he said money had been secured for the tournament’s staging.

However, in late September the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment and Community Development revealed that the competition, which usually ran from October to December, would indeed not be held this year. Furthermore the ministry noted that it “will shortly be activating the planning for a possible 2015 football tournament”.

A fortnight ago, Minister Blackett reiterated that Government had no choice but to cancel this year’s tourney since it would have cost at least a half million dollars. He added that if more sponsors came on board in 2015, there was a possibility the event could make a return next year, even if only in a shortened format.

But speaking after a memorial service in honour of her late husband at the Unity Wesleyan Holiness Church in Edgecliff, St John, Thompson described it as a great loss to many young people desirous of showcasing their talents and engaging in constructive behaviours.

“I am saddened, most definitely, because it offered so much and did so much for those same young people that David always looked out for.

“Now it means they won’t have that avenue they had to get whatever they got out of it; getting to display their talent, getting some money, getting Barbadians to be out mixing and mingling and socialising as members of the communities.

“I am truly sorry that it couldn’t happen this year. I understand the economic situation, so I suppose I can’t be angry about it,” she added.

Nonetheless, Thompson was optimistic that the tournament could be held in 2015. And she suggested that organisers may have to look to private sponsorship to assist with its staging.

She said that this was a route organisers hoped to take after learning that the classic was possibly in danger of not being held, however, the news came a bit too late for other arrangements to be put into place.

“I certainly hope [the David Thompson Memorial Football Classic] will be held next year,” she said. “I am not the one who makes those decisions so I can only hope, coax and cajole.” (SDB Media) | 20-Oct-2014 06:05

Going with the flow

With the voice of a queen, 28-year-old fashion designer Sherry Ann Maughan gave a powerful rendition of the Mary Mary song Yesterday to capture the Life 97.5 Flow Gospel Challenge title before an approving audience at Frank Collymore Hall on Saturday night.

She beat out nine challengers to earn $5 000, the Flow Gospel Challenge trophy and other sponsored gifts. (KB)

Here, Maughan being congratulated by her husband Christopher after she was presented with the winner’s trophy. | 20-Oct-2014 06:05

Thumbs-up for Jordan

Pledging “with God’s help” to be an effective representative, hotel executive Colin Jordan last night accepted his nomination as the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) new man in St Peter, replacing former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Jordan, a former president of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, was nominated by Arthur’s brother Richard during a meeting of the St Peter branch at Alexandra School. Richard Arthur said the former Prime Minister “supported Colin as his successor”.

The branch’s selection of Jordan now has to be ratified by the party. (TY)

Here, Colin Jordan (fifth left) giving the thumbs-up as he celebrates his success with relatives, party supporters and members, including Barbados Labour Party leader Mia Mottley (second left) and Richard Arthur (left). | 20-Oct-2014 06:05

Lloyd apologises to Indian hosts

NEW DELHI – West Indies chief selector Clive Lloyd has apologised for the One-Day side’s abrupt walkout of the tour of India, and says the players have made a mistake.

Speaking at the Salaam Cricket Conference on Saturday, the outstanding former West Indies captain said he hoped the players’ actions would not damage the longstanding great relationship between the two cricketing nations.

“I want to talk about the West Indies. I apologise for the team leaving. We have great affinity with India and its people. We have many great players starting their careers here in India,” Lloyd said.

“Some guys decided to stop this tour and I think it is a mistake. I do hope that the closeness between the Indians and the West Indians remain as it has been there.”

West Indies players quit the tour on Friday in protest over an unresolved contract and pay dispute with their union, WIPA. They had threatened to withdraw their services since the first One-Day International in Kochi two weeks ago, but took the field after being persuaded by Indian officials.

Prior to Friday’s fourth ODI in Dharamsala, however, the players informed tour management they no longer wished to continue the series and would return home.

“I did not want it to end like this, we have great love with Indian people and I don’t think there is a better place for playing cricket,” said Lloyd, who oversaw the Caribbean side’s triumphs in the first two World Cups in 1975 and 1979.

“It’s unfortunate we left, and I hope the damage is not irreparable.”

West Indies were scheduled to play a fifth ODI in Kolkata today, a single Twenty20 in Cuttack on Wednesday, before embarking on a three-Test series from October 30. (CMC) | 20-Oct-2014 06:03

Chase, Smith slam centuries

Two batsmen notched centuries and another was left four runs short of the landmark as runs flowed in Zone B of the Sagicor Super Cup eighth series of matches yesterday.

ICBL Empire’s Roston Chase stroked a match-winning, unbeaten 114, while Kemar Smith made 114 but YMPC still lost to ESAF Pickwick for whom wicketkeeper/batsman Shai Hope made a sparkling 96 not out.

The victory enabled Pickwick to take sole ownership of the top position in the zone with 26 points while Empire joined CGI Maple, who had a bye yesterday, on 22 points in second place.

The final round has been rescheduled for November 2.

AT BANK HALL: Empire made light work of Caribbean Alliance/Akobah Gardens Foundation to triumph by 163 runs and register their fifth win.

After winning the toss, the “Blues” rattled up 243 for eight off 50 overs before bowling out the schoolboys for 80 all out in 31.2 overs.

The hosts lost wickets at regular intervals to the youngsters’ steady bowling until Chase and wicketkeeper Andre Roach added 106 in 16 overs for the eighth wicket.

Chase smacked 18 threes and three fours off 131 deliveries while Roach counted five threes in contributing 43 to the partnership.

Spinners Ryan Hinds (3-19), Roston Chase (2-7) and Jomel Warrican and Shadd Simmons (both 2-20) ran through the visitors’ batting for Empire to win with 18.4 overs to spare.

AT BECKLES ROAD: ESAF Pickwick produced a brilliant run chase that saw them home with two balls to spare.

Shai Hope paced the frontrunners to the challenging target set by the hosts, who amassed 281 for five behind Smith’s sparkling 114 from 121 balls with 11 threes and six fours.

Smith and skipper Shane Dowrich built the foundation, adding 154 for the third wicket in batting-friendly conditions.

The hosts seemed to be firmly in control of the match after reducing their guests to 103 for four, but Hope got able support from all-rounders Aaron Jones and Jade Padmore, both returning to local competition after stints overseas.

Hope’s unbeaten 96 spanned exactly 100 balls and he counted seven threes and five fours.

AT SJPP: CounterPoint Wanderers damaged Wildey’s chances of a place in the quarter-finals with a comfortable win by 93 runs.

The visitors posted 210 for nine before dismissing the hosts for 117 to move to 12 points, equal with their opponents.

Wanderers were led by Jonathan Drakes 62 (70 balls, 3 fours, 2 sixes) and leg-spinner Nikolai Charles (four for 31).

AT PARAGON: BDFSP won easily over beleaguered Guardian General Barbados Youth in this bottom-of-the-table clash.

Summarised scores

At Bank Hall: ICBL Empire 243-8 in 50 overs (Roston Chase 114 not out (131 balls, 18 threes, 3 fours), A. Roach 43, A. Holder 23, K. Stoute 12, J. Greaves 10; L. Callender 3-56, J. Drakes 2-39, P. Emilien 2-47) Caribbean Alliance/Akobah Gardens Foundation 80 all out in 31.2 overs (C. Maynard 38; R. Hinds 3-19, R. Chase 2-7, J. Warrican 2-20, S. Simmons 2-20) Empire won by 163 runs.

At Beckles Road: YMPC 281-5 in 50 overs (Kemar Smith 114 (121 balls, 11 threes, 6 fours), C. Watson 26, Kemal Smith 26, J. Brathwaite 23, M. Trotman 18 n.o.; A. Collymore 2-48, J. Padmore 2-56) ESAF Pickwick 283-6 in 49.4 overs (Shai Hope 96 not out (100 balls, 7 threes, 5 fours), A. Jones 43, J. Padmore 38 n.o., K. Hope 34, Craig St. Hill 30, J. Phillips 20; M. Miller 2-51, Kemar Smith 2-52) Pickwick won by four wickets.

At Paragon: BDFSP 271 all out in 48.5 overs (A. Greenidge 45, R. Brathwaite 44, K. Franklyn 37, D. Boyce 36, M. Rampersaud 25, R. Wiggins 22, M. Welcome-Goodman 21, K. Currency 15 n.o., S. Cumberbatch 14; H. Newton 3-47, T. Harris 3-30, C. Holder 2-23) Guardian General Barbados Youth 164 all out in 47.2 overs (N. Kirton 40, Z. McCaskie 39, D. Belle 28, J. Leacock 15 n.o., S. Richards 13; R. Wiggins 4-31, A. Clinkett 2-25) BDFSP won by 107 runs.

At SJPP: CounterPoint Wanderers 210-9 in 50 overs (Jonathan Drakes 62 (70 balls, 3 fours, 2 sixes), S. Moseley 42,  D. Stuart 24, R. Arthur 21, K. McClean 17, C. Holder 14 n.o.; B. King 3-51, S. Pinder 2-19) Wildey 117 all out in 34 overs (K. Pierre 28, M. Barclay 21, D. Sargeant 18, P. Greaves 11; N. Charles 4-31, R. Reifer 2-5, C. Clarke-Reifer 2-17, S. Clarke 2-21) Wanderers won by 93 runs. | 20-Oct-2014 06:02

Three do double

EDMONTON – Three-time defending champion Rico Walcott and rising stars Nela Mohammed and Damario Bynoe landed double wins as Caribbean riders dominated the eight-race card at Northlands Park on Saturday.

Walcott, closing in on his fourth straight jockeys’ title, rode winners in race six with Stormy Indian and race seven with Wild Crush, to take his tally for the season to 135 wins.

Trinidadian Mohammed, meanwhile, chalked up victories in race two with Seeking The Target and in race four with Kiss Me Goodbye. He has 22 wins from 147 starts.

Bynoe, the 23-year-old Barbadian in his first season of international racing, found the winners’ enclosure in race one with Rouge On Rouge and in race five with Pigtails.

Bynoe is tied for third in the standings with Ismael Mosqueira on 45 wins.

The Northlands season winds up next Saturday.

Already assured of the riding title, Walcott continued to press towards his career best tally of 148 wins set last season.

On Saturday, he opened his account over a mile and sixteenth with favourite Stormy Indian, steering the three-year-old filly to a comfortable five-length victory over the three-year-old and upward fillies and mares.

He followed up with another dominant ride aboard 3-1 chance Wild Crush, beating the favourite Classic Crusader by 1-1/4 lengths in a contest also over a mile and sixteenth.

Walcott and Wild Crush recovered from a stumble at the start to trail the field but made good progress to reach the front in mid-stretch and hold for the win.

Mohammed, who has had limited participation at Northlands, first scored in a 3-1/2 furlong dash with 3-1 bet Seeking The Target and was more impressive in his score with favourite Kiss Me Goodbye, taking the five-year-old mare to strong five-length win over the three-year-old and upward fillies and mares, in a mile trip.

Bynoe, meanwhile, raised the curtain on the day’s programme by steering Rouge On Rouge – the longest shot in the race at odds of 12-1 – to a three-quarter length victory over the three-year-old and upward fillies and mares, going a mile.

He returned the winners’ enclosure with hot favourite Pigtails, again brushing aside the three-year-old and upward fillies and mares in another mile trip, winning by 7-1/2 lengths. (CMC) | 20-Oct-2014 06:02

TALK BACK: Illegal Bajans, tour pullout the talking points

Besides ongoing concerns about Ebola and chikungunya, there were two issues which stimulated much discussion among online readers last week.

The first was the revelation by Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of National Security Gary Griffith that more than 7 000 Barbadians were living there illegally.

Here’s what readers had to say:

• Carl Harper: The manner in which Barbadians spoke of the “Guyanese invasion” of Barbados over the years would have led anyone to believe that Bajans do not “hide out” in other people’s countries in pursuit of a “better life”. So often we think of ourselves being so “special” and “God’s gift to the world” that these numerical disclosures are necessary to give us a reality check for our insular and ethnocentric mouthings.

• Olutoye Waldron: Suddenly people are questioning CARICOM integration. When the Guyanese were being rounded up like cattle and repatriated, no one thought of CARICOM then. Truth is, Barbadians migrating to Trinidad (and other parts of the region) is nothing new. An 1891 census for Trinidad recorded that in a population of 208 000, there were 33 000 immigrants from the British West Indies, nearly 14 000 of whom were from Barbados.

• Jacqueline Marshall-Balloch: This is the sort of thing that causes division among our peoples and brings to the fore the pettiness inside some of us. It’s not us and them. It’s not Trinis versus Bajans. It’s about Caribbean people. We are all mixed anyway.

• Terry Clarke: I am a Barbadian and we have this attitude that we must live peaceably in everybody’s country, but are very insecure when it comes to opening our doors to other non-nationals. Now the same Guyanese skilled workers whom we’ve deported are asking us to come and live, work and enjoy some of their substance in their homeland. Imagine that.

• Suzanne B-Small: Bajans live illegally all over the world and we must therefore stop this prejudice we have against people living here. Two hundred and eighty thousand persons, half of whom are minors and elderly people, can’t have a successful global economy. We need people who will create demand, open businesses . . . which will create jobs. We think they’ll take away jobs but it’s the opposite.

The second hot topic was the news that the West Indies tour of India had been called off and the players would return home amidst a simmering pay dispute.

• John Herbert: Sad, sad, sad. The more things change, the more they remain the same. New board, new captain, new coach or no coach . . . same results!

• Anthony Daniel: A really sad and regrettable situation, but pray tell me, who among us would be prepared to take a more than 50 per cent salary cut?

• Pedro Osbourne: This is such an embarrassment for West Indies cricket.

• Jason White: Disgraceful. Very unfair to India who invested time and resources to host our players. WICB should be fined or suffer some form of penalty by the ICC. | 20-Oct-2014 06:00

EDITORIAL: Stand tall new attorneys, we need you

Despite its shortcomings, the legal profession is still held in high esteem by many Barbadians and is one career to which many aspire. So that those 45 new attorneys at law who were admitted to the Bar on Friday must recognise that they have a special responsibility to society beyond upholding of their code of ethics.

These new attorneys must appreciate that they must now set out on a journey, not purely of building a financially rewarding career and perhaps an imposing national profile, but more so to contribute in a meaningful way to this constantly changing society. It must be about more than mere impressions.

The traditional belief that lawyers are intellectually better or act to a higher standard than the rest in society can no longer be loudly proclaimed. Unfortunately, the behaviour and non-performance by some within the esteemed profession have long damaged its reputation.  

Today, the lawyer’s place must not be about privilege and status, but about offering a worthwhile contribution in varied ways. This will require some of our new attorneys getting into areas those in the profession once overlooked or ignored because they were either not very lucrative nor offered the necessary profile.

For this latest group of lawyers, many will be entering a challenging job market, but lawyers, like any other professional, will have to deal with the prevailing times. To their advantage these new attorneys would have been educated to be creative and also be problem solvers. They need to put these skills to the test.

There is demand for lawyers in finance, business, the arts, education, sport and entertainment, non-profit as well as non-governmental, research and in helping the dispossessed and more. They need to weigh in on controversial matters, give guidance to those who feel hopeless, while all the time ensuring that justice prevails. It is to exploit these opportunities which are all critical for the advancement of the society.

Lawyers must now join forces with non-lawyers in multi-disciplinary practices given the changes taking place worldwide and which will certainly happen here. They must expect and be prepared for challenges to long-held traditional areas of specialisation, as has happened in Britain where accountants are now moving into probate work. Technology will necessitate even more changes.

The myth has long been dispelled that every lawyer is an expert in every area. So that the more attorneys admitted to the local Bar, the better for the consumer and society.

For those who argue, whether aloud or sotto voce, that we have too many lawyers, wake up. All that is required of each and every one of them is to differentiate by offering superior service and the highest level of integrity and letting the pursuit of justice always be their passion. | 20-Oct-2014 06:00

HEALING HERBS: Sugar apple gets you in the groove

The Principal and staff of Gordon Greenidge Primary School invited me to address them at Teachers’ Professional Day last Friday. The focus was on health and healing.  

The day was very productive and as professional teachers, we exhibited great appreciation towards each other as we discussed ancient and modern silent doctors.  

The principal there is an excellent instructional leader. Mrs Angela Smith interacted well with her staff. As we ate during the lunch recess, I discovered that she is very enthusiastic about pedagogy.

As I sat admiring her leadership acumen, I felt happy to know that other “cutting-edge” principals truly exist in our schools. The school is presently blessed with the name of a famous international cricket legend. So impressed was I that today I am associating silent doctor sugar apple, another legend, with the school.   

Sugar apple, custard apple seed or sweetsop is a very impressive, legendary, exotic fruit. I adore my sugar apple trees and fruit but the birds also adore them too. Sugar apples are very tasty and can sometimes get you in “the groove” because of the niacin and vitamin B content.

Sugar apples contain many nutrients, including iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, copper, vitamins B6 and C, riboflavin, fiber, niacin and thiamin. Research has revealed that the copper in sugar apples can maintain thyroid health and the niacin can assist with lowering cholesterol and boost sex drive.

Sugar apples can aid digestion, help prevent some pregnancy problems, keep the bones strong, treat anaemia, can assist in lowering blood pressure and in regulating the menstrual cycle, boost energy levels, alleviate pain, lower the risk of cancer and assist in lowering blood sugar. Crushed leaves can be used for fainting, treating insect bites and hysteria. Sugar apple seeds are excellent for treating lice infestation on the head.  

I pray that Caribbean people would let this phoenix (sugar apple) rise from the ashes and once again take her rightful place in the healing kingdom. Legends are not new to the Caribbean, neither are sugar apples.

Therefore, we in Barbados must plant sugar apples trees and like the principal of Gordon Greenidge Primary, create an atmosphere of love around them. Let us unite and grow and use the delicious, nutritious sugar apple and like the birds, understand its healing properties.

• Annette Maynard-Watson is a teacher and herbal educator.

DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempts to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direccton of your health care provider. | 20-Oct-2014 06:00

Doc takes fitness into his own hands

When he tells you his age, you are not inclined to believe him. At 47, obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Garth McIntyre, could pass for several years younger. In his own words, he is fitter, stronger and has a better looking physique than he did at 35. He’s quick to tell you his secret. Four years ago he discovered a new exercise regime, CrossFit, and it has taken him on a fitness journey that has changed his life.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning programme which uses compound and multi-joint movements which work the whole body. It incorporates moves taken from Olympic lifting and gymnastics. Garth was introduced to it by his friend Dr Philip Gaskin, after becoming frustrated with his declining fitness level at the gym.

“I was always into exercise in some form or fashion,” said Garth, who played football through his days at Harrison College and the University of the West Indies, Mona. “I had established a routine of going to the gym maybe two times a week. My body weight wasn’t changing, but my body composition was,” he added. He said he was seeing more fat and less muscle and had lost the motivation to do the same old routines he had grown accustomed to.

According to him, CrossFit has revitalised his whole exercise routine. He has gone from barely being able to complete one run a week to competing in several triathlons, all within a relatively short period of time. He has competed in three international triathlons in St Kitts and was champion two years running in his age group in the Barbados Federation Of Island Triathletes Triathlon.  

He’s even gone on to become a Certified Level 1 CrossFit coach and to open his own CrossFit gym, Cross Fit Island Fit in Wildey, St Michael, with partners Cary Holder, Andre Holder and the friend who started it all, Philip.

So what was it about CrossFit that made the difference for him? He points out two features of his CrossFit gym to help explain: the lack of mirrors and the large digital clock with glowing red numbers on the wall overlooking the floor.

“CrossFit is more about performance than how you look. We work on fitness and try to achieve betterment for ourselves through a fitness perspective, whether it’s getting stronger or getting faster. That’s why there are no mirrors. We don’t really care how we look,” he said laughing. The ironic thing is that, according to him, you see changes in your physique quite quickly.

He explained the clock is also an important element. “Everything is timed and the time makes everything more intense,” he said. He has been able to advance in endurance, with comparatively less endurance activity. A typical CrossFit work out is about one hour, but the period of intense physical activity is only about 15 to 20 minutes. The rest is warm up and cool down.

“I’m glad for the intensity,” said Garth. “It’s not just go and do two sets of bench presses, walk around the gym, talk to your friends, take a phone call and then do two more,” he explained.

“We don’t bring cellphones to the floor. We don’t take water cooler trips. We focus and we work hard for the time allotted,” he added.

What about the rumour that CrossFit is extreme and for fitness buffs and professional athletes only?  

“We have pregnant mothers and retirees doing CrossFit,” he says. As a matter of fact, he coaches the Pregnant Mums class. “You can start CrossFit at any fitness level,” he explains. Everyone starts off with a PVC pipe as they learn the basic movements involved. Weight is added as you improve.

Garth is quick to add that his six-year-old son Luke and three-year-old daughter Laila do the movements with broomsticks at home. Fitness is very much a family affair. He encourages his wife Brigitte, who does CrossFit moves with him at home, and his children to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

“They copy my movements,” he says. “They have plastic weight sets,” he added with a broad grin. Garth believes it is very important to get children involved in exercise from early. “I think it’s a good example to set. You have to find the right balance, not forcing them, not making it too structured and not making victory the only thing,” he adds Luke is already competing in triathlons.

Balancing exercise, work and family is not always easy though. Garth has a very full schedule. He not only runs a successful private practice, he is a consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a lecturer in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of the West Indies.

He admits that he has had to become an early riser to fit exercise into his routine. He begins most of his workouts between 4 and 4:30 a.m. He does CrossFit three or four times a week and tries to fit in running, riding and swimming.

One of his time management tricks is to use his children’s after-school activity time to also exercise himself. “My son swims twice a week, once at the beach, one at the Aquatic Centre. I try to swim when he swims,” he explains.

Garth advises anyone who wants to try CrossFit not to be intimidated by it. You can work at a pace you can handle, he says, and you will get fitter and look better faster. One of the most satisfying things for him is acquiring new skills and being able to do things that he didn’t think his body could do.

“CrossFit is described as an anti-ageing formula and I feel that way. I am thrilled that I can still be doing new things with my body at this stage,” he said, ending the interview to rush off to a patient in labour. | 20-Oct-2014 06:00

WILD COOT: Creation of the world

First there was Chaos, followed by Ge. Then came Eros, the most beautiful of the immortals who sprinkles gods and men alike with sweet passion turning the heart and overcoming all prudent counsel. One of Ge’s children was Uranus. He, out of insecurity, swallowed all of his children except Zeus who escaped because Uranus swallowed a swaddled stone instead.

Now Ge got one of her children Cronus to slice off Uranus’ testicles with a sickle (there was no beheading then). The resulting blood fell on the earth and so the Fates were born. Actually the severed genitals created Aphrodite – see the connection? The stone that Uranus swallowed instead of Zeus was later retrieved and created the Oracle at Delphi from which the Wild Coot draws inspiration.

After the battle of the Titans and the battle of the Giants, man was created and we are now living in the last generation – the iron race, a race of cruel creatures who inhabit the earth to the present day in Barbados. If we were to look carefully we would see the development habit long before the creation of other histories of how we got here. The answer is fate that has brought us together.

Fate, that is what becomes of us who were formed from the drops of blood from emasculated testicles. (Some of us may still have developed from snails).

Anyway, somebody has to explain to me what used to happen before 2200 BC or even after 630 AD when we first encountered sin according to the Jews, and their promotion of one god. The story of Adam and Eve and the serpent was born then. Other believers confirmed this as they cried “Children of Adam”. Up to the time of the Roman domination of Jerusalem, the concept of many gods was still current. Actually the Christians were persecuted for the worship of Jehovah and Christianity, an offshoot of the Jewish belief.

Perhaps we should give some consideration to the belief shared by the Greek cosmogony in the creation of the world and the eventual creation of the Fates. The Wild Coot is not too sure if the Fates are playing a prominent part in this island. If people claim that their navel string is buried somewhere in Barbados, that is all the more reason why being cloaked in obscurity would not be fashionable. Neither does it of itself personify chastity.

Macbeth said: “Come fate into the list and champion me to the utterance.” To yield to the strictures and the venomous arrows that fly and the dagger that I see before me is to flee like a coward with the tail between my legs, not a feature of a coot. This coot is of the Fulica caribae species and is noted for strong legs.

“But as to him who believeth and doeth that which is right, he shall have a generous recompense, and we shall lay on them our easy behest.” Sura 18 Verse 87.

After the famous Deucalion flood when Zeus wiped out almost the whole of mankind with a deluge, only Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and his wife Pryyha survived. In order to repopulate the earth, the couple had to throw stones over their shoulder without looking back. Perhaps they would have been turned into pillars of salt but that time had not yet come. Each stone that Deucalion threw became a man and each stone that Pryyha threw became a woman. This beats Noah and his sons’ account of repopulating the earth.

You can see that there was no differentiation of people in the stone-throwing act. People did not live in separate communities even after the seventh century.

As-Salaam-alaikum Suleiman Bulbulia, also greetings in the name of Jah! “All that is in the Heavens and all that is on Earth praiseth God. He is the Mighty, the Wise!

Believers! Why profess ye that which ye practise not?

Most hateful is it to God that ye say that which ye do not. Verily God loveth those who, as though they were a solid wall, do battle for his cause in serried lines.” Sura 61 Verses 1-4. Don’t get vex with the messenger, go examine the message.

• Harry Russell is a banker. | 20-Oct-2014 06:00

BCCI considers multi-million dollar claim against WICB
Though Sri Lanka agreed to fill in for West Indies and play five ODIs in India in November, the BCCI will still lose income for 12 match-days for the 2014-15 season. The BCCI is likely to claim those ... | 19-Oct-2014 23:25

St Christopher’s sumptuous spread
ANTIGUA-Antigua bans travellers from West Africa
ANTIGUA-Antigua bans travellers from West Africa ST JOHN'S - "Effective immediately," Antigua & Barbuda… ... | 19-Oct-2014 17:24

Texas lab worker tests negative for Ebola after cruise in isolation
The Carnival Magic cruise ship departs on its nine-day inaugural cruise from Dubrovnik, Croatia, in a May 3, 2011 file photo. REUTERS/Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines/Handout via Reuters ... | 19-Oct-2014 17:17

Leviathan named best picture

LONDON (AP) - Movies about corruption, gang violence, honour killing and war took prizes Saturday as the London Film Festival recognized cinema that confronts the harsh realities of our world.

Andrey Zvyagintsev's Leviathan,a tragic satire of small-town Russian corruption, was named best picture. The film, which took the screenplay prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival, was praised for its "grandeur and themes" by a jury that included actor James McAvoy and producer Jeremy Thomas.

Ukrainian director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy won the first-feature award for The Tribe, a teen-gang drama set at a school for the deaf and performed entirely in sign language, without subtitles.

Actress Sameena Jabeen Ahmed was named best British newcomer for her performance as a British-Pakistani teenager on the run from her family in Catch Me Daddy.

The documentary prize went to Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait, a searing look at war's brutality by Paris-based director Ossama Mohammed and Wiam Simav Bedirxan, an schoolteacher who filmed life in the besieged city of Homs.

Director Stephen Frears was awarded the British Film Institute's Fellowship during Saturday's ceremony at London's 17th-century Banqueting House.

He was recognized for a career that has travelled from the battered streets of Margaret Thatcher's Britain in My Beautiful Laundrette, to 18th-century France in Dangerous Liaisons, seedy Los Angeles in The Grifters and Buckingham Palace in The Queen. Frears is currently at work on a biopic of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Playwright David Hare, who presented Frears with the honour, said "I can't think of anyone who's made a richer, more diverse or more consistently intelligent contribution to British film in my lifetime."

The 58th London festival opened October 8 with The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as World War II Alan Turing. It wraps up Sunday with another tale of that conflict - Fury, starring Brad Pitt as a hard-bitten tank commander in the war's final weeks. | 19-Oct-2014 12:11

Sir George UWI is here to stay
Chancellor Sir George Alleyne
A top official at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill today trashed all questions?about the survival of the institution amid its ongoing financial ... | 19-Oct-2014 08:21

Pulpit bar

Controversial Methodist minister, Rev. William St Clair, who is popularly known as “the barefoot preacher”, has been stripped of his pulpit duties and transferred for the second time in two weeks.

The SUNDAY SUN understands that he has been reassigned to the James Street/ Speightstown circuit but will not be allowed to preach at any of the ten churches in that district.

Instead, he has been assigned to visit sick and shut-in members, among other duties.

Only last week, St Clair was removed from the Ebenezer and Rices churches where he had been preaching for close to a year since coming to Barbados, and sent to Shrewsbury Church.

The Ebenezer circuit falls under the command of Superintendent Minister Reverend Pearson Blackman, who challenged St Clair about his habit of preaching barefoot and serving communion every Sunday, rather than the traditional once a month in Methodism. | 19-Oct-2014 06:11

Call for help

On average, ambulances are being summoned to attend to three people with suspected heart-related problems each day.

A high number of these cases involve people who do not fit the profile for such complications. That is, they are between 35 and 45, some as young as 29, and they are not necessarily overweight or obese. Some of them would have collapsed.

This trend significantly increases the last official statistics on calls received by the Barbados Ambulance Service for chest pains related to acute coronary syndrome, which could be angina, heart attacks or some other heart-related complaint. In 2009, the service responded to 520 cases, and the following year, 550.

The situation has become so worrying that the Barbados Association of Emergency Medical Technicians,  comprising paramedics, EMTs and emergency medical dispatchers, is sending an SOS to save Barbadian lives by calling for all ambulances to be equipped with cardiac monitors and automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).

They would also like to have AEDs in stores and public places, and more people trained to use them when people collapse. | 19-Oct-2014 06:10

House of horrors

The satisfaction of finally owning their dream home has turned into a nightmare for the Craigg family of Jackmans Development, St Michael.

Less than a year after moving into their two-storey home in 2009, it was flooded out during a torrential downpour.

It was then that the Craiggs discovered that the house was built on a watercourse and the almost 6 000 square feet of land which they bought from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) should never have been sold for construction purposes.

While the NHC has since accepted liability, it agreed only recently to pay the family $534 000 in compensation in respect of the house.

However, Grace Craigg, whose husband Ormond passed away in March, is upset at the length of time it is taking for her family to get out of the house. She said the NHC never responded to their request to place them in a rental property and the agency has said it does not have the money to compensate them at this time.

The SUNDAY SUN understands that the NHC has also halted the sale of lots on that section of the development. However, we were not able to ascertain if the agency has agreed to refund existing landowners. | 19-Oct-2014 06:09


West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president, Dave Cameron, reacted angrily yesterday to a decision by regional players to withdraw their services in the middle of a tour to India.

Using the Facebook social media platform, Cameron did not mince his words in condemning the actions of the players who had been embroiled in a dispute with the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) over the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

“This feels like an act of terrorism. You destroy a region’s heritage over an internal dispute. You don’t threaten the offender as yet. Unbelievable,” Cameron said.

With the players choosing to make themselves unavailable, the WICB said it was left with no option but to discontinue the tour of India with three Tests, one One-Day International and one Twenty20 International still to be played.

It was the first time that any West Indies team aborted a series in the middle of a tour and the WICB will hold an emergency board meeting here on Tuesday to conduct a thorough assessment of all the ramifications and any action which may be necessary. (HG) | 19-Oct-2014 06:08

‘Stop Chik-V before winter’

An intensified public awareness campaign is being launched to contain the outbreak of chikungunya.

Last night  all the Constituency Councils in St Michael came together with the Ministry of Health at the Ivy Community Centre to outline their plans which should get going from October 25.

Minister of Health John Boyce, who addressed the gathering said chikungunya was now an outbreak and was “a major concern for the ministry”, adding that “environmental health officiers were doing their all to rid the society of the Aedes aegypti  mosquito” which causes the disease.

“We need to look at how much we can do ourselves to help rid the country of the problem”, and highlighted the intense fogging being undertaken islandwide as part of his ministry’s efforts.

“Unfortunately, there are those people whom we have visited and advised about the problem and still refused to clean up their premises and must be referred to the law.” (ES) | 19-Oct-2014 06:07

Travel agents: Stick with us

Don’t book online, use your travel agent.

That’s the plea from president of the Travel Agents Association of Barbados, Indar Weir, stressing it was a way to save jobs and keep money in the country.

Weir said given the current economic climate, Barbados could “ill afford to have people going online to book their tickets”.

“Consider doing business through your travel agency until we get out of these difficult economic times we are in. We cannot afford to ignore the indicators that face us and just do things at random,” he cautioned.

Weir said Barbadians needed to be clear in their thinking and pool together to bring this country out of the morass it is in. | 19-Oct-2014 06:06

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