London attacker Khalid Masood acted alone, say police
There is no information or intelligence to suggest further attacks are planned, police say. | 26-Mar-2017 01:12

Anthony Crolla v Jorge Linares: Manchester fighter suffers defeat in rematch
Anthony Crolla fails in his bid to regain the WBA lightweight title as Jorge Linares retains the belt in Manchester. | 26-Mar-2017 01:07

Monuments, Countries Douse Lights for 'Earth Hour'
It was lights out in about 170 countries on Saturday as millions of people and thousands of cities took part in Earth Hour, a global effort to draw attention to climate change. The World Wide Fund for Nature organized the first Earth Hour in 2007 in Australia. The international effort began as a grass-roots event to urge people to reduce their use of energy as a way to help combat climate change. Dozens of well-known monuments, buildings and locales — from Red Square in Moscow... | 26-Mar-2017 01:05

Pro-EU Demonstrators Rally in London Against Brexit, Despite Terrorism Threat
Tens of thousands of pro-EU demonstrators rallied in London, despite heightened concerns about the terrorism threat, to mark the European Union's 60th anniversary -- just days before Britain's exit from the EU is expected to formally begin. Organizers said about 80,000 people joined the march calling for Britain to stay in the EU on March 25. The demonstration came four days before British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would formally start Britain's exit negotiations... | 26-Mar-2017 00:56

Brazil meat scandal: China and others lift ban
Chile and Egypt have also lifted bans imposed over claims that unsafe produce was sold for years. | 26-Mar-2017 00:55

Dozens injured in Merseyside explosion
One person is seriously injured and 23 others are taken to hospital following a suspected gas explosion on Merseyside. | 26-Mar-2017 00:55

Belarus Police Arrest Hundreds Defying Protest Ban
Riot police in Belarus launched a massive crackdown Saturday on protesters trying to hold a banned march in Minsk. Hundreds were reported arrested, and a human rights leader said many of the detainees had been beaten by police and needed medical attention. An estimated 700 people were trying to march through a central part of the capital, part of a wave of anti-government protests against a new tax on workers. Truckloads of police intercepted the protesters and attacked them with... | 26-Mar-2017 00:34

Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in DR Congo
About 40 were killed when a police convoy was ambushed in the central province of Kasai., | 26-Mar-2017 00:04

Failed House Vote Is 'A Great Opportunity' For Republicans, Former House Leader Says
"Now we can back up and do the things that should have been done," Republican Tom DeLay says. The former House Majority Leader discusses what the withdrawal of the AHCA means for his party's future. | 26-Mar-2017 00:00

Energy Rivalries Exacerbate Tensions in the Middle East
Rivalries over oil and gas exports between adjacent Middle Eastern states and their allies have been exacerbating tensions across the region. Rival pipeline projects across the Levant may also have been a key factor in disturbing already unstable regional fault lines. Qatar and Iran share the largest known gas field in the Middle East, and both are actively seeking to export their gas resources to the region, Europe, Asia and beyond. Some experts argue that those riches are fueling latent... | 25-Mar-2017 23:21

Sen. Graham Faces Raucous Town Hall The Day After GOP Fails To Repeal Obamacare
The Republican South Carolina senator said the President should reach out to Democrats to fix health care, and fought back against the idea that he wasn't doing enough to investigate Russian meddling. | 25-Mar-2017 23:00

What Does Failed Repeal Of Affordable Care Act Mean For Current Health Care Law?
House Republicans have backed away from the American Health Care Act. Mary Agnes Carey, senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News, breaks down what this means for the current health care law | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

DNC Chair On ACHA Withdrawal: 'It Was A Good Day For The Good Guys'
DNC Chair Tom Perez reacts to Trump's statement that Democrats are responsible for the ACA repeal failure, which Perez calls a good moment for 24 million who were going to lose their health insurance. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Calling On Help From Public, Investigators Piece Together London Attacker's Past
NPR reports on the latest on the attack earlier this week in London that killed five people, including the attacker, and injured at least 50. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Barbershop: ACA Repeal Failure, Russian Interference Investigation
Political analyst Ken Rudin, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post's Right Turn Blog, and NPR political editor Domenico Montanaro discuss the newsy week. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Immigrants Fear Data Collected Under DACA Could Give Government Deportation Power
Amid mixed messages, a half-million young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children are in jeopardy of losing their protected status under President Trump's administration. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Howard University's Aims To Build Silicon Valley Pipeline Of Black Software Engineers
The historically black university in Washington, D.C., is sending computer science students to study at Google's headquarters in California, as part of an effort called Howard West. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Brain Tumor Defense For Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Recalls 1991 Murder Trial
Ken Davis's book, "The Brain Defense," looks at the murder trial of Herbert Weinstein, in which lawyers argued that Weinstein was not guilty of killing his wife, because he had a brain tumor. | 25-Mar-2017 22:56

Cheryl and Liam announce birth of baby boy
Former X Factor judge Cheryl says her baby boy is "looking like a dream" and "stealing hearts". | 25-Mar-2017 22:43

Uber Suspends Self-driving Car Program After Arizona Crash
Uber Technologies Inc suspended its pilot program for driverless cars on Saturday (March 25th) after a vehicle equipped with the nascent technology crashed on an Arizona roadway, the ride-hailing company and local police said. The accident, the latest involving a self-driving vehicle operated by one of several companies experimenting with autonomous vehicles, caused no serious injuries, Uber said. Even so, the company said it was grounding driverless cars  involved in a pilot... | 25-Mar-2017 22:39

VP Pence On Obamacare Repeal Failure: 'Congress Just Wasn't Ready'
The Vice President was in West Virginia a day after the GOP's Affordable Care Act repeal efforts were scrapped. He joked that maybe some WWE superstars were needed on Capitol Hill. | 25-Mar-2017 22:11

Mosul Family: The Day We Lost Everything
Villages and entire cities in former Islamic State-controlled areas of Iraq lie in ruins after months and sometimes years of airstrikes, mortars, suicide bombers and heavy gunfire.   In recent days, a story has emerged about a particularly horrific event, with some reports putting the civilian death toll at more than 100. Local media say an airstrike hit a truck loaded with explosives in an area of Mosul packed by IS militants with civilian "human... | 25-Mar-2017 21:43

Belarus protests: Hundreds arrested after defying ban
Demonstrators opposed to a tax on the under-employed take to the streets despite a ban. | 25-Mar-2017 21:41

Anti-EU British Lawmaker Quits Party Days Ahead of Brexit
Britain's anti-European Union party has lost its only member of Parliament, four days ahead of the country's formal exit from the EU. Douglas Carswell, the only MP in Britain's anti-immigration UK Independence Party, announced that he was leaving the party Saturday, writing in a blog post that he was departing "amicably, cheerfully and in the knowledge that we won." Carswell said he was leaving the party feeling that Brexit was in "good hands" and that... | 25-Mar-2017 21:09

Cameroon Journalist Testifies He Is Not a Boko Haram Accomplice
A court in Cameroon has again adjourned a trial for a foreign reporter accused nearly two years ago of "complicity" with the Boko Haram terrorist group. Ahmed Abba of Radio France International's Hausa language service says he has done nothing wrong, but he has been in custody for nearly five months and faces a death sentence if convicted. His hearing Friday at the Yaounde military court was his first since November. During cross-examination to find out how he got videos... | 25-Mar-2017 20:52

Somalia Asks IGAD Leaders To Help Tackle Refugee Crisis
Somalia's president on Saturday asked leaders of an African trade bloc to help his country find a durable solution to the Somali refugee crisis, including reintegration of returnees inside the Horn of Africa nation, where a civil conflict is now in its 26th year. At a special summit in Nairobi on Somali refugees, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, commonly known as Farmajo, said that "about 2½ million Somali refugees and IDPs [internally displaced persons] live in camps in... | 25-Mar-2017 20:38

Sylhet blasts kill four amid Bangladesh militant raid
Bangladesh has seen an escalation of suspected jihadist violence in recent weeks. | 25-Mar-2017 20:19

Europeans take to streets on Treaty of Rome anniversary
People in London, Rome, Berlin and other cities mark 60 years since the Treaty of Rome was signed. | 25-Mar-2017 19:31

Thousands take to streets in anti-Brexit London march
The anti-Brexit march coincides with the 60th anniversary of the European Union's founding agreement. | 25-Mar-2017 19:03

Erdogan: Turkey Might Hold Referendum on EU Membership
Turkey's president says the country might pursue a Brexit-like referendum on whether to pursue European Union membership.   Speaking Saturday at a Turkish-U.K. forum in the southern city of Antalya, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the proposal as tensions are escalating between Ankara and European governments ahead of an April 16 referendum to expand the powers of the Turkish presidency.   Bringing up Brexit - the British departure from the EU - Erdogan said a similar... | 25-Mar-2017 19:00

Congo Militia Decapitates More Than 40 Police Officers in Ambush
A Congolese militia decapitated 42 policemen in an ambush near the central Democratic Republic of Congo city of Kananga, a local official said Saturday. Francois Kalamba, speaker of the Kasai provincial assembly, said the Kamuina Nsapu militant group ambushed a group of police officers traveling between Kananga and Tshikapa a day earlier.  The militants captured the police officers and decapitated 42 of them, Kalamba said, noting that the militants freed six of the officers... | 25-Mar-2017 18:51

Oops... PAC Runs TV Ads Thanking Some Republicans For Repealing Obamacare
Hours after the GOP-led efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed, a conservative-leaning group ran ads giving kudos to some members for keeping their promise to replace the health care law. | 25-Mar-2017 18:41

Trump Administration Reviewing What Role US Nuclear Weapons Should Play 
The United Nations begins negotiations Monday on a legally binding treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. This comes as the United States commences a review of what role its nuclear weapons should now play. “Shortly after taking office, the president directed a new Nuclear Posture Review to ensure that the United States nuclear deterrent is modern, robust, flexible, resilient, ready, and appropriately tailored to deter 21st century threats and reassure our allies,” White House senior... | 25-Mar-2017 18:39

Trump Administration Looking at New Nuclear Posture
The United Nations is to begin negotiations Monday on a legally binding treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. This comes as the United States begins a review of the role its nuclear weapons should now play. VOA White House Bureau Chief Correspondent Steve Herman reports. | 25-Mar-2017 18:03

Los Angeles Health Clinic 'A Microcosm' Of The Nation's Anxieties
A South LA clinic started by Muslim doctors and students has served mostly low-income Latino and African-American patients for 20 years. Staff and patients now say they worry about their future. | 25-Mar-2017 18:00

Lewis Hamilton: Hard-to-manage Mercedes driver ready to win fourth title
Lewis Hamilton may be harder to manage than most drivers, but his restless, superstar lifestyle helps him stave off the boredom - and enables him to win. | 25-Mar-2017 17:33

Praise and protests
Europeans take to the streets of London, Rome, Warsaw and other cities, as EU marks 60th anniversary. | 25-Mar-2017 17:24

Thousands Flock to Pakistani Shrine Honoring Assassin
Mumtaz Qadri killed the governor of Punjab province who favored liberalizing Pakistan’s blasphemy law in 2011. Qadri was hanged last year after being found guilty of murder. Now he is being hailed as a hero. Thousands of supporters paid tribute to his shrine on the anniversary of his death earlier this month. VOA’s Muhammad Ishtiaq reports. | 25-Mar-2017 17:21

U.S. Says Its Mosul Airstrikes Hit Area Where Civilian Casualties Are Reported
As many as 200 civilians were reported killed in western Mosul, where a US-led coalition is fighting ISIS. It's not clear whether the rules of engagement have changed. | 25-Mar-2017 17:16

Donald Trump: Tax reform next after healthcare failure
Having failed to scrap Obamacare, Donald Trump says he will focus on tax reform and "big tax cuts". | 25-Mar-2017 17:13

Convicted Murderer's Grave in Pakistan Becomes Shrine for Some
In January of 2011, Mumtaz Qadri killed the very person he was paid to protect. Qadri served in the squad of personal bodyguards for Salmaan Taseer, a liberal Pakistani politician and governor of Punjab province who advocated for liberalizing the country’s controversial blasphemy law.   After killing the governor, Qadri surrendered himself to law enforcement and confessed to his crime, citing religious reasons to justify his action.    Qadri considered governor Taseer’s... | 25-Mar-2017 17:05

Chinese Court Rules in Favor of Apple in Patent Disputes
A Chinese court has ruled in favor of Apple in design patent disputes between the Cupertino, California company and a domestic phone-maker, overturning a ban on selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in China, Xinhua news agency reported. Last May, a Beijing patent regulator ordered Apple's Chinese subsidiary and a local retailer Zoomflight to stop selling the iPhones after Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services lodged a complaint, claiming that the patent for the design of its mobile... | 25-Mar-2017 16:39

Trump Focuses on Tax Reform After Collapse of Health Care Overhaul Plan
U.S. President Donald Trump is turning his attention to tax reform following the collapse of the effort to repeal and replace the nation's health care plan. "I would say that we will probably start going very, very strongly for the big tax cuts and tax reform. That will be next," Trump said at the White House Friday after Republicans withdrew legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Republicans were forced to cancel a vote on the... | 25-Mar-2017 16:32

Two teenagers' bodies found at bottom of Saltburn cliff
The 17-year-olds were found by police at Huntcliff in Saltburn on Friday evening. | 25-Mar-2017 15:59

Brazil teacher changes hairstyle to support bullied girl
"A boy had told my pupil her hair was ugly, and she was sad. I told her she was wonderful." | 25-Mar-2017 15:51

Pakistan Begins Fencing of Afghan Border
Pakistan says it has started fencing off its long border with Afghanistan and areas vulnerable to cross-border militant attacks are being given priority.  Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa revealed the project during a visit Saturday to tribal districts, including Mohmand, near the Afghan border where "terrorists" assaulted outposts from across the other side and killed five Pakistani soldiers this month.  Bajwa identified Mohmand... | 25-Mar-2017 15:17

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