Mo Farah's coach Alberto Salazar may have breached drug rules - leaked Usada report
The American coach of Olympic champion Mo Farah may have broken anti-doping rules to boost the performance of some of his athletes, says a leaked report. | 26-Feb-2017 01:18

President Trump to skip White House correspondents' dinner
The US president has attended for nearly a century and it will still go ahead in Mr Trump's absence. | 26-Feb-2017 01:02

David Harewood: Next Doctor Who should be black or female
Actor David Harewood says Doctor Who "needs to do something different" - and he'd be up for it. | 26-Feb-2017 00:45

Tom Perez Elected As New DNC Chair
Democrats elected the former Obama labor secretary as the party chair at the Democratic National Committee meeting in Atlanta today. Perez picked his final opponent Rep. Keith Ellison as deputy chair. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

Trump Administration House Bars Major Media Organizations From Latest Press Briefing
The relationship between the White House and the news media took another step backward Friday when CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed and others were kept out of secretary Sean Spicer's briefing. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

After White Nationalist Moves Upstairs, Virginia Chocolatiers Get Unexpected Support
Blüprint Chocolatiers in Alexandria, Va., has a new neighbor, Richard Spencer, who's drawing protesters. Initially worried their chocolate sales would drop, the reaction has been surprising. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

South Africa Xenophobic Attacks
Tensions over immigration erupted into violence in Pretoria, South Africa, this week. Reporter Peter Granitz says foreigners are scapegoats for those who are actually upset with the government. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

Tattoo Artist Covers Up Racist Insignia For Free: 'Enough Hate In This World'
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with tattoo shop owner, Dave Cutlip of Brooklyn Park, Md., who has offered to cover up any racist or gang affiliated tattoos at no cost. Cutlip says sometimes people change. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

Doctor Takes Death Education To High School Classrooms
NPR's Michel Martin talks with Dr. Jessica Zitter about preparing high-school students to deal with end-of-life care. Zitter is a critical care and palliative medical doctor in Oakland, Calif. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

'The Americans' Showrunners On Writing Cold War-Era Drama Amid New Russian Relations
Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, co-showrunners of the acclaimed series "The Americans," about Russian spies in the Washington, D.C., area, look ahead a season amid newly tense times with Russia. | 26-Feb-2017 00:20

US Democrats pick Tom Perez to lead party
Tom Perez was seen as the establishment-backed candidate and will have to unite a divided party. | 25-Feb-2017 23:54

Six Nations 2017: Vern Cotter hails Scotland's second-half show against Wales
Head coach Vern Cotter lauds Scotland's second-half display against Wales, as they rack up 20 unanswered points to win. | 25-Feb-2017 23:25

Islamic State uses drones for Mosul attacks
The so-called Islamic State is using drones in the battle for Mosul in Iraq. | 25-Feb-2017 23:11

Olathe shooting: My husband loved America, says widow
Widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was killed in a suspected race crime, tells the BBC he came to the US "full of dreams". | 25-Feb-2017 21:59

Caroline Wyatt: MS 'brain fog' lifted after stem cell treatment
Caroline Wyatt said the "brain fog began to lift" after she paid for treatment in Mexico. | 25-Feb-2017 21:57

One dead, two injured in Heidelberg car attack
A man drives a car into a pedestrian area and is shot by police after a standoff. | 25-Feb-2017 21:46

'Ring Of Fire' Eclipse Set To Blaze In Southern Skies
The annular solar eclipse, which will leave just a sliver of sun shining behind the moon, will be visible from the southern hemisphere Sunday. Here's how to watch, even if you're outside its path. | 25-Feb-2017 21:38

Claudio Ranieri: Jamie Vardy says speculation over manager's sacking 'untrue'
Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy says speculation he was involved in Claudio Ranieri's dismissal is "untrue and extremely hurtful". | 25-Feb-2017 21:37

Barclays apologises for cash machine and debit card faults
The bank says it has now fixed problems with cash machines, in-store payments and phone banking. | 25-Feb-2017 20:32

'I wanted three points, kickers said no' - Wales captain Jones
Captain Alun Wyn Jones wanted to kick for goal at a crucial point against Scotland, but says his kickers said "no". | 25-Feb-2017 19:33

Lucille Horn, Who Was Nursed To Health In A Coney Island Sideshow, Dies At 96
At a time when incubators were rejected by most doctors, Martin Couney treated Horn with one at a sideshow of premature infants. She died earlier this month, 96 years after most experts expected. | 25-Feb-2017 19:32

Readying the red carpet
The final preparations are being made on the red carpet ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday. | 25-Feb-2017 19:27

WATCH: After Health Scare, Fiona The Baby Hippo Goes For A Dip
Born six weeks early, the tiny one-month-old hippo has had a rather tough time. But in a video released by the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona shows off her resilience — and her moves in the pool. | 25-Feb-2017 17:50

Witches cast 'mass spell' against Donald Trump
Thousands of followers of witchcraft say they cast a spell to stop the US president causing harm. | 25-Feb-2017 17:47

Woman charged after Dexter Neal dog death
A 29-year-old is accused in connection with the death of three-year-old Dexter Neal last year. | 25-Feb-2017 17:18

Williams and O'Connor held in Paris on drugs charges
The former Australian and New Zealand internationals were buying cocaine, police sources say. | 25-Feb-2017 17:14

Trump Paris jibe: Mayor uses Mickey Mouse to fight back
Anne Hidalgo pushes back against jibes with a tweet celebrating Paris's "dynamism and openness". | 25-Feb-2017 17:11

High-rise blaze at Gunwharf Quays is brought under control
Firefighters have been tackling a large fire in a high-rise building in the Gunwharf Quays area of Portsmouth. | 25-Feb-2017 16:50

Philippines people power anniversary sparks anti-Duterte protests
Hundreds vent their anger at President Rodrigo Duterte as they mark the "people power" anniversary. | 25-Feb-2017 16:39

WATCH LIVE: Former Obama Labor Secretary Perez Wins DNC Chairmanship
The Democratic National Committee is picking a new chairman Saturday in Atlanta. We are following all the action and will update below. | 25-Feb-2017 16:25

Mosul battle: Kurdish reporter Shifa Gardi killed in Iraq
Shifa Gardi, of the Iraqi Kurdish channel Rudaw, is killed by a roadside bomb as she covers clashes. | 25-Feb-2017 16:15

Bobsleigh World Championships: GB crash out of four-man bob
Great Britain's four-man bobsleigh team crash out of the World Championships during their second run. They were unhurt. | 25-Feb-2017 16:15

Labour leadership: Watson says not the time for a contest
Labour's deputy leader says the party must do better after Thursday's by-election loss. | 25-Feb-2017 15:55

As Negotiators Talk Peace In Geneva, Bombings Kill At Least 32 In Syrian City
The blasts Saturday left dozens dead in Homs, mostly held by President Bashar Assad's regime. Those attacks were answered by government airstrikes, even as delegations met abroad for U.N.-led talks. | 25-Feb-2017 15:53

Why are these men dressed as nuns?
Thousands of people dressed as nuns have been enjoying the first day of Rio's carnival. | 25-Feb-2017 15:44

Rural retreat
How is the country's rural population viewing the presidential contest? | 25-Feb-2017 15:14

Saudi foreign minister makes landmark visit to Iraq
Adel al-Jubeir meet Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in first visit by a Saudi foreign minister since 1990. | 25-Feb-2017 15:04

Michael J Fox and Jodie Foster condemn Trump policies at protest
Michael J Fox and Jodie Foster lead an anti-Donald Trump protest two days before the Oscars in Los Angeles. | 25-Feb-2017 14:58

A Taste For Pork Helped A Deadly Virus Jump To Humans
People were dropping dead in Malaysia, and no one could figure out why their brains were swelling. A young scientist solved the mystery. Then he had to get people to believe him. | 25-Feb-2017 14:28

Past Presidents Made History In First Address To Congress
Continuity of tradition and shared power is what ceremonies such as the address to Congress are all about. They start the process by which independent personalities become part of the government. | 25-Feb-2017 14:14

Police issue Devon humpback whale 'stay away' warning
Onlookers are urged not to get too close to a humpback whale spotted off the south Devon coast. | 25-Feb-2017 13:18

Trump Takes His Vision To Congress, The Country And An Audience For The Ages
When he enters the historic chamber and re-enacts the ritual on Tuesday, he will be stepping into a dimension of real and limitless consequences — one in which he is still a celebrity apprentice. | 25-Feb-2017 13:03

Three face slavery charges after nuclear bunker cannabis find
Three men appear in court following cannabis plant discovery in former nuclear bunker. | 25-Feb-2017 12:59

Trump And CPAC: A Complicated Relationship No More
Conservatives embraced their new leader at their pre-eminent annual gathering. Meanwhile, Trump's team was quick to draw comparisons between the new president and CPAC's longtime hero, Ronald Reagan. | 25-Feb-2017 12:50

Car buyers should have 'long, hard think' about diesel
The transport secretary suggests drivers should try to buy the least polluting vehicles possible. | 25-Feb-2017 12:49

US bans Syrian Oscar-nominated film maker
A 21-year-old Syrian who filmed an Oscar-nominated documentary has been banned from entering America. | 25-Feb-2017 12:45

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